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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A. P. Low’s 1893–1894 expedition through the Labrador Peninsula: a tale of iron and irony

Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: A comparison of the behaviour of SiO2 and Al2O3 during dissolution of quartz and sapphire in a CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 melt at 1600 °C and 1.5 GPa

Kim B. Klausen, Cliff S. J. Shaw

Abstract: A conceptual review of water extraction requirements associated with shale gas activities in New Brunswick

K. J. O’Shea

Abstract: A laboratory method for the quantification of mercury and GHG volatilization from soils

R. Pannu, N. O’Driscoll, S. Siciliano, J. Dalziel, A. Rencz

Abstract: An evaluation of awaruite in the Atlantic Lake area of the Pipestone Pond Complex, Newfoundland

Michael P. Piller

Abstract: An investigation of the solubility of eskolaite at supercritical conditions; experimentation with a Hydrothermal Diamond Anvil Cell (HDAC)

Thomas L. Gorman

Abstract: An ion microprobe investigation of the trace element chemistry of titanite as a function of magma composition and metamorphic grade

Jennifer Carter

Abstract: An orogen-wide perspective on the Appalachians

James Hibbard

Abstract: An overview of geochemical exploration for rare earths and rare metals, with particular reference to Newfoundland and Labrador

Stephen Amor

Abstract: An overview of proven and probable Devonian mineralization in the Newfoundland Appalachians

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Application of fractured aquifer characterization techniques in the development of a wellfield protection plan, Springdale, south central New Brunswick

A. J. DesRoches, K. E. Butler, S. Pelkey, V. Banks

Abstract: A preliminary outcrop chemostratigraphic profile of the upper Green River Formation (Mahogany Oil Shale Zone - Uinta Formation boundary) in the Uinta Basin, Utah, USA

David Keighley, Nicola Harcourt

Abstract: A protocol for determining provenance of quartz grains in sandstones using the hot-cathode cathodoluminscence (CL) microscope

Cynthia Sawatzky, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Aqueous geochemistry and substrate utilization by microorganisms at active sites of serpentinization, Tablelands Ophiolite, Newfoundland

Heidi Kavanagh, Penny Morrill

Abstract: Assessing the utility of hydrogen isotopic composition as a tracer for terrestrial dissolved organic matter in estuaries

A. Nicole DeBond, Susan E. Ziegler, Marilyn L. Fogel, Roxane Bowden, Penny L. Morrill

Abstract: Assessing the vulnerability of shallow lakes to water-level fluctuations: an example from southwestern Nova Scotia

David Terry, Ian Spooner, Chris E. White

Abstract: A temporal link between mantle metasomatism and kimberlite magmatism: evidence from olivine Mg-Fe diffusion profiles in metasomatized peridotite xenoliths, Jericho kimberlite, Northwest Territories

L. Hilchie, Z. Zhang, Y. Fedortchouk

Abstract: Basement-cover relationships in the Paleoproterozoic Amer Group, Nunavut

L. J. Calhoun, J. C. White, D. MacIsaac, C. W. Jefferson, J. G. Patterson

Abstract: Bluestone formation of the Halifax Group: metamorphosed slope and mass-transport deposits, Halifax Peninsula, Nova Scotia

R.A. Jamieson, John W. F. Waldron, C. E. White

Abstract: Burial dating of Klondike and Upper White Channel gravels confirms a Pliocene age for the earliest advance of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet

Alan J. Hidy, John C. Gosse, Duane G. Froese

Abstract: Collections management at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site: a new model?

Deborah M. Skilliter, Melissa Grey

Abstract: Constraining hydrothermal and magmatic processes beneath the Merensky Reef and UG2 Chromitite, Bushveld Complex, RSA

Erin E. Adlakha, Jacob J. Hanley, C. A. Heinrich

Abstract: Constructing a 3D geological model of the McCully Gas Field, southern New Brunswick

Paula Marner

Abstract: Contact metamorphism of calcareous concretions in the Bluestone formation, Halifax Group, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Glenn G. Chapman, Rebecca A. Jamieson

Abstract: Controlling mechanisms for dyke emplacement and fluid flow around strike-slip faults in the Campbellton region, northern New Brunswick

S. D. Craggs

Abstract: Controls on regional variability in sea-floor diagenesis in Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous pro-deltaic sandstone and shales, Scotian Basin, eastern Canada

A. C. Okwese, G. Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Creating 3-D Earth models that unify geological and geophysical information

P. G. Lelièvre, C. G. Farquharson, C. A. Hurich

Abstract: Delineation of the Cocagne Subbasin, eastern New Brunswick based on new ground gravity data

K. E. Butler, J. Evangelatos

Abstract: Denudation of the Appalachians in the Cretaceous: tracking fluvial dispersion with mineral geochronology and chemistry

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Determining the 3D structure of the Bathurst Mining Camp: results from the TGI 3 Appalachians Project

N. Rogers, H. Ugalde, W. A. Morris, C. R. van Staal

Abstract: Differentiation processes within the Manicouagan impact melt sheet, Quebec

C. D. O’Connell-Cooper, J. G. Spray

Abstract: Drilling challenges in the direct shipping iron ores of the Labrador Trough (Schefferville area)

Howard Vatcher, Eldon J. Roul, Terence N. McKillen

Abstract: Environmental characterization of the Hudson Strait Coral Hotspot: current state of knowledge

Shawn Meredyk

Abstract: Erosion Susceptibility Prediction (ESP) for Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

D. J. Utting

Abstract: Estimating a depth of entrapment for three-phase saline aqueous fluid inclusions in the East Bull Lake Intrusion, Ontario, Canada

Brandon M. Boucher

Abstract: Examining potential sea-water intrusion in past and current public water supply wells, southwest Newfoundland

Trina Adams

Abstract: Facies interpretations and lateral variability based on correlation of conventional core in the Logan Canyon and Missisauga formations of the Scotian Basin

K. M. Gould, D. J. W. Piper, G. Pe-Piper

Abstract: Field relations, petrology, and tectonic setting of the Ordovician West Barneys River Plutonic Suite, southern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

D. B. Archibald, S. M. Barr, C. E. White, J. B. Murphy, E. A. Escarraga

Abstract: First steps in the development of a predictive model for xenolith assimilation rates: the link between melt structure, viscosity, and mineral dissolution rates

Cliff S. J. Shaw

Abstract: Geochemistry of pediment over the Toki Cluster porphyry copper deposits, Atacama Desert, Chile

Leah M. Chiste, Cliff Stanley, Brian Townley

Abstract: Geochemistry of the igneous rocks associated with the MMH porphyry copper deposit, Chuquicamata District, Chile

J. Wilson, R. Boric, J. Diaz, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Geochemistry of ultrabasic reducing waters at a continental site of present-day serpentinization in the Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Natalie Szponar, Penny L. Morrill, William J. Brazelton, Matthew O. Schrenk, Dina M. Bower, Andrew Steele

Abstract: Geochronology of the Moly Brook Mo-Cu deposit, southern Newfoundland: implications for local and regional granite-related metallogeny

E. P. Lynch, D. Selby, V. McNicoll, M. Feely, D. H. C. Wilton, A. Kerr

Abstract: Geochronology of the Moly Brook Mo-Cu deposit, southern Newfoundland: implications for local and regional granite-related metallogeny

Edward Lynch, David Selby, Vicki McNicoll, Martin Feeley, Derek Wilton, Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Geographic and stratigraphic variation in shales of the Scotian Basin and their impact on basin evolution

G. S. Strathdee, David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Geoscientific knowledge, exploration targets and advanced rare-metal projects in Québec

Charles Maurice, Sylvain Lacroix

Abstract: Geospatial analysis of mercury in stream and lake sediments across Canada

M. Nasr, P. A. Arp, A. Rencz

Abstract: Getting at the potash: geological and hydrogeological considerations in shaft sinking

Brian Roulston

Abstract: Health and safety in mineral exploration - the role of the Prospectors and Developers Association

Bill Mercer

Abstract: Highly depleted oceanic lithosphere in the Rheic Ocean: implications for Paleozoic plate reconstructions

J. Brendan Murphy, Brian L. Cousens, James A. Braid, Rob A. Strachan, Jaroslav Dostal, J. Duncan Keppie, R. Damian Nance

Abstract: High resolution radar stratigraphy (GPR) of braided channel complexes in the Triassic Wolfville Formation: controls on reservoir heterogeneity

M. J. Vaughan, G. D. Wach

Abstract: How wet was it? A 5000 year wetland sediment record of changing moisture regimes in Nova Scotia

Hilary White, Ian Spooner

Abstract: Hydrologic and geochemical investigation of saltwater intrusion at two sites in Nova Scotia

Calvin Beebe, Grant Ferguson, Gavin Kennedy

Abstract: Identifying and mapping the saltwater transition zone in Summerside, Prince Edward Island

B. Hansen, G. Ferguson, Y. Jiang, D. Jardine

Abstract: Imbricated Seboomook Group, Bald Mountain, west-central Maine: Tectonic, slump, or mixed origin?

J. L. Hansen, D. N. Reusch

Abstract: Investigation of the form and age of the Bloody Creek Crater, southwestern Nova Scotia

Mariella Nalepa

Abstract: IODP site 1256: petrological and textural variations down-core

Khalhela Zoeller

Abstract: Late Ordovician-Early Silurian migration of basin-and-range volcanism across Laurentia to Gondwana and the transition from transtensional to transpressional tectonics in the Badger Basin of central Newfoundland

Brian H. O’Brien

Abstract: Marine influence at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site and its implications

Melissa Grey, Peir K. Pufahl, Annas Abdul Aziz

Abstract: Mesoproterozoic (?) monzodiorite-syenite hosted Au-Ag-Te mineralization at the Aucoin Prospect (NTS 13N/6) Hopedale Block, Labrador

H. A. Sandeman

Abstract: Micro-mechanical processes from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) Phase 3 cores

J. C. White

Abstract: Midland’s new rare-earth element (REE) discoveries at Ytterby 2 and 3 near the Québec-Labrador border

Robert Banville

Abstract: Mineralogical, petrological, and petrogenetic analysis of felsic intrusive rocks at the Sisson Brook W-Mo-Cu deposit, west-central New Brunswick

W. Zhang, D. R. Lentz, K. G. Thorne, C. R. M. McFarlane

Abstract: Mining and community relations - marketing the brand

Raymond J. Goldie, Denise Conroy, J. Malcolm MacPherson

Abstract: Modelling and mapping hydrological risks related to flooding and slopes, inland to coastal

J. Ogilvie, M. Castonguay, P. A. Arp

Abstract: Nature and setting of Late Devonian-Early Carboniferous rare earth element mineralization in the northeastern Cobequid Highlands

T. G. MacHattie

Abstract: New surficial mapping initiative in New Brunswick

Serge Allard

Abstract: One more piece to the puzzle: new developments in the trace fossil record from the Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation

L. T. Dafoe, M. Stimson, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: Origin of slope gullies in Flemish Pass: evidence for an ice cap on Flemish Cap

Cooper D. Stacey, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Origin of tourmaline in a potential SEDEX-type deposit, Penrhyn Group, Melville Peninsula, Nunavut

A. C. Belanger, D. Corrigan, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: Paleoproterozoic supercrustal deformation, Amer Lake, Nunavut

D. A. MacIsaac, J. C. White, L. J. Calhoun, C. Jefferson

Abstract: Paleozoic tectono-thermal evolution of the Key Anacon Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag deposit, Bathurst Mining Camp, Canada, from pyrite microfabric and thermodynamic modeling of garnet

Joseph D. S. Zulu, Christopher R. M. McFarlane, David R. Lentz

Abstract: Partial digestion geochemistry of Nova Scotia soil samples: monitoring digestion conditions to understand how samples leach

Biniam Bisrat, Cliff Stanley, John Murimboh

Abstract: Pennsylvanian emergence of anabranching fluvial deposits: the parallel rise of arborescent vegetation and fixed-channel floodplains

N. S. Davies, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: Petrochemical evidence for autometasomatic alteration associated with fluidized emplacement of dykes in subvolcanic rhyolitic pyroclastic systems: implications for dissecting W-Mo-Bi and Sn-Zn-Cu-In ore-forming environments like Mount Pleasant, New Brunswick

David R. Lentz

Abstract: Petrography of stratigraphic units in the subsurface in the Phetchabun basin, Thailand

N. A. M. Radzi, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Petroleum potential and exploration activity for onshore western Newfoundland (Anticosti Basin)

Larry Hicks

Abstract: Petrology, petrogenesis, economic potential, and tectonic implications of the Landry Brook, Dickie Brook, and Charlo plutons, northern New Brunswick

J.-L. Pilote, S. M. Barr, R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Petrology and tectonic implications of mafic to intermediate dykes in the Kellys Mountain area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

J. M. Gates, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Petrology of the Indian Lake pluton, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Amy L. MacFadzen, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Possible applications for visible/infrared reflectance spectroscopy (VIRS) in exploration for rare-earth elements

Heather Rafuse, Andrew Andrew

Abstract: Precious-metal mineralization in the Boomerang and Domino volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits of the Tulks Belt, central Newfoundland: multi-element ICP-ES and laser ablation ICP-MS results

A. M. Shinkle, D. R. Lentz, R. M. Toole

Abstract: Preliminary chemostratigraphy of the Mabou Group in the Penobsquis area, Sussex, New Brunswick

Nazrul Islam, David Keighley

Abstract: Preliminary hydrogeological data and numerical modeling for a seawater intrusion study at Richibucto, New Brunswick

N. R. Green, E. B. Mott, K. T. B. MacQuarrie, K. E. Butler

Abstract: Preliminary interpretation of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) surveys investigating seawater intrusion at Richibucto, eastern New Brunswick

E. B. Mott, N. Green, K. E. Butler, K. T. MacQuarrie

Abstract: Present-day serpentinization of ultramafic mantle rocks by meteoric groundwater, Bay of Islands Ophiolite Complex, Newfoundland

Jeff Pollock

Abstract: Proterozoic to early Paleozoic lithotectonic terranes in New Brunswick, Canada

Leslie R. Fyffe, Susan C. Johnson, Cees R. van Staal

Abstract: Provenance identification of detrital quartz using the hot-cathode cathodoluminscence (CL) microscope: a study of quartz sandstones of the Scotian Basin

Cynthia Sawatzky, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Quantitative mapping in the Parry Sound Domain for structural analysis

Peter J. Regan

Abstract: Radon surveys as part of the North American Soil Geochemical Landscape Project and a Health Canada sponsored radon/thoron survey in the urban environment

A. G. Pronk, Jing Chen, Michael A. Parkhill, Rex Boldon, Marc Desrosiers

Abstract: Rare-earth element (REE) mineralization in Labrador: a review of geological settings, features, and exploration results

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Rare-earth element-niobium mineralized carbonatite, Clay Howells Alkalic Complex, Kapuskasing, Ontario: significance of magnetite saturation and fractionation

Michael Richards

Abstract: Rare earths along the Trans Labrador Highway - a new REE camp in the making?

Peter Dimmell

Abstract: Reconstruction of pollution history in two Atlantic Canada estuaries impacted with two pollution kinds: industrial (Sydney Harbour) vs. domestic (Halifax Harbour) using benthonic foraminiferal proxies

S. A. Dabbous, J. Griffiths, D. B. Scott

Abstract: Reexamining Pleistocene tunnel valleys on the Scotian Shelf and their implications for slope sediment delivery

Andrea R. Christians, Andrew MacRae

Abstract: Rehabilitation of an acid generating gold tailings area in northern Ontario

R. T. Bowser, C. A. Small

Abstract: Resource potential of the Maritimes Basin, New Brunswick, Canada

N. J. Atkinson, J. C. Pol, A. O. Slaughter

Abstract: Shock veins in the central uplift of the Manicouagan impact structure

Marc B. Biren, John G. Spray

Abstract: Significance of a Meguma mass transport deposit in Halifax, Nova Scotia

John W. F. Waldron, R. A. Jamieson, C. E. White

Abstract: Site-specific factors influencing earthquake hazard assessment: examples from New Brunswick

B. E. Broster, K. B. S. Burke

Abstract: Strange Lake: an overview of geology, mineralization, and alteration of Quest Rare Minerals’ B-Zone

Pat Collins

Abstract: Stratal-geometry architecture of meanderbelt systems and vegetation density in the Carboniferous: using LiDAR imagery

Christian Rafuse, Grant Wach

Abstract: Stratigraphic and structural relationships of the Elgin area, southeastern New Brunswick: preliminary results from 2010 field mapping

Steven J. Hinds

Abstract: Stratigraphic setting of the Halfmile Lake South Deep zone, part of the Halfmile Lake VMS deposit, Bathurst Mining Camp

J. A. Walker, S. R. McCutcheon

Abstract: Stratigraphic studies of the Watts Bight Formation (St. George Group), Port au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland

W. Douglas Boyce, Lucy M. E. McCobb, Ian Knight

Abstract: Stratigraphy of the Siwalik Group in the Eastern Himalaya: An oxygen and hydrogen isotope record in authigenic clays

Beth Cowan

Abstract: Strike-slip faults and the mid-Paleozoic reconfiguration of the Appalachians in Atlantic Canada

John W. F. Waldron, Sandra M. Barr, C. E. White, Jim Hibbard

Abstract: Structural analysis of the Matoush uranium deposit, Quebec

L. Robichaud, J. Lafontaine, J. C. White

Abstract: Structural geometry and kinematic evolution of the Latakia - Tartus Ridge system of the Cyprian Arc, East Mediterranean Sea

Katie Power

Abstract: Structure and petrology of the Partridge Island block and adjacent rock units, Saint John area, southern New Brunswick

R. L. Treat, S. M. Barr, A. F. Park, C. E. White, P. H. Reynolds

Abstract: Surficial sediments and Quaternary stratigraphy of Maces Bay, Bay of Fundy

C. L. Legere, B. B. Broster, J. E. Hughes Clarke

Abstract: Sustaining consistent well production despite a changing near-well environment

Gil Violette

Abstract: Tectonic assembly of basement and supracrustal nappes in the ultra-high pressure Western Gneiss Region of Norway

H. M. Steenkamp, J. P. Butler, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: Testing the concept of altitudinal weathering zones on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island, using terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (TCN) exposure dating

A. Margreth, J. C. Gosse, A. S. Dyke

Abstract: Testing the use of cosmogenic nuclides to determine subglacial bed deformation

Logan T. C. Brown

Abstract: Thank God for plagiarism: newspapers as the seismometers of the 18th and 19th centuries

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: The application of CR-39 autoradiographs in the textural analysis of uranium-bearing samples and thin sections

G. W. Sparkes

Abstract: The Caribbean controversy: thinking outside of the plate

D. Fraser Keppie

Abstract: The depositional regime of Early Triassic sedimentation in the Bjorne Formation on the eastern margin of the Sverdrup Basin, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada

Derrick W. Midwinter

Abstract: The Dog Bay-Liberty Line and its significance for Silurian tectonics of the northern Appalachian orogen

D. N. Reusch, C. R. van Staal

Abstract: The Early to Late Devonian North Pole Stream granitic suite: a strongly peraluminous granitic complex hosting a intragranitc vein-type uranium deposit, New Brunswick

David A. Shinkle, David R. Lentz, Steven McCutcheon

Abstract: The East Kemptville Sn deposit, southwest Nova Scotia: a product of focusing saline, F-rich magmatic fluids into an active fault zone

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: The effect of short-duration rainfall on the surface water quality of Thomas Brook, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Allison Healey

Abstract: The making of the geological map of eastern Labrador

Charles F. Gower

Abstract: The Meguma terrane of southern Nova Scotia: insights on its pre-Carboniferous stratigraphy

C. E. White, T. Palacios, S. Jensen, S. M. Barr

Abstract: The Northumberland Phase: the Illinoian glaciation of the Canadian Maritime Provinces

A. A. Seaman

Abstract: The occurrence and origin of ring schlieren in the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

Fergus M. Tweedale

Abstract: The reconstruction of the Pleistocene-Holocene turbidite sand delivery in Gulf of Papua aided by SEM-MLA provenance analysis

Erlangga Septama, Samuel J. Bentley

Abstract: The REE and rare metal accessory minerals of the A-type granite of the Late Paleozoic Wentworth pluton, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

Angeliki D. Papoutsa, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: The Salinic orogeny in northern New Brunswick: geochronological constraints and implications for Silurian stratigraphic nomenclature

Reginald A. Wilson, Sandra L. Kamo

Abstract: The setting of Au-Ag-Te mineralization at the Aucoin prospect (NTS 13N/06) Hopedale Block, Labrador

Hamish A. Sandeman

Abstract: The southern Long Range inlier, Newfoundland: evidence for early Appalachian thrusting of Paleozoic metasedimentary rocks within a Proterozoic basement massif

Alana M. Hinchey, Ian Knight

Abstract: The ups and downs of Guysborough County - the mid Cretaceous Naskapi Member in the Scotian Basin: eustacy or tectonics?

David J. W. Piper, Sarah J. Bowman, Georgia Pe-Piper, R. Andrew MacRae

Abstract: Three-dimensional morphological characterization and petrography of the trace fossil Rosselia

Michelle Thoms

Abstract: Tracking late-Holocene environmental change at Long Lake, New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border region, Canada

Dewey Dunnington

Abstract: Trail degradation on the Nine Mile Trail system: a study on the effects of users on trail compaction and rutting

I. J. Jacques, L. J. Plug

Abstract: Triassic stratigraphy and topography at Grand Manan, New Brunswick

J. Gregory McHone

Abstract: Unstable at any scale: slumps, debris flows, and landslides during the deposition of the Albert Formation, Tournaisian, southern New Brunswick

Adrian F. Park, Paul Wilson, David G. Keighley

Abstract: Urban geochemical hazard mapping of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

R. Foley, T. Bell, D. G. E. Liverman

Abstract: Why REE?

Andrew Kerr, George Simandl

Abstract: X-Ray diffraction results from the weathering zone above the Bisha volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposit, Eritrea

Kacper Halama, Cliff Stanley

Abstract: “Durchbewegung” texture: what is it and does it occur in massive sulphide deposits of the Bathurst Mining Camp?

Steven R. McCutcheon

Geological and site specific factors influencing earthquake hazard assessment for New Brunswick, Canada

B. E. Broster, K. B. S. Burke

Hypothesized Cambrian medusae from Saint John, New Brunswick, reinterpreted as sedimentary structures

James W. Hagadorn, Randall F. Miller

Insights into an Early Jurassic dinosaur habitat: ichnofacies and enigmatic structures from the Portland Formation, Hoover Quarry, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Joseph H. Collette, Patrick R. Getty, James W. Hagadorn

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage site: a review of recent research

Melissa Grey, Zoe V. Finkel

Lithogeochemistry, petrology, and the acid-generating potential of the Goldenville and Halifax groups and associated granitoid rocks in metropolitan Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Chris E. White, Terry A. Goodwin

Radon soil gas in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kelsey E. O’Brien, Terry A. Goodwin, David Risk

A review of Proterozoic to Early Paleozoic lithotectonic terranes in the northeastern Appalachian orogen of New Brunswick, Canada, and their tectonic evolution during Penobscot, Taconic, Salinic, and Acadian orogenesis

Leslie R. Fyffe, Susan C. Johnson, Cees R. van Staal

Triassic Basin Stratigraphy at Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada

J. Gregory McHone

U-Pb Age of the Stanley Brook Granite, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada

L. R. Fyffe, C. R. van Staal, P. Valverde-Vaquero, V. J. McNicoll

Urban Geochemical Hazard Mapping of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Robert Foley, Trevor Bell, David G. E. Liverman