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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: "Build a Dream with Love for Children of Dinosaurs' Hometown" Zigong Global Geopark Present Tickets of Drama of 'Alice in Wonderland' for Children

Yi Li, Wan Yi

Abstract: "GEA -Mother Earth": International Cooperation between Geoparks

Elizabeth Silva, Artur A. Sá, Daniela Rocha, Manuela Catana, Manuel P. Costa, Sílvia Marcos, Neuma Galvão

Abstract: "Let's Have a Fun on the Earth in Happo Shirakami Geopark in Japan!"

Yasuhiko Kamigaki

Abstract: 'Bring in the White Coats' - The GeoCollective 2014

Mischa Eeligoloff, Melanie Border

Abstract: Abyaneh: Where the Culture and Geology Meet, a Case Study of Geology Impact on a Culture-Rich Local Society

Kimiya Sadat Ajayebi, Alireza Amrikazemi

Abstract: A Comparative Study of Anthropogenic Impact on Dimictic Lakes in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia: Implications for Restoration and Management

Ben Misiuk, Drake Tymstra, Ian Spooner, Chris White

Abstract: Adsorption and Dissolution Experiments of Acid Mine Drainage from the Former Consolidated and Gullbridge Mines, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Robert Bazeley, Penny L. Morrill, Abigail Steel, Peter Mercer, Tao Cheng

Abstract: Advanced Lidar Mapping in the Coastal Zone and Freshwater Aquatic Environments

Tim L. Webster

Abstract: Advancing in Geo-Scientific Management in the Cilento, Vallo Diano and Alburni Geopark, Southern Italy

Domenico Guida, Aniello Aloia, Domenico Calcaterra, Angelo De Vita, Alessio Valente, Cristina Muraro, Mariana Amato

Abstract: A Ground Penetrating Radar Study of Bogs and Lakes in the Howley Basin, Newfoundland

Andrew G. Blagdon, Alison Leitch

Abstract: Alpine Plant Communities on Mt. Apoi and Their Conservation and Utilization

Takumi Harada, Kato Satomi, Allison A. Barlows

Abstract: Analysis for Kebumen Geopark: An Effort to Preserve Geological Heritage and Increase Local Prosperity

Astin Nurdiana, Aris Tristianto Wibowo, Afy Syahidan Achmad, Budi Brahmantyo

Abstract: Analysis of Features of Granitic Geomorphologic Landscape in Mt. Chaya

Jianhua Fang, Fujin Song, Fengming Shang, Zheng Zhang

Abstract: Analysis of Geology Feature and Development of Fangshan Global Geopark of China

Jing Zhixing

Abstract: Analysis of the Eurydice Formation Type Section (Eurydice P-36 Core), Offshore Nova Scotia

K. T. Martyns-Yellowe, D. E. O’Connor, R. L. Silva, G. D. Wach

Abstract: A Network Platform for Communities to Be Forceful

Francisco I. Freitas, Tiago E. S. D. Lisboa, Rúbia M. M. Cavalcanti

Abstract: A Newly Discovered First-Order Cross-Orogen Transtensional Shear Zone: The Western Nepal Fault System

John Gosse, Mike Murphy, Mike Taylor, David Whipp, Chris Beaumont

Abstract: A New University/Community Alliance: The Mt. Arrowsmith Biosphere Reserve Experience

David R. Witty, Chris Burger, Pamela J. Shaw, Karen L. Hunter

Abstract: An Exhumation History of Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Canada Derived from Low-Temperature Thermochronology and 3D Thermokinematic Modeling

C. Gabriel Creason, John Gosse, David Whipp, Michael Young, Roman Kislitsyn

Abstract: An Integrated Water Quality Forecasting Model to Restrict the Harvesting of Shellfish Following Extreme Weather Events

Charity Mouland, Timothy Webster, Ian Spooner, Nathan Crowell

Abstract: An Introduction to Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geopark

Daisuke Fukushima, Hiroyuki Mori

Abstract: An Investigation Into UV Fluorescence in Feldspar Group Minerals

Natasha Morrison, Richard Cox

Abstract: Application of Geographic Information System in Molina and Alto Tajo Geopark

Ossian De Leyva Briongos, José Francisco Martín duque, Juan Luis Carcavilla, Manuel Monasterio, Jose Antonio Martínez

Abstract: Assessing the Economic Impact of Geoparks

Kim Lemky

Abstract: Assessment of the "Passey method" for Discrimination of Organic-Rich Intervals in Wells from Offshore Newfoundland (Canada)

Alexander Harnett, Ricardo L. Silva, Grant Wach

Abstract: Assigning Geosites' Management to Local Communities in Qeshm Geopark

Eghbal Zobeiri, Alireza Amrikazemi, Maziar Qaseminejad A., Seyed Mohammad Hashem Dakhteh

Abstract: A Study of Microbial Carbon Utilization in the Deep Ultramafic Biosphere

Alison Cox, Penny Morrill

Abstract: A Survey of Climate Change Knowledge and Attitudes of Nova Scotia Teachers

Jason Loxton, Jillian Baker

Abstract: A Sustainable Society in the Itoigawa Geopark through Education

Hiroko Torigoe, Theodore Brown, Hisaki Chikaato, Takayuki Matsunawa, Hideshi Fujita, Tetsu Ichikawa

Abstract: Azores Geopark Infrastructures through an Effective Partnership with the Regional Centres of Environmental Interpretation and Science Education

Carla G. Silva, Paulo Garcia, Andrea Porteiro, Eva A. Lima

Abstract: Barrachois Evolution in the Bras d'Or Lakes Under Past, Present, and Future Sea-Level Rise

F. Chantel Nixon

Abstract: Baseline Hydrological Monitoring at Big Meadow Bog, Brier Island, Nova Scotia: Preliminary Results

G. W. Kennedy, J. Drage

Abstract: Bathyurus Perplexux Billings, 1865, not so Perplexing

W. Douglas Boyce

Abstract: Becoming a Geopark through the Co-Construction of a Geopark Festival

Paya Hauch Fenger

Abstract: Benefit Chains at Messel Pit World Heritage Site: Creating a Geotourism Highlight in the Tourism Destination Odenwald, Germany

Marie-Luise Frey

Abstract: Biogeochemical Carbon Cycling at Sites Associated with Active Continental Serpentinization: The Tablelands, Newfoundland, Canada

Amanda Rietze, Natalie Szponar, Susan Lang, Lukas Kohl, Penny L. Morrill

Abstract: Biotite Chemistry as a Monitor of Magma Fertility and Mineralisation Potential: Results from the Devonian Granitoids of New Brunswick

Zeinab Azadbakht, David Lentz, Christopher McFarlane, Neil Rogers

Abstract: Birthing Stones House: A Case of Success in Arouca Global Geopark

Alexandra Paz, Ricardo Oliveira, Daniela Rocha, António Duarte, Artur A. Sá

Abstract: Brittle Overprints in the High-Grade Metamorphic Rocks of the Bras-VOr Terrane, Nova Scotia: Can They be Linked to Exhumation History or Major Faults?

Deanne van Rooyen

Abstract: Byeonsanbando National Park

You Bong Kim, Chulho Heo

Abstract: Cabox Geopark: Exploring the Galapagos of Plate Tectonics

Paul Wylezol

Abstract: Cacahuamilpa Grotto: Geoheritage in a Potential Geopark in Mexico

José L. Palacio-Prieto, Juan Poch, Víctor H. Garduño-Monroy

Abstract: Can Onshore Sediments be Used to Fingerprint Distinct Sediment Sources that Fed Offshore Basins in the Labrador Sea? Preliminary Results from Provenance Studies of Onshore Sediments in Northern Labrador

Alana M. Hinchey, Christian Knudsen

Abstract: Carbon Capture and Storage: Overview, Reservoir Options, and Future Possibilities

J. Haynes, G. Wach

Abstract: Carboniferous Lamprophyres in the Central Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia: Precipitation of REE Minerals

J. Wisen, A. Papoutsa, G. Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Carboniferous Lamprophyres in the Central Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia: Precipitation of REE Minerals

J. Wisen, A. Papoutsa, G. Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Carlin-Style Gold Mineralization in the Yukon Territory, Canada; Venus Zone, Einarson property

Nikolett Kovacs, Graham D. Layne

Abstract: Celebrating 200 Years of the Paroxysmal Eruption of Tambora by Promoting the Area as the Global Geopark in Indonesi

Heryadi Rachmat, Budi Brahmantyo, Oman Abdurahman

Abstract: Celebrating Five Years of research at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site

Melissa Grey

Abstract: Challenges and Opportunities of Geoparks as an Instrument of Regionalization

Henning Zellmer

Abstract: Challenges in Interpreting the Landscapes of Zhangjiajie Global Geopark of China

He Qing Huan, Liangqun Xiang

Abstract: Characteristics of Map Information on the Websites of Geoparks

Daichi Kohmoto

Abstract: Classification of the Cilento, Vallo Diano and Alburni National Park - European Geopark Coastland, Italy

Alessio Valente, Aniello Aloia, Angelo De Vita, Domenico Guida

Abstract: Coastal Erosion: A Geotechnical Examination of Successful and Unsuccessful Stabilization Methods Used in Nova Scotia

P. W. Finck

Abstract: Community Awareness of Geopark Harz-Braunschweiger Land-Ostfalen

Robert C. Burns, Jasmine Cardozo Moreira, Henning Zelmer, Eick von Ruschkowski, Arne Arnberger

Abstract: Community Education For Achieving West Java Aspiring Geopark

Eko Pramudyo, Musti'atin, Vani N. Alviani, Budi Brahmantyo, Oman Abdurahman

Abstract: Community Involvement: Keys to Promote Sustainable Development

Qizhi Zha

Abstract: Community Participation Project in Zigong Global Geopark

Li Sun

Abstract: Comparison of Lithosphere Structure Across the Orphan Basin/Flemish Cap and Irish Atlantic Conjugate Continental Margins from Constrained 3-D Gravity Inversion

J. Kim Welford, Patrick M. Shannon, Brian M. O'Reilly, Jeremy Hall

Abstract: Complex Cold-Based Glacier Coverage Histories and Timing of Last Glacial Plucking of Tors on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island, Eastern Canadian Arctic

A. Margreth, J. C. Gosse, A. S. Dyke

Abstract: Connecting "Geo" and Life for the Sustainability of "Geo-Life": A Proposal of an Important Role of Geoparks

Daichi Kohmoto

Abstract: Connecting: Recinatur and the Proposed Geopark in Huasteca Potosina, Mexico

Irma Brígida Suárez Rodríguez, Alejandro Gutiérrez Hernández, Guillermo Ahuja Ormaechea

Abstract: Connecting: The Aspiring Imbabura Geopark, Ecuador

Margaret Hart Robertson

Abstract: Connecting: The Aspiring Trans-National Park of Carchi, Ecuador, Department of Nariño, Colombia

Margaret Hart Robertson, Adriana Solarte

Abstract: Connecting Brabant's Aeolian Sand Regions through Landscape History

Erik Heskes, Hanneke Van Den Ancker, Jaap Harthoorn, Pim Jungerius, Karel Leenders, Bert Maes, Ger Van Den Oetelaar, Sjoerd Kluiving

Abstract: Constraining Deformation History and Recent Activity along the Tuz Golu Fault Zone, Central Anatolia, Turkey: Implications for Uplift of the Central Anatolian Plateau

Neil J. Krystopowicz, Lindsay M. Schoenbohn

Abstract: Controls on Uranium, Rare Earth Element, and Radionuclide Mobility at the Decommissioned Bicroft Uranium Mine, Ontario

Michael B. Parsons, Peter W. B. Friske, Allison M. Laidlow, Heather E. Jamieson

Abstract: CPD Program for Improvement of Guide Skill in the San'in Kaigan Geopark

Tohru Sakiyama, Noritaka Matsubara

Abstract: Creating a Unified Brand Image of Japanese Geoparks The Museum of Molina as Interpretation Center for Molina and Alto Tajo Geopark

Juan Manuel Monasterio, Jose Antonio Martínez, Luis Carcavilla, Amelia Calonge, Ossian De Leyva

Abstract: Creating a Unified Brand Image of Japanese Geoparks through Collectible Cards

Kuniyasu Mokudai, Aya Morino, Kiichi Kobayashi

Abstract: Creating New Geotourism in Cooperation with Local People, Geo-guide, Geo-masters in Muroto Geopark

Kana Furusawa, Koji Wada

Abstract: Creation of a Museum Network in the Itoigawa Global Geopark

Ko Takenouchi, Hiroshi Miyajima, Yosuke Ibraki, Tsutomu Kijima, Yoichi Yamagishi

Abstract: Cultural Aspects of Geological Sites in the Golden Geopark of Lapland

Peter Johansson, Venla Karkola, Janne Seurujärvi

Abstract: Cultural Diversity of Mount Taishan Geoparks

Qinghai Wan, Xing Zhe

Abstract: Cultural Geology in the Sesia-Val Grande Geopark, NW-Alps, Italy

E. Giordano, L. Ghiraldi, T. Bagnati, E. Dellarole, M. Giardino, L. Perotti

Abstract: Current Geological Education Program at Aso Geopark, Japan

Shin'ichiro Ikebe, Akinobu Ishimatsu, Akira Katayama, Mariko Yamauchi

Abstract: Dating Pegmatites to Constrain the Exhumation of Granulite-Facies Mid Crust, Central Gneiss Belt, Western Grenville Province of Ontario: Dealing with Inherited Zircon

Karina Zavala, Toby Rivers

Abstract: Detailed Geomorphology and Surficial Geology of the Outer Nova Scotia Margin

D. Calvin Campbell, David C. Mosher

Abstract: Detectability of Fugitive Emissions at an Enhanced Oil Recovery Site

Jacquelyn Hurry, Dave Risk, Bjorn-Gustaf Brooks, Martin Lavoie, Claire Louise Phillips, Mathias Goeckede

Abstract: Determining the heterogeneity of Reference Materials

Thomas E. Bagley, Clifford R. Stanley, John D. Murimboh

Abstract: Developing Geopark Tour Packages in Peripheral Regions: A Shetland Case Study

Robina Barton

Abstract: Developing Local Menus: The GEOfood Project

Pål Thjømøe, Sara Gentilini

Abstract: Development and Collapse of the Pliocene Western Canadian Arctic Coastal Plain

Lea C. Braschi, Thomas Lakeman, Natalia Rybczynski, Guang Yang, John C. Gosse

Abstract: Development of Extension Over Time During Rifting of the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland

Caroline McIlroy, Jeremy Hall

Abstract: Developments in Early Paleozoic Plate Tectonics of the New Brunswick Appalachians Over the Last Fifty Years

Leslie R. Fyffe

Abstract: Diagenetic Barite and Sphalerite in Middle Mesozoic Sandstones, Scotian Basin, as Tracers for Basin Hydrology

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper, Yuanyuan Zhang, Isabel Chavez

Abstract: Didactic Games as a Part of the Educational Program at the Terras de Cavaleiros Aspiring Geopark, Portugal

Ana F. lima, Sílvia Marcos, Maria Rodrigues, Diamantino I. Pereira

Abstract: Discursive Semiotic Analysis of the Female Indentitary Representation in Colina Do Horto Geosite, Geopark Araripe, Brazil

Giane Taeko M. Rodella, Rafael C. Soares

Abstract: Discussion on the Popular Science Education Function of Geopark Museum and its Scientific Significance

Zhiguang Zhang, Yuan Zheng

Abstract: Dunhuang Geopark of China is Striving to Be a Member of GGN

Yanjie Wang, Wu Fadong

Abstract: Education Methods Utilized in the Oki Islands Global Geopark

Kazuhiro Nobe, Teresa E. Sadkowsky

Abstract: Effects and Issues of Resident Involvement in the "Walking Model Route Map"

Noritaka Matsubara, Tohru Sakiyama

Abstract: Embedding Geopark Themes in the Curriculums of Local Education

Mikko Kiuttu

Abstract: Employee Training Program of Zigong Global Geopark

Tao Hong, Sun Li

Abstract: Engaging NGO to Achieve Geoconservation, Earth Sciences Popularisation and Sustainable Development: The Case of Hong Kong Geopark

Cindy Choi

Abstract: Examination of Surface Features on Kimberlitic Iron-Titanium Oxide Minerals

Rachel Milligan, Yana Fedortchouk, Richard Cox, Ingrid Chinn

Abstract: Examination of Trace Metals in Gastropods to Determine the Potential for Accumulation in the Border Marsh Region

Amanda L. Loder, Mark Mallory, Ian Spooner, Christine Mclauchlan, Patrick O. Englehardt, Chris White

Abstract: Expanding the Geoconservation Toolbox in Northern Ireland

Andrew Bratton

Abstract: Explaining Why Geology Matters to Geopark Visitors: An Ecosystem Services Approach

Murray Gray

Abstract: Exploring the Effect of Chloride from De-Icing Salts on Heavy Metal Concentrations in Urban Soils: A Case Study in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Victoria M. Desjardins

Abstract: Facies Changes in the Upper Albion Member of the Carboniferous Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia

Kristin J. A. Kirincich, Mike Melchin, Brendan Murphy

Abstract: Facies Changes in the Upper Third of the Albion Member of the Stellarton Basin

Daniel John Macleod

Abstract: Fernando De Noronha Aspiring Geopark Project, Brazil: History, Culture, and Tourism

Jasmine Cardozo Moreira, Rafael Robles, Grazielle Rodrigues

Abstract: Fifty Years in the Tectonics of the Maritimes Basin

John W. F. Waldron, Adrian F. Park, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Fifty Years of Environmental Geoscience in Atlantic Canada

Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: Fifty Years of Geological Study of the Meguma Terrane as Recorded in the Journal "Atlantic Geology"

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: First Step: Quintana Roo, Mexico, is Looking for Geoparks!

Eduardo Dominguez, L. Palacio Jose

Abstract: FLAG: A Community Initiative in Popularizing the Geopark Concept in Langkawi Geopark

Kamarulzaman Abdul Ghani, Mohd Shafeea Leman, Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: From Valueless to Valuable: Geopark Approach in Sustainable Transformation of Disused Quarry in Yandangshan Global Geopark of China

Young Ng, Shuyuan Yang, Jinzhong Qu

Abstract: Fundy: The Biosphere Reserve Defined by Champlain 400 Years Ago

Paul A. Bogaard

Abstract: Genesis of Gold Mineralization in Epithermal Quartz Veins along the Magaguadavic Fault Zone in the Pokiok Batholith, Southwestern New Brunswick

Laurin Branscombe

Abstract: Geo-Education in Cooperation with School and Local Residents

Takaai Shirai, Kana Furusawa, Kazuhiro Yuhora, Koji Wada

Abstract: Geo-Gashi: a 'Sweet' Way of Interpreting Geological Features

Haruna Terashima, Michiko Suzuki, Yusuke Suzuki

Abstract: Geo-Stories Created by Volcanic Activities in the Kirishima Geopark, SW Japan

Toru Ishikawa

Abstract: Geochemical and Isotopic Signatures as Proxies for Source Mantle Composition in a Post-Collisional Tectonic Setting: An Example from SW England

Nicolle E. Dupuis, James A. Braid, J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: Geodiversity as a Tool for the Better Management of Geoheritage

Lichao Gao, Yuan Zheng, Zhizhong Zhao, Min Wang, Zhiguang Zhang

Abstract: Geoheritage Sites: the Starting Point for Global Geoparks

John Calder

Abstract: Geological Field Excursion Courses in the Muroto Geopark: Examples from the 113th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan and International Symposium on Gondwana Evolution and Dispersal

Masao Iwai, Shin-Ichi Yoshikura, Tadahiro Shibata

Abstract: Geological Heritage Management: Monitoring the Azores Geopark Geosites

Eva A. Lima, Jorge Ponte, Marisa Machado

Abstract: Geology, Geotourism as Definite Factor for Geopark Ciletuh Indonesia

Mega F. Rosana, H. Budiman, Oman Abdurahman

Abstract: Geology, Lithogeochemistry, and Mineralization at the South Wood Lake Gold Prospect (Staghorn Property), Exploits-Meelpaeg Subzone Boundary, Western-Central Newfoundland

Hamish A. I. Sandeman, Jonathan R. Hull, Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Geology and Geophysics of a Proterozoic Mafic Sill, Cape St Francis, Newfoundland

Aldila Nurkusuma, Tammy Perry, Alison Leitch

Abstract: Geomorphological Heritage and Landscape Enhancement

Laryssa Sheydder De Oliveira Lopes, Rafael Celestino Soares

Abstract: Geopark Activities Being Conscious of the Realization of a Sustainable Society: Promotion of 'Geo-Story' with Geographical Point of View in Japanese Geoparks

Kazuhiro Yuhora, Koji Wada

Abstract: Geopark Ecotourism Development in Indonesia and Perception of International Tourists

Ayu K. Yuliawati, Sapari Hadian

Abstract: Geopark Promotion of Hexigten Global Geopark

Lulin Wang, Tian Mingzhong

Abstract: Geopark Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Iron Quadrangle Minas Gerais Brazil

Renato R. Ciminelli, Marcia M. Machado, Ursula Ruchkys

Abstract: Geoparks and Indigenous Cosmology

Nelson Graburn

Abstract: Geoparks and International Students Exchanges: A Window of Opportunity

A. Magagna, M. Giardino, M. Merlo, P. Balzarini, M. Kiuttu, L. Leinonen

Abstract: Geoparks Ushered in the Age of Electronic Popularization of Science

Zhao Longlong, Mingzhong Tian

Abstract: Geopark Travelling: Itinerant Geosciences in Bodoquena-Pantanal Geopark, Brazil

Afrânio Soriano, Guilhermina Brites, Joana Rodrigues, Alexandre Petolchckny, Joao Mianutti, Marcelo Turine

Abstract: Geoscience Education in the Czech Republic on the Example of the Železné Hory National Geopark: Iron Mountains National Geopark

Petra Sádovská

Abstract: Geosites of Terras De Cavaleiros Aspiring Geopark, Portugal: Tourism Value Assessment

Bruno Gonçalves, Paulo Pereira, Diamantino Pereira, José Brilha

Abstract: Geostory Related to Volcanic Eruptions, Farm Products and Landscapes: An Example of the Hayasaki Seashore in Unzen Volcanic Area Global Geopark

Marekazu Ohno

Abstract: Geotourism and Geoconservation: Prospects and Challenges

Abhik Chakraborty, Yusuke Suzuki, Masato Koyama

Abstract: Geotourism in Caverns of México: a Proposal for the Protection of Geomorphological Heritage in a Sustainable Development Context

Emmaline M. Rosado

Abstract: Golden Geopark of Lapland: A Geopark with a Golden Theme

Venla Karkola, Peter Johansson, Janne Seurujärvi

Abstract: Gravity and Magnetic Surveys of a Proterozoic Mafic Sill in Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland

Aldila Nurkusuma, Tammy Perry, Alison Leitch

Abstract: Hammerdown Basalt, Springdale Peninsula, Newfoundland: Lithostratigraphic Unit or Lithotectonic Collage?

Brian H. O'Brien, Greg R. Dunning

Abstract: Heavy Metal Concentrations in Residential Soils in the Halifax Peninsula, Nova Scotia: A Pilot Study

Jennifer Archibald, Victoria Desjardins, Laura-Ann Broom, Jeff Minichiello, Anne Marie Ryan

Abstract: Historic and Amazing Places of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Megan De Graaf, Ben Phillips, Donald Alward, Paul Bogarrd, Yves Gagnon

Abstract: History and Environment: Geosites, Education, Tourism and Local Development

Rúbia M. M. Cavalcanti, Francisco I. Freitas, Tiago E. S. D. Lisboa

Abstract: History and Role of the Izu Peninsula Geopark in Developing Social Understanding of Geological Hazards for Mitigation of Natural Disasters

Masato Koyama, Abhik Chakraborty, Yusuke Suzuki

Abstract: History of Ideas on the Silurian-Devonian Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Appalachian Orogen: 1980--2014

Cees van Staal

Abstract: Holmes and the Indelicate Question: Measuring the Depth of Time with the Clocks of the Earth

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: How Porosity and Permeability Vary with Diagenetic Minerals in the Scotian Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada: Implications for Reservoir Quality

Yuanyuan Zhang, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Huangshan Geopark Seeks International Partnerships

Wei Li, Chen Runze

Abstract: Hydrothermal Circulation of REE in the Cobequid Shear Zone: The Importance of Timing and Style of Hydrothermal Alteration

Angeliki Papoutsa, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Identification of New Vertebrate Diversity Within the Scots Bay Member of the Early Jurassic McCoy Brook Formation, Wasson Bluff, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

Tim J. Fedak, Zabrina M. Prescott, Hans-Dieter Sues

Abstract: If Information Flowed from the Offshore Like Oil we'd All be Better Off

Bill Montevecchi

Abstract: Inclusive Development in Local Communities, an Enterprise in Qeshm Geopark, Iran

Alireza Amrikazemi, Eqbal Zobeyri, S. Mohammad Dakhteh, Maziar Qaseminezhad A.

Abstract: Increasing Concentrations in Aluminum in Southwest Nova Scotia from 1980 to Present

Jeff V. Minichiello, Sarah M. Ambrose, Shannon M. Sterling, Tom A. Clair

Abstract: Information Belowground: Soil as an Archive of Information

Mariana Amato, Aniello Aloia, Roberta Rossi, Felice Larocca, Gaetano Di Pasquale, Francescantonio D'orilia, Angelo De Vitai

Abstract: Initiatives for Local Development in San'in Kaigan Geopark

Katsunori Ishida

Abstract: Innovation of Langkawi Geopark: Embracing Past, Present and Future Challenges

Azmil Munif Mohd Bukhari, Mohd Faiz Hilmi

Abstract: Inorganic Geochemical Analysis of Fine-Grained Rocks from the Carboniferous of Maritimes Basin Complex in New Brunswick: Preliminary Data Analysis

Adrienne Noftall, David Keighley

Abstract: Intangible Cultural Heritage, Landscape and Livelihoods: 'More Than Just a Sideshow'

Jonathan Karkut, Julie Scott, Steingerᴆur Hreinsdóttir

Abstract: Intangible Cultural Heritage in Japanese Geoparks

Atsuko Niina

Abstract: Integrated Management Strategy for the UNESCO Protected Sites in Jeju Island

Soojae Lee, Seonghoon Kim, Changsik Kim, Youngcheol Go, Jinseok Gi, Yongchan Gang, Seokhoon Moon, Yongmoon Jeon

Abstract: Integration of UNESCO Mercury Heritage Into Geopark Idrija

Bojan Režun, Mojca Gorjup Kavčič, Sanja Marija Pellis, Martina Peljhan, Martina Stupar

Abstract: Interpretation of 2-D Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data Across the Sohm Abyssal Plain along the Scotian Margin

Kevin DesRoches, John Wade, John Shimeld, Qingmou Li

Abstract: Interpreted Geological Trails in Terras De Cavaleiros Geopark: A New Tool for Geotourism and Education

Óscar Miranda, Diamantino I. Pereira, Paulo Pereira, José Brilha

Abstract: Introducing Persian Gulf's Sea Attractions as Reinforcement Factors for the Qeshm Geopark

Mohammad Sharif Ranjbar, Eghbal Zobeiri, Seyed Mohammad Hashem Dakhteh

Abstract: Irish Geoparks: The Sustaining Role of EU Funded Projects

Sarah Gatley, Kirstin Lemon

Abstract: Izu Peninsula Geopark: A Museum Of Geological Diversity Izu Peninsula Geopark, Japan

Yusuke Suzuki, Chiharu Ishii, Kaoru Yoshikawa

Abstract: Jingpohu Global Geopark: A Unique Geopark for Education and Natural Resources Sustainability

Long Xiao, Li Jiangfeng, Wei Jingliang, Ma Haoyi

Abstract: Joint Management of Geopark and Biosphere Reserve: The Case Study in the Hakusan Tedorigawa National Geopark in Japan

Tatsuto Aoki, Tsuyoshi Hibino, Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark Promotion Council

Abstract: Kula Geopark: Turkey's First European and Global Geopark

Erdal Gumus, Nickolas Zouros

Abstract: Langkawi Global Geopark's Education Initiative in Raising Geopark Awareness

Rasanubari Asmah Rahmah Abd Hamid, Khairul Nizam Abdul Ghalim, Mohamad Zuhri Abd Rashid, Nazatul Ruhaiza Abdul Wahab

Abstract: Late Neoproterozoic Plutons in the Southern Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada: Field Relations, Petrology, and Petrogenesis

Vincent P. Beresford, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, Trevor G. MacHattie

Abstract: Legal System and Current Management Status of Geoparks in Korea

Yonghee Moon, Gyusung Lee, Boyeon Hwang, Changkyu Moon, Soojoon Park, Younga Cho, Taecheol Yu, Seogcheol Jeong, Junkwi Ko, Soojae Lee, Kwang-Hee Nam

Abstract: Linkages among Geoconservation, Rural Livelihood and Tourism: A Case of Xingwen Global Geopark of China

Kejian Xu, Xiaolin Chang

Abstract: Lithofacies of the Early Jurassic Vertebrate-Bearing Scots Bay Member at Wasson Bluff, Nova Scotia

Colin Price, Martin Gibling, Tim Fedak

Abstract: Lithogeochemistry and Chemostratigraphy of the Hanson Lake Assemblage, West Side of Hanson Lake, Saskatchewan

Steven M. Kramar, Clifford R. Stanley, Ryan Morelli

Abstract: Lithogeochemistry and Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Hydrothermal Mudstones Associated with the Lemarchant Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) Deposit, Tally Pond Belt, Central Newfoundland

Stefanie Lode, Stephen J. Piercey, Christine A. Devine, Graham D. Layne, Glenn Piercey, Lakmali Hewa

Abstract: Local Food as a Way to Promote Geopark Odsherred

Hans-Jørgen Olsen

Abstract: Low-Level Meteor Terminations Over the Maritimes and New England Previously Misinterpreted as Felt Earthquakes

Alan Ruffman, France St-Laurent, Kenneth Burke, Jean Peterson

Abstract: Magma Geopark, a Sustainable Geopark: "Less Philosophy More Money"

Pål Thjømøe, Sara Gentilini

Abstract: Mainstreaming Geoheritage Into Conservation Policies: First Steps and Achievements in the Aspiring Geopark Des Monts d'Ardèche, France

Marc Lutz, Nicolas Klee, Damien Cocatre, Nicolas Dupieux

Abstract: Mantle Metasomatism: Constraints from Surface Features on Diamonds from Nature and Etched in Experiments

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Abstract: The Lava Tube of La Corona, a Geosite Working as a Small but Sustainable and Profitable Geopark: Lanzarote and Chinijo Islands Geopark Project, Canary Islands, Spain

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Abstract: The Long and Special History of the Marble Quarry of Candoglia, Italy

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Abstract: The Model Preparation of a Visitor Centre on the Example of the Železné Hory National Geopark (Iron Mountains National Geopark), Czech Republic

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Abstract: The Model Site to Learn Long-Term Ecological Succession Even for Short-Term Visitors

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Abstract: The Mode Selection and the Practicable Approaches of Ningde Global Geopark's Sustainable Development

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Abstract: The Norwegian Committee of Geoheritage and Geoparks

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Abstract: The Picture Book About Geo-Stories of Toya-Usu Global Geopark

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Abstract: The Plate Tectonic Revolution and MUN Paleomagnetism are Fifty Years Old!

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Abstract: The Possible Role of the Petroleum System in the Metallogenesis of Gold in Meguma Metaturbidites: Geochemical Investigation in the Touquoy Deposit, Moose River, Nova Scotia

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Abstract: The Requirement to Specific Codes for Vernacular Accommodations for Geoparks

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Abstract: The Results of Outdoor-Learning Activities Practiced in Happo Geopark Area in Japan

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Abstract: The Role of Chorotega People Knowledge in Aspiring Rio Coco Geopark

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Abstract: The Role of Community in Developing Varkala Coastal Cliffs, Exhibiting the Tertiary Sequence of Warkalli Formation, India, as an Ideal Hotspot for Geotourism

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Abstract: The Sawyer Lake Iron-Ore Deposit, Western Labrador: Potential for Future High-Grade Iron-Ore Deposits in the Labrador Trough

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Abstract: Tianzhushan Global Geopark Strongly Propels the Community Development

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Abstract: Tools to Promote the Extension of the Arouca Global Geopark Borders

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Abstract: Trails and Connections of Geosites Throughout the Geological, Mining, Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia, Italy

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Abstract: Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark

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Abstract: Udo Island: A New Potential Geosite Cluster in Jeju Island Geopark

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Abstract: Unconventional Hydrocarbon Geochemistry in Abiogenic Igneous and Metamorphic Settings: An Exploration into Ancient Petrochemistry in the Canadian Shield

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Abstract: Understanding Various Geohazards

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Abstract: Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to Validate the Use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in the Reconstruction of Internal Rock from Braided Channel Deposits - An Example from the Lower Wolfville Formation, Minas Subbasin, Nova Scotia

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Abstract: Using Smartphones in the Field to Hunt Geological Treasures - Experiences from Gea Norvegica Geopark, Norway

Mona Holte, Jane Dolven

Abstract: Using Technology for Education: A Geopark Partnership

Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdóttir

Abstract: Using Volcano Eruption Remains to Teach About the Consequences of Volcanic Eruptions in Toya-Usu

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Abstract: Variation in Style of Overpressure in Scotian Shelf Wells, Scotian Basin

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Abstract: Variation in Style of Overpressure in Scotian Shelf Wells, Scotian Basin

Dillon White, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Variations in the Composition of Elbaite and Elbaite-Hosted Fluid Inclusions from the Greenbushes Pegmatite, Southwestern Australia: Insights into Ta-Transport

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Abstract: Visitor Preferences for Communicating the Messageat Geoparks

Diane N. Buhay, Lisa Best, Randall F. Miller

Abstract: Visitor Satisfaction with Interpretive Signs: A Case of Fangshan Global Geopark of China

Kejian Xu

Abstract: Volcanism at the Western Termination of the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone, Offshore Newfoundland

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Abstract: Volcano Meister as an Interpreter of the Toya-Usu Global Geopark and Disaster Prevention

Nire Kagaya, Hata Yoshiaki, Nakaya Asami, Endo Kazuya, Takekawa Masato

Abstract: Water Conservation and GHG Reduction through Appropriate Agriculture

Mariana Amato, Michele Perniola, Stella Lovelli, Roberta Rossi, Giovanni Bitella, Rocco Bochicchio, Aniello Aloia

Abstract: Wells Gray and North Thompson-Robson Valley Global Geopark Proposal

Catherine Hickson, Goward Trevor, Tay Briggs, Tom Dickinson, Tod Haughton, Jennifer Houiellebecq

Abstract: What is Reasonable Geotourism in Volcanic Areas?

Setsuya Nakada

Abstract: Wind Plus Water: Self-Sufficiency of the Island of El Hierro, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Verónica Montero, Cristina Moral Presentationes, Joan Poch

Abstract: Xingwen Global Geopark: A Local School Involvement in Geo-Education Success

Xiaolin Chang, Kejian Xu

The Appledore Island Pluton of the Rye Complex, Coastal New Hampshire and Maine, USA: Geochronological and Chemical Evidence for the Affinity of an Enigmatic Terrane

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The Camerate Crinoid Scyphocrinites Zenker in the Upper Silurian or Lower Devonian of New Brunswick, Canada

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The Christmas Cove Dyke of Coastal Maine, USA, and Regional Sources for Early Mesozoic Flood Basalts in Northeastern North America

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The Historic Limestone Quarry on Green Head Island in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

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Lycopsida from the Lower Westphalian (Middle Pennsylvanian) of the Maritime Provinces, Canada

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The Pennsylvanian Springhill Mines Formation: Sedimentological Framework of a Portion of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Salt-Marsh Evolution at Northwick and Aust Warths, Severn Estuary, UK: A Case of Constrained Autocyclicity

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Stratigraphic Evolution of Provenance in a Thick Conglomerate-Dominated Carboniferous Succession in the Southern Isle Madame Area, Nova Scotia, and Paleogeographic Implications

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Till Geochemical Signatures Associated with the Sisson W-Mo Deposit, New Brunswick, Canada

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The Turner Mountain Syenite, Maine, USA: Geology, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Petrogenesis, and Post-Orogenic Exhumation

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U-Pb (Zircon) Age for the Beaver Harbour Porphyry, New River Belt, Southern New Brunswick, Canada

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