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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

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2018 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release

Lisa Schofield

Accelerating Oil and Gas Investment and Reserves by Design

Barry A. Goldstein

Australian Exploration Review 2017

Matthew Quinn, Frances Hulbert

Australian Onshore Petroleum Acreage and Releases 2018

Elinor Alexander

Australia’s LNG Wars — An Industry under Fire

Saul Kavonic

Australia’s Premier Shale Basin: Five Plays, 1 000 000 000 Years in the Making

Alexander Côté, Brenton Richards, Carl Altmann, Elizabeth Baruch, David Close

Big Oil in 2030: Thriving (and Driving) in a Carbon Constrained Future

Bernadette Cullinane, Steve McGill

BP’s Evolution in the Face of Australia’s Transforming Fuel Supply Chain: Ensuring Business Sustainability as Well as Security of Supply for the Nation’s Demands

Daniel Tyzack, Luke Sullivan

Building a World-Class Australian Decommissioning Industry

Kym Bills

Bursting Bubbles: Can Experiments and Analogues Help Stakeholders and the Public Visualise Risks?

Linda Stalker, Jennifer J. Roberts, Leslie Mabon

Case Study: Successful Disconnection of a Traditional Floating Production Storage and Off-Loading Unit

Sashi Gajula, Bertrand Peuchot

Composition Changes of Hydrocarbons during Secondary Petroleum Migration

S. Borazjani, D. Kulikowski, K. Amrouch, P. Bedrikovetsky

A Comprehensive Approach to Safe and Successful Asset Operatorship Transition

Neil Clegg, Steve Heinemann

Construction Safety Case (MAP) — A Strategy for Successful Implementation

Roberta Selleck

Contracting with Small Businesses: Include Unfair Terms in Your Standard Form Contracts at Your Peril

Anne Freeman

Coreflood Planning Criteria for Relative Permeability Computation by Welge-JBN Method

A. Al-Sarihi, Z. You, A. Behr, L. Cenolet, P. Kowollik, A. Zeinijahromi, P. Bedrikovetsky

Cost Recovery: When Reducing Costs for an Asset Can Increase Costs for an Operator

Robin Ludwig

Cretaceous to Present-Day Tectonic Reconstructions of Zealandia

Hannu Seebeck, Dominic Strogen, Peter King, Andrew Nicol, Ben Hines, Grant O’Brien

Decommissioning: Taking Control of Your Committed Investment

Robin Poison

Decommissioning — What’s the Fuss About?

Pat Saraceni, Keely Liddle

Determining Paleo-Structural Environments through Natural Fracture and Calcite Twin Analyses: A Case Study in the Otway Basin, Australia

Hugo B. Burgin, Khalid Amrouch, Mojtaba Rajabi, David Kulikowski, Simon P. Holford

Digital Transformation of the Oil, Gas and Energy Value Chain

Paul Taliangis

Drilling Data of Deep Coal Seams of the Cooper Basin: Analysis and Lessons Learned

Alireza Salmachi, Erik Dunlop, Mojtaba Rajabi

Earning Community Trust to Operate — Northern Gas Pipeline

Jonathan Spink

The East Coast Gas Market Explained: Analysis of the Gas Market Supply and Demand Dynamics

Joshua Stabler

The Effective Use of Data Analytics in an Advanced Compressor Performance and Degradation Monitoring System

Radika Lucas, Andy Jones, Wesley Ford, Matt Doyle

Effect of Casing Eccentricity on Cement Sheath Integrity

Elaheh Arjomand, Terry Bennett

Effect of Kaolinite Content on Formation Damage Due to Fines Migration: Systematic Laboratory and Modelling Study

Thomas Russell, Larissa Chequer, Alexander Badalyan, Zhenjiang You, Pavel Bedrikovetsky

Effects of near Surface Lithology on Velocity Modelling and Time—Depth Relationships in the Cooper—Eromanga—Lake Eyre Basin

Anna Manka, Glen Buick, Rob Menpes, Luke Gardiner, Cameron Jones, Khalid Amrouch

Empowering Australia in the Global Oil and Gas Standardisation Initiative

Andrew Woodhams, Ted Fletcher, Menno Weustink, Miranda Taylor

Engineering Real Success Using Digital Technologies

Craig Phasey, Steve Ashfield

Esso Pipeline Replacement Project

Dilip Bapat, David Standfield

Evolution of the East Coast Gas Market

Philip Byrne

Evolving Santos’ Onshore Execution and Production Business to Unlock Value and Growth through the Commodity Cycles

Brett Woods; Santos Limited

An Experimental Investigation into Surface Roughness of a Hydraulic Fracture

Abbas Movassagh, Manouchehr Haghighi, Dane Kasperczyk, Mohammad Sayyafzadeh, Xi Zhang

Exploiting the Cooper Basin: Conventional Lessons and Appropriate Analogues to Guide an Unconventional Future

Brenton Richards, Alexander Côté

Exploration of the South-Eastern Part of the Frontier Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory, Australia

Francois Bache, Paul Walshe, Juergen Gusterhuber, Sandra Menpes, Mattilda Sheridan, Sergey Vlasov, Lance Holmes

Exploring for Stratigraphic Traps in the Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin: An Integrated Seismic Methodology

Alexandra Bennett; Beach Energy

Financing a Mega LNG Project and ‘Raising the Bar’ in Securing a Social Licence to Operate

Yuko Tokunaga

Free drainage of Foam Mixed with Proppants in the Presence of Nanoparticles

Yang Fei, Mary Gonzalez, Manouchehr Haghighi

From Hydrocarbons to Electrons: Creating New Opportunities for the Oil and Gas Sector

Bernadette Cullinane, Michael Wood, Barry Ladbrook

Full Waveform Inversion: Early Start of Model Building Process to Resolve the Complex near Surface Model in the Exmouth Sub-Basin, North West Shelf Australia

Lianping Zhang, Haryo Trihutomo, Yuelian Gong, BeeJik Lim, Alexander Karvelas

Fully Integrated Dynamic Reservoir and Well Simulation Model: Blacktip Gas Field Case Study

Ryosuke Yokote, Mohammad Albarzanji, Yohan Suhardiman, Andrew Tran, Erni Dharma Putra, Nelson Jose Rodriguez Gonzalez

The Future of OHS Inspections Using Intrinsically Safe Mobile Technology

Naaman Shibi, Karl V. Ahlgren

The Future of Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

Stephenie De Nichilo

Geomechanical Insights in the Bedout Sub-Basin: Exploiting Technologies for Understanding Reservoir Settings

David A. Castillo, David Kuek, Melissa Thompson, Fred Fernandes, Jon Minken, Toby Colson

The Halladale—Speculant Fields: The First Nearshore Gas Fields to Be Developed from Mainland Australia

Andrew Constantine, Glenn Morgan, Robin O’ Leary, Simon Smith

Helium in the Australian Liquefied Natural Gas Economya

Christopher J. Boreham, Dianne S. Edwards, Robert J. Poreda, Thomas H. Darrah, Ron Zhu, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Philip Main, Kathryn Waltenberg, Paul A. Henson

How to Monitor Your Safety Instrumented System Performance

Andy Yam

Impact of Clay Type and Water Composition on Low Salinity Water Injection — Visualisation Approach

Tammy Amirian, Manouchehr Haghighi

Impact of Injected Water Salinity on CO2 Storage Efficiency in Homogenous Reservoirs

Emad A. Al-Khdheeawi, Stephanie Vialle, Ahmed Barifcani, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Stefan Iglauer

Implementing Process Safety Critical Roles to Reduce Risk

Andrew J. Wilson, Gerard G. Ransom

The Importance of Optimal Geological Zonation and Choice of Rock Parameters in Dynamic Reservoir Simulation: A Case Study for the Laminaria Field

Peter Behrenbruch, Tuan G. Hoang, Khang D. Bui, Minh Triet Do Huu, Tony Kennaird

Injectivity Formation Damage Due to Fines Migration

Larissa Chequer, Mohammad Bagheri, Abbas Zeinijahromi, Pavel Bedrikovetsky

Innovation and Technology in Marine Science: AIMS’ North West Shoals to Shore Research Program

Miles J. G. Parsons, Mark G. Meekan, Karen J. Miller, Michele Thums, James P. Gilmour

Innovative High Trace Density Design with Broadband Seismic Data Acquisition in the Cooper—Eromanga Basins, Australia

John Archer, Milos Delic, Frank Nicholson

The Insensitivity of Thermal Diffusivity of Natural Sediments to Saturation

Ayman Ezdini, James Griffith, Nick Lange, Soroush Tehrani, Hamad Roshan, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

Insights into the Great Australian Bight Gained through Marine Geology and Benthic Ecology Studies

Andrew Ross, Alan Williams, Asrar Talukder, Joanna Parr, Christine Trefry, Richard Kempton, Charlotte Stalvies, Richard Schinteie, Ashley Ezzy, Andrew Kulpecz, Carole Schaefer, Phil Rarey

Investigating Depth Structure Uncertainty for Horizontal Well Placement, Bauer Field, Cooper-Eromanga Basin

Erin Shirley

Laboratory Measurement of Biot’s Coefficient and Pore Pressure Influence on Poroelastic Rock Behaviour

Hossein Salemi, Stefan Iglauer, Ali Rezagholilou, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

Leading the WAy: Western Australia is the Key to Driving LNG as a Marine Fuel

Walter Purio, Matthew Bowen, Adel van der Walt, Sarah Panizza

LNG as Marine Fuel — Where Technology Meets Logistics

Douglas Raitt

Low-Salinity Waterflooding in Non-Polar Oil

A. Al-Sarihi, A. Zeinijahromi, P. Bedrikovetsky

The Lower Triassic Caley Member: Depositional Facies, Reservoir Quality and Seismic Expression

Jack Woodward, Jon Minken, Melissa Thompson, Margarita Kongawoin, Laurence Hansen, Rylan Fabrici

Low Permeability Coal Seam Gas Productivity Enhancement by Cyclic Nitrogen Injection Technique (An Adsorption Simulation Study)

Hoa T. Nguyen, Mohammad Sayyafzadeh, Manouchehr Haghighi

Mapping Geology beneath Volcanics Using Magnetic Data

Irena Kivior, Stephen Markham, Leslie Mellon, David Boyd

Marine Seismic Triple Source Case Studies from the Asia—Pacific Region

Ed Hager

Navigating the Great Australian Bight Using System Models

Elizabeth A. Fulton, Cathy M. Bulman, Simon Goldsworthy

A New Approach to Value Creation — Stranded Gas Resource Commercialisation via Low-Cost Small Scale Floating LNG Projects

Daein Cha

A New Compact for Communities, Government and the Resources Sector

James Purtill

A New Window through which to Look at Safety Culture Surveys: A Case Study at Arrow Energy

Michelle Zaunbrecher, Lisa Mealiff

Numerical Investigation of Dynamic and Static Properties of Reservoir Rocks

Mohsen Abdolghafurian, Bahman Joodi, Stefan Iglauer, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

Offshore Gas Field Development — The Ripple Effect

Alan Black, Greg Saunders

Optimising Energy Sourcing and Consumption in the Oil and Gas Sector

Dmitry Danilovich

An Outcrop Analogue for Deepwater Salt Withdrawal Mini-Basins: Lateral and Vertical Variations in Basin-Fill

Blaise I. L. Fernandes, Kathryn J. Amos, Tobias H. D. Payenberg, Simon Lang

An Overview of the New Geological and Bioregional Assessments Program

Anthony Swirepik, Andrew Stacey, Rod Dann

The Permeability Structure of Fault Zones in Sedimentary Basins: A Case Study at the Castle Cove Fault, Otway Basin

Natalie Debenham, Natalie J. C. Farrell, Simon P. Holford, Rosalind C. King, David Healy

Perspectives on Successful Coal Seam Gas Well Decommissioning

Cameron R. Huddlestone-Holmes, Thomas G. Measham, Talia Jeanneret, James Kear

Petroleum Geology of the 2018 Offshore Acreage Release Areas

Thomas Bernecker, George Bernardel, Claire Orlov, Nadège Rollet

Petroleum Production and Development across Australia 2017

Graeme Bethune, Susan Bethune

Petroleum Source Rocks of Western Australia

K. Ameed R. Ghori

Petroleum Systems of the Proterozoic in Northwest Queensland and a Description of Various Play Types

Justin Gorton, Alison Troup

Pioneering Li-Ion Batteries on an Offshore Platform

Lourens Jacobs, Nancy Nguyen, Ryan Beccarelli

Play-Based Exploration in the Southern Cooper Basin: A Systematic Approach to Exploration in a Mature Basin

D. A. Lockhart, E. Riel, M. Sanders, A. Walsh, G. T. Cooper, M. Allder

Pluto 4D—Australia’s First 4D over a Gas Field is an Outstanding Success

Larry Tilbury, Andre Gerhardt

Predictions of Fracture Growth in Walloon Coals Using a Layer Fracture Model

Xi Zhang, Bisheng Wu, Luke Connell, Yanhui Han

The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Gaming Risk in Joint Venture Gas Arrangements

Sarah A. McAlister-Smiley, Joanna M. Spanjaard

Psyllium Husk Performance in Drilling Fluid at Elevated Temperature and Pressure Conditions

Son Ly, Xiao Yu, Xinsong Zhang, Alireza Salmachi

Radical Disruption — Renewables, Technology and the Arrival of ‘Peak Gas’

Gavin Thompson

Recent Exploration Results in the Lower Triassic, Bedout Sub-Basin: Australia’s Next Petroleum Province?

Melissa Thompson, Fred Wehr, Jack Woodward, Jon Minken, Gino D’Orazio, Fred Fernandes, Margarita Kongowoin, Laurence Hansen, David Kuek, Rylan Fabrici

Reducing Rig Personnel Requirements with Standards-Based Real-Time Data Streaming

Ross Philo, Jay Hollingsworth

Reimagining the Future of Gas

Angus Jaffray

Reliable Cost-Efficient Distributed Energy Systems with a High Renewable Penetration: A Techno-Economic Case Study for Remote Off-Grid Regional Coal Seam Gas Extraction

Joachim Bamberger, Ti-Chiun Chang, Brian Mason, Amer Mesanovic, Ulrich Münz, Warner Priest, Ross Thompson, Andrei Szabo, Xiaofan Wu

Repositioning Gas in the Power Generation Mix

Martin Wilkes

Resolving Double Taxation in a Global Environment — When Might it Impact on Deal Value? Consideration of the Availability of Mutual Agreement Procedures and Arbitration

Sarah Blakelock, George Hempenstall

Review and Proposed Extension of the APPEA Method for Estimating Levels of Financial Assurance

David Horn, Kristina Downey, Andrew Taylor

Risk-Based Corrosion Assessment and Refurbishment of Marine Structures

Stephan Dickinson, Kerryn Wilson, Ali Sarandily, René van der Werf, Steve Sheen, Peter Cawley

Rock Typing and Facies Identification Using Fractal Theory and Conventional Petrophysical Logs

Roozbeh Koochak, Manouchehr Haghighi, Mohammad Sayyafzadeh, Mark Bunch

The Role of Marine Science in Managing Environmental Risk Offshore

Paul E Hardisty, Michaela Dommisse, Karin E Cooper

The Role of the Human in an Age of Automation

Bradley Farrell

Shining the Spotlight on the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax

Kenneth Wee

Significant Reliability Improvements in Reciprocating Gas Compressor Packages at Arrow Energy

Prashant S. Parulekar, Richard Hudson, Harrison Boyd

The Smart Money: Driving Shareholder Value through Better Capital Allocation

Stephen Reid, Frank Decker

Smart Upstream to LNG

Russell Byfield

Social Media Use in the Australian Energy and Resources Sectors

Craig A. Styan

South Australia’s Power Sector: Renewables, Batteries and the Future Role of Gas

Nicholas Browne, Bikal Pokharel

The Stratigraphic Architecture, Distribution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Organic-Rich Kyalla and Velkerri Shales of the Upper Roper Group (McArthura Basin)

Mattilda Sheridan, D. Rhodri Johns, Howard D. Johnson, Sandra Menpes

Streamlining ‘Environment in Design’ Decision-Making — From Concept to Operations in Major Development Projects

Janine M. Barrow

Study of Phase Behaviour and Ionic Effect of Green Surfactants in MEOR

Bashirul Haq, Jishan Liu, Keyu Liu, Dhafer Al Shehri

Tectonostratigraphic Framework of the Lower Keraudren Formation, Bedout Sub-Basin: Interplay of Tectonics and Sedimentary Systems

Jon Minken, Melissa Thompson, Jack Woodward, Fred Fernandes, Rylan Fabrici

Uncovering the Canning Basin: A New Comprehensive SEEBASE® Model

Karen Connors, Cedric Jorand, Peter Haines, Yijie Zhan, Lynn Pryer

Unravelling the Triassic Mungaroo Formation within North Carnarvon Basin Using Regional Stratal Slice Volumes

Tony Marsh, Bill Kowalik, Rhonda Welch, Anne Powell, Heidi Howe, Bill Hallager

Update of the Information Guidelines to Improve Scientific Information Provided to the Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development

Glen Walker, Sarah Taylor, Peter Baker, Mitchell Bouma

Using Autonomous Underwater Gliders for Geochemical Exploration Surveys

Louise M. Russell-Cargill, Bradley S. Craddock, Ross B. Dinsdale, Jacqueline G. Doran, Ben N. Hunt, Ben Hollings

Using Risk Connectivity and Contagion to Add Value — How Analytics are Revolutionising the Approach to Risk

Caron Sugars

Using Technology and Innovation to Deliver a Step Change in CSG Workover Rig Services

Tim Phelan

Well Productivity Enhancement by Applying Nanofluids for Wettability Alteration

Saurabh Naik, Gabriel Malgaresi, Zhenjiang You, Pavel Bedrikovetsky

Wellsite Serviced Power Model for the CSG Industry

Gregory Edward Harris; CD Power

What Comes Next: Responding to Recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Shiva Tyagi

Why are Decisions for Oil and Gas Projects Not Always Made the Way They ‘Should’ Be?

David Newman, Steve Begg, Matthew Welsh

Working on the Land

Matthew Paull, Natasha Patterson, Anthea Patch, Kelli How

Working Together to Reduce Land Transport Safety Risk in the CSG Sector: Can We Ever Do Enough?

Michelle Zaunbrecher, Jason King, Brandon Yeong

‘Zero Routine Flaring by 2030’: A New Global Industry Standard

Jane Cutler, Bjorn Hamso, Francisco Sucre