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Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

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Adjusting to Working away and as an Expatriate: Learnings on What Organisations Can Do to Promote the Mental Health and Well-Being of Workers and Their Families

Melanie L. Freeman

Advancing Technology in Oil and Gas: Collaboration and Comparison with the Space Sector

Jason Crusan

An Application and Subsequent Benefits of Digitalisation to Pipeline Engineering Using a 3D Pipe-in-Pipe Bulkhead Design Project Case Study

Nigel Lim, Lucas Lim

The Application of Dynamic Modelling Technique on the Pipeline Drying Operation during Pre-Commissioning

Diwu Chen, Andrew Duff, John Willcocks

Application of Machine Learning Methods to Assess Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs) Performance in Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Wells

Fahd Saghir, M. E. Gonzalez Perdomo, Peter Behrenbruch

Auto-Control Model Building Using Machine Learning Regression for Extreme Response Prediction

Darrell Leong, Anand Bahuguni

Building an Innovation Culture and Digital Skills

Shelley Kalms

Can Australian LNG Continue to be Competitive?

Daniel Toleman

CarbonNet Progress towards a Declaration of Identified Storage Formation at the Pelican Site with a New High-Resolution 3D Seismic Dataset

Nick Hoffman

The CarbonNet Project - A Case Study of the Use of Marine Assessments and Advisory Panels for Stakeholder Assurance

Victoria Mendes Da Costa

The Case for Shared Infrastructure to Unlock Onshore Resources

Kai C. Eberspaecher

Changes in Multi-Phase Flow Properties of Carbonate Porous Media during CO2 Injection

Mojtaba Seyyedi, Ausama Giwelli, Cameron White, Lionel Esteban, Michael Verrall, Ben Clennell

Characterisation of Surat Basin Walloon Interburden and Overlying Springbok Sandstone: A Focus on Methane Adsorption Isotherms, Permeability and Gas Content

Syed Shabbar Raza, Julie Pearce, Pradeep Shukla, Phil Hayes, Victor Rudolph

Chevron’s Journey in Keeping Diversity and Inclusion on the Agenda

Christopher Watts, Elizabeth Shaw

Coal Fracturing through Liquid Nitrogen Treatment: A Micro-Computed Tomography Study

Hamed Akhondzadeh, Alireza Keshavarz, Faisal Ur Rahman Awan, Ahmed Z. Al-Yaseri, Stefan Iglauer, Maxim Lebedev

Collaboration Solves Long Standing Corrosion Problem

M. Brameld, S. Thomas, G. S. Malab

A Comparison of Fractal Methods for Evaluation of Hydraulic Fracturing Surface Roughness

Abbas Movassagh, Xi Zhang, Elaheh Arjomand, Manouchehr Haghighi

Comprehensive Basin-Wide 3D Petroleum Systems Modelling Providing New Insights into Proven Petroleum Systems and Remaining Prospectivity in the Exmouth Sub-Basin, Australia

Oliver Schenk, Craig Dempsey, Robbie Benson, Michael Cheng, Sugandha Tewari, Alex Karvelas, Giuseppe Bancalà

Conformance Control for Production Optimisation Using Polymer Nanocomposite Hydrogels

Reza M. Rudd, Ali Saeedi, Colin D. Wood

Cost Reductions through Converting Platforms from Permanently Manned to Manned-Evacuated

Matt Keys

Creating a 3D Image from 2D Data Using Structurally Conformable Interpolation: A Case Study from the Beagle Sub-Basin, NSW, Australia

Subodh Notiyal, Victoria Seesaha

Creative Steps to Bring New Gas Supply to the South-East Australian Domestic Gas Market: The Sole Gas Project after 42 Years

Eddy Glavas

The CSIRO in-situ Laboratory in South Western Australia: A Field Laboratory for De-Risking Carbon Storage

Karsten Michael, Ludovic Ricard, Linda Stalker, Allison Hortle, Arsham Avijegon

Data Driven Update to Industry Life-Saving Rules

Mariana Carvalho, Kirsty Walker, Odunlami Adeogun, Melissa Mark, Olav Skår

Decommissioning and Rehabilitation: What’s Tax Got to Do with it?

Kenneth Wee

Deep Net Simulator (DNS): A New Insight into Reservoir Simulation

Shahdad Ghassemzadeh, Maria Gonzalez Perdomo, Manouchehr Haghighi, Ehsan Abbasnejad

Deploying Hydrocarbon Monitoring Technologies in the 2019 NOFO Oil-on-Water Field Exercise

Xiubin Qi, Mederic Mainson, Emma Crooke, Ian Hay, Andrew Ross, Paul Irving

Development of a Highly Automated Mobile Rig for the Australian CSG Market

Arthur de Mul

Digital Innovation in Subsea Integrity Management

Ricky Thethi, Dharmik Vadel, Mark Haning, Elizabeth Tellier

The Digital Worker: How Technology is Enhancing Safety and Productivity in the Field

Kate Taylor, Trevor Walker

Dorado Discovery - Unlocking a Major New Oil and Gas Play in the Bedout Sub-Basin

Melissa Thompson

Earthquake Risk Management for Oil and Gas Infrastructure in the North West of Australia

Meysam Banimahd, Steve Tyler, Matthew Kuo, Fiona Chow

The Effect of Gravity on the Shape and Direction of Vertical Hydraulic Fractures

Saeed Salimzadeh

The Effect of Marine Seismic Surveys on the Movement, Abundance and Community Structure of Demersal Fish Assemblages on the North West Shelf

Mark G. Meekan, Conrad W. Speed, Robert D. McCauley, Jayson M. Semmens, Stephen J. Newman, Rebecca Fisher, Miles J. G. Parsons

Elastic Waves in Porous Media Saturated with Non-Wetting Fluid

Jimmy X. Li, Reza Rezaee, Tobias M. Müller, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

Evaluating the Sources and Impact of New East Coast Gas Supply

Daniel C. Levy

Evaluation of the Petrel Sub-Basin as a Northern Australia CO2 Store: Future Decarbonisation Hub?

Linda Stalker, David Dewhurst, Yanhua Zhang, Peter Schaubs, Ben Clennell, Yohan Suhardiman, Andrew Maxwell, Franco Masserano, Francesco Boccuni, Claudio Toscano, Daniele Castano

Exploring for the Future—A New Oil and Gas Frontier in Northern Australia

Paul Henson, David Robinson, Lidena Carr, Dianne S. Edwards, Susannah K. MacFarlane, Amber J. M. Jarrett, Adam H. E. Bailey

From Diversity to Inclusion: Woodside Energy’s Inclusion and Diversity Journey

Ruth Lyall

From Global Upstream Safety Data to Action

Olav Skår, Mariana Carvalho, Wendy Poore, Kirsty Walker

A Geochemical Investigation into the Resource Potential of the Lawn Hill Platform, Northern Australia

Amber J. M. Jarrett, Adam E. H. Bailey, Christopher J. Boreham, Tehani Palu, Lisa Hall, April Shannon, Alan S. Collins, Galina Vinnichenko, Jochen Brocks, Zhongsheng Li, Tim J. Munson, Sally Edwards, Lidena Carr, Paul Henson

The Hayfield Sandstone Play: The Characterisation of a Mesoproterozoic Sourced, Proterozoic Sandstone Reservoired, Tight Oil and Gas Play in the Beetaloo Sub-Basin

Carl Altmann, Brenton Richards, Alexander Coté, Cassandra Bein, Elizabeth Baruch-Jurado, Les Jenkinson

Hydrate Risk Management at End of Field Life: Opportunities to Maximise Recovery

Shane A. Morrissy, Asher J. Mortimer, Preben Nielsen

A Hydrogen Future?

James Arnott, Nadia Leibbrandt

Hydrogen Innovation: Discover Development Hotspots with Patent Landscaping

Richard H. Baddeley

Identifying Pan-Industry Common Contributors to Major Accident Events

Joelle Mitchell, Alice Turnbull

Impact of Downward Releases on the Risk Profile in Hydrocarbon Process Plants

Fariba Askari, Colin Crowley, Hojat Kord

The Impact of Fly-in, Fly-out (FIFO) on the Health and Well-being of Employees: What Organisations Can Do to Mitigate the Risks and Improve Outcomes

Elizabeth Brook, Melanie Freeman, Graeme Ditchburn

The Impact of Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Marine Ecosystems: A Global Vision for Informing Decommissioning Decisions

D. L. McLean, T. Bond, J. C. Partridge, S. Rouse, M. Love

Impact of the Stress State and the Natural Network of Fractures/Faults on the Efficiency of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the Goldwyer Shale Formation

Partha Pratim Mandal, Reza Rezaee, Joel Sarout

Implementation of Seismic Data Quality Characterisation Using Supervised Deep Learning

Joshua Thorp, Krista Davies, Julien Bluteau, Peter Hoiles

Implications of Accurate Geomechanical Modelling and Systematic Core Testing for Sanding Evaluation and Sand Control Decisions - A Case Study from Perth Basin

Sadegh Asadi, Abbas Khaksar, Mark Fabian, Roger Xiang, David N. Dewhurst, Claudio Delle Piane

Importance of Ambient Cure for High-Temperature Coatings

Graeme Ross

Improving CO2 Storage and Oil Recovery by Injecting Alcohol-Treated CO2

Saira, Furqan Le-Hussain

Improving Exploration Efficiency in Frontier Basin Using CSEM

Raghava Tharimela

Improving Industry Safety via Real Collaboration: A Case Study from the Qld CSG Sector

Michelle L. Zaunbrecher, Sean O’Donnell

Innovative Digital Inspection Methodology

Stephen A Anderson

Investigating the Potential Human Health Impacts of Coal Seam Gas Development at a Study Site in the Surat Basin in Southern Queensland

Cameron R Huddlestone-Holmes, Siobhan Rigby, Sean Van Niekerk, Rachel Mackie, Andrea Walton

IOGP Global Production Report 2019 and Production Indicator©

Arianna Checchi

Is Hydrogen Asia’s New Energy Commodity? Opportunities and Challenges for Australia

David Low, Angus Rodger, Benjamin Gallagher, Prakash Sharma

Is There Any Room for Gravity in Petroleum Exploration? Let’s Open the Door Again!

Sergey Shevchenko

King Reef: An Australian First in Repurposing Oil and Gas Infrastructure to Benefit Regional Communities

James H. Florisson, Andrew J. Rowland, Euan S. Harvey, Mathew B. Allen, Stephanie L. Watts, Benjamin J. Saunders

Learnings from Recent Offshore Project Proposal Submissions

Naomi L. Kerp, Claire Weller

Lessons from 5 Years of GISERA Economic Research

Thomas G. Measham, Raymundo Marcos-Martinez, Lavinia Poruschi, David Fleming-Muñoz

The Lesueur Formation Storage Complex in South Western Australia: Safe, Secure Long-Term Storage of CO2

Dominique Van Gent, Sandeep Sharma, Allison Hortle, Linda Stalker

Lowering the Cost of Funds for Exploration: The Case for Tax-Based Equity Financing Incentives

Kenneth Wee

Making Upstream Infrastructure Collaboration Happen

François Tibi, Warrick Lanagan, Whitney Merchant

Mapping Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Sea Country to Understand Biodiversity and Areas of Cultural Importance

Claire Streten, Harriet Davies, Ronen Galaiduk, Teresa Lui Yuen, Peter Sheldon

Mercury Partitioning in Oil and Gas Production Systems - Design Optimisation and Risk Mitigation through Advanced Simulation

Peter Crafts, Mark Williams

Multi-Isotope Studies Investigating Recharge and Inter-Aquifer Connectivity in Coal Seam Gas Areas (Qld, NSW) and Shale Gas Areas (NT)

Axel Suckow, Alec Deslandes, Christoph Gerber, Sebastien Lamontagne, Dirk Mallants, Philip Davies, Andrew Taylor, Cornelia Wilske, Stan Smith, Matthias Raiber, Karina Meredith, Praveen Kumar Rachakonda, Alf Larcher, Paul Wilkes, Henning Prommer, Adam Siade, Damian Barrett

A New Concept for the Extraction of Gas from Permian Ultra-Deep Coal Seams of the Cooper Basin, Australia: Expanding Reservoir Boundary Theory

Erik C. Dunlop

A New Generation of Catalyst Deactivation, Removal and Loading Technology in the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Marko L. Draca, Stephanie Tyszta

New Insights into the Organic Geochemistry of the Otway Basin

Tony Hill, Betina Bendall, Andrew Murray

New Insights into the Stratigraphy of the Otway Basin

Betina Bendall, Anne Forbes, Dan Revie, Rami Eid, Shannon Herley, Tony Hill

The Next Generation of Risk-Based Inspection for Coal Seam Gas Wells

Scott Collins, Joel Everson

NORM Inventory Forecast for Australian Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioned Assets and Radioactive Waste Disposal Pathways

Scott McKay, Stuart A. Higgins, Peter Baker

A Novel Approach for Using Silica Nanoparticles in a Proppant Pack to Fixate Coal Fines

Faisal Ur Rahman Awan, Alireza Keshavarz, Hamed Akhondzadeh, Sarmad Al-Anssari, Stefan Iglauer

Outcome Focused: How to Deliver Value in a Field (re) Development. A Case Study from the Cooper-Eromanga Basin, South Australia

S. J. Molyneux, H. F. Wu, S. Delaney, A. Gongora

The Paleozoic Prospectivity of the Browse Basin, Australia

Said Amiribesheli, Joshua Thorp, Julia Davies

Performance Evaluation of Synthetic and Natural Polymers in Nitrogen Foam-Based Fracturing Fluids in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

Tuan Tran, M. E. Gonzalez Perdomo, Klaudia Wilk, Piotr Kasza, Khalid Amrouch

PESA Australian Business Environment Review 2019

Simon Molyneux

PESA Australian Exploration Review 2019

Ian Cockerill

PESA Year in Review 2019 - Development and Production

Matthew Quinn

Process Safety - Learning the Hard Way

Steven Cooper, Casey Meakins

Progressive Cavity Pump Tubing Drain Valves: Operator-Savings Illustration

Peter Mark Smith

The Prospectivity of the Late Triassic Intervals in the Outboard Exmouth Plateau, Western Australia

Tom Paten

Protecting Past, Present and Progress: The Reality of Coexistence with National and World Heritage Properties

Daniel Thomas

Putting Safety Leadership Thinking into Practice

Mariana Carvalho, Simon Robinson, Martin Anderson

Re-Evaluation of Depositional Models for the Lower Permian Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin, South Australia: Implications for Petroleum Exploration

Carmine Wainman, Peter McCabe

Real-Time Integrity Monitoring for Oil and Gas Assets

Michael A. Putrino

Realising the Value from Next Generation Integrated Operating Centres (IOC)

Jean-Christophe Bernardini, Mike Lyons, Craig Stewart, Whitney Merchant

Reconciling the Marriage of Renewables and Gas in the Australian Energy Market

Joshua Stabler

Redefining the Relationship between the Oil Company and its Vendor

Clare E. Davies, Tristan Allen, Craig E. Dempsey, Kunal Mishra

Reducing Cost of CCUS Associated with Natural Gas Production by Improving Monitoring Technologies

Mohammad Bagheri, Scott Ryan, David Byers, Matthias Raab

Reducing Methane Losses across the Gas Value Chain - Woodside Journey to Excellence

Jarrod Pittson, Allie Convery

A Regulator’s Perspective: Well Integrity Considerations in Decommissioning

Claire Hick, Derrick O’Keeffe, Mark Bourne

Revolutionising Confined Space Safety Management: A Case Study

Elie Daher, Darrel Wade Dowd

The Role of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and Carbon Particles in Green Enhanced Oil Recovery (GEOR) for Arabian Crude Oil in Sandstone Core

Bashirul Haq, Dhafer Al Shehri, Abdulaziz Al Damegh, Abdullatif Al Muhawesh, Mustafa Albusaad, Mohammad Lardhi, Assad Barri, Abdulsamed Iddris, Nasiru Muhammed, S. M. Zakir Hossain, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Abdul Aziz

The Role of Supercritical CO2 in Gas Well Health Issue - Liquid Loading

Bashirul Haq, Fahad Shehiwin, Dhafer Al Shehri, Jishan Liu, Nasiru Muhammed, Emad Mohammad, Jafar Al Hamad, Ammar Al-Ramadhan, Abdulsamed Iddris, Assad Barri

The Role of the Tax System in a Greener Future

Janelle O’Hare

Santos Energy Solutions: Targeting a Lower-Carbon Future and Underpinning Our Sustainability

Fiona Wademan

Satellite Monitoring of Fugitive Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Facilities in Australia

Jean-Francois Gauthier

The Scalability Challenge: Pathways to Future Decarbonisation and the Impact on the Oil and Gas Industry

Gavin Thompson

Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention (SIFP): A Structured Program Designed to Prevent Serious Injuries and Fatalities in the Workplace

Grant Robinson

Shaping the Decommissioning Landscape of Tomorrow

Andrew Taylor

Shaping the Future Workforce for the Oil and Gas Sector

Juliet Andrews, Louise Rolland, Tony Cotton

Smashing the Stigma in Mental Health - A Strategic Blueprint for Change

Anna Feringa, Nada Wentzel

Software for Quantitative Prediction of Hydrate Blockage Formation in Gas Condensate Systems

Pradeep Dhoorjaty, Dale Erickson, Dileep Penmetsa

Standardisation of Procurement Equipment Specifications: Establishing a Strong Foundation for Oil and Gas Capital Project Development and Delivery

Adri Postema, Ted Fletcher

Strategies for Obtaining Ecological Data to Enhance Decommissioning Assessments

Sean van Eiden, Thomas Tothill, Jessica J. Meeuwig

SURFIM Network: The Value of Sharing Lessons Learned on the Industry’s Longest Running Joint Industry Project Regarding SURF Facilities Integrity Management

Adriana Botto

Technical De-Risking of a Demonstration CCUS Project for Final Investment Decision in Australia

Mohammad Bagheri, Roman Pevzner, Charles Jenkins, Matthias Raab, Paul Barraclough, Max Watson, Tess Dance

Technology Road Map for the Low-Carbon Production of Hydrocarbons

Clare Anderson

Thermal Maturity and Reservoir Quality of the Velkerri Formation, Beetaloo Sub-Basin, Northern Territory

Claudio Delle Piane, I. Tonguç Uysal, Mohinudeen Faiz, Zhejun Pan, Julien Bourdet, Zhongsheng Li, Mark D Raven, David N Dewhurst

Turning the Tide: The Transformation of the North Sea

Adrian Del Maestro, Craig Stevens

A Unique Approach to Community Engagement: A GasFields Queensland Commission Perspective

Colin Cassidy

Unlocking Material Gas Resources - Moomba South Case Study

Hayden Moriarty, Jennifer Clifford, James Donley, Lewis Maxwell

Use of Machine Learning on SCADA Data for Asset’s Prognostics Health Management

Alexandre Cesa, Elliot Press

Using Machine Learning to Enhance Operator Performance

David Walker

Verifying the Extent of Plumes from Produced Formation Water: A Wheatstone Case Study

Tim Robertson, Peter Young, Andrew Driscoll, Jason Antenucci, Travis Elsdon, Paul de Lestang

Wettability Measurements on Two Sandstones: An Experimental Investigation before and after CO2 Flooding

Cut Aja Fauziah, Emad A. Al-Khdheeawi, Ahmed Barifcani, Stefan Iglauer

Working together to Establish a World-Class Mercury Recovery Facility for the Australian Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Jarrod Pittson, Jeff Kerferd