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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: 3D modelling and fluid inclusion studies at the Moosehead property, central Newfoundland: a new perspective on mineralizing fluids and controlling structures

Jackie O’Driscoll, James Conliffe, Derek Wilton, Lawrence Winter, Roland Butler

Abstract: Advanced approaches for video footage and photograph analysis in the Bay of Fundy

Kerstin Jerosch, Vladimir Kostylev, Brian Todd

Abstract: Airborne LiDAR fluorescence analysis for the quantification of water-quality characteristics

S. Rogers, T. Webster, N. O’Driscoll, B. Livingstone

Abstract: Airborne LiDAR for coastal zone risk mapping in the Maritimes

Tim Webster

Abstract: Analysis of the short- and long-term processes involved in coastline erosion

N. Crowell, T. Webster, S. Bondrup-Nielsen

Abstract: Anomalous Zn concentrations in the West Barneys River intrusion, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Harun Alrashid Mohamad Idris, Cliff Stanley

Abstract: An overview of petroleum exploration activity in Newfoundland and Labrador

Larry Hicks

Abstract: An X-ray diffraction and structural refinement study of radiation-damaged zircons from Bancroft, Ontario

Michael J. Power

Abstract: A petrographic, geochemical, and geochronological study of the southern Numok Intrusive Suite, Labrador

Andrea MacFarlane, Greg Dunning, Alana Hinchey

Abstract: A petrological study of REE-rich carbonatite intrusions from the Lofdal Farm area, Namibia

Alexander Kaul, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: A putative Arthropleura body impression, Lower Pennsylvanian Tynemouth Creek Formation, New Brunswick, Canada

R. F. Miller, A. R. Bashforth, H. J. Falcon-Lang, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: Architecture and geometry of a braided channel complex in the Triassic Wolfville Formation

Jordan Nickerson, Grant Wach

Abstract: Assessing and reducing risks from high-arsenic gold mine tailings in Nova Scotia

M. B. Parsons, H. E. Jamieson, S. L. DeSisto, J. Kavalench

Abstract: Assessment of tidal current energy in the Bay of Fundy

Richard H. Karsten

Abstract: Assimilation processes in the South Mountain Batholith: evidence from apatite

D. Barrie Clarke, Anne Jähkel

Abstract: Back to the future: oil from the Green Point Formation, western Newfoundland

Steve Millan

Abstract: Cambrian successions and detrital zircon geochronology of Megumia. Are southern Nova Scotia and North Wales dispersed fragments of a single peri-Gondwanan basin?

John W. F. Waldron, David I. Schofield, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Carbon dioxide in mafic magmatic systems: an experimental study to test the importance of CO2 in the formation of magmatic sulphide deposits

Brandon Boucher

Abstract: Carbonic fluid inclusions in the Greendale (Nova Scotia) and Lac Des Iles (Ontario) complexes: constraints on mafic pegmatite crystallization and platinum-group element (PGE) mineralization

Evan Gladney, Jacob Hanley

Abstract: Characterization of eroding bedrock shorelines - examples of rates, processes and form continuity

Philip W. Finck

Abstract: CO2 geological storage potential and capacity in New Brunswick

David Keighley, Crystal Maher

Abstract: Coastal erosion at Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve (MPER), Newfoundland, Canada

Sheridan Thompson-Graham, Norm Catto

Abstract: Coastal erosion at Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, Newfoundland, Canada

Sheridan Thompson-Graham

Abstract: Comparing geophysical logging tools and how they can assist in hydrogeological model building: A case study in the Mabou Group near Sussex, New Brunswick

A. Vander Most, T. Danyluk, B. Pedler, C. Hamilton

Abstract: Comparison of vertical and temporal variations in hydrodynamics on macro-tidal mudflat and salt marsh surfaces in the Bay of Fundy

Casey O’Laughlin, Danika Van Proosdij

Abstract: Constraining the origin of metals and mechanisms of metal precipitation in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa: a fluid and melt inclusion study of pegmatites below the Merensky reef

Erin E. Adlakha

Abstract: Contamination of plutons by manganiferous country rock in the Governor Lake area, north-central Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia

Kara-Lynn Scallion, Rebecca A. Jamieson, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, Saskia Erdmann

Abstract: Correlating Lake Agassiz floods to the onset of the 8.2 ka cold event

C. F. Michael Lewis, Ann A. L. Miller, Elisabeth Levac, David J. W. Piper, Gary V. Sonnischen

Abstract: Does bioturbation enhance reservoir quality? A case study from the Cretaceous Ben Nevis Formation, Jeanne d’ Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Nicola S. Tonkin, Duncan McIlroy, Rudi Meyer, Allison Moore-Turpin

Abstract: Dual-frequency acoustic seabed classification on the Scotian Shelf, Canada

Andrew Cuff, John Anderson, Rodolphe Devilliers, Sam Bentley

Abstract: Early Jurassic Gordondale Member - shale gas potential and XRD, wire-line log, and TOC analysis

Frank J. Ryan

Abstract: Early Ordovician island arc formation, arc-continent collision, and syn- to post-accretionary sedimentation, volcanism and mineralization, Baie Verte, Newfoundland Appalachians

Tom Skulski, Sebastien Castonguay, Vicki McNicoll, Cees van Staal

Abstract: Edicarian-Early Ordovician tectonic evolution of the peri-Laurentian domain in the northern Appalachians and British Caledonides

Cees van Staal, D. M. Chew, Alex Zagorevski, Tom Skulski, Sebastien Castonguay, Vicki McNicoll, Nancy Joyce

Abstract: Epizonal commingling and mixing of minette and cordierite-biotite (S-type) magmas, south Quenamari Meseta, Puno Department, southeast Peru

Hamish A. Sandeman, Alan H. Clark

Abstract: Estimation of regional groundwater budgets in Nova Scotia using a desktop GIS approach

G. W. Kennedy, K. G. Garroway, D. Finlayson-Bourque

Abstract: Evaluating coastal run-up, erosion, and flooding hazards for climate-change adaptation and hazard mitigation in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia

D. L. Forbes, J. Charles, G. K. Manson, C. Hopkinson, R. B. Taylor, R. Wells, D. Whalen

Abstract: Evaluating the effects of wastewater treatment on marine sediment chemistry in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia

G. Williams, M. B. Parsons, J. Hellou, D. B. Scott

Abstract: Evidence of fossil horseshoe crabs from Joggins, Nova Scotia: Paleoichnology and paleonvironmental implications

M. Stimson, R. A. MacRae

Abstract: Evolution of the Maritimes Basin: transtension, transpression, and salt tectonics

John Waldron

Abstract: Field, petrographic and chemical characterization of the Neoproterozoic Ohio Pluton, southern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

David Murray

Abstract: Field relations, petrology, tectonic setting and economic potential of metamorphic and igneous rocks in the Whycocomagh Mountain - Aberdeen Ridge area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

David A. Swanton, Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Field relationships, petrology, age, and tectonic setting of previously inferred Devonian-Carboniferous granitic plutons in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

E. A. Escarraga, S. M. Barr, J. B. Murphy, M. A. Hamilton

Abstract: Flood-risk mapping from storm surges and future sea-level rise in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia

K. Leblanc, T. Webster, I. Spooner

Abstract: Geochemical data applied to geohazard mapping in Nova Scotia

F. Tweedale, T. Melanson, N. Brooks, D. Campbell, T. Jacques, T. Kelly, A. M. O’Beirne-Ryan

Abstract: Geochemical parameters constraining mineralization within an IOCG metallogenic domain: Case studies at the Mt. Thom and Copper Lake Cu-(Co-Au-Ni) deposits, Nova Scotia

Daniel J. Kontak, Kurt Kyser

Abstract: Geology and U-Pb geochronology of Mesoproterozoic magmatic sulphide mineralization in western Labrador

Andrew Kerr, Vicki McNicoll

Abstract: High-resolution record of cyclone strikes from the Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Belize

Kathryn Denommee, Samuel J. Bentley

Abstract: High resolution seismic stratigraphy (GPR) of braided channel complexes in the Triassic Wolfville Formation- controls on reservoir heterogeneity

Matthew Vaughan

Abstract: How useful is the Ibexian Series?

W. Douglas Boyce

Abstract: Hydrocarbon migration and thermal history of reservoir sandstones deduced from fluid inclusions, Scotian Basin, offshore eastern Canada

Atika Karim, Jacob Hanley, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: HydroPhysical™ Logging: A new wellbore technology for hydrogeologic and contaminant characterization of aquifers

William H. Pedler, Charles R. Head, Lacey L. Williams

Abstract: Identification of geohazards using LiDAR, Nova Scotia

D. J. Utting, G. J. Demont, T. A. Goodwin, T. Broughm, T. Webster

Abstract: Incorporating geohazard mapping and risk assessments in land-use planning

Garth J. Demont

Abstract: In situ Hf-isotope zircon data from two Paleoproterozoic bimodal volcanic segments of the Aillik Group, Makkovik Province, Labrador

Crystal Laflamme, Alana M. Hinchey, Paul J. Sylvester

Abstract: Inversion and interpretation of marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) and Magnetotelluric (MT) data

Nate Corcoran

Abstract: Investigating the use of chlorine stable isotopes to identify sources of chloride in stream water

Timothy P. Bachiu, Anne-Marie O’Beirne Ryan, John Gosse, Thomas A. Clair

Abstract: Investigation into potential controls on uranium concentration in new production wells intercepting a Triassic sandstone aquifer, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

D. Finlayson-Bourque, G. W. Kennedy

Abstract: IODP Site 1256- petrological and textural variations down-core

Khalhela Zoeller

Abstract: Late Jurassic source rock super-highway in the North Atlantic: proven and possible hydrocarbon systems

Michael Enachescu, J. Hogg, I. Atkinson, D. McCallum, P. Einarsson

Abstract: Log jam deposits in the Boss Point Formation near Joggins Nova Scotia

Saif Al-Silwadi

Abstract: Mapping the glacial history of the Bay of Fundy

Brian J. Todd, John Shaw, D. Russell Parrott, Vladimir E. Kostylev

Abstract: Margin evolution and reservoir distribution - slope depositional systems along the Scotian margin

Grant D. Wach, David C. Mosher, D. C. Campbell, M. K. Giles, V. I. Brake

Abstract: Mass transport deposits on the southwestern Newfoundland slope, eastern Canada

Michael Giles, David Mosher, Grant Wach

Abstract: Mass wasting in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia - a review

Ian Spooner, Dave Liverman, Norm Catto, Martin Batterson, Wayne McAskill, Fenton Isenor

Abstract: Measurement of the effect of uniaxial compression upon remanent magnetization of hematite ore

Ryan K. Fearon

Abstract: Mineralogical and chemical analysis of Rumuruti (R) Chondrite: sample NWA 6145

Alexander T. Howe

Abstract: Models and data for tidal power studies

David Greenberg

Abstract: Mud dispersal on continental shelves and predicting shale gas reservoir targets

Joe Macquaker

Abstract: Multibeam bathymetry surveys of the Bay of Fundy, Canada - progress to November 2009

D. Russell Parrott, Brian J. Todd, John Shaw, Vladimir Kostylev, John E. Hughes Clarke, Jonathan Griffin, Michael Lamplugh

Abstract: New discoveries of tetrapod bearing fossil forests at Joggins Nova Scotia: implications for tetrapod entombment and ecological persistence

Matt Stimson, John Calder, Andrew MacRae, Brian Hebert, Victor Owen, Don Reid

Abstract: New insights into the geology of a Late Neoproterozoic igneous complex in the Avalon Zone, Newfoundland

D.R . Skipton, G. R. Dunning, G. W. Sparkes

Abstract: New U-Pb age constraints on the Kitts Uranium Deposit, Central Mineral Belt, Labrador

G. W. Sparkes, G. R. Dunning, V. J. McNicoll

Abstract: Not the oldest evidence for complex life on land: the Juniata Formation (Upper Ordovician, Pennsylvania)

Neil S. Davies, Michael C. Rygel, Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: Numerical model predictions of seabed shear stress, sediment mobility, and sediment transport in the Bay of Fundy

Michael Z. Li, Charles Hannah, Will Perrie, Charles Tang, Robert Prescott, David Greenberg

Abstract: Oil and gas exploration in northeastern North America: is there a common thread?

John Martin

Abstract: Paleoproterozoic microbial communities in the Ferriman Group, Labrador Trough, Canada

Cole T. Edwards, Peir K. Pufahl, Eric E. Hiatt

Abstract: Partial digestion geochemistry of pediment over the Toki Cluster porphyry copper deposits, Atacama Desert, Chile

Leah M. Chiste

Abstract: Petrography of stratigraphic units in the subsurface in the Phetchabun Basin, Thailand

Nor Afiqah B. M. Radzi

Abstract: Petroleum discoveries in the Bay St. George Basin of western Newfoundland

Patrick Laracy

Abstract: Petrology, petrogenesis, and economic potential of the Landry Brook and Dickie Brook plutons, northern New Brunswick

Jean-Luc Pilote, Sandra M. Barr, Reginald A. Wilson

Abstract: Petrology and gold grade variations in different lithologies at the Dachang Gold Deposit, Qinghai, China

Jiaxing (Chancy) Cheng, Cliff Stanley

Abstract: Petrology and metamorphism of a potential SEDEX-type deposit from the Paleoproterozoic Penrhyn Group, Melville Peninsula, Nunavut

Anne C. Belanger, David Corrigan, Rebecca A. Jamieson

Abstract: Petrology and SHRIMP U-Pb geochronology of detrital zircons from the Holly Lake Metamorphic Complex, Leith Ridge, Northwest Territories

Lucy O. Newton, Luke Ootes, Nickolas Culshaw

Abstract: Petrology and tectonic implications of mafic dykes in the Kellys Mountain area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Jon M. Gates

Abstract: Petrology and tectonic setting of mafic dykes in the Boisdale Hills, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Christopher D. Stevens, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Pre-Carboniferous stratigraphy in the Bridgetown-Windsor area, southern Nova Scotia

Chris E. White, David A. Swanton, Kara-Lynn Scallion

Abstract: Preliminary characterization of ore-forming fluids associated with a gold occurrence in northern New Brunswick

Nic Guest

Abstract: Preliminary investigation of hydrogeology of the Mabou Group in the Sussex region, New Brunswick

C. Hamilton, A. Vander Most, C. Hawkes, D. Milne

Abstract: Preliminary investigation of the Mount Costigan Zn-Pb-Ag ± Cu deposit, west-central New Brunswick

J. A. Walker, D. Clark

Abstract: Prospects for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon plays for the Winterhouse Formation, Port Au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland

Elliott Burden, Helen Gillespie, Jennifer Cunningham

Abstract: Provenance and paleodrainage patterns of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous synrift sandstones in the Flemish Pass Basin, offshore Newfoundland

David G. Lowe, Paul J. Sylvester

Abstract: Qualitative gold grain analysis to target blind deposits: “Kemptville” - A Nova Scotia case study

John F. Wightman

Abstract: Radon soil gas in Halifax Regional Municipality

Kelsey O’Brien

Abstract: Rapid tidal expansion in the upper Bay of Fundy, Canada: Validation of the Glooscap legend

John Shaw, Carl L. Amos, David A. Greenberg, Charles T. O’reilly, D. Russell Parrott, Eric Patton

Abstract: Reconciliation? Oil industry data in light of revised Iberia-Newfoundland rift models

Iain K. Sinclair

Abstract: Reexamining Pleistocene tunnel valleys on the Scotian Shelf and their implications for slope sediment delivery

A. R. Christians, R. A. MacRae

Abstract: Regional setting of gold mineralization at the Viking property, southern White Bay, western Newfoundland

M. Minnett, H. A. Sandeman, D. Wilton

Abstract: Results of a ground magnetic survey over the Bloody Creek impact structure, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

Emma Murowinski, Michael Robertson, Cliff Stanley

Abstract: Rooted vegetation and the Siluro-Devonian expansion of meandering rivers

M. R. Gibling, N. S. Davies

Abstract: Seafloor records of sediment dispersal patterns in the Nelson River, Hudson Bay

Kendra D. Carrigan, Samuel J. Bentley, Peter Hülse

Abstract: Sedimentology, detrital petrology, and regional linkages of the Lower Cretaceous Bjarni Formation, Labrador Shelf

David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, Yawooz Kettanah

Abstract: Sedimentology and paleobiological importance of the Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick

Kirsten Kennedy, Martin Gibling

Abstract: Site selection for in-stream tidal power devices in Minas Passage - New insight into the marine geology of the Bay of Fundy

Gordon B. J. Fader

Abstract: Solving geological puzzles with U-Pb titanite geochronology

Greg Dunning

Abstract: Spring-neap sediment dynamics within a macro-tidal salt marsh tidal creek: preliminary findings

Casey O’Laughlin, Danika Van Proosdij

Abstract: Structure and timing of deformation and metamorphism of the Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland Appalachians

Sébastien Castonguay, Tom Skulski, Cees R. van Staal, Vicki McNicoll, Nancy Joyce

Abstract: Structure of the Rambler Dome, Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland: inversions using UBC-GIF GRAV3D and Mag3D

Bill Spicer, Bill Morris, Hernan Ugalde, Tom Skulski, Sébastien Castonguay

Abstract: Student fieldwork opportunities in macrotidal estuaries: Quaternary geoscience examples from the Severn Estuary, UK

S. K. Haslett

Abstract: Tectonic significance of the Late Ordovician McGillivray Brook Formation, northern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. Brendan Murphy, Michael A. Hamilton, Bryan Leblanc

Abstract: The Albert Oil Shale Project - Altius’ venture into unconventional petroleum exploration

Carol Seymour, Lawrence Winter, Roland Butler

Abstract: The alteration of the Neoproterozoic Georgeville Group in the aureole of the Georgeville Pluton, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Elizabeth Walsh

Abstract: The Big Dig: lithologies, isograds, and other “outcomes” of the Freshwater Brook Sewer Replacement Project

Rebecca A. Jamieson

Abstract: The historic lime quarry at Green Head, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Diane N. Buhay, Randall F. Miller

Abstract: The integration of ground-based and airborne laser scanning for coastal zone mapping

Tim Webster, Nathan Crowell, Danik Bourdeau, Kate Leblanc, Stephanie Rogers

Abstract: The new gold rush: seafloor hydrothermal research and marine mining

Maurice Tivey

Abstract: The North Group - A possible multiple impact crater site in southwestern Nova Scotia

Trevor Brisco, Ian Spooner, Peir Pufahl, Edward King, George Stevens

Abstract: The origin and composition of polyphase inclusions in tourmaline from the Greenbushes pegmatite, Western Australia

Travis J. McCarron

Abstract: The origin and distribution of platinum group metals in the Mt. Milligan alkalic Cu-Au porphyry deposit, British Columbia, Canada

Michael R. Warren, Jacob J. Hanley

Abstract: The origin of Ordovician plutonic rocks in the northern Antigonish Highlands

Luke Bickerton

Abstract: The partial extraction of soil samples across a Pb-Zn deposit via a cation exchange mechanism

Amanda M. Isnor

Abstract: The petrogenesis of calc-alkaline lamprophyres from Mali, West Africa

Sarah Gordon

Abstract: The presence of carbonic-dominant volatiles during the crystallization of sulfide-bearing mafic pegmatites in the North Roby Zone, Lac Des Iles Complex, Ontario

Evan Gladney

Abstract: The Quaternary Lancaster Sound trough-mouth fan, northwest Baffin Bay

Gang Li, David J. W. Piper, D. Calvin Campbell

Abstract: Thermal springs and geothermal exploration

G. Ferguson, S. E. Grasby

Abstract: The role of Anaximander Seamounts in an active transform fault zone in the eastern Mediterranean: processing and interpretation of EMED2010 seismic reflection profiles 6-10

Mark E. R. Colbourne

Abstract: The setting of orogenic, auriferous quartz veins at the Jaclyn Deposit (Golden Promise), central Newfoundland

Hamish A. Sandeman, Heather Rafuse

Abstract: The “E” Surface casting project at Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, Newfoundland, Canada

Richard Thomas

Abstract: Timing of mineralization and distribution of VMS in accreted peri-Laurentian terranes, central Newfoundland Appalachians

Alex Zagorevski, Neil Rogers, Cees van Staal, Vicki McNicoll, Nancy Joyce

Abstract: Trends and architecture of the Bluestone Formation turbidites in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Adam Fraser, Grant Wach

Abstract: Unbioturbated marine mudstones: environmental stress or rapid deposition? A worked example from the Ordovician Beach Formation, Newfoundland, Canada

Dario Harazim, Duncan McIlroy, Joe Macquaker, Sam Bentley

Abstract: Utilizing U-Pb SHRIMP geochronology to constrain the timing of Paleoproterozoic magmatism: a case study from the Makkovik Province

Alana M. Hinchey

Abstract: Volcanology and lithogeochemistry of the Lundberg volcanogenic massive sulphide zone, Buchans, Newfoundland

Greg van Hees, Alex Zagorevski, Mark Hannington

Age and petrology of the Machias Seal Island quartz monzodiorite, the southernmost rocks in New Brunswick, Canada

Sandra M. Barr, James K. Mortensen, Chris E. White, Richard M. Friedman

A cautionary note on the use of invertebrate trace fossils for correlation in the Triassic-Jurassic Fundy Group

Robert B. MacNaughton, Ron K. Pickerill

Dendrochronological dating of coal mine workings at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sarah L. Quann, Amanda B. Young, Colin P. Laroque, Howard J. Falcon-Lang, Martin R. Gibling

An Early Triassic 40Ar/39Ar age for a camptonite dyke in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Martin E. Ross

Geochemistry of Carboniferous peralkaline felsic volcanic rocks, central New Brunswick, Canada: examination of uranium potential

Taryn R. Gray, Jaroslav Dostal, Malcolm McLeod, Duncan Keppie, Yuanyuan Zhang

Igneous structure and texture of the ∼1.3 Ga Hosenbein anorthosite pluton (Nain, Labrador) and implications for the crystallization of massif-type anorthosite

Ronald Voordouw

Leafy branches of Bothrodendron punctatum from the Westphalian D (Asturian) of Nova Scotia, Canada

B. A. Thomas, E. Zodrow, C. J. Cleal

A precise age for the Utopia Granite, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada

S. M. Barr, J. K. Mortensen, M. L. Bevier

Stratigraphy of the Lower Paleozoic Goldenville and Halifax groups in southwestern Nova Scotia

Chris E. White

Very low- and low-grade metamorphism of mafic volcanic rocks of the Mira terrane (Avalonia), southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

David W. A. McMullin, Sandra M. Barr, Robert P. Raeside