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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A detailed investigation of stream morphology and the impact of in-stream remediation structures on Mill Brook, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Melody Myers, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: A detailed investigation of the morphological impact of in-stream remediation structures on Mill Brook, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Melody Myers

Abstract: A discussion of the geology and geophysical responses over some of Cartaway Resources Okak Bay properties, northwest of Nain, Labrador

Tim Beesley

Abstract: A geochemical and geological examination of surface water and ground water quality in Kingston, Nova Scotia: preliminary results

Maylia R. Kempt, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: A multidisciplinary approach to detect multiple source reservoirs and processes in the formation of turbidite-hosted gold mineralization: an example from the Meguma Terrane of Nova Scotia

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: Analytical electron microscopy of shock veins from the Catherwood L6 chondrite

Karen Hendry

Abstract: A survey of thermal maturation indicators for western Newfoundland strata: key tools in the search for hydrocarbons

Elliott T. Burden, S. Henry Williams

Abstract: Beta dosimetry of potassium feldspar extracts using imaging microprobe analysis and small sample gas flow beta counting

D. I. Godfrey-Smith, P. Scallion, M. L. Clarke

Abstract: Carbonate tufa sheets draping plutonic basement in the basal Windsor Group at St. Anns Bay (Englishtown), Cape Breton

Erika Vye, Paul Schenk, Peter von Bitter

Abstract: Characterization of primary sulphide assemblages at the Chuquicamata porphyry copper deposit, Chile, section 4500N

Meghan Lewis

Abstract: Chemostratigraphy and depositional environment of an Ordovician sedimentary section across the Miramichi Group - Tetagouche Group contact, northeastern New Brunswick

David R. Lentz, Wayne D. Goodfellow, Earnest Brooks

Abstract: Chemosynthetic tube worms concentrated around hydrothermal mounds over volcanic rocks, Gays River Formation, basal Windsor Group, Ingonish Island, Cape Breton

Jeniffer van der Gaag, Paul Schenk, Peter von Bitter

Abstract: Constraints on the emplacement of the Fortuna Granodiorite, Chuquicamata Mine, Chile

Alexandra M. Arnott, M. C. Graves, P. Reynolds, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Copper skarn-associated felsic intrusive rocks in the McKenzie Gulch area (NTS 21 O/10), Restigouche County, New Brunswick

Carolyn E. Moore

Abstract: Deformation related to Carboniferous salt tectonics, western Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

John P. Brown, Ian Davison, Ian Alsop, Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: Development of cordierite in medium to high grade metamorphic rocks in southwestern Nova Scotia

Clayton D. Peskleway

Abstract: Devonian and Carboniferous stratigraphy in the Guysborough - Loch Lomond area, Nova Scotia

S. M. Barr, C. E. White, T. Webster

Abstract: Distribution and origin of felsic volcanic rocks, Tetagouche Group, Bathurst Mining Camp

N. Rogers, C. R. Van Staal

Abstract: EdGeo Workshops: the success is in the marketing

J. L. E. Bates, K. C. Coflin, H. V. Donohoe, D. E. Keith, H. Mann, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Electrical characteristics of mineralized and non-mineralized rocks from ore deposits in the Bathurst Camp

T. J. Katsube, M. E. Best, N. Scromeda

Abstract: Electromagnetic prospecting for massive sulphide deposits

M. E. Best, P. Keating

Abstract: Evaluation of the nutrient dynamics of an Atlantic coast beach, Nova Scotia

Linda Roberge, Philip R. Hill, Kenneth Lee

Abstract: Fission track, and compositional analysis of detrital apatite in terms of tectonic history and sedimentary provenance: Sawtooth Range, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands

Michael Collins, Dennis Arne, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Fission track analysis applied to mineral deposits and exploration

Marcos Zentilli, Milton C. Graves, Alexander Grist

Abstract: Flocculation and fine grained turbidites

Trecia M. Schell, Paul S. Hill

Abstract: Fluid chemistry and hydrological regime of a fossil geothermal system in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Tracy Cail

Abstract: Fluid inclusions and microstructure of flexural-slip bedding-concordant veins within the Ovens Anticline, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Darcy Baker

Abstract: Fluorescence of apatite: a fast method for discrimination of Cl/F compositional types

Greg Pemberton

Abstract: Framboidal copper sulphides associated with bitumen: implications to the genesis of the El Soldado copper deposit, Chile

Nicholas S. F. Wilson

Abstract: Geochemistry and petrogenesis of felsic volcanic rocks from contrasting structural/stratigraphic settings in the Big Bald Mountain area, Bathurst Mining Camp

R. A. Wilson, L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Geology education in grades 1-12: you reap what you sow

G. L. Williams, J. L. E. Bates, K. C. Coflin, H. Mann

Abstract: Geology of a new cluster of blind massive sulphide deposits discovered by Phelps Dodge Canada at Spencer’s Dock on Pilleys Island, central Newfoundland

J. Geoffrey Thurlow

Abstract: Geology of the Carboniferous Hopewell and Cumberland groups, southeastern New Brunswick

C. St. Peter

Abstract: Geology of the Portage Brook area (NTS 21 O/7h and part of 21 O/10a), northwestern Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick

S. J. Gower, S. R. McCutcheon

Abstract: Geothermometry, geobarometry and fluid chemistry in Au, Pb-Zn and Ba-F deposits in Nova Scotia as constrained by fluid inclusion studies

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: Glacial dispersal of massive sulphide boulders, Grandroy area, Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick - EXTECH-II

Michael A. Parkhill, David M. Bance

Abstract: Gold metallogeny of the Betts Cove ophiolite

Al Sangster

Abstract: Gravity and magnetic prospecting for massive sulphide deposits

Michael D. Thomas

Abstract: Hype or Bonanza? An economic comparison of Voiseys Bay with other exceptional Canadian mineral discoveries

Mike Doggett

Abstract: Imaging of sedimentation and salt tectonics in an active convergent margin: eastern Mediterranean

Janis Drover

Abstract: Large slump structures in the Macumber Formation, Basal Windsor Group, Ingonish area, northeastern Cape Breton

L. A. Cook

Abstract: Late glacial sedimentary records from three lakes on the North Mountain, northwestern Nova Scotia: preliminary results

Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: Lithostratigraphic revision of Upper Carboniferous (Westphalian-Stephanian) fluvial strata in southeastern New Brunswick

S. C. Johnson

Abstract: Mudstone-pebble conglomerates and trough-shaped depressions in Carboniferous fluvial strata from Cape Breton Island. How did they form?

Dave G. Keighley, Ron K. Pickerill

Abstract: Namurian and early Westphalian stratigraphy of western and southwestern Cape Breton Island

P. S. Giles

Abstract: Neogene marine sediments of the Tanner Basin

Jennifer N. Henry

Abstract: Neotectonic assessments from deformation structures in raised marine deltas: examples from the Bay of Fundy area

David A. MacDougall, Bruce E. Broster

Abstract: New perspectives on the stratigraphy, structure and metallogeny of island-arc volcanic rocks in the Ordovician Roberts Arm Group, Notre Dame Bay

Andrew Kerr, David T. Evans

Abstract: Palaeotectonic setting and petrogenesis of the Takla Group volcano-sedimentary assemblage, north-central British Columbia

Vanessa Gale

Abstract: Petrology and geochemistry of the Indian Brook and Birch Plain plutons in the southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia

Sandra M. Barr, Laura E. Grecco

Abstract: Post-rhyolite shale-hosted massive sulphide deposits in the central Bathurst Camp, northern New Brunswick

J. A. Walker, D. R. Lentz

Abstract: Potential for Voiseys Bay style discoveries considered high in northernmost portions of the Nane Plutonic Suite, Labrador!!

Nelson W. Baker

Abstract: Predicting acid drainage from rocks of the Halifax Formation, Meguma Group, Nova Scotia

Donald Fox, Clare Robinson

Abstract: Preliminary geochemical interpretation of metalliferous sedimentary rocks in the Miramichi Anticlinorium, New Brunswick

David R. Lentz, Steven R. McCutcheon, James A. Walker

Abstract: Preliminary investigation of the Wedge Mine, NTS 21 O/8E

J. A. Walker

Abstract: Problem solving in copper ores - integrated lithochemistry, ore petrography, concentrate chemistry, and ore mineral chemistry: examples from northern Chile

Milton C. Graves

Abstract: Pyrrhotite composition and its relationship to acid drainage from the Halifax Formation, Meguma Group, Nova Scotia

Clare Robinson, Donald Fox

Abstract: Quaternary geology and till geochemistry, Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick

Michael A. Parkhill, André Doiron

Abstract: Rapid early Holocene basin fill of Manitounouk Strait, Hudson Bay: proglacial, prodelta or neotectonics?

Philip R. Hill, Arnaud Hequette

Abstract: Remote sensing and GIS for terrane boundary assessment

T. Webster, J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: Results of gravity and magnetic analyses applied to mineral exploration, Bathurst Mining Camp

Michael D. Thomas

Abstract: Rusticles from the R.M.S. Titanic

H. Mann, W. Wells, S. Blasco

Abstract: Scanning electron microscope studies of dinoflagellates: an illuminating experience

Graham L. Williams, Sarah P. Damassa, Robert A. Fensome, Raquel Guerstein

Abstract: Sea-level history, quaternary geology and implications for mineral exploration, northeastern Newfoundland

David Liverman

Abstract: Seasonal variation of the beach profile at Miscou Island, New Brunswick: effect of ice

Jean-Denis Bouchard, Philip Hill

Abstract: Sequence stratigraphic framework for coals of the Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia

Martin Gibling, Ken Saunders, Neil Tibert, J. C. White

Abstract: Shear wave velocities of sulphide minerals as determined from high pressure laboratory measurements

Craig W. Harvey, Matthew H. Salisbury

Abstract: Siluro-Devonian tectonostratigraphic relationships, in the Portage Brook area, northern New Brunswick: implications for timing of D2 deformation in the Bathurst Mining Camp

S. J. Gower, S. R. McCutcheon

Abstract: Stratigraphic relationships in the Big Bald Mountain area, southern Bathurst Mining Camp

L. R. Fyffe, R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Surficial geology of the Caledonia Highlands, exploration geochemistry and land use applications

Toon Pronk

Abstract: Tectonic evolution of the Late Paleozoic St. Mary’s Basin, Nova Scotia

J. B. Murphy, T. Webster, R. J. Rice

Abstract: The Duder Lake Au Prospects - archetypes of mesothermal mineralization in the eastern Dunnage Zone

R. A. Churchill, D. W. Coish, D. H. C. Wilton

Abstract: The EXTECH-II project (1994-1999), Bathurst Mining Camp, northern New Brunswick

John P. Langton, Steven R. McCutcheon

Abstract: The Miramichi-Tetagouche boundary and its relationship to the Patrick Brook Formation

L. R. Fyffe, S. R. McCutcheon, R. A. Wilson

Abstract: The upper expression of a deep fault, Falla Oeste, northern Chile

Darryl Lindsay

Abstract: The “Nugget Pond” type of gold mineralization

Vincent Jourdain

Abstract: Till stratigraphy at the Dead Creek Pb-Zn-quartz float occurrence, southwestern New Brunswick: indications for a local source

Allen A. Seaman

Abstract: Upper Ordovician to Lower Silurian foreland basin rocks in the eastern Bathurst Camp: implications for exploration east of the Pabineau Thrust

John P. Langton

Abstract: Vinland petroleum and the emerging west coast oil play

George Langdon

Abstract: Virtually integrated: digital geoscience atlases of Newfoundland and Labrador

Larry W. Nolan, Gerry J. Kilfoil, Peter H. Davenport, Stephen P. Colman-Sadd

Armoured mud balls revisited

Lawrence H. Tanner

Burial diagenesis model for the Macumber Formation on Cape Breton Island - implications for the tectonic evolution of the Windsor Group

Martine M. Savard, Greg Lynch, Francine Fallara

Chemostratigraphy and depositional environment of an Ordovician sedimentary section across the Miramichi Group - Tetagouche Group contact, northeastern New Brunswick

David R. Lentz, Wayne D. Goodfellow, Earnest Brooks

Formal definition of the Lower Jurassic McCoy Brook Formation, Fundy Rift Basin, eastern Canada

Lawrence H. Tanner

Geochemical dispersal in till: Waterford area, New Brunswick

M. D. Munn, B. E. Broster, A. G. Pronk

Geochemistry of Ordovician black shales at Meductic, southern Miramichi Highlands, New Brunswick

James F. Hennessy, David J. Mossman

Geochemistry of the granitoid plutons of the Brookville terrane, Saint John, New Brunswick, and implications for development of the Avalon Zone

G. N. Eby, K. L. Currie

Mid Ordovician commensal relationships between articulate brachiopods and a trepostome bryozoan from eastern Canada

Dave A. T. Harper, Ron K. Pickerill

Note on Pterygotus anglicus Agassiz (Eurypterida: Devonian) from the Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick

Randall F. Miller

Reduction spheroids from the Upper Carboniferous Hopewell Group, Dorchester Cape, New Brunswick: notes on geochemistry, mineralogy and genesis

Allan W. Lines, John Parnell, David J. Mossman

Stratigraphic and geochemical constraints on the relative age of the Margaree Shear Zone in western Cape Breton Island, with implications for the early evolution of the Maritimes Basin

Gregory Lynch

The stratigraphy and geochemistry of late Devonian to early Carboniferous volcanic rocks of the northern Chignecto peninsula, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. Pass

Stratigraphy and tectonic history of the Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous Horton Bluff Formation, Nova Scotia

A. Thomas Martel, Martin R. Gibling

Tertiary molluscs of the Scotian Shelf, Atlantic Canada

Fiona E. Cole, Francis C. Thomas

The Triassic-Jurassic Fundy Basin, eastern Canada: regional setting, stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential

John A. Wade, David E. Brown, Alfred Traverse, Robert A. Fensome