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Atlantic Geology

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Alethopteris and Neuralethopteris from the lower Westphalian (Middle Pennsylvanian) of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Maritime Provinces, Canada

Carmen Álvarez-Vázquez

Atlantic Geoscience Society Abstracts: 46th Annual Colloquium & General Meeting 2020

Robert Raeside, Chris White

Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference Abstracts: 70th Annual Conference 2020

The Editors

Comparison of isotopic compositions of hydrocarbon gas in shallow groundwater and a deep oil and natural gas reservoir in southeastern New Brunswick, Canada

Diana B. Loomer, Kerry T.B. MacQuarrie, Tom A. Al

Deglaciation of Penobscot Bay, Maine, USA

Emmy A. Wrobleski, Roger LeB. Hooke

Ediacaran and Cambrian rocks on Scatarie Island and nearby Hay Island, Avalonian Mira terrane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, Sören Jensen, Teodoro Palacios, Deanne van Rooyen

Field relations and petrology of the Trafalgar Plutonic Suite and comparisons with other Devonian granitoid plutons in the Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada

Raya C. Puchalski, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Geological Association of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador Section Abstracts: Technical Meeting 2020

Jared Butler, Anne Westhues

Interpretation of lineaments and faults near Summerville, South Carolina, USA, using LiDAR data: implications for the cause of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake

Ronald T. Marple, James D. Hurd Jr.

Investigation of sheriff Stuart’s black granite quarries in Charlotte County, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada: implications for the source of the Titanic headstones in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Leslie R. Fyffe, William W. Gardiner

New Cryogenian, Neoproterozoic, and middle Paleozoic U–Pb zircon ages from the Caledonia terrane, southern New Brunswick, Canada: better constrained but more complex volcanic stratigraphy

Sandra M. Barr, Susan C. Johnson, Greg R. Dunning, Chris E. White, Adrian F. Park, Markus Wälle, Amanda Langille

Regional geochemical variations in a metamorphosed black shale: a reconnaissance study of the Silurian Smalls Falls Formation, Maine, USA

John F. Slack, M.R. Van Baalen, Douglas N. Reusch