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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: 3-D seismic data in the Newfoundland and Labrador offshore area

Judith McIntyre

Abstract: An equatorial Laurentia at 550 Ma confirmed by Grenvillian inherited zircons dated by LAM ICP-MS in the Skinner Cove volcanics of western Newfoundland

Joseph P. Hodych, Richard A. Cox, Jan Košler

Abstract: Anomalous seismic features in a lesser known Grand Banks basin

C. D. Jauer, J. B. W. Wielens

Abstract: An overview of basins and petroleum exploration activities, offshore Newfoundland

Phonse Fagan

Abstract: A petrochemical analysis of the Little Falls Member of the Nepisiguit Falls Formation, Bathurst Mining Camp, northern New Brunswick

W. S. Downey, S. R. McCutcheon, D. R. Lentz

Abstract: A seismic reflection profile across the Petitcodiac River tidal flats at Moncton (Riverview), New Brunswick: a buried channel or “seismic artifact”?

K. E. Butler, K. B. S. Burke

Abstract: A synthesis of geometric relationships and structural elements within the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu-Co deposits

Dawn Evans-Lamswood

Abstract: Avalon-Meguma relationships during the Paleozoic: implications for the development of the Appalachian orogen

J. Brendan Murphy, Javier Fernández-Suárez, J. Duncan Keppie, Michael A. Hamilton, Teresa E. Jeffries

Abstract: Avalon-Meguma relationships in the Paleozoic: implications for the development of the Appalachian orogen

J. Brendan Murphy, Javier Fernandez-Suarez, J. Duncan Keppie, Michael A. Hamilton, Teresa E. Jeffries

Abstract: Bedrock of German Bank, southwestern Scotian Shelf: offshore continuation of the Meguma terrane

C. W. Mccall, G. Pe-Piper, B. J. Todd

Abstract: Ben Nevis and Avalon formations–A review

Harry J. Klassen

Abstract: Biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental implications of early Cretaceous macrofossils from offshore cores of the Scotian Shelf

R. A. MacRae, A. Aubut

Abstract: Biostratigraphic studies of Grand Banks wells: what’s new in an old approach?

G. L. Williams, H. Wielens, C. D. Jauer

Abstract: Calc-alkaline lamprophyric dykes around the Lake George antimony deposit, New Brunswick: age constraints and petrogenetic aspects

D. R. Lentz, N. Trenholm, D. A. Archibald

Abstract: Cambrian-Ordovician rocks of White Bay, Newfoundland: geology, stratigraphy, and disseminated gold mineralization

Andrew Kerr, Ian Knight

Abstract: Characterization and modeling of δ18O variations accompanying mineral reactions in pelitic xenoliths at the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu-Co deposit, Labrador, Canada

Jeffrey Mariga, Edward M. Ripley, Chusi Li

Abstract: Characterizing the atmospheric distribution of heavy metals from the Come By Chance oil refinery using Alectoria sarmentosa

Sarah Ann Crocker

Abstract: Contrasting behaviour of acid-generating rock of the Meguma Supergroup in fresh and salt water

Jennifer Arnold, Stephen Armstrong, Anne Marie O’Beirne-Ryan

Abstract: Controls of sedimentary fabrics on permeability heterogeneity and anisotropy

Rudi Meyer

Abstract: Cooperative geological mapping strategies across Canada

Simon Hanmer

Abstract: Cosmogenic nuclide dating of glaciomarine deltas in Southern Maine

Denise Brushett, John Gosse

Abstract: Cretaceous rocks of Orpheus graben, offshore Nova Scotia

S. L. Weir Murphy, G. Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper, R. A. MacRae

Abstract: Determining the long-term persistence of Hg releases to the environment from cyanide rich gold-mine tailings

S. A. Shaw, T. A. Al, K. T. MacQuarrie

Abstract: Dr. J. E. Blanchard, Director, Geophysics Division (1949–1966), Nova Scotia Research Foundation

Donald E. T. Bidgood

Abstract: Early Cretaceous outliers in northern Nova Scotia: the fault connection

Rudolph R. Stea, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Electron microprobe study and chemical dating of Paleoproterozoic metamorphic monazites

Simon Gagne, Rebecca A. Jamieson, Robert A. Mackay, David Corrigan

Abstract: Ethnic profiling of William Henry Twenhofel, the father of sedimentology, by Canada during World War I

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: Evolution of the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia: new insights on deposition and salt tectonics from seismic reflection profiles

John W. F. Waldron, Michael C. Rygel

Abstract: Evolution of the Darreh-Zerreshk and Ali-Abad porphyry copper deposits, central Iran, within an orogen-parallel strike-slip system

A. Zarasvandi, S. Liaghat, M. Zentilli

Abstract: First results of Carson Basin 4-D petroleum system modelling

J. B. W. Wielens, C. D. Jauer, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Fluid inclusion constraints on the formation of emerald-bearing quartz veins at the Rist tract, Hiddenite, North Carolina

Matthieu Lapointe, Alan J. Anderson, Michael Wise

Abstract: Fold mechanisms in the shallow crust: an example from the Siluro-Devonian Arisaig Group, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Jamie Braid

Abstract: Future directions: overview of mineral resource research planned for the Inco Innovation Centre at Memorial University

Paul Sylvester

Abstract: Geochemistry and mineralogy of tailings at the Cochrane Hill gold district, Nova Scotia

Andrea L. Mosher, Michael B. Parsons, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Geology of a transect across the Nain Plutonic Suite in the vicinity of Voisey’s Bay

John S. Myers

Abstract: Geology of the Campbellton area, northern New Brunswick

R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Geology of the Washabuck Peninsula, central Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Darin R. G. Wasylik, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Geomorphological processes and the formation of the lower Saint John River, New Brunswick, leading to Holocene occupation

P. J. Dickinson, B. E. Broster

Abstract: Geophysical characterization of a Late Proterozoic mafic sill–Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland

Tammy Perry, Alison M. Leitch, Derek H. C. Wilton, Hugh Miller

Abstract: Government geoscience in managing for impact and opportunity

Mark A. Williamson

Abstract: Gravity activities at the Nova Scotia Research Foundation: 1952–1995

Kenneth Howells, Donald E. T. Bidgood

Abstract: GSC Atlantic collaborative projects and their significance for hydrocarbon exploration in the Canadian Arctic Islands and in the Davis Strait

M.-C. Williamson, H. R. Jackson, M. Villeneuve, L. M. Larsen, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Heavy metal uptake and translocation in Salix (willow): potential as a phyto-remediation agent

S. E. MacPherson, C. R. Stanley

Abstract: How do supercontinents form?

J. Brendan Murphy, R. Damian Nance

Abstract: Ice-contact volcanism in southwest Iceland: analysis of hyaloclastite flow deposits using remote sensing, stratigraphy, and geochemistry

C. W. Hamilton

Abstract: Isotopic dating and its implications for porphyry Cu-Mo deposits in the Gangdise Orogenic Belt, Tibet

Gaoming Wang, Guangming Li, Zongyao Rui

Abstract: Late-glacial ice advances in Maritime Canada

Rudolph R. Stea, Robert J. Mott, John Gosse, James Fastook

Abstract: Late Cenozoic seismic stratigraphy of the Mohican Channel area, Scotian Slope

Maureen White

Abstract: Late Paleozoic-early Mesozoic volcanism in the Semenof Hills of south-central Yukon, northern Canadian Cordillera

R. L. Simard, J. Dostal, M. Colpron, G. E. Gehrels

Abstract: Law of the sea and offshore geophysics

Bosko D. Loncarevic

Abstract: Learning from our legacy: high soil lead levels in St. John’s, Newfoundland

T. Bell, D. G. E. Liverman, M. Putt

Abstract: LIDAR DEM analysis of the North Mountain and Annapolis Valley; what geological knowledge can be gained from a high resolution OEM?

Tim Webster

Abstract: Lithofacies, detrital petrology, and diagenesis of the Chaswood Formation: a detailed examination of borehole RR-97-23

L. M. Dolansky, G. Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Lithostratigraphy and sedimentary petrography of early Cretaceous outlier basins, northern Nova Scotia

Thian Hundert, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper, Rudolph R. Stea

Abstract: Living with our legacy: mapping patterns of high soil-lead in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Trevor Bell

Abstract: Mafic dykes and associated peperites in the Upper Devonian to lower Mississippian Saint-Jules Formation of southern Gaspésie, Québec

P. Jutras, A. Macrae, J. Dostal, V. Owen, M. Preda, G. Prichonnet

Abstract: Mafic intrusions and Ni-Cu-Co mineralization in the Pants Lake area and their relevance to Voisey’s Bay

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Magnetic and gravity modeling in southern New Brunswick

M. S. King, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Mechanism and timing of sulphide saturation in mafic magmatic systems: evidence from Sudbury, Noril’sk, and Voisey’s Bay

Peter C. Lightfoot

Abstract: Memorable mathematical models of suicidal sulphide segregation

Alison M. Leitch, Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Metal behaviour during magmatic-hydrothermal processes in intrusion-related gold systems, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada

X.-M. Yang, D. R. Lentz

Abstract: Micro-infrared spectroscopic analysis of emerald from Hiddenite, North Carolina

Christene Martin, Alan J. Anderson, Michael A. Wise, Alain Cheilletz, Philippe de Donato, Odile Barres

Abstract: Mineral resource estimation methods used at Voisey’s Bay: Eastern Deeps Ni-Cu-Co deposit

Robert Wheeler

Abstract: Modelling the thermal sensitivity of shallow organic lakes in Nova Scotia

Erin Oickle, Ian Spooner

Abstract: My changing perceptions of the landscape

Gerald Squires

Abstract: New geological highway map of Nova Scotia

C. E. White, H. V. Donohoe Jr., B. Fisher, R. Raeside, K. Silverstein, D. Skilliter

Abstract: New information on the early Jurassic prosauropod dinosaurs of Nova Scotia

Tim J. Fedak

Abstract: New perspective for the post-Taconian Gaspé Belt of northern New Brunswick: hydrocarbon potential from new organic matter data

R. Bertrand, D. Lavoie, R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Numerical transformations in geochemical data: objectives, philosophy, and methods to improve information extraction and data presentation

C. R. Stanley

Abstract: Offshore crustal structure of the Meguma Terrane: seismic constraints on its origin

H. R. Jackson, D. Chian, M. Salisbury

Abstract: Optimization of a 3-axis induction magnetometer for airborne time domain electromagnetic geophysical surveys

J. C. Dupuis, B. G. Colpitts, B. R. Petersen

Abstract: Orphan Basin: hottest play on the east coast

Neil DeSilva, Tim Thompson

Abstract: Paleoceanography and its implication for the Nova Scotia margin hydrocarbon exploration

Luba Jansa

Abstract: Petrochemical analysis of various granitic intrusions and felsitic mylonites associated with the Clarence Stream gold deposit, southwestern New Brunswick

K. G. Thorne, D. R. Lentz, L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Petrogenesis of an anorthosite-mangerite-charnockite suite in the western margin of the Nain Plutonic Suite: petrological and geochronological evidence

Tanya A. Tettelaar, John S. Myers, Greg R. Dunning

Abstract: Petrological studies of mafic pegmatites in the Jurassic North Mountain Basalt, Nova Scotia: a record of extreme fractionation in the late-stage evolution of continental tholeiite

C. Baldwin, D. J. Kontak, J. Dostal

Abstract: Petrology and tectonic setting of the Seal Island Pluton, offshore southwestern Nova Scotia

Patrick Moran, Sandra Barr, Chris White

Abstract: Petrology of the Mechanic Settlement Pluton, southern New Brunswick, and potential for platinum group element mineralization

R. S. Hiebert, S. M. Barr, C. R. Stanley, T. A. Grammatikopoulos

Abstract: PGE, Au and base metal distribution in soil over the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu-Co deposits

John W. McConnell

Abstract: Pilot study on fluid inclusions in salt (halite) from the Osprey H-84 well, Carson Sub-basin, Grand Banks, Newfoundland

Y. Ketfanah, M. Zentilli, H. Wielens

Abstract: Plio-Pleistocene shelf margin deltas from Trinidad: outcrop and subsurface examples

G. D. Wach, J. Frampton, J. Sydow, L. Wood

Abstract: Potential granitic aggregate sources in the Halifax Regional Municipality area

G. Prime, C. E. White

Abstract: Pre-Mesozoic geology of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

R.S. Black, S. M. Barr, L.R. Fyffe, B.V. Miller

Abstract: Re/Os analysis of arsenopyrite from Meguma lode gold deposits: implications for timing of gold metallogeny and age of Acadian deformation in the Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia

D. J. Kontak, R. J. Horne, R. Morelli, R. Creaser

Abstract: Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) for stable isotope microanalysis of trace light elements: the determination of ä11B and ä37Cl in small objects

G. D. Layne

Abstract: Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Pennsylvanian red beds near Joggins, Nova Scotia: the proposed Lower Cove Formation with redefinition of the Joggins Formation

John H. Calder, Michael Rygel, Martin R. Gibling, Brian L. Hebert

Abstract: Sensitivity of intertidal and shallow marine environments to climate change: a case study at the Morton Environmental Centre, Heckmans Island, Nova Scotia

K. Belliveau, I. Spooner, L. Lusby

Abstract: Significance of early Devonian animal fossils from the Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick

R. F. Miller, S. Turner

Abstract: Significance of salt diapirs, magmatism, and tectonics on the thermal history of Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut

M. Zentilli, M.-C. Williamson

Abstract: Some gold prospects in New Brunswick

James A. Walker, Kathleen G. Thorne, Steven R. McCutcheon, Malcolm McLeod, David R. Lentz

Abstract: South Whale Basin: renewed hopes for a hybrid basin

Michael E. Enachescu, Victoria Hardy

Abstract: Stable isotopic constraints on magma-country rock interaction and ore genesis: future directions

Edward M. Ripley, Chusi Li

Abstract: Strategies for suppressing heave effects in sub-bottom profiles from the upper Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

R. White, K. E. Butler, P. Simpkin

Abstract: Stratigraphy, deformation, and metamorphism in the southwestern Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia

C. E. White

Abstract: Stratigraphy and structure of the Dunnage-Coaker corridor, central Newfoundland

John Walther

Abstract: Structural controls on Meguma gold: a study on the Cochrane Hill deposit

Jonathan Taylor

Abstract: Subsurface geometry of the Gaspé Belt in the Matapédia area (Québec): complex or simple?

Nicolas Pinet, Denis Lavoie, Sébastien Castonguay

Abstract: Syn-sedimentary folding and boudinage in the Tournaisian Albert Formation, southern New Brunswick

Paul Wilson, Joseph C. White, Adrian F. Park, David Keighley, Murray K. Gingras

Abstract: The alteration of ilmenite in the Cretaceous sandstones of Nova Scotia

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper, Lila M. Dolansky

Abstract: The Callie lode gold deposit, Northern Territory, Australia: high grade, sheeted, auriferous quartz veins in an anticlinal structural environment

Jeffery Bigelow, Clifford Stanley

Abstract: The development of deep towed marine seismic systems in Canada, 1970–present

Peter G. Simpkin, Russell Parrott

Abstract: The effects of strike-slip motion along the Cobequid-Chedabucto-SW Grand Banks fault system on the Cretaceous - Tertiary evolution of Atlantic Canada

David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: The head and tail of the Voisey’s Bay feeder dyke

Chusi Li, Edward M. Ripley

Abstract: The Joggins Formation: sedimentological log and stratigraphic framework of the historic fossil cliffs

M. C. Rygel, S. J. Davies, M. R. Gibling, J. H. Calder

Abstract: The nature and chronology of alpine glaciation in the Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, western Newfoundland: preliminary results

Ian S. Spooner, Gerald D. Osborn, John C. Gosse, Douglas H. Clark

Abstract: The Romeo II Sill, Cape Smith foldbelt, Quebec: studying the potential for Cu-Ni-PGE’s

Peter McChesney

Abstract: The second round of Targeted Geoscience Initiative: evaluation of resource potential of the Appalachian basins in eastern Canada

D. Lavoje, P. Giles, M. Warner, M. Williamson

Abstract: The sedimentology of Minto-Salmon Harbour mine site and its high sulphur coals

Perry D. T. Clark

Abstract: The trials, tribulations, and rewards of making art in stone

Jamie Meyer

Abstract: The Voisey’s Bay deposits–discovery to pre-feasibility: an exploration perspective

Dan Lee

Abstract: Three-dimensional glacial stratigraphy: a tool for aquifer characterization of glacial valley-fills

A. E. Daigle, B. E. Broster

Abstract: Trace-element systematics of massive sulphide deposits in the Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick: implications for exploration

S. H. McClenaghan, D. R. Lentz

Abstract: Trace element geochemistry of moose teeth apatite and possible links with increased incidence of incisorform fracture in Cape Breton Highlands moose

M. Clough, A. L.Netite, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Tracing the source of a low profile iceberg with ice rafted debris in the Nares Strait area between Canada and Greenland

J. Crealock, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Tsunami or storm deposits? The 1929 'Grand Banks' tsunami versus the 1991 Halloween storm

Martitia P. Tuttle, Alan Ruffman, Thane Anderson, Hewitt Jeter

Abstract: Update on the McCully gas field, Sussex, New Brunswick

Tom Martel, Paul Durling

Abstract: Upper Cretaceous-Cenozoic salt movement in the Abenaki Subbasin, offshore Nova Scotia

Brent LaPierre

Abstract: Volcanism of the Silurian Eastport Formation, Maine, USA

Robert W. D. Lodge

Comparison of clast and matrix dispersal in till: Charlo-Atholville area, north-central New Brunswick

M. L. Dickson, B. E. Broster, M. A. Parkhill

The igneous rocks of Greece: The anatomy of an orogen

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J.W. Piper, David R. Lentz

A Late Silurian (Pridolian) age for the Eastport Formation, Maine: a review of the fossil, stratigraphic, and radiometric-age data

Lisa Churchill-Dickson

Lithology and geochemical dispersal in till: Petitcodiac area, New Brunswick

B. E. Broster, G. M. Allaby, A. G. Pronk

Note on different kinds of attachments in trigonocarpalean (Medullosales) ovules from the Pennsylvanian Sydney Coalfield, Canada

Erwin L. Zodrow

On the discovery of tetrapod trackways from Permo-Carboniferous redbeds of Prince Edward Island and their biostratigraphic significance

John H. Calder, Donald Baird, Elliott B. Urdang

Tides and their seminal impact on the geology, geography, history, and socio-economics of the Bay of Fundy, eastern Canada

Con Desplanque, David J. Mossman

U-Pb dating of the Musquodoboit Batholith, southern Nova Scotia: evidence for a protracted magmatic-hydrothermal event in a Devonian intrusion

Daniel J. Kontak, Linda J. Ham, Greg Dunning