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Atlantic Geology

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19th to Early 20th Century Geology Lectures in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Randall E. Miller, Diane N. Buhay

Abstract: 10 Climate Change Myths (Geologists' Edition)

Piotr Trela

Abstract: A 10 000 Year Record of Environmental Change at Long Lake, Cumberland Marshes Region, Nova Scotia-New Brunswick Border Region, Canada

Dewey W. Dunnington, Hilary White, Ian S. Spooner, Chris White, Nelson O'driscoll, Nic Mclellan

Abstract: A Cabinet of Curiosities: Treasure Hunting in the Collections of the Nova Scotia Museum and the Importance of Community Engagement

Zabrina M. Prescott

Abstract: Adaptation to Climatic Impacts: A Local Perspective

Sheridan Thompson

Abstract: Adventures in Mesozoic-Cenozoic Event Stratigraphy, Northern and Offshore Eastern Canada

Robert A. Fensome, Graham L. Williams

Abstract: Age and Petrochemistry of Rocks from the Aucoin Gold Prospect (NTS 13N/6) Hopedale Block, Labrador: Late Archean, Alkali Monzodiorite-Syenite Hosts Proterozoic Orogenic Au-Ag-Te Mineralization

Hamish A. I. Sandeman, Vicky J. McNicoll

Abstract: A Geological Compilation Map of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, David Hapgood, Angie Barras

Abstract: An Evaluation of Alteration Assemblages and Fluid-Inclusion Chemistry in Granitoid Samples from the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada: A Tool for Deciphering Barren and Mineralized Zones

Fergus Tweedale, Jacob Hanley, Daniel Kontak, Neil Rogers

Abstract: An Examination of Fractionation on a Planetary Scale: Examples from Meteorites

Elizabeth A. Lymer, Richard Cox

Abstract: An Exploration into Ancient Fluid Chemistry in the Canadian Shield at the Lupin Orogenic Gold Deposit, Nunavut, Canada

Daniel Meagher, Jacob Hanley, Mitchell Kerr, Kevin Neyedley

Abstract: A Paleoenvironmental and Paleogeographic Reconstruction of the Terminal Archaic - Woodland Boswell Site, Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada

Erin Mckee, Michael Deal, Ian Spooner

Abstract: A Pebble Identification Guide for Nova Scotia, Canada

Lynn T. Dafoe, Jennifer Bates, D. Patrick Potter, Martha E. Grantham

Abstract: A Popular Guide to the Geology of Publically Accessible Scenic Sites in Nova Scotia, Canada

Martha Hickman Hild, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: A Potential Marine Paleo-Earthquake Record from Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

Calvin Campbell, J. Robbie Bennett, Kimberley A. Jenner, Lisel Currie

Abstract: Applied Forensic Igneous Petrogenesis: Locating the Source Quarry for the "Black Granite" Titanic Headstones in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

D. Barrie Clarke, Christopher R. M. McFarlane, Gregory R. Dunning, David Stevens, David Hamilton

Abstract: A Preliminary Look at the Field and Petrographic Relationships of Intrusions of the Tilting Harbour Area, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada

Emily Gorner, Greg Dunning

Abstract: A Preliminary Multi-Element pXRF Analysis of Alteration and Mineralization in the Various Felsic Rocks of the Polymetallic North Zone Deposit Area, Mount Pleasant, New Brunswick, Canada

Brittany E. Charnley, David R. Lentz

Abstract: A Soil Geochemical Survey of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Daniel G. Sénéchal, Bruce E. Broster

Abstract: A Unique Paragneiss-Hosted Monazite-Xenotime Mineralized Zone in Highland Falls, New York: A Petrogenetic Analysis

Eric A. Garcelon, David R. Lentz

Abstract: Boundary|Time|Surface: Art and Geology Meet in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Sydney Lancaster, John W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Carboniferous Volcanic Rocks in the Picadilly Mine, Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Christopher R. M. McFarlane, Brian Roulston, Colin Macdonald

Abstract: Chemostratigraphy of Late Proterozoic Carbonate Units in the Northern Selwyn Basin, East-Central Yukon, Canada

Colin Padget

Abstract: Climate Change and Cold-Water Corals

Barbara de Moura Neves

Abstract: Climate Change Projections and Potential Implications for Newfoundland and Labrador

Gerald Crane

Abstract: Coastal Buried Valleys: An Unappreciated Resource and Potential Hazard Risk

Bruce E. Broster, Darryl A. Pupek

Abstract: Comparing the Effects of Temperature and Oxyge Exposure Time on Decomposition in Boreal Peatlands

Michael Philben, Karl Kaiser, James Holmquist, Glen Macdonald, Dandan Duan, Ronald Benner

Abstract: Constraints on the Geochemical Provenance of Refined Copper and Brass Artifacts from Nova Scotia, Canada: Insights into the Metallurgical and Trace Element Systematics of European Contact-Era Trade Alloys Brought to Atlantic Canada

Paige Fleet, Glen Hodge, Jacob Hanley, Katie Cottreau-Robins, Brandon Boucher, Chris Mcfarlane, Graham Layne, Bruce Stewart, Mike Sanders

Abstract: Continental Rifts: Lithospheric Weakness and Strength Contrasts as Triggers for Necking Instabilities

Stefanie Wenker, Christopher Beaumont

Abstract: Cross-Hole Electrical Resistivity Imaging to Study Water and Nitrate Infiltration Processes at Harrington Research Farm, Prince Edward Island, Canad

Shuang Wang, Karl E. Butler, S. Danielescu, B. Petersen, E. Mott, M. Grimmett

Abstract: Current Trends of Coastal Evolution in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Melanie Irvine

Abstract: Determining the Heterogeneity of Reference Materials

Thomas E. Bagley, Clifford R. Stanley, John D. Murimboh

Abstract: Distance Education: What Do Terrestrial Serpentinites Tell Us about Methane on Mars?

Kate G. Woods, Richard Cox

Abstract: Distinguishing the "Signal" from One Source of "Noise" in Labrador Lake Sediments

Stephen Amor

Abstract: Earth Science Education - Shake it Up!

Martha E. Grantham

Abstract: Effects of pH and Grain Size of Porous Media on the Transport of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Water-Saturated Sand Columns

A. K. M. Fayazul Kabir, Tao Cheng

Abstract: Effects of Solid-to-Solution Ratio on Copper (II) and Zinc (II) Adsorption onto Natural Sediment: An Experimental and Modeling Study

Kazuhito Mizutani

Abstract: Ethics in Geoscience: Our Integrity is at Stake

Anne Marie Ryan, Charly Bank

Abstract: Evaluation of Nexen Interest and Competitor Land Throughout the Corner Property, Northeastern Alberta Canada

Daniel Macleod

Abstract: Evolutionary Trends of the Carboniferous Ostracod Velatomorpha Altilis, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Regan Maloney, Melissa Grey, Peir K. Pufahl, Don T. Stewart

Abstract: Examples of Abrupt Environmental Change – Ancient and Modern – From a 2000 km Transect across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

John England

Abstract: Exploration Groundwork at Michichi (Mississippian Stratigraphic Architecture), Alberta Canada

Daniel Meagher

Abstract: Exploring the Effect of Chloride from De-Icing Salts on Heavy Metal Concentrations in Urban Soils: A Case Study in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Victoria M. Desjardins, Anne Marie Ryan

Abstract: Fine-Grained Sediment Distribution, Stratigraphy, and Ichnology in Closely Spaced Cores from the Lower Clearwater Formation, Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta, Canada

Celine Chow

Abstract: Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Study of Gold Formation in the Lavoie-Maisie Gold District, Northwestern New Brunswick, Canada

Glen Hodge, Jacob Hanley, Jim Walker

Abstract: Four Billion Years, Four Hundred Weeks and Four Hundred People (Give or Take): The Story of a Popular Book on the Geology of Canada

Robert A. Fensome, Graham L. Williams

Abstract: Geochemical Analysis of Uranium Mobilization from Geologic Formations in Nova Scotia, Canada

Oliver Blume

Abstract: Geochemical Characterization of Fine-Grained Carboniferous Strata of the Maritimes Basin Complex of New Brunswick, Canada

Adrienne Noftall, Dave Keighley

Abstract: Geological Setting and Genesis of High-Grade Iron Ore Depositsin the Eastern Labrador trough, Newfoundland and Labrador

James Conliffe

Abstract: Geomatics Applications in Planetary Science: An Investigation into the Geological Environment of the Nili Fossae Region of Mars Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS

Catheryn Ryan, Livio Tornabene, Andrew Macrae, Randolph Corney

Abstract: Hydrothermal Alteration of Porphyry Dykes Related to Cu-Ag Porphyry and Skarn Mineralization in the McKenzie Gulch Area, Northern New Brunswick, Canada

Ronald J. Massawe, David R. Lentz

Abstract: Impact of Regional Geology on Water Quality in the Cumberland Marsh Region, Canada

Max Turner, Ian Spooner, Amanda Loder, Mark Mallory

Abstract: In-Situ Gamma-Ray Spectrometry: A Tool to Examine the Degree of Fractionation of Pegmatites in the Prosperous Suite, Northwest Territories, Canad

Emily M. Palmer, David R. Lentz, Hendrik Falck

Abstract: Influence of Humic Acid on the Dispersion and Transport of nTiO2 Particles in Quartz Sand and Ferric Oxyhydroxide-Coated Sand Media

Yang Wu, Tao Cheng

Abstract: Influence of Variogram and Geostatistics Models on 3D Reservoir Simulation Results

Zhongqi Wang, Lesley A. James, Thormod E. Johansenn

Abstract: In Situ Spectroscopic Studies of the Mo-H-O System to 500°C and 150 MPa

Alan J. Anderson, Thomas P. Lee, Roberta A. Mayanovic

Abstract: It's a Laing Story: The Life and Times of an Icon

Graham Williams

Abstract: Laboratory Modelling of Magma Mingling

Kriselle Dias, Alison Leitch

Abstract: Local Climate Variability through the Holocene Era in Coastal British Columbia: Insights from Archeology and High-Resolution Stable Oxygen Isotope Sclerochronology

Meghan Burchell

Abstract: Long-Term Joint Monitoring of Self-Potential and Temperature with Active Thermometry for Seepage Surveillance at the Mactaquac Dam, New Brunswick, Canada

Andrew Ringeri, Karl E. Butler, Kerry T. B. Macquarrie, Bruce G. Colpitts, D. Bruce Mclean

Abstract: Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore-Forming Systems: Products of Resurgent Boiling, Fluid Focusing, and Changing PTX Conditions

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: Magmatic Evolution of the Late Devonian Mount Douglas Leucogranites, Southwestern New Brunswick, Canada: An Example of Extreme Fractional Crystallization

Nadia Mohammadi, David R. Lentz

Abstract: Magmatic Signatures Encrypted in the Dolomites of the Esino and Breno Formations in Central Southern Alps: A Comparison with the St. George Group Dolomites in Western Newfoundland, Canada

Yong Hou, Karem Azmy, Fabrizio Berra, Flavio Jadoul, Nigel J. F. Blamey, Sarah Gleeson

Abstract: Mesh- and Surface-Based Geophysical Inversion of IOCG Deposits

P. G. Lelièvre, C. G. Farquharson

Abstract: Microfacies Analysis of the Well Mohican I-100 Cores 7 and 8 from the Scotian Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada

M. Soukup, Ricardo L. Silva, Philip Sedore, Grant Wach

Abstract: Mid-Canada Corridor: Sustainable Mining Development for the Future

Fiona Henderson

Abstract: Modeling Change: Benefits and Limitations of Climate Projections for Adaptation Planning

Joel Finnis

Abstract: Modelling Backscatter at Mid-Frequencies from Sandy Sediment in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA

Shannon-Morgan Steele, Sean Pecknold

Abstract: Multistage Corona Formation in Algonquin Metagabbro: Unravelling the Metamorphic History of Grenvillian Lower Crust

Jillian L. Kendrick, Rebecca A. Jamieson, Glenn G. Chapman

Abstract: No Tin Deposits in Chile? Focus on One Exception: The Belén-Tignamar District, Arica

Nathan Pidduck, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Onshore Petroleum Exploration Activity in Western Newfoundland: Past Work, Current Activity, and the Road Ahead

Eyo Ekanem, Larry Hicks, J. Kim Welford

Abstract: Origin of Carbonate Cements in Flemish Pass Basin Sandstone Reservoirs: Controls on Porosity Development

Di Xiong, Karem Azmy, Nigel Blamey

Abstract: Paladin Energy's Michelin Uranium Project Status and Geology, Labrador, Canada

John Jory

Abstract: Pennsylvanian Fluvial Channels Influenced by Vegetation in the Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada

Alessandro Ielpi, Martin R. Gibling, Arden R. Bashforth, Chinemerem I. Dennar

Abstract: Peritidal Cycles and Paleoecology of the Early Carboniferous Windsor Group, Nova Scotia, Canada

Laura A. Macneil, Peir K. Pufahl, Noel P. James, Melissa Grey, Deborah M. Skilliter, Ken Adams

Abstract: Petrogenetic Controls on Gold Mineralization within the Amber Zone at Cantung W Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada

Carlin P. E. Lentz, Chris R. M. McFarlane, Hendrik Falck

Abstract: Petrographic Analysis of Major and Trace Element Partitioning during Assimilation of Quartz Xenoliths into the Lava of the 2013–2014 New Southeast Crater Eruption, Mt. Etna, Sicily

Rilea N. Kynock

Abstract: Petrographic and Chemical Characteristics of Mafic Dykes and Sills in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada

Celine E. Porter, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Petrological and Geochemical Examination into the Feoxide-Bearing Hydrothermal Breccias at the Moran Lake Upper C-Zone Deposit, and the Poz Pond, Trout Pond and Armstrong Lake Occurrences

Mark Grant

Abstract: Petrology and Age of the "Chéticamp Pluton", Western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lisa R. Slaman, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, Deanne Van Rooyen

Abstract: Petrology and Geochemistry of the Jeffers Brook Pluton, Western Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada

Katie M. Mcculloch, Sandra M. Barr, Trevor G. Machattie

Abstract: Petrology of the Chuggin Road Complex, Creignish Hills, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

David S. Maguire, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Polymetallic Ni-Co-As-Bi-Ag-U Veins with Co-Precipitating Bitumen at Copper Pass, Southern Slave Province, Northwest Territories, Canada

Corwin Trottier, Jacob Hanley

Abstract: Possible Correlatives of the Bull Arm Formation: Preliminary Lithogeochemistry for Mafic Volcanic Rocks from the Bonavista Peninsula Northeastern Newfoundland, Canada

Andrea J. Mills, Hamish A. I. Sandeman

Abstract: Preliminary Evaluation of the Compositional Sedimentary Variation of the Jurassic Iroquois and Mohican Formations of the Scotian Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada

Philip Sedore, Ricardo L. Silvaı, Naomi Plummer, Grant Wach

Abstract: Preliminary Interpretation of the Geological History and Characterization of a Paleoproterozoic Metasedimentary Cover Sequence Near Daly Bay Complex, Nunavut, Canada

Billy Garrison, Mike Young

Abstract: Preserving Collections

Robert G. Grantham

Abstract: Reconciling Mutually Incompatible Models for the Tectonostratigraphic Zonation of the Variscan Orogen in Western Europe

J. Brendan Murphy, Cecilio Quesada, Gabriel Gutierrez Alonso

Abstract: Results from the First Topo-Bathymetric Lidar Surveys of the Chiroptera II Sensor Reveals near-Shore Structures to Improve Geological Mapping

Tim L. Webster, Kevin Mcguigan, Nathan Crowell

Abstract: Revised Trilobite Identifications and Their Significance–"Illustrations of Paleontological Specimens from the Table Point, St. Paul's Inlet and Other Areas" [C.H. Kindle, Undated — NFLD/3250]

W. Douglas Boyce

Abstract: Role of Mudstones and Shales in the Localization, Genesis, and Palaeo-Environment of Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) Deposits of the Tally Pond Volcanic Belt, Central Newfoundland, Canada

Stefanie Lode, Stephen J. Piercey, Gerry Squires

Abstract: Salt Water Intrusion within a Carboniferous Sandstone Aquifer at Richibucto, New Brunswick, as Revealed by Hydrogeophysical and Petrophysical Investigations

Eric B. Mott, Karl E. Butler

Abstract: Sediment Disturbance Due to Storm Wave Action on a Steep, Mixed Sand and Gravel Beach on the Bay of Fundy, Canada

Winson Li, Alex Hay

Abstract: Sedimentology and Taphonomy of the Plant-Bearing Beds of the Colwell Creek Pond Site in the Early Permian Clear Fork Group of North-Central Texas, USA

Sharane S. Simon, Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: Seismic Strain and the State of Stress in the Crust of the Himalaya

Emmaline Atherton, Djordje Grujic

Abstract: Silurian Crinoids from Northern New Brunswick, Eastern Canada

Stephen K. Donovan, David G. Keighley, Randall F. Miller, Reginald A. Wilson

Abstract: Southwestern End of the St. Martins–Stewart Mountain High-Strain Zone: Big Salmon River–St. Martins Area, Southern New Brunswick, Canada

Adrian F. Park, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, Susan C. Johnson, Greg R. Dunning

Abstract: Stratigraphic Constraints on Cambrian Stratigraphy, Mira and Bras d'Or Terranes, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Teodoro Palacios, Soren Jensen, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Study of Individual Soil Organic Horizons cannot Predict the Elevated Temperature Sensitivity of Respiration Observed in Warmer Climate Boreal Forests

Frances A. Podrebarac, Jérôme Laganière, Sharon Billings, Kate Edwards, Susan Ziegler

Abstract: Superimposed Mineralizing Events Involved in Making Giant Ore Deposits: Evolution of the Telescoped Chuquicamata Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit in Chile

Marcos Zentilli, Milton C. Graves

Abstract: Tectonic Evolution of the Sackville Sub-Basin, New Brunswick: Problems and Possibilities

Lauren Eggleston, John W. F. Waldron, Holly Stewart

Abstract: Testing a Grain Size-Based Approach to TCN Isochron Burial Dating

Sosean Des Roches, J. C. Gosse, Gabriel Veloza Fajardo, M. Taylor

Abstract: Tetrapods from the Tournaisian of Nova Scotia, Canada and Northern Britain: New Evidence of Tetrapod Diversity in the Early Carboniferous

Timothy R. Smithson, Jason S. Anderson, Chris F. Mansky, Jennifer A. Clack

Abstract: The Altan Nar Carbonate-Base Metal Gold-Silver Deposit, Southwestern Mongolia

Michael A. Macdonald, Peter C. Akerley, Michael X. Gillis

Abstract: The Atlantic Geoscience Society and the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia - A Collaboration 14 Years Strong

Robert A. Fensome, William C. Macmillan

Abstract: The Diversity of Life in Braided River Systems During the Late Triassic at Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia, Canada

Laura-Ann Broom, Martin Gibling, Tim Fedak

Abstract: The Geochemistry and Genesis of Calc-Alkaline Mafic Dykes in the Dalradian Supergroup of County Donegal, Ireland

Alex Martell, Brendan Murphy

Abstract: The International Climate Change Policy Process – A Brief History and the Current State of Play

Michelle Slaney

Abstract: The Only Known Tin Deposit in the Chilean Andes: Tignamar District, Arica

Nathan Pidduck, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Thermal History of the Silurian Passamaquoddy Bay Mafic Sills, New Brunswick, Canada

Mark W. Richardson, Cliff Shaw

Abstract: The Role of Thermal Constraints in Extreme Fractionation of Felsic Magmatic Systems: Examination of Critical Controls to Protore and (or) Ore Formation

David R. Lentz

Abstract: The Top Predator of Joggins and its Tracker Donald Reid

Matt Stimson, John Calder, Brian Hebert

Abstract: Trace Fossils As Indicators of Fully Marine and Restricted Marine Settings in Conventional Core, Offshore Labrador, Canada

Lynn T. Dafoe

Abstract: Tracking Rapid Landscape Change in Gros Morne National Park with Time-Lapse Photography

Anthony R. Berger

Abstract: U-Pb, Hf, O, and Nd Constraints for the Kiruna Apatite Iron Oxide Deposits, Sweden

Anne Westhues, John M. Hanchar, Martin J. Whitehouse

Abstract: Understanding Habitat in a Changing Ocean: Modeling the Distribution of Atlantic Wolffish

Emilie Novaczek

Abstract: Using Biotite Composition of the Devonian Mount Elizabeth Intrusive Complex, New Brunswick, as a Proxy for Magma Fertility and Differentiation in W-Mo-Au-Sb Mineralized Magmatic Hydrothermal Systems

Zeinab Azadbakht, David Lentz, Christopher McFarlane

Abstract: Using Pancakes and Plexiglas® to Teach Geology

Jason Loxton

Abstract: Video as a Tool in Geoscience Education

Jennifer L. Bates, D. Patrick Potter, David Frobel, Nancy Muzzatti, Graham Williams

Abstract: Visual Skills in Geoscience Education: Drawing, a Museum Perspective

Tim J. Fedak

Abstract: Wetzeliella and its Allies — the "Hole" Story: A New Look at the Paleogene Dinoflagellate Subfamily Wetzelielloideae

Graham L. Williams, Sarah P. Damassa, Robert A. Fensome, G. Raquel Guerstein

Abstract: Why We Need to Embrace the Concept of Geoheritage

John Calder

Assessing Patterns of Dissolved Methane in Shallow Aquifers Related to Carboniferous and Triassic Sedimentary Basins, Nova Scotia, Canada

G. W. Kennedy, J. Drage

Basement-Cover Relations in the Southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada

Robert Raeside, Amy Tizzard

Establishing Geochemical Baselines in Forest Soils for Environmental Risk Assessment in the Montague and Goldenville Gold Districts, Nova Scotia, Canada

Michael B. Parsons, Megan E. Little

The Geology and Hydrogeology of Faults on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada: An Overview

Fred Baechler

Impact of Historical Gold Mining Activities on Marine Sediments in Wine Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

Megan E. Little, Michael B. Parsons, Brent A. Law, Timothy G. Milligan, John N. Smith

Late Wisconsinan and Holocene Development of the Grand Lake Meadows Area and Southern Reaches of the Saint John River Valley, New Brunswick, Canada

B. E. Broster, P. C. Dickinson

The North Structure: Evidence for a Possible Second Impact near the Bloody Creek Site, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ian Spooner, Peir Pufahl, Trevor Brisco, Jared Morrow, Mariella Nalepa, Peter Williams, George Stevens

A Preliminary Assessment of Carbon Storage Suitability in Deep Underground Geological Formations of New Brunswick, Canada

Dave Keighley, Crystal Maher

Ron K. Pickerill and the Genesis of Ichnology in the Antilles (Jamaica and Carriacou)

Stephen K. Donovan

Sedimentary and Tectonic Setting of a Mass-Transport Slope Deposit in the Halifax Group, Halifax Peninsula, Nova Scotia, Canada

John W. F. Waldron, Rebecca A. Jamieson, Hayley D. Pothier, Chris E. White

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Type Section of the Pennsylvanian Boss Point Formation, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Nova Scotia, Canada

Michael C. Rygel, Corinne Lally, Martin R. Gibling, Alessandro Ielpi, John H. Calder, Arden R. Bashforth

Stratigraphic and Temporal Context and Faunal Diversity of Permian-Jurassic Continental Tetrapod Assemblages from the Fundy Rift Basin, Eastern Canada

Hans-Dieter Sues, Paul E. Olsen

Stratigraphy, Provenance, and Tectonic Setting of the Lumsden Dam and Bluestone Quarry Formations (Lower Ordovician), Halifax Group, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hayley D. Pothier, John W. F. Waldron, Chris E. White, S. Andrew Dufrane, Rebecca A. Jamieson