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Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

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The 2017 Offshore Acreage Release Areas: Petroleum Geological Overview

Thomas Bernecker, Steve Abbott, George Bernardel, Megan Lech, Ryan Owens, Tegan Smith, Jennifer Totterdell

2017 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release

Bruce Wilson

Achieving Tax Certainty for Oil and Gas Projects

Kenneth Wee

Advanced Directional CwD System Pushes Integration Envelope to Elevate Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

Geertjan van Og, Jeroen Burgerhout

Analysis and Characterisation of Petroleum Source Rocks in Queensland

Alison Troup, Justin Gorton

Anisotropy Parameter Inversion from Sonic and Density Logs in Horizontally Transverse Isotropic Media

Joseph Kremor, Khalid Amrouch

Application of Dynamic Simulation to Assess the Effectiveness of Well Clean-Up in a Horizontal Gas Well

Hsiao Wun Moh, Erni Dharma Putra, Rahel Yusuf

Australian Exploration Review 2016

Steve Mackie

Australian National Ocean Bottom Seismograph Fleet Advances Conventional Exploration

Alexey Goncharov, Michal Malinowski, Dejan Sekulic, Ashby Cooper, Peter Chia, Alexander Gavrilov, Garrick Paskos

Australian Onshore Petroleum Acreage and Releases 2017

Jeff Haworth

Australian Taxation of Offshore Hubs: An Examination of the Law on the Ability of Australia to Tax Economic Activity in Offshore Hubs and the Position of the Australian Taxation Office

Martin Fry

Baseline Characterisation and Monitoring Protocols for Development of Shale and Tight Gas Resources, Northern Perth Basin

Allison Hortle, Praveen Kumar Rachakonda, Suman George, Matt Myers, Cameron White

Building the Regional Understanding of the Deep-Water Geology and Benthic Ecology of the Great Australian Bight

Andrew Ross, Alan Williams, Asrar Talukder, Joanna Parr, Christine Trefry, Richard Kempton, Charlotte Stalvies, Franziska Althaus, Andrew Kulpecz, Carole Schaefer, Phil Rarey

Can a Social Licence to Operate be Regained Once Lost? A Case Study of the New South Wales Coal Seam Gas Industry

David Snashall, Sabrina Genter

Carbon Capture and Storage in the Oil and Gas Industry: 40 Years On

Christopher Consoli, Alex Zapantis, Peter Grubnic, Lawrence Irlam

A Case Study for Cost-Effective Design of Relocatable Deep Dewpoint Control Gas Plant

Brian Jung, Niel Kritzinger, Steven van Wagensveld, John Mak

Case Study of the Effects on Coal Seam Gas Well Production with Installation of Well Head Compression (Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Type): Early Outcomes of an Australian Trial of Four Wells in the Bowen Basin

Terrance Presley, Evilia Kurnia, Basia Wronski

Casino Pipeline: Novel Pipeline Integrity Inspection

Steve Henzell, Fiona Read

Challenges and Lessons Learned from Environmental Approvals for Drilling in Frontier Offshore Basins, Using the Great Australian Bight as an Example

Giulio B. Pinzone

A Community’s Guide to Best Practice Local Content Solutions

Shane Charles

Correction of Laboratory Gas Permeability Measurements Using Klinkenberg-Type Correction Models

Tuan G. Hoang, Peter Behrenbruch, Phil Do Huu

Creating a Resilient Management System Delivering a Flexible Foundation for Growth in an Energy Organisation

Sunny Barlow

Cryogenic Expansion Joint for LNG Service

Minyuan Lu, Cameron Wheeler, Stephanie Weir

Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration — Creating a Digitally Integrated Supply Chain

Christopher Jordan

Decommissioning and Remediation Challenges for the Petroleum Industry

Paul F. Shaw

Decommissioning of Australia’s Oil and Gas Facilities in the 21st Century

Stuart Barrymore

Decommissioning — The Next Australian Oil and Gas Boom?

Bernadette Cullinane, Susan Gourvenec

Demonstrating Good Practice in the Safe Operation of Gas Assets with Predictive Analytics

Hennie Engelbrecht, Nesa Abbaspour

Determination of T2 Cut-Off for Shale Reservoirs: A Case Study from the Carynginia Formation, Perth Basin, Western Australia

M. Nadia Testamanti, Reza Rezaee, Yujie Yuan, Dawei Pan

Determining the Impacts of Coal Seam Gas Extraction on Water Resources and Water-Dependent Assets

D. A. Post, P. A. Baker

The Digital Workforce — Disruptive Technologies Changing the Way Work Gets Done

Christopher Jordan

Effect of Brine Salinity on CO2 Plume Migration and Trapping Capacity in Deep Saline Aquifers

Emad A. Al-Khdheeawi, Stephanie Vialle, Ahmed Barifcani, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Stefan Iglauer

Efficient and Cost Effective Power and Temperature Control is Critical to Oil and Gas Operations

Christopher John Wheeler

Energy Security, Moratoria and Domestic Gas: Australia, LNG and its Gas Policy Catch-22

Christopher Flynn, Emily Tsokos

Enhancing Environmental Performance during Wheatstone Dredging through Science and Innovation

Michael Marnane, Travis Elsdon, Tony Rouphael, Claus Pedersen, Kiri Peat, Ceri Morgan

Enhancing SAR Seep Interpretation with Broadband Seismic: A Case Study from the Timor Trough

Rowan Edwards, Marcus Sanderson, Pedro Martinez Duran, Gregor Duval, Mike King

Evolution of the Outer Basin High, Ceduna Sub-Basin, Southern Australia

Jane Cunneen, Candice Grigg, Eoin Keating

Exploring the Beetaloo: Will Australia’s First Viable Shale Play be Sourced by Billion Year Old Gas?

David Close, Alexander Côté, Elizabeth Baruch, Carl Altmann, Faiz Mohinudeen, Brenton Richards, Rachael Ilett, Ross Evans, Stephanie Stonier

Faster, Higher, Stronger: The Competitive Advantage of Efficient Data Management for Front-End Decision Making

Nathan Blundell

Findings from the Great Australian Bight Research Program — An Integrated Study of Environmental, Economic and Social Values

Ben Baghurst, Rod Lukatelich, David Smith, Gavin Begg, Rob Lewis, Rochelle Smith

Five Years on: Monitoring of Long Island Point’s Western Port Wastewater Discharge

Melanie Bok, Scott Chidgey, Peter Crockett

FLNG Innovation: Discover Development Hotspots with Patent Landscaping

Richard H. Baddeley

Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG): Is It Still a Nice Niche?

Martin Wilkes

The Future is Not What it Used to Be: Oil and Gas Strategies for a Carbon-Conscious World

Chris Graham

Galvanising the Opposition: Social Media Campaigns and the New Risks for the Oil and Gas Industry

Robyn Glindemann

The Gas Hub in Asia

Bradley Farrell, Ajit Sandilya

Gas Permeability Measurement of Shales Using the Quasi Steady-State Technique

M. Nadia Testamanti, Reza Rezaee, Christopher Wong

Gauging the Confidence in Publicly Reported Oil and Gas Reserves: Introducing the Reserves Confidence Metric (RCM)

Don McMillan

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Northern Houtman Sub-Basin

Irina Borissova, Chris Southby, Lisa Hall, Emma Grosjean, George Bernardel, Ryan Owens, Cameron Mitchell

Getting it Right the First Time in the Ceduna Sub-Basin: Regional and Target Depth Imaging in a Frontier Setting

Weidi Koh

Golden Safety Rules: Are They Keeping Us Safe?

Samantha J. Fraser, Daryl Colgan

The Great Australian Bight — From AVO Prospectivity Screening to Potentially Drillable Targets in One of the World’s Remaining Untapped Basins

Dushyan Rajeswaran, Marcin Przywara

Green Enhanced Oil Recovery (GEOR)

Bashirul Haq, Jishan Liu, Keyu Liu

How to Effectively Manage Production Facility Low-Temperature Exposure Risk

Jim Bonini

Imaging below Seafloor Canyons and other Rugose Features

Dominic Fell, Kiran Dyal, Tony Hallam, Sebastian Nixon

The Impact of Competition Law on Destination Restrictions in Asia-Pacific LNG Contracts

Mark Grime, Dave Poddar, Nadia Kalic

Impact of Faults and Compartmentalisation on Geological Carbon Storage Estimates in Highly Faulted Basins

Jorik W. Poesse, Ludovic P. Ricard, Allison Hortle

Improving Success Rates for Indigenous Business Engagement

Murray Saylor, Deb Archbold

Innovative Inspection Techniques for Ultra Deepwater Drillships and other Floating O&G Production Assets Saving Costs, Enhancing Safety, while Assuring Operational Availability and Asset Integrity

Peter Davies, Danny Constantinis

Integrated 3D Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling of the Great Australian Bight

E. Frery, M. Ducros, L. Langhi, J. Strand, A. Ross

An Integrated Operations Team, to Drill the Prelude Big Bore Gas Wells in Western Australia. Working Together Delivers Solutions

L. Bacarreza, C. Singam, M. Buchan, A. May, A. Leung, Z. Pallikathekathil, M. Shehryar, K. Jansen, M. Naveed, O. Bafor, S. Brigham, S. Sadawarte

Integrated Petroleum Systems Analysis to Understand the Source of Fluids in the Browse Basin, Australia

Tehani Palu, Lisa Hall, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Dianne Edwards, Nadege Rollet, Karen Higgins, Christopher Boreham, Andrew Murray, Duy Nguyen, Kamal Khider, Tamara Buckler

Integrated Pre-Drill and Real-Time Geomechanical Modelling Brings Significant Benefits to Deepwater Wildcat Exploration Drilling Campaign — A Case Study

M. Sadegh Asadi, Amitava Ghosh, Sanjeev Bordoloi, Michael Reese

Integrity Inspection Planning Updated with Cost of Risk

Yury Sokolov

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry — Reducing Cost, Improving Operational Efficiency, Increasing Safety and Helping Tap into New Markets

Piers Hogarth-Scott

Interpretative Filtering

Leila Ajjabou, Maëlle Bourdais, Natalia Gritsajuk, Sébastien Lacaze, Jean-Philippe Adam

It’s Not Easy to Collaborate, but It’s Essential!

Bernadette Cullinane, Paul Harrison

Jemena’s Perspective on Australian Gas Market Dynamics: A Vision of a Fiercely Competitive Market Facilitated by an Interconnected Supply Chain

David Green, Thomas Allen

Lean Offshore Platform Design

Drew Sage, Michael Bieganski, Andrew Grant

Learning and Development from the World’S First Operating Subsea Compression System

S. Yeaw, A. Storstenvik, R. Vesterkjaer

Learnings and Best Practices for Operator and Supplier Social Engagement in Regional Areas

Sam Goldsmith

Lithofacies Analysis and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Roseneath-Epsilon-Murteree Gas Plays in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

Fengtao Guo, Peter McCabe

Lloyd’s Register—Cyber CBM (Condition Based Maintenance)

Joseph Morelos

Managing Integrity of Operating FPSOs

Astrid Barros

Marine Seismic Acquisition: Efficiency and Environment, New Technologies Applied in Australia

Martin Bayly, Michelle Tham, Peter Watterson, Binghui Li, Kevin Moran

Maximising ROI through Risk Based Inspection in the CSG Industry

Andrew Mills, Kelly Reilly, Timothy Lim, Glen Strike

Methodology for Assessing Original Gas in Place and Estimated Ultimate Recovery from a Tight Marine Formation Using Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Modelling

Matthew Goldman, Raymond L. Johnson Jr

Monitoring Demersal Scalefish Populations in the Browse Basin Region: Accounting for Spatial Variability and Detecting Change in Key Fish Populations

Russ Babcock, Emma Lawrence, Tonya van der Velde, C. Roland Pitcher, Mark Tonks, Cindy Bessey, Euan Harvey, Stephen J. Newman

Natural Catastrophe Risk Modelling for Northwest Australia Offshore Installations

Tomohiko Inamura, Francis Lobo, Rie Hirose, Hajime Sano

New System for Detecting, Mapping, Monitoring, Quantifying and Reporting Fugitive Gas Emissions

Tracy R. Tsai, Kendrick Du, Bill Stavropoulos

Nimrod XV230—Reflections on Leadership, Culture and Priorities

Martin Anderson

Not All Barrels are Created Equal: Understanding the Difference between Standards of Regulatory Disclosure Can Impact Your Investment Decisions

Arthur L. McMullen, Warren Chung

NSW—Strategic Release of Exploration Areas

Diane Crosdale

Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) Seismic Survey at Gorgon Gas Field

Ronald Cupich, Birgit Cropp

Open-Access Midstream Infrastructure and its Effects on the Australian Gas Market

Steve Lewis, Jon Serfaty, Michael Brooks, Ben Smith

Our Energy Future: The Power of Collaboration to Transform Australia’s Energy Resources Sector

Miranda Taylor

Our Focus Needs More Focus: Aligning Project Risks and Expenditure for Better Environmental Outcomes

Graeme Bartrim, Laura Hahn

Out of Sight Out of Mind – Subsea Pipeline Decommissioning

Eric Jas, Allison Selman, Valerie Linton

PESA’s 50 Years—The Rise and Rise of Technology

John Begg

Petroleum Migration in the Bight Basin: A Fluid Inclusion Approach to Constraining Source, Composition and Timing

Richard Kempton, Julien Bourdet, Se Gong, Andrew Ross, Jacques Pironon

Petroleum Systems Analysis of the Northern Houtman Sub-Basin

Lisa Hall, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Irina Borissova, Chris Southby, Ryan Owens, George Bernardel, Cameron Mitchell

Polynomial Amplitude versus Azimuth Inversion in Horizontally Transverse Isotropic Media, as Tested on Fractured Coal Seams in the Surat Basin

Joseph Kremor, Randall Taylor, Khalid Amrouch

Porosity and Pore Size Distribution of Shales: A Case Study of the Carynginia Formation, Perth Basin, Western Australia

M. Nadia Testamanti, Reza Rezaee, Jie Zou

Portfolio Analysis of Petroleum Fields and Prospects: A Robust Statistical Method

Aleksandar Vujovic, Ritu Gupta, Gregory C. Smith

Postcard from Pennsylvania: Lessons Learned during Successful Fight over Marcellus Shale Operations That May Have Applicability to Australian Discussion

Chris Tucker

A Practical Workflow for Performance Prediction of Low Permeability Reservoirs

Arthur L. McMullen, Steven J. Golko

Process Safety Management at Woodside — Creating a Sustainable Global Approach

Rachelle A. Doyle

Production and Development across Australia 2016

Frankie Cullen

Project Overruns: Why are We Still Getting it Wrong?

Gareth D. Lee, Simon P. Whitaker, Martin Wilkes

Quantifying Host Nation Benefit from LNG Developments

Will Pulsford, Puneet Goel

A Re-Evaluation of the Lower to Middle Triassic on the Candace Terrace, Northern Carnarvon Basin

Roisin McGee, Jeff Goodall, Stephen Molyneux

Ready to Collaborate? Operator and Supply Chain under the Spotlight

Mike Lynn, Alan Samuel

Recirculation to Improve Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs) Run Life

Jonathan Martin

Regional Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Walloon Subgroup CSG Production

Daren Shields, Fengde Zhou, Joan Esterle

Remote Operations Centres — What Next?

Bradley Farrell

A Reserves Driven View of the Eastern Australian Gas Supply and Demand Balance through the 2020’s

Will Pulsford

Reservoir to Market: Generating Project Value by Coupling Surface Facilities with Reservoir Data in Integrated Asset Modelling

Stephen Stokes

Resurrection at AGL Silver Springs and Wallumbilla: Case Study of Bringing Field and Surface Facilities Back to Life

John Croker, Matthew Kidd, Evie Nicola, James Dean

South West Hub Project, Western Australia: Appraising ‘Migration-Assisted’ Containment for Carbon Storage in Sandstone Strata

Dominique Van Gent, Martin Burke, Sandeep Sharma

Stakeholder Response to Abandonment Challenges in Australia

Philip Askew, Andrew Lea-Cox

A Step Change in Safety Performance through Critical Control Management

Roberta Selleck

Sweet-Spot Mapping of the Goldwyer Formation through Formation Evaluation and Property Modelling in the Canning Basin, Barbwire Terrace Case Study

Munther Alshakhs, Reza Rezaee

Tax Transparency is Not Just about Tax

Jonathan Rintoul. Partner

Ten Years of CO2 Storage and Operations

Rajindar Singh, Marc Chable

Triassic Paleogeography and Petroleum Systems of the North West Shelf, Australia: Key Insights from a New Regional Study

Jarrad Grahame, Emma Cairns, Stephanie Roy

Turn Your Workover Costs into an Investment: A Case Study in an East Coast CSG Project

Elizeu Boto, Nicholas Heyes, Don Merritt, Nima Saremi

Ultra-Deep Permian Coal Gas Reservoirs of the Cooper Basin: Insights from New Studies

Erik C. Dunlop, David S. Warner, Prue E. R. Warner, Louis R. Coleshill

Uncharted Waters: LNG as a Marine Fuel in Australasia

Rob Duncanson, Walter P. Purio

Underground Storage of Carbon Dioxide in the Harvey Area, South-West Western Australia

David Lim, Geoff Strachan, Dominique Van Gent, Sandeep Sharma

Using Precise CA-TIMS Ages of Volcanic Air-Fall Tuff Beds in Correlating the Walloon Coal Measures of the Surat Basin, Australia

Carmine Wainman, Peter McCabe

Using the ALARP Principle to Significantly Reduce Offshore Decommissioning Costs

Max J. Goodwin, Lucy D. Muir, Francesco Piasentin

Visualisation of Geomorphological Features and Interpretation of the Depositional System of the Brewster Member, Ichthys Field

Syed Iftikhar Arsalan, Keiji Ichizawa, Keiichi Furuya

What Happens When Quantum Computing Re-Defines the Assessment of Investment Risk?

Mark Laybourn, John Pascoe

Where, When and How a Field-Scale 4D Geomechanical Model Should be Built

Ahmadreza Younessi

Will Australian Liquefied Natural Gas Demand Soar under the 21st Annual Conference of the Parties (COP21) Targets?

Francois Tibi, Nicolas Reid, Whitney Skinner, Rob Grosvenor, Anthony Smith

Woodside Energy Ltd: Pioneer in Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Russell Potapinski