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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: Acid-generating/neutralizing conditions within Nova Scotia coal mines: relationship to different mining methods

A. T. Martel, A. Lapierre, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: A history of the Paleoproterozoic Makkovik Province (Labrador)

Nicholas Culshaw, Gavin Sinclair, John Ketchum, Sandra Barr

Abstract: A Neoproterozoic history of the Hollow Fault Zone, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Jacques Stacey

Abstract: A new interpretation of the stratigraphy, structure and tectonic evolution of the Wild Bight Group, northwestern Exploits Subzone, Newfoundland Appalachians: implications for evolution of the Gondwanan Margin

Kate MacLachlan, Greg Dunning, Brian O’Brien

Abstract: Applied Quaternary geology and till geochemistry of the Loch Lomond Area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: implications for mineral exploration

F. Isenor, I. Spooner, B. McClenaghan

Abstract: Biomineralization of gold: myth versus reality

D. J. Mossman, T. O. Reimer, H. Durstling

Abstract: Characterization and interpretation of Late Cretaceous to Eocene erosional features and associated submarine fan deposits in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland

Mark E. Deptuck

Abstract: Chemical and textural variations in the Bonnell Brook Pluton, Caledonian Highlands, New Brunswick

G. H. J. Guy, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Cilicia Basin: imaging of salt tectonics in a sedimentary basin in the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Brian D. Rex

Abstract: Comagmatic volcanic and granitoid rocks of the Kingston belt, southern New Brunswick - a Silurian volcanic arc?

S. M. Barr, Chris E. White, M. J. McLeod

Abstract: Controls on the mobility of mercury from gossan mine tailings

Mallory L. Gilliss, Tom A. Al

Abstract: Crustal structure and history from patterns of Lithoprobe seismic data from Newfoundland, Labrador and adjacent areas

Jeremy Hall

Abstract: Did lapetus sea-floor spreading begin at ~570 Ma? Paleomagnetic evidence from the Skinner Cove Volcanics of western Newfoundland

J. P. Hodych, P. J. A. MacCausland

Abstract: Digital Elevation Modelling using relative sea level and deformed shorelines for reconstruction of Late Wisconsinan and Holocene paleogeography of the Atlantic Canada and Great Lakes regions

P. Gareau, C. F. M. Lewis, J. Shaw, T. Quinlan, A. Sherin, R. Macnab

Abstract: Dispersal in areas of variable terrain: examples from west-central British Columbia

Andrew J. Stumpf, Bruce E. Broster

Abstract: Dispersion of neutralized mine tailings from the Stirling Zn-Pb-Cu Mine Site, Nova Scotia

Andrea Hulshof, Alan Macdonald

Abstract: Drift prospecting in the vicinity of the Restigouche deposit, Bathurst Mining Camp

Michael A. Parkhill, André Doiron

Abstract: EarthNet: An Internet Teaching Resource

J. L. Bates, K. C. Coflin, P. Mackin, C. Vodden, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Earth science and engineering: urban development in the metropolitan Halifax region

C. F. M. Lewis, B. B. Taylor, R. R. Stea, G. B. J. Fader, R. J. Horne, S. G. MacNeill, J. G. Moore

Abstract: EdGEO Workshops: Experience the Excitement of Earth Sciences

J. L. Bates, S. Baldwin, H. V. Donohoe, Jr., I. A. Hardy, H. Mann, K. Silverstein, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Effect of flocculation on the grain-size spectra of fine-grained turbidites

Trecia M. Schell, Paul S. Hill

Abstract: Experimental determination of cation exchange capacity of sandstones and shales in the Phalen Colliery, Cape Breton

Natalie M. Boudreau, A. T. Martel

Abstract: Fault reactivation in suspect terranes: insights from the Avalon terrane in the Canadian Appalachians

J. Brendan Murphy, R. Damian Nance, J. Duncan Keppie

Abstract: Fish trace fossils from the Horton Bluff Formation (Lower Carboniferous) of Nova Scotia

Donald Wood, Barry Cameron

Abstract: Form and function of the graptolite prosicula, and its application to biostratigraphic and evolutionary studies

Lorna Clarke

Abstract: Gabbros, metagabbros and waves in the continental crust

Chuck Hurich, Aphrodite Indares, Sharon Deemer

Abstract: Geochemical dispersion in a neutralized mine drainage environment, Walton, Nova Scotia

N. E. Whitehead, A. S. Macdonald

Abstract: Geochronology of the Port Mouton Pluton, Meguma Zone, southwest Nova Scotia: a U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar study

Raymond Fallon, Peter H. Reynolds, D. Barrie Clarke, Larry M. Heaman

Abstract: Geological and geophysical investigation of the western St. Mary’s Basin, central mainland Nova Scotia: implications for palaeoplacer potential

L. C. Jennex, J. B. Murphy, A. J. Anderson

Abstract: Geology of the Guysborough - Isle Madame - L’ardoise area, Nova Scotia

C. E. White, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Geology of the Meguma Group, Kennetcook (NTS Sheet 11E/04)

Rick Horne, Lisa MacDonald

Abstract: Glacier retreat and relative sea-level changes in Maritime Canada

Rudolph R. Stea, Gordon B. Fader

Abstract: Grenville, Appalachian, and Atlantic tectonics in eastern Canada: the Harry Hibbs Effect

Hank Williams

Abstract: Hydrogeological analysis of the watersheds of two tributaries of the Cornwallis River, Nova Scotia: implications for stream restoration and enhancement

H. Fenton, A. Levy, I. Spooner

Abstract: Late Paleozoic events affecting the Acadia fold belt in the Meguma Terrane: fold reactivation, pluton emplacement and rift inversion

Nicholas Culshaw, Pradeep Bhatnagar, Rick Horne

Abstract: Lithoprobe East and the Newfoundland Appalachians: old questions answered and new questions raised

Garry Quinlan

Abstract: Loading the Laurentian margin: correlating foreland basin subsidence with eclogite metamorphism

John W. F. Waldron, R. A. Jamieson, G. S. Stockmal, L. A. Quinn

Abstract: Mass-balance constraints on solution transfer fabric development in the footwall felsic volcanic rocks of the Brunswick No. 6 massive-sulfide deposit, Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick: effects of deformation-induced mass transfer on host rock compositions

David R. Lentz, Cees R. Van Staal

Abstract: Mesoproterozoic arc and backarc deposits on SE Laurentia: the view from the Grenville Province

Toby Rivers

Abstract: Mesozoic extensional tectonism on the northern Grand Banks as expressed at the Hibernia Oilfield

Iain Sinclair

Abstract: Metallogenic principles as applied to the tectonic evolution of Newfoundland

Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Nova Scotia zeolites: mineral oddity or mineral commodity?

Sandra Marshall

Abstract: One hundred and eighty million years of crustal growth in the Makkovik Province, Labrador

John Ketchum, Nick Culshaw, Sandra Barr

Abstract: Optically and thermally stimulated luminescence dating of Birimi, a multi-component archaeological site in Ghana, Africa

Nicole A. Quickert, Dorothy I. Godfrey-Smith, Joanna L. Casey, Alicia Hawkins

Abstract: Petrological and geochemical attributes of the Benjamin River porphyry Cu deposit, northeastern New Brunswick

Kirsten McLaughlin

Abstract: Petrology and tectonic implications of the Silurian Sarach Brook Metamorphic suite, southern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia

K. J. Lister, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Plutonic rocks of the Island Harbour Bay--Kaipokok Bay area, Makkovik Province, Labrador: petrochemistry and tectonic setting

S. Barr, C. White, J. Ketchum, N. Culshaw

Abstract: Production control in the Dunvegan Formation, west-central Alberta

Therese Lynch

Abstract: Provenance of the Namurian Lismore Formation, mainland Nova Scotia

Jacquelyn Stevens, Brendan Murphy, Fred Chandler

Abstract: Relationships between foliation development, porphyroblast growth and large-scale folding in a metaturbidite suite, Snow Lake, Manitoba

Jürgen Kraus, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: Results of mineral deposit studies at the granite-hosted Dunbrack (Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag) and Kinsac (Ba-F) localities, Central Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia: possible implications for Carboniferous Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag-Ba-F metallogeny in the Meguma Zone

D. J. Kontak, R. J. Horne, K. Ansdell

Abstract: Sedimentation in a macrotidal estuary environment: a multidisciplinary web site

A. D. Scott, I. Spooner

Abstract: Sedimentology and paleoecology of the Upper Parrsboro Formation, Rams Head, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

Beth McCarthy

Abstract: Simple geophysically-imaged shear zones with complex histories: an example from the southern Trans-Hudson Orogen, Manitoba

Jim Ryan, Jürgen Kraus, Paul Williams

Abstract: Stratigraphy, petrochemistry and tectonic setting of the Silurian New Canaan Formation, Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia

Jason A. James, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Structural and alteration history of a small gold deposit formed during D3 mylonitic deformation, Buffalo mine, Red Lake, Ontario

Neil Pettigrew, Thomas Menard, John Spray

Abstract: Subsurface geology, paleontology and thermal maturity of Hunt et al. Port au Port #1 and Long Point M16, and their bearing on the structural history of the Port au Port Peninsula

S. Henry Williams, Elliott T. Burden

Abstract: Tectono-thermal evolution of deep crust in a Mesoproterozoic continental collision setting: the Manicouagan example

Aphrodite Indares

Abstract: The Brunswick No. 6 VMS Cu Zone, Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick: petrology, geochemical composition and petrogenesis

K. L. MacLellan

Abstract: The Cinq--Cerf gneiss: evidence for polycyclic reworking of the westernmost Avalonian basement in the Newfoundland Appalachians

Pablo Valverde-Vaquero

Abstract: The EdGEO Workshop Story: Building On Success After Success After...

Howard V. Donohoe, Jr., Jennifer L. Bates, Susan Baldwin, Iris Hardy, Henrietta Mann, Kathy Silverstein, Graham L. Williams

Abstract: The Exploits Group in the context of the Exploits Subzone

Brian H. O’Brien

Abstract: The Fundy Basin story

J. A. Wade, D. E. Brown, R. A. Fensome, A. Traverse

Abstract: The hidden record of Silurian and Devonian stratigraphy in the Cobequid Mountains, northern Nova Scotia

Howard V. Donohoe, Jr., David Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: The HydroPunch tool: a cost-effective method of groundwater sampling

D. A. Pupek, B. E. Broster, M. T. Miller

Abstract: The Last Billion Years: a dream approaches reality

AGS Book Committee

Abstract: The metamorphic development of the McMillan Flowage Formation, central Cape Breton Island

Mariska terMeer

Abstract: The role of conjugate crenulation cleavage and stepwise porphyroblast growth in the development of “Millipede” microstructures

Chris J. Beaumont-Smith, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: The Torngat Orogen of northern Labrador and its role in the evolution of northeast Laurentia

R. J. Wardle, B. Ryan

Abstract: The Upper Ordovician Lawrence Harbour Formation of the Exploits Subzone: new perspectives on structure, stratigraphy and geochemistry

James Carter

Abstract: The use of Chernobyl-derived radiocaesium as a marine sediment tracer in two major bays in the eastern Mediterranean

J. Kronfeld, D. I. Godfrey-Smith, V. Butenko, E. Ne’eman, H. Koral

Abstract: Thrusting of Horton Group over Windsor Group rocks, Cheverie, Nova Scotia

Stanley K. Johnston

Abstract: Trace fossils from the Cenozoic of southeastern coastal Jamaica

R. K. Pickerill, S. K. Donovan, S. F. Mitchell, D. G. Keighley

Abstract: Transpaction in Meguma Group rocks during emplacement of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

Carol Simpson, Hampton Uzzelle, Declan De Paor

Abstract: Underground natural gas storage in the Maritimes

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: Upper crustal deformation associated with carbonate-rich fluid infiltration, Denali Fault system, Yukon

Joseph Clancy White

Abstract: Vertebrate and invertebrate trace fossils from the Horton Bluff Formation (Lower Carboniferous) near Avonport, Nova Scotia

Donald Wood

Changes in lake-sediment stratigraphy associated with late glacial climate change: examples from western Nova Scotia

Ian S. Spooner

Dispersion of tailings from the Stirling Zn-Pb-Cu mine site, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

A. H. M. Hulshof, A. S. Macdonald

Dispersion of tailings from the Walton Ba-Cu-Pb-Zn mine site, Nova Scotia

N. Whitehead, A. S. Macdonald

Earliest Silurian supra-subduction magmatism in central Cape Breton Island

J. D. Keppie, J. Dostal, D. W. Davis, D. A. Horton

Field relationships and petrology of the Late Devonian Fisset Brook Formation in the Cheticamp area, western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Sandra M. Barr, Kevin C. A. Peterson

Foreword: Earth Sciences and the Environment

Ian S. Spooner, Sandra M. Barr

Geology of and climatic indicators in the Westphalian A New Glasgow formation, Nova Scotia, Canada: implications for the genesis of coal and of sandstone-hosted lead deposits

F. W. Chandler

Geophysical methods for detecting shallow sulphide mineralization in the Halifax Formation, Nova Scotia: a reconnaissance study

K. Howells, D. Fox

Influence of regional geology and hydrogeology on river habitat quality: examples from Mill Brook and Elderkin Brook, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Ian S. Spooner, Heather Fenton, Melody Myers

Petrology and tectonic implications of Silurian(?) metavolcanic rocks in the Clyburn Brook area and on Ingonish Island, northeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Sandra M. Barr, Robert P. Raeside

A review of ice and tide observations in the Bay of Fundy

Con Desplanque, David J. Mossman

Stratigraphy and depositional environment of the Horton Group in the St. Marys Basin, central mainland Nova Scotia

J. Brendan Murphy, Randolph J. Rice

Stratigraphy and tectonic significance of the Lower to Middle Devonian McAdams Lake Formation, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

C. E. White, S. M. Barr

Systematic ichnology of the Mabou and Cumberland groups (Carboniferous) of western Cape Breton Island, eastern Canada, 2: surface markings

Dave G. Keighley, Ron K. Pickerill