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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: 40Ar/39Ar ages and the paragenetic sequences in a multi-staged hydrothermal breccia in central Maine

J. C. Lennon, P. H. Reynolds, D. C. Roy

Abstract: 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of the southeast Central Gneiss Belt, Grenville Province, Ontario

Emily K. Gesner, P. Reynolds, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: A 40Ar/39Ar study of whole rock slate samples from Meguma gold deposits, Nova Scotia: implications for the timing and duration of auriferous quartz vein formation

Daniel J. Kontak, Richard J. Horne, Hamish A. Sandeman, Douglas A. Archibald

Abstract: A new interpretation of the geology of the Kingston Peninsula, southern New Brunswick

S. M. Barr, C. E. White, M. J. McLeod

Abstract: An investigation of drumlins in southwestern Nova Scotia: distribution, orientation and mode of formation

Sandra Marshall, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: An investigation of late-glacial lacustrine sediments from western Nova Scotia: evidence of ice-free conditions during Younger Dryas time

Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: An occurrence of perchloroethylene and implications to groundwater resources at Sussex, New Brunswick

Darryl A. Pupek, Bruce E. Broster

Abstract: A petrographical and geochemical analysis of the Fountain Lake Group, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

G. R. Dessureau

Abstract: A proposal to judge environmental change on Bon Portage Island, Nova Scotia using landsat thematic mapper imagery

Scott Lister, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: A re-evaluation of the shoreface, channel, and regional sand facies within the Colony and McLaren formations, upper Mannville Group, east central Alberta: implications for reservoir potential

James Newsome

Abstract: A reassessment of ichnofacies, with emphasis on those present in nonmarine strata

Dave G. Keighley, Ron K. Pickerill

Abstract: A review of the Carboniferous petroleum test hole at Flat Bay, western Newfoundland, by London Resources Incorporated

Patrick J. Laracy

Abstract: A review of the geology and mineral potential of Archean greenstone belts in Labrador

Donald T. James

Abstract: Bedrock and Quaternary geology of the Scotian Shelf southwest of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

David J. W. Piper, Gayle Chapman

Abstract: Characterization of outburst channel sandstones in the Phalen Colliery, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Jennifer M. van der Gaag, A. T. Martel, K. Moran

Abstract: Comparative thermoluminescence dating of Quaternary North American obsidians and mafic lavas

Juliet C. Luiz, Dorothy I. Godfrey-Smith

Abstract: Compartmentalization of formation waters in the Prince Colliery, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Angela M. Kennedy, A. T. Martel, J. Shimald

Abstract: Dating of alteration at the Radomiro Tomic porphyry copper deposit, northern Chile, by the high-precision 40Ar/39Ar method

Greg Pemberton

Abstract: Depth imaging of seismic data from structurally complex areas in Canada

Larry Lines, Jinming Zhu

Abstract: Determination of bulk permeability within the Morien Group using the forcing of ocean tides in the Sydney Basin in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Kevin J. Doyle, Kate Moran, Tom Martel, Gary Ellerbrok

Abstract: Digital mapping of the Wentworth plutonic complex, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia, and petrology of its felsic phases

C. Doucette, G. Pe-Piper

Abstract: Discovery of Cretaceous basins in Nova Scotia and the potential for kaolin mining

R. R. Stea, P. W. Finck

Abstract: EdGeo workshops: continuing earth science assistance for Nova Scotia teachers

Jennifer L. Bates, Howard V. Donohoe, Jr., Iris Hardy, Henrietta Mann, Kathy Silverstein, Graham L. Williams

Abstract: ESR and OSL geochronology of the East Milford, Nova Scotia, Canada, mastodon locality, and the timing of the Illinoian-Sangamon transition

Dorothy I. Godfrey-Smith, Alexander Grist, Patricia Scallion

Abstract: Exploration activity in the Dunnage Zone, central Newfoundland

David T. W. Evans, Baxter F. Kean, Kenneth C. M. Andrews

Abstract: Exploration for Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposits in northern Labrador : hype or bonanza?

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Facies correlations within the Ordovician Pointe de la Martinière Formation, Orléans Group, Québec

Lindsay A. Dunn, Ron K. Pickerill

Abstract: Fingerprinting natural and anthropogenic organic matter in recent sediments from Lake Ontario

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, M. A. Kruge, C. P. M. Lewis

Abstract: First reported occurrence of schwertmannite related to acid rock drainage (ARD) from the Halifax slates, Nova Scotia

Don Fox

Abstract: Fission track research in Halifax, Nova Scotia: technical procedures and research directions in a changing fiscal environment

A. M. Grist, M. Zentilli, M. Graves, M. Collins

Abstract: Geochemical changes in the soil profile due to deforestation

Kelly A. Janssens, Tom A. Al

Abstract: Geological and geophysical interpretation of the Rawdon Fault, central Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia

Richard J. Horne, Robert C. Boehner, M. Stephen King, Paul Harvey

Abstract: Geology and geochemistry of the Upsalquitch Lake Anticlinorium, northwestern Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick

S. Gower

Abstract: Geology of the Belle Côte Road orthogneiss, Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia

Jo Price

Abstract: Gold mineralization in the Neoproterozoic Avalonian rocks of the Newfoundland Appalachians

Cyril F. O’Driscoll, Sean J. O’Brien, Benoit Dubé

Abstract: Ground temperature histories from geothermal data: evidence of recent climatic change

Hugo Beltrami

Abstract: Groundwater contamination by agricultural nitrate: a ‘multi-point source’ conceptual model

Cathy Ryan

Abstract: Groundwater nitrate contamination by agri-chemicals: refining the conceptual model

Samantha Evans

Abstract: High temperature X-ray absorption analysis of transition metal complexes in magmatic fluids

Alan J. Anderson, Robert A. Mayanovic

Abstract: Ice-flow history, eastern Bathurst Mining Camp

Michael A. Parkhill, Rod A. Klassen

Abstract: Identifying mineral exploration targets in the eastern Grenville Province

Charles F. Gower

Abstract: Industrial minerals in Newfoundland and Labrador : past, present and future

Jamie Meyer, Ambrose Howse, Lew Higdon

Abstract: Innovations in imaging subsurface geological features from 3-D seismic

Kevin Coflin, John Shimeld, Mark Williamson, Zehui Huang

Abstract: Large slump structures in the Macumber Formation, basal Windsor Group, Ingonish area, northeastern Cape Breton Island

L. A. Cook

Abstract: Late Archean turbidites in the southern Slave Province: very like the Meguma

J. W. F. Waldron, W. Bleeker

Abstract: Magdalen Basin NATMAP program preliminary 1:250 000 compilation of central Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

G. Lynch, P. S. Giles, C. Deblonde

Abstract: Marine operations on Hibernia and the mating and towout of the production platform

Ovyind Hagen

Abstract: Mineral exploration and development highlights in northern New Brunswick

S. R. McCutcheon

Abstract: Miramichi-Tetagouche stratigraphic relationships

L. R. Fyffe, S. R. McCutcheon, R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Modelling and migration of Hibernia seismic data

Irene Kelly, Phil Bording, Andrew Burton, Larry Lines

Abstract: New draft 1:50000 digital maps of the Cobequid Highlands

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Nitrate dynamics in a heavily fertilized agricultural watershed: identification of sources and reduction processes using natural abundances of N-15

Lisa Kellman, Claude Hillaire-Marcel

Abstract: Origin of zeolites in zoned amygdales from the North Mountain Basalt, Nova Scotia

Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Overview of seismic reflection results from the western Maritimes Basin

P. W. Durling, F. J. Y. Marillier

Abstract: Petroleum geoscience research in support of Canada’s east coast hydrocarbon energy option

Mark A. Williamson, Phil Moir

Abstract: Phosphorus-enriched, S-type Middle River rhyolite, Tetagouche Group, northeastern New Brunswick

David R. Lentz

Abstract: Photographic Record of A.G.S. Activities

Laing Ferguson

Abstract: Possible raised marine sediments on the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

Cody S. Garlie, T. Bell

Abstract: Progress at St. Lawrence and exploration plans of Burin Minerals Limited

Alex Harris, Fonse Cooper

Abstract: Regional overview of the middle to upper Jurassic, Scotian shelf

Neil Hackett

Abstract: Relative chemical and biological oxidation of sulphides in the Meguma Supergroup, Nova Scotia: the role of mineralogy, texture and composition

Rachel A. Jones, Don Fox

Abstract: Reproducibility of probe-scan analyses of fine-grained media: a case study using modern bone china

Leah DeJong

Abstract: Responding to increased demand for east coast geoscientific data information and knowledge

Phil Moir, Mark Williamson, Kevin Coflin, Jennifer Bates

Abstract: Revised stratigraphy of the Rollingdam area, (NTS 21 G/6), southwestern New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Revisions to Carboniferous stratigraphy on Maringouin Peninsula, Cumberland Subbasin, New Brunswick

S. C. Johnson

Abstract: Saline brines of the Sydney Basin: origin as evaporative Windsor residues?

A. T. Martel, A. Kennedy, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: Seafloor pockmarks in Passamaquoddy Bay: evidence for a biogenic methane origin

Bill Gray

Abstract: Seismic velocities of crustal samples from the Torngat Peninsula and Nain: ECSOOT'96

Angie Muzzatti

Abstract: want to be a gem prospector?

Randal Andrews

Abstract: Speciation of elements in the feed coal and combustion residues from the Lingan Power Plant, Sydney, Nova Scotia

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, G. Lajeunesse, A. L. Crandlemire

Abstract: Stratigraphy and mineralogy of the Goldenville Group-Halifax Group transition (GHT) of the Meguma Supergroup at Caribou gold district (drillcore LL81-5A), Nova Scotia

Craig Burns

Abstract: Stratigraphy of the Upper Carboniferous Colindale Member of the Port Hood Formation, western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Tammy L. Crawford

Abstract: Structural, tectonic and seismo-stratigraphic study of the Terra Nova oil field, Jeanne d’Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland

Michael E. Enacheseu, Steve C. Harding, Gerry R. Smee, Robert G. Briscoe, David J. Emery, Shane K. Hallstrom

Abstract: Structure and tectonics of the external Humber Zone, western Newfoundland: implications for hydrocarbon exploration

Glen S. Stockmal, John W. F. Waldron, Art Slingsby

Abstract: Sustainable Development and the Precautionary Principle: implications for acid rock drainage regulations in Nova Scotia

Joanna C. Spencer Brown, Don Fox

Abstract: The Brunswick No. 6 Cu Zone: petrology, geochemical composition, and petrogenesis

Kirk MacLellan

Abstract: The Carboniferous Joggins section reconsidered: recent paleoecological and sedimentological research

J. H. Calder, M. R. Gibling, A. C. Scott, D. M. Skilliter

Abstract: The economics of west coast petroleum

Steve M. Millan, A. H. vanMeurs

Abstract: The hydrogeology of a tailings impoundment formed by central discharge of thickened tailings: implications for tailings management

Tom A. Al

Abstract: The Lac Volant Cu-Ni-Co showing and the mineral potential of the eastern Grenville Province, Québec north shore

Serge Perreault

Abstract: The Last Billion Years: A Geological History of Maritime Canada

Graham Williams, Jennifer Bates, John Calder, Rob Fensome, Laing Ferguson, Henrietta Mann, David Piper, John Wade

Abstract: The Mesoproterozoic Nain Plutonic Suite in eastern Canada, and the setting of the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposit

Bruce Ryan

Abstract: The Mesoproterozoic Nain Plutonic Suite in eastern Canada, and the setting of the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposit

Bruce Ryan

Abstract: The nature of the Columbia River Fault Zone at Revelstoke, British Columbia

Paul D. McNeill

Abstract: The nature of the Triassic-Jurassic transition, Bay of Fundy region, eastern Canada

David J. Mossman, Robert G. Grantham, Falko Langenhorst

Abstract: Thermal history of the external Humber Zone, western Newfoundland, as constrained by apatite fission track modelling: implications for hydrocarbon exploration and evolution of the Maritimes basin

Glen S. Stockmal, Dale R. Issler, Art Slingsby

Abstract: The uranium-organic bearing section of the Sunday Run Formation, northern Labrador

Ginger Rogers

Abstract: Western Newfoundland petroleum exploration: where are we headed?

John D. Harper

Abstract: Windsor Group stratigraphy, Magdalen Islands, Quebec

P. S. Giles

Abstract: Zeolite assemblages in the North Mountain Basalt along the north shore of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia

L. J. Miller, G. Pe-Piper

Additions to the New Brunswick Museum Palaeontology Type Collection (1988-1996)

Randall F. Miller

Foreword: Geology and mineralogy of the Meguma Group and their importance to environmental problems in Nova Scotia: Foreword

Marcos Zentilli, Don Fox

Geochemical characterization of the mineralized transition between the Goldenville and Halifax formations and the interaction with adjacent granitoid intrusions of the Liscomb Complex, Nova Scotia

B. I. Cameron, M. Zentilli

Insights into tectonostratigraphic zone identification in southwestern Newfoundland based on isotopic (Nd, O, Pb) and geochemical data

Joseph B. Whalen, Cees R. van Staal, Frederick J. Longstaffe, Clément Gariépy, George A. Jenner

Late-glacial (Allerød) Coleoptera from Joggins, Lantz and Blomidon, central Nova Scotia, Canada

Randall F. Miller

Late-glacial marine invertebrate macrofossils from Point Lepreau, New Brunswick

Randall F. Miller, Jeffrey H. McGovern

Lithogeochemical characterization of the Beaverbank unit of the Halifax Formation, Meguma Group, and acid drainage implications

M. Feetham, R. J. Ryan, G. Pe-Piper, A. M. O’Beirne-Ryan

Lithological and geochemical dispersal in till: McAdam area, New Brunswick

Andrew J. Stumpf, Bruce E. Broster, Allen A. Seaman

Magnetic susceptibility mapping: applications for the Meguma Group, central Nova Scotia

M. S. King

A new species of stalked crinoid (Echinodermata) of possible Late Silurian age from central Newfoundland

S. K. Donovan, W. L. Dickson, W. D. Boyce, J. S. Ash

The opaque mineralogy of metasedimentary rocks of the Meguma Group, Beaverbank-Rawdon area, Nova Scotia

S. J. Haysom, R. J. Horne, G. Pe-Piper

Paleoseismic implications of fluid-escape structures in raised deltas at Lower Five Islands - Economy Point, Nova Scotia

Bruce E. Broster, David A. MacDougall

Pyrrhotite and associated sulphides and their relationship to acid rock drainage in the Halifax Formation, Meguma Group, Nova Scotia

Don Fox, Clare Robinson, Marcos Zentilli

Siluro-Devonian tectonostratigraphic relationships in the Portage Brook area, northern New Brunswick: implications for timing of deformational events in the Bathurst Mining Camp

S. J. Gower, S. R. McCutcheon

Surface subsidence associated with abandoned mine workings in the Goldenville mining district, Nova Scotia

J. D. Hill, L. A. Maddison, C. Kavanaugh

Systematic ichnology of the Mabou and Cumberland groups (Carboniferous) of western Cape Breton Island, eastern Canada, 1: burrows, pits, trails, and coprolites

Dave G. Keighley, Ron K. Pickerill