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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: Aboriginal exploitation of tidal ponds: an example from southwestern New Brunswick

P. J. Dickinson, B. E. Broster

Abstract: A comparative analysis of gold occurrrences from the Sops Arm area–the first gold-only producers in Newfoundland

John J. Currie, Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: A eustatic sea level curve for the Bermuda seamount–a reference curve for East Coast Canada

S. M. Blasco, E. B. Tucker, D. L. Forbes, B. Covill, R. A. Harmes, J. R. Bennett

Abstract: A history mystery: dendroarchaeological investigations at the Campbell Carriage Factory, Sackville, New Brunswick

Nigel Selig, André Robichaud, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Alkalic-type epithermal gold deposits: Porgera as an example

Jeremy P. Richards

Abstract: An assessment of groundwater vulnerability of the Annapolis-Cornwallis Valley, Nova Scotia, using GIS modelling

A. L. Blackmore, I. S. Spooner, T. Webster, C. Rivard

Abstract: A new geographic information system for the Strand Fiord area, western Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut

S. A. Lyon, M-C. Williamson, P. Budkewitsch, M. Zentilli

Abstract: A novel contemporary fluvial ichnofauna

Andrew Lawfield, Ron Pickerill

Abstract: Apparent conductivity mapping of sludge migration through waste rock at Fire Road Mine, Minto, NB

K. E. Butler, M. M. Coleman, A. Mersich, T. Yeomans

Abstract: A study of the Manicouagan shear zone in the Grenville Province of eastern Quebec: metamorphism and structure in the footwall beneath the high pressure belt

Shawna White

Abstract: A study of the SP geophysical technique in a well-characterized field area

Carolyn Boone

Abstract: Bedrock geology and tectonic history of the southwestern half of the New River belt, southern New Brunswick

Cameron J. Bartsch, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Benthic foraminiferal associations in Cenozoic and Late Cretaceous deposits from Shubenacadie H-100 well (Scotian Slope)

F. Fiorini, R. A. Fensome, D. B. Scott, F. C. Thomas, G. D. Wach

Abstract: Bifurcation ratios and drainage densities of Arctic drainage networks

A. S. Mawer, L. J. Plug

Abstract: Carboniferous transpression, Minas Basin, Nova Scotia: why are the rocks at Rainy Cove upside down?

John W. F. Waldron, Carlos Roselli

Abstract: Chaswood Formation lignite records mid-Cretaceous volcanic eruptions

Ann Okwese, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Climatic signature of some Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian paleosols in the Avalon Terrane of northern Nova Scotia; implications for paleogeographic reconstructions

Pierre Jutras, J. Victor Owen, Ryan S. Quillan

Abstract: Comparative dendrochronological analysis of red spruce from Central PEI and Southwestern NS

Amanda Colford, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Comparison of Late Holocene and Pleistocene sedimentologic and oceanographic records in the Amundsen Gulf, Northwest Territories, Canada

Tamara Moss

Abstract: Cooperative Geological Mapping Strategies across Canada (CGMS): public geoscience, exploration and development

Simon Hanmer

Abstract: Correlation and geochemistry of Late Ordovician to Silurian sequences in southwestern New Brunswick: evidence for a northwesterly facing arc complex

Malcolm McLeod, Nancy Van Wagoner, Kelsie Dadd

Abstract: Cosmogenic nuclide dating of glaciomarine deltas in southern Maine

D. M. Brushett, J. C. Gosse, G. Yang

Abstract: Coupling of salt dynamics and sedimentary basin evolution on passive margins: implications for offshore Nova Scotia hydrocarbon exploration

Sheila Ballantyne

Abstract: Critical effects of the chronology and mode of emplacement of flood basalts on the thermal history of the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Islands, Nunavut

M-C. Williamson, M. Zentilli, J. Dostal, R. A. MacRae

Abstract: Dam! What happened to the site? A 3000 year old archaeological site on the Beechwood Reservoir, New Brunswick

J. Jeandron, D. Keenlyside

Abstract: Decadal-scale sea ice changes in the Canadian Arctic and their impacts on humans during the past 4000 years

Peta J. Mudie, Andre Rochon, Elisabeth Levac

Abstract: Deep submarine explosive volcanism

W. S. Downey, D. R. Lentz

Abstract: Dendrochronological potential of buried wood in Atlantic Canada

André Robichaud, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Dendroclimatology in Atlantic Canada: ringing the past out of trees

Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Deposition of glacial tills on the upper continental slope offshore southeastern Canada

Rebecca Brunt, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Devil Pike Brook gold occurrence, Silurian Mascarene belt, south-central New Brunswick

Jonathan Lafontaine, Kathleen G. Thorne, David R. Lentz

Abstract: Downhole trace and major element chemostratigraphic patterns relating to igneous fractionation processes in the Golden Mile Dolerite, Western Australia

T. O’Connor-Parsons, C. R. Stanley

Abstract: Economic potential for gold in the glacial till of Nova Scotia

Jared Chipman, R. F. Mills, Jarda Dostal

Abstract: Environmental Evolution of the Pleasant River Wetland, Nova Scotia

B. G. Martin, I. S. Spooner, B. Caverhill

Abstract: Evaporite diapirs in Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut: gauging their past and present growth rate and their geothermal energy potential

M. Zentilli, M-C. Williamson, P. Budkewitsch, W. Pollard, C. Hamilton, A. Mosher, S. A. Lyon, A. M. Grist, Y. Kettanah, A. B. O. Jensen, W. M. Schwerdtner

Abstract: Evidence for early deformation and its timing in the Tournaisian rocks of southeastern New Brunswick

Adrian F. Park, Paul Wilson, Clint St. Peter

Abstract: Fault offset of the Atlantic Uplands Peneplane: new look at an old concept

R. R. Stea, R. J. Horne

Abstract: Fluid inclusion studies in quartz veinlets of the Darreh-Zereshk and Ali-Abad porphyry copper deposits, central Iran

S. Liaghat, D. R. Lentz, A. Zarasvandi

Abstract: Further unearthing of the hidden Cretaceous basins of central Nova Scotia using seismic reflection profiles and clay mineralogy

Thian Hundert, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Geoarchaeological investigations of the lakebed of Georgian Bay, Laurentide Great Lakes

W. Fox, S. M. Blasco, A. Promaine, L. Keeshig-Tobias, B. Covill

Abstract: Geochemical landscapes of St. John’s–a contribution to Geoscape St. John’s

Trevor Bell, David Liverman, Stacey Campbell

Abstract: Geological setting of the Smith Option: an ophiolite-hosted Cu(-Zn) massive sulphide system, Bathurst Mining Camp, northeastern New Brunswick

David A. G. MacDonnell, David R. Lentz, James A. Walker

Abstract: Geology and geochemistry of the Rattling Brook gold deposit, western Newfoundland: an assessment in the context of Carlin-type deposit models

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Geology and geochemistry of the Rattling Brook gold deposit, western Newfoundland: An assessment in the context of new exploration models

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Geology and U-Pb geochronology of high-grade gold mineralization: the example of the Goldcorp Red Lake mine, Canada

Benoit Dubé, K. Williamson, V. McNicoll, M. Malo, T. Skulski, T. Twomey, M. Sanborn-Barrie

Abstract: Geophysical survey of Cape St. Francis Sill

Allan Hung

Abstract: Geoscape St. John’s–a new initiative

David Liverman, Robert Turner

Abstract: Geoscience education in our community

Michelle Miskell

Abstract: Gold mineralization in Newfoundland: an overview of established and potential environments

Richard J. Wardle

Abstract: Historical earthquakes (1764–1961) in the Saint John region and effects from regional earthquakes

Kenneth B. S. Burke

Abstract: Inferences on glacial flow from till clast dispersal, Coldstream area, New Brunswick

Melissa MacLeod, Bruce E. Broster, Allen A. Seaman

Abstract: Inverted geotherms within accretionary complexes: implications for the metamorphic orogenic gold deposit model

David R. Lentz

Abstract: Investigating patterns in flaked lithic resource use in eastern Maine and southwestern New Brunswick

B. D. Suttie

Abstract: Investigating the extent and structure of the Cretaceous Basin at Vinegar Hill, NB, using seismic reflection and seismoelectric surveys

J. C. Dupuis, S. E. Pullan, K. E. Butler, D. V. Venugopal

Abstract: Investigation of a late Proterozoic mafic sill and its environs–Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland

Tammy Perry, Alison M. Leitch, Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Kelp holdfasts in peat as an anthropogenic signature on the Burin Peninsula of southern Newfoundland, Canada

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: LA-ICPMS measurements of gold abundance in sulphide and rock-forming minerals from granitoids, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada: insights into the genesis of intrusion-related gold systems

Xue-Ming Yang, David R. Lentz, Paul J. Sylvester

Abstract: Late Cenozoic seismic stratigraphy of the Mohican Channel area, Scotian Slope

Maureen White, David C. Mosher, Patrick Ryall, Grant Wach

Abstract: Magma evolution in the Pliocene - Pleistocene succession of Kos, South Aegean arc: petrographic evidence for magma mixing

Ben Moulton, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Magma evolution in the Pliocene–Pleistocene succession of Kos, South Aegean arc: petrographic evidence for magma mixing

Ben Moulton, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Meguma gold deposits of Nova Scotia: complexities of mesothermal, sediment-hosted gold mineralization revealed

Daniel J. Kontak, Richard J. Horne, Paul K. Smith

Abstract: Mineralogical and geochemical examination of the gold mineralization within the silica zone and open pit at Cape Spencer, New Brunswick

Robert L. Richard, David R. Lentz, Michael Henrichsen

Abstract: Mineralogical and petrographic characteristics of the Cenozoic and Upper Mesozoic reservoirs in Venture B-13 and Arcadia J-16 Wells, offshore Nova Scotia

Yawooz Kettanah, Grant Wach

Abstract: Morphology of a glacial outwash channel: catastrophic drainage or measured flow?

Heather Campbell

Abstract: Multichannel techniques for near surface cavity imaging using Rayleigh waves

C. Q. Xu, S. D. Butt

Abstract: Natural disasters and geological hazards in the St. John’s area

Martin J. Batterson

Abstract: Neoproterozoic epithermal and intrusion-related gold systems in accreted terranes of the Newfoundland Appalachians

Sean J. O’Brien, Benoit Dubé, Greg Sparkes, Greg R. Dunning

Abstract: New fossil evidence for an Early Cambrian age for the lower Goldenville Formation (Meguma Group), southwestern Nova Scotia

C. E. White, M. K. Gingras, J. W. F. Waldron

Abstract: New perspectives on the origin and distribution of Cenozoic epithermal gold-silver deposits in the northwestern United States

David A. John

Abstract: Orogen-scale understacking and the preservation of old metamorphic rocks in the interior of a hot wide orogen: an example from the Grenville Province

Toby Rivers

Abstract: Paleoecology of the Early Cambrian fauna, Smith Point, Western Trinity Bay, Newfoundland

Stephen Schwartz, Duncan McIlroy, Karem Azmy

Abstract: Pedogenic mud aggregates in the Boss Point Formation, Joggins, Nova Scotia

Jordana Gardiner, Martin Gibling

Abstract: Petrogenesis of the Mechanic Settlement Pluton, southern New Brunswick and controls on associated PGE mineralization

R. S. Hiebert, S. M. Barr, C. R. Stanley, T. A. Grammatikopoulos

Abstract: Petrographic and chemical variations through the Goldenville and Halifax formations, Bear River, High Head, and Broad River sections, southwestern Nova Scotia

Ryan M. Toole

Abstract: Petrology and tectonic setting of the Seal Island Pluton, offshore southwestern Nova Scotia

Patrick Moran, Sandra Barr, Chris White

Abstract: Phreatomagmatism of the Silurian Passamaquoddy Bay subbelt, Maine and New Brunswick

R. W. D. Lodge, N. A. Van Wagoner, K. A. Dadd

Abstract: Porosity, permeability, and clay content and their effect on reservoir quality in the Cretaceous Bluesky Formation, Whitecourt Alberta

Scott Doyle

Abstract: Post-Windsor structure in the Sussex area of the Moncton Basin, New Brunswick

Dave Keighley, Don Gemmell

Abstract: Preliminary geochronological, geochemical, and isotopic studies of auriferous systems in the Botwood Basin and environs, central Newfoundland

Jacqueline M. O’Driscoll, Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Preliminary results of potential field and petrophysical analysis in the area between eastern Prince Edward Island and western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Lori Cook, Sandra Barr, Sonya Dehler

Abstract: Quaternary geology and seabed geohazards of the continental margin offshore Haddock Channel off southern Newfoundland

Shannon Ledger-Piercey, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Regional low-pressure metamorphism of the Meguma Group, Pubnico area, southwestern Nova Scotia

C. R. Reid, R. P. Raeside

Abstract: Regional scale heterogeneities in the mineralogy of the magma source region: examples from mantle xenoliths from the West Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany

Cliff S. J. Shaw

Abstract: Significance of newly discovered Cambrian macrofossils from the Phillips Brook and North B Brook anticlines, Western Newfoundland

W. Douglas Boyce, Ian Knight

Abstract: St. John’s Geoscapes: the use of local stone in buildings and structures

W. Lawson Dickson

Abstract: Stratigraphic, structural setting and mineralization of the Jaclyn Zone, Golden Promise Property, Central Newfoundland

David Copeland

Abstract: Stratigraphic and depositional significance of bioclastic horizons within the Ben Nevis Formation (Lower Cretaceous), White Rose Field, Jeanne D’Arc Basin

Anastasia Parrell

Abstract: Stratigraphy, depositional setting, and volcanism of the Letete Formation, southwestern New Brunswick

D. G. Lowe, N. A. VanWagoner

Abstract: Stratigraphy, geochemistry, petrography, and temporal evolution of the final stages of eruption at Rockeskyllerkopf, West Eifel volcanic field, Germany

Nesha D. Trenholm, Cliff S. J. Shaw

Abstract: Structure and stratigraphy of offshore western Cape Breton Island from seismic reflection mapping

Paul Durling, Tom Martel

Abstract: Structure and veins of the Mooseland Gold District, Nova Scotia

Rick Horne

Abstract: Study of the capping shale of the Triassic Doig anomalously thick sand bodies in the area of the Wembley Field, Alberta

Jessica Beal

Abstract: Sulphide minerals in the South Mountain Batholith and the Meguma Supergroup

Hugh Samson

Abstract: Systematics of microborings from the Cenozoic White Limestone Group, Jamaica

D.J. Blissett, R.K. Pickerill

Abstract: Tectonic evolution of the Moncton Subbasin, southeastern New Brunswick: new evidence from field and subsurface data

Paul Wilson

Abstract: Tectonic influences on Quaternary volcanism of Methana, South Aegean arc, Greece

Kathleen Gould, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Temporal and spatial distributions of Early Carboniferous-aged chert in the New Brunswick archaeological record

David W. Black

Abstract: The Chaswood Formation at the Atlantic Silica pit, Vinegar Hill, Poodiac, NB and its relevance to the regional depositional pattern of the Chaswood Formation

David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, D. V. Venugopal, Thian Hundert

Abstract: The distribution of gold in sulphides from the Lodestar Prospect, Newfoundland, as determined by LAM-ICP-MS analyses

J. G. Hinchey, D. H. C. Wilton

Abstract: The East Kemptville tin-base metal deposit, Nova Scotia: documentation of the magmatic to hydrothermal transition in a highly-fractionated, F-rich environment

D. J. Kontak

Abstract: The effects of thaw lake drainage on Arctic river channel morphology, Yukon coastal plan, western Canadian Arctic

Lawrence Plug, David Gardner

Abstract: The genesis of Carlin-type gold deposits–current models and future research

Jean Cline, Albert Hofstra, John Munteau, Dick Tosdal, Ken Hickey

Abstract: The geology of the Minto Salmon Harbour mine site and its high sulphur coals

Perry Clark, Dave Keighley, David Lentz

Abstract: The gold-rich Louvicourt Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposit, New Brunswick: a Kuroko analogue in the Bathurst Mining Camp

S. H. McClenaghan, D. R. Lentz

Abstract: The hydrogeology of northern Nova Scotia: preliminary research

G. A. Ferguson

Abstract: The importance of isostatic and climatic events in the geoarchaeology of the Penobscot Valley, Maine

Alice R. Kelley, David Sanger

Abstract: The influence of neotectonics and strike-slip faulting on arc magmatism : the example of the South Aegean arc

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: The McCully Gas Field: production, reserves and challenges

Tom Martel, Paul Durling

Abstract: The McKeel Lake Zr-Ta-Nb-REE- and Zr-rich pegmatite-aplite dykes, Welsford Granite, New Brunswick: an example of extreme fractional crystallization of a miaskitic peralkaline granite

D. R. Lentz

Abstract: The role of sediments in the formation of oil mineral aggregates at Black Duck Cove

R. D. Schneider, P. S. Hill, K. J. Curran, K. Lee

Abstract: The sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Mabou Group near Sussex, New Brunswick

Andrew Cook

Abstract: Timing and global tectonic controls of gold deposits in metamorphosed terranes

Richard J. Goldfarb

Abstract: Tsunami–landslides, asteroids and quakes

Steven N. Ward

Abstract: Urban rivers and flooding in northeast Avalon

Norm Catto

Abstract: Weber sandstone compressibility and matrix studies to investigate the probability of fluid-withdrawal-related subsidence over the Mackenzie River gas fields

Michelle Prochotsky, John Gale

Abstract: Windowglass Hill–a tension vein array gold prospect in southwest Newfoundland

Mike Basha, George Smith, Jeff Morgan, Wayne Pickett

Adpressed tree-fern trunks from the Early Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation of Nova Scotia

Howard J. Falcon-Lang

Mercury concentrations in the bedrock of southwestern Nova Scotia: a reconnaissance study

Krista D. Page, J. Brendan Murphy

Oligocene benthic foraminifera from the Paleogene Wenonah Canyon, Scotian Shelf–normal versus canyon assemblages

Francis C. Thomas

The Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation of Nova Scotia: sedimentological log and stratigraphic framework of the historic fossil cliffs

S. J. Davies, M. R. Gibling, M. C. Rygel, J. H. Calder, D. M. Skilliter

Sir William Dawson (1820–1899): a very modern paleobotanist

Howard J. Falcon-Lang, John H. Calder

Stratigraphy and sedimentology of early Pennsylvanian red beds at Lower Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada: the Little River Formation with redefinition of the Joggins Formation

John H. Calder, Michael C. Rygel, R. J. Ryan, Howard J. Falcon-Lang, Brian L. Hebert

Stratigraphy and structure of the Horton Group, Lochaber-Mulgrave area, northern mainland Nova Scotia

Paul J. Ténière, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

U-Pb tantalite, Re-Os molybdenite, and 40Ar/39Ar muscovite dating of the Brazil Lake pegmatite, Nova Scotia: a possible shear-zone related origin for an LCT-type pegmatite

Daniel J. Kontak, Robert A. Creaser, Larry M. Heaman, Douglas A. Archibald

“Such a section as never was put together before”: Logan, Dawson, Lyell, and mid-Nineteenth-Century measurements of the Pennsylvanian Joggins section of Nova Scotia

Michael C. Rygel, Brian C. Shipley