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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A compilation and preliminary assessment of groundwater hydrogeochemical data from Carboniferous bedrock aquifers

Dan Conohan, Tom Al, Darryl Pupek, Yves Michaud, Édith Bourque

Abstract: A deglacial foraminiferal assemblage (or DFA) sequence: meltwater/Heinrich event proxy on the shelf and slope

Ann A. L. Miller

Abstract: A Jurassic hallucination? Wooded oases in the Phanerozoic’s largest desert, Utah

Howard J. Falcon-Lang

Abstract: Alpine glaciation in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland: Who’d a thought?

Gerald D. Osborn, Ian S. Spooner, Douglas H. Clark

Abstract: An assessment of landslide potential in Cape Breton Highlands National Park: a GIS approach

Kimberly A. Wahl, Ian S. Spooner, David L. Colville, Tim Webster

Abstract: A novel 3D seismic survey, Shoal Point, Newfoundland: new data, new interpretation

James A. Wright, Ian Atkinson, Craig Rowe, Chris Pike, William J. Scott

Abstract: A return to the southern Grand Banks; a seismic review of the Bandol No.1 well

Christopher D. Jauer

Abstract: A sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the McCully Reservoir sandstones

Tom Martel, Paul Durling

Abstract: A synthesis of Carboniferous stratigraphy –Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, with new data from southwestern Cape Breton Island

P. S. Giles, R. D. Naylor, P. J Ténière

Abstract: Beach mining, nearshore dredging, coastal erosion, and sedimentation in the McNabs Island area of Nova Scotia

G. K. Manson, D. E. Buckley, G. E. Reinson

Abstract: Biologically mediated reductive dissolution of Mn oxide in river-recharged aquifers: groundwater geochemistry results from laboratory investigations

Barb Petrunic, Tom Al, Kerry MacQuarrie

Abstract: Bioturbation influences dolomitization patterns in carbonate rocks

M. K. Gingras, S. G. Pemberton, B. MacMillan, B. J. Balcom

Abstract: Buckminsterfullerene, and the search for fullerenes in carbonaceous substances associated with the Oklo natural nuclear fission reactors

D. J. Mossman, G. Eigendorf, K. D. Guckert, F. Gauthier-Lafaye, D. Tokaryk, V. Melezhik

Abstract: Building the scientific case for World Heritage designation of Joggins

John Calder, Kenneth Adams, Howard Falcon-Lang, Martin Gibling, Deborah Skilliter, Graham Williams

Abstract: Central Scotian slope stability: the role of gas hydrates

Chris LeBlanc, Keith Louden, Dave Mosher, David Piper

Abstract: Compositional variation in Fe-Ti-Nb-Ta oxides, South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

Karla M. Pelrine

Abstract: Cosmogenic nuclide insights on the interaction between local ice caps and Laurentide Ice in northern Labrador

J. Gosse, J. Gray, G. Marquette, L. Stockli, J. Willenbring, R. Finkel

Abstract: Cryptic erosion on the Upper Cretaceous Wyandot Formation, Sable Island area, Scotian Shelf

Andrew MacRae, John Shimeld, Robert Fensome

Abstract: Decompressional reaction textures in the southeast Long Range Inlier, Newfoundland: products of thermal metamorphism adjacent to the Taylor Brook Gabbro Complex?

S. Ings, J. V. Owen

Abstract: Deep-sea corals: their use as climate change indicators

Mark A. Barry

Abstract: Delineating river-bottom recharge to the Fredericton Aquifer by seismic and electrical imaging

K. E. Butler, R. Parrott, J. E. Hughes-Clarke, A. Daigle

Abstract: Delineation of hydrocarbon contaminant plumes in a shallow unconfined aquifer at a central Alberta compressor station

S. F. Rayner, R. B. Louden

Abstract: Deposits of earthenware clay in southwest Cape Breton: origin and economic potential

R. R Stea, P. W. Finck, M. Feetham, S. Pullan, W. Ostrom

Abstract: Diagenetic pyrite in a petroleum reservoir in Cretaceous volcanics in the Andes replaced by hydrothermal copper

Patrick G. Collins

Abstract: Drag folding in the northeastern Thor-Odin culmination, Monashee complex, British Columbia

Stefan Kruse, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: Economic Opportunities Associated with the Geology of Labrador, Canada

Melanie Desirée Sampson

Abstract: Facies and porosity distribution of the Gays River Formation, southside Antigonish Harbour

Conor Doyle

Abstract: Fission track thermogeochronology in the lands surrounding the Nares Strait, Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland: a field report

M. Zentilli, A. M.Grist, J. C.Harrison

Abstract: Fixation of sulphur during framboidal pyrite development in a petroleum reservoir in Cretaceous volcanics in the Andes: implications for Cu metallogenesis

P. G. Collins, R. Boric, N. S. F. Wilson, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Geochronological study of a previously defined geochemical stratigraphy for the Buchans Group, Buchans area, Newfoundland, using LAM-ICP-MS

Jacqueline O’Driscoll

Abstract: Geology of the Dufferin gold deposit, Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia

Richard Horne, Matthew Jodrey, Kirk Woodman

Abstract: Geology of the Orangedale salt deposit, central Cape Breton

L. Cook, P. S. Giles

Abstract: Geophysical investigation of salt tectonics and deeper structure in the eastern Magdalen Basin

Nathan Hayward, Alan Grant, Sonya A. Dehler, Paul Durling

Abstract: Glacial Geology of the Peggy’s Cove Region

Fiona MacDonald

Abstract: Gravity and seismic interpretations for some Maritime Carboniferous basins: implications for Upper Carboniferous basin development

Paul Durling, Ken Howells

Abstract: High resolution palynological records from the southeastern Canadian seaboard: Holocene paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic history

Elisabeth Levac, Peta Mudie, André Rochon

Abstract: Humus as a sampling medium for mineral prospecting in glaciated areas: an example from the Popelogan Lake area of northeastern New Brunswick

B. E. Broster, M. L. Dickson, M. A. Parkhill

Abstract: Ilmenite-pyrophanite and niobian rutile in the South Mountain Batholith

Karla M. Pelrine, D. Barrie Clarke, Michael A. MacDonald

Abstract: Inferences on glacial flow from till geochemistry and clast dispersal: Rollingdam area, New Brunswick

S. Allard, B. E. Broster, A. G. Pronk

Abstract: Joints, Faults and Lamprophyres of the Monashee Complex, BC

Alice Gillam

Abstract: Laser ablation ICP-MS geochronology of the Dog Bay Line area, Newfoundland, with respect to the Botwood Basin gold occurrences

Kimberley Morrissey

Abstract: Life and times of some Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary polar forests from northwest Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada

Adam Z. Csank, Howard Falcon-Lang, R. Andrew MacRae

Abstract: Manganese (Mn) in the geologic environment, central Nova Scotia

E. J. Lamond, D. L. Fox, T. A. Goodwin

Abstract: MapTool: a new software program for managing field data

John P. Langton, Peter Benton, Rob van de Poll

Abstract: Mechanisms of lithification of lunar breccias

K. A. MacCarthy, J. G. Spray, G. Ryder

Abstract: Mercury in till and bedrock, Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia

B. M. Culgin, T. A. Goodwin, D. L. Fox

Abstract: Metamorphism, microstructure, and 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of the Humboldt Bay High Strain Zone, Wabigoon Subprovince, Lake Nipigon, Ontario

Melanie Purves, Nicholas Culshaw, Peter Reynolds

Abstract: Metamorphism and structure of the White Rock Formation in the Yarmouth area, Nova Scotia

D. P. Moynihan, C. E. White, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: Methods in the sampling and studying of natural abundances of 15 N in lichens

Sarah Eaton

Abstract: Mineralogy and potential recovery of rutile (TiO2) as a by-product in porphyry copper deposits

T. Finlayson, A. Arnott, M. C. Graves, A. Puig, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Modelling of Horton Group (Devonian-Carboniferous) paleolakes, southern New Brunswick –are we still out of our depth?

David Keighley, Murray Gingras

Abstract: Monitoring bioremediation after oil spills, old and new, using marsh foraminiferans as indicators

Roxanne A. McMillan

Abstract: Nares Strait expedition: collaborative research to solve a geological controversy

H. Ruth Jackson, Gordon N. Oakey

Abstract: Paleoenvironmental analysis of the Lower Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian) sediments of the Musquodoboit and Shubenacadie basins, Nova Scotia

Kathryn Eisnor

Abstract: Passive treatment of mine drainage using sulphate-reducing bacteria: a field experiment

Nicolette Stanley

Abstract: Petrology and age of the Lower Coverdale high-Ti, -P, and -V gabbro-anorthosite complex and associated granite, Moncton area, New Brunswick

S. M. Barr, C. E. White, D. V. Venugopal, M. A. Hamilton, J. A. R. Stirling

Abstract: Petrology and tectonic setting of the Wedgeport Pluton, southwestern Nova Scotia

Natalie J. MacLean

Abstract: Physical processes controlling soil respiration: results from four sites in eastern Nova Scotia

Dave Risk, Lisa Kellman, Hugo Beltrami

Abstract: Preliminary bedrock geology of the Tusket (20P/13) map sheet, southwestern Nova Scotia

Chris E. White, Rick J. Horne, M. Steve King

Abstract: Provenance of clasts in conglomerate units in northeastern mainland Nova Scotia and southwestern Cape Breton Island

P. C. Barker

Abstract: Quaternary and Late Tertiary seismic stratigraphy of the central Scotian Slope from high-resolution seismic

C. Simon Newton

Abstract: Recent vertebrate fossil discoveries from the (Hettangian) McCoy Brook Formation

Tim J. Fedak

Abstract: Regional implications of the structural geology and tectonics at Chignecto Bay, Nova Scotia

Ellie MacInnes

Abstract: Research on mercury contamination of an aqueous system in New Brunswick, Canada: a hydrologic and hydrogeochemical approach

Antu Maprani, Tom Al, Kerry MacQuarrie, John Dalziel, Phillip Yeats, Matthew Leybourne

Abstract: Revised geology of the New River Belt and proposed correlations in southern New Brunswick

Susan C. Johnson

Abstract: Sangamonian interglacial sea-levels of + 20 m in Maritime Canada

Rudolph R. Stea, David B. Scott, Dorothy Godfrey-Smith, Robert J. Mott

Abstract: Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and depositional setting of the Lower Cretaceous Chaswood Formation in the West Indian Road pit, Nova Scotia

Jean-Philippe Gobeil, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J.W. Piper, Rudolph R. Stea

Abstract: Stratigraphy and paleoecology of the Sydney Mines Formation at Morien Bay, Nova Scotia

Heidi L. McDonald, Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: Stratigraphy and structure of the Horton Group in the Lochaber-Mulgrave area, Nova Scotia

Paul J. Ténière, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Structural geology and basement-cover relations in the southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia: preliminary results

Amy M. Tizzard

Abstract: Structural geology and tectonics of the Albert Mines-Taylor Village area, Moncton subbasin, southeast New Brunswick

Paul Wilson

Abstract: The comparison of LIDAR and traditional elevation data for watershed modelling

Tim Webster

Abstract: The granitoid units of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: a catalogue of background information to aid assessment of their potential as building and/or dimension stones

Karen Johnston, Sandra Barr, Phillip Finck, Garth Prime

Abstract: The Harvey-Hopewell Fault, New Brunswick

C. St. Peter

Abstract: The impacts of coastal storms on the north shore of Prince Edward Island

G. K. Manson, D. L. Forbes, G. S. Parkes, L. A. Ketch, S. M. Solomon

Abstract: The Jurassic North Mountain Basalts, Nova Scotia: more than just simple flood basalts

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: The Klinkit Formation: stratigraphy, geochemistry, and paleogeographic reconstruction of an arc system offshore from the Paleozoic Pacific margin of the North American craton

Renée-Luce Simard, Jaroslav Dostal, Charlie F. Roots

Abstract: The Last Billion Years –past, present, and future

Robert A. Fensome, Graham L. Williams

Abstract: The life and death of a Pennsylvanian meandering river

Dawson Brisco, Pierre Jutras

Abstract: The Mira –Bras d’Or terrane boundary in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: potential field and petrophysical investigations applied to tectonic analysis in the northern Appalachian orogen

M. S. King, S. M. Barr

Abstract: The missing record of subduction in ancient orogens: consideration of modern analogues

Brendan J. Murphy, Andrew J. Hynes, Stephen T. Johnston, Gary L. Oppliger

Abstract: The petrology of the Lake George granodiorite stock, New Brunswick: implications for crystallization conditions, volatile exsolution, and W-Mo-Au-Sb mineralization

Xueming Yang, David R. Lentz, Douglas C. Hall, Guoxiang Chi

Abstract: The pressure and temperature conditions, and timing of glass formation in mantle-derived xenoliths from Baarley, West Eifel, Germany: the case for amphibole breakdown, lava infiltration, and mineral-melt reaction

Cliff S. J. Shaw, Andreas Klügel

Abstract: The role of offset dykes in complex crater formation; the Sudbury example

Alain J. Murphy, John G. Spray

Abstract: The St. Francis Xavier University Environmental Earth Science Research Laboratory: current research and research facilities

Shari Hayne, Dave Risk, Lisa Kellman, Hugo Beltrami

Abstract: Transient character of the South Tibetan Detachment: microtectonic documentation from the Bhutan Himalaya

Alia Bigio

Abstract: Ultramafic rocks in an arc environment: Neoproterozoic magmatism in the Avalon terrane, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Dan MacNeil

Abstract: Update on the Eastern Shore Compilation Project, Nova Scotia

L. J. Ham, P. K. Smith

Arenig volcanic and sedimentary strata, central New Brunswick and eastern Maine

W. H. Poole, Robert B. Neuman

Deep drill hole in the Devonian South Mountain batholith, Nova Scotia: a potential for hidden mineral deposits within the batholith

A. K. Chatterjee, J. Dostal

Deformation of the Macumber Formation, Antigonish Basin, Nova Scotia: implications for the Ainslie Detachment

D. B. Thomas, R. D. Nance, J. B. Murphy

Evidence for post-Acadian through Alleghanian deformation in eastern Maine: multiple brittle reactivation of the Norumbega Fault system

Chunzeng Wang, Allan Ludman

Geochronology of the Letete and Waweig formations, Mascarene Group, southwestern New Brunswick

B. V. Miller, L. R. Fyffe

Granitoid plutons of the Brookville terrane, southern New Brunswick: petrology, age, and tectonic setting

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr, Brent V. Miller, Michael A. Hamilton

A petrochemical study of basaltic layering at Henley Harbour, Labrador, using multidimensional scaling

John D. Greenough, J. Victor Owen

A synopsis of the geology of the Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Zeolite minerals from the North Shore of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia

Georgia Pe-Piper, Lisa Miller

The “medullosalean forest” at the Lloyd Cove Seam (Pennsylvanian, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Erwin L. Zodrow