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Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

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2021 Development and Production Review

Martin Wilkes

Addressing Exploration Uncertainties in the Southern Bonaparte Basin: Enhanced Stratigraphic Control and Post Drill Analysis for Upper Permian Plays

R. Owens, A. Kelman, K. Khider, J. Iwanec, T. Bernecker

Application of a Probability Model to Detect Unrecognised Igneous Intrusions in Sedimentary Basins

Simon Holford, Mark Bunch, Nick Schofield, Michael Curtis

Application of Heel Intersect Horizontal Well Concept in Coal Bed Methane Play: A Case Study

Han Lu, Mariano Ospina Guevara, Chunlin Zhao, Lijun Zhu

Australian Onshore Petroleum Acreage and Releases 2022

Lana Bartholomew

Australia Well Positioned to Become a CCUS Leader

Lein Mann Hansen

Biodiversity Protection Offsets in the Northern Territory - The Ichthys LNG Story

Ben W. Davis, Christopher J. Carle

Building Collaborative Capacity to Address Australia’s Growing Decommissioning Needs

Francis G. Norman

The Business of Growing a Hydrogen Business: Lessons from Disruptive Innovation Theory

Megan Wheeldon

Can Hologram Technology Promote Family Connection and Combat Anxiety and Depression in Oil and Gas Employees?

Albert A. Valadez, Andrew Jeremijenko

Carbon Capture and Storage: A Review of Australian Projects

Matthew Quinn

Carbon Capture Clusters

Helen Riordan, Phil Cohen, Stella Elkington

Central Queensland Hydrogen Project

Phil Richardson, Antony Wauchope

Climate Change Litigation: Directors’ Duties, Legal Developments and Risk Management

Louise Camenzuli, Andrew Korbel

Co-Application of Micro-Proppant with Horizontal Well, Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments to Improve Productivity in the Permian Coal Measures, Bowen Basin, Australia

Honja Miharisoa Ramanandraibe, Mohammad Sedaghat, Raymond Johnson Jr, Vanessa Santiago

CO2 EOR Potential in the Cooper and Surat Basins - A Cost-Effective Pathway to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Mohammad B. Bagheri, Matthew Wallace, Vello Kuuskraa, Hadi Nourollah, Matthias Raab, Tim Duff

Coexistence 2.0 - Maturing the Coexistence Model in Queensland

Jon Thomas

Collaborating to Bring New Technology on Developments

Harry Johnson

Collaborative Development of the Northern Territory Low-Emissions Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Hub - A Blueprint for the Rapid Decarbonisation of Northern Australia

Andrew Ross, Martin Stewart, Chanti Richardson, Alex Clifford

Collocated Offshore Wind-Hydrogen

Sam Lee Mohan, Andrew Taylor

Conceptual Model of the Lower Permian Kingia Sandstone (Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia) as an Alternative Energy Resource

Trey Meckel, Matthew Wright, Graham Blair, Mark Rallesteros, Andrew Farley, Anthony Cortis

The Continuing Role of Gas as the Natural Companion to Renewable Energy

Martin Wilkes

Cradle to Grave: Planning for All Well Decommissioning

Pauline Goh, Mark Bourne, Derrick O’Keeffe

Create a New Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Industry - Unlock Australian CO2 Storage by Using CO2 Carriers for Transport and Floating CCS Hub Facilities

Daein Cha, Matthew Holding

Design for Decommissioning - Focusing on Preventative Strategies and Beneficial Impact Assessment for Managing Offshore Infrastructure in situ

Alison J. Duguid, Leanne Geneve, Nick Nelson

Developing an In-Depth Understanding of PFAS to Deliver an Effective Remediation Strategy

Lucas Turner, David Prismall

Developing Australia’s Underground Hydrogen Storage through Demonstration

Max Watson, Jonathan Ennis-King, Allison Hortle, Matthias Raab

Digitalisation and Automation for the Development of Modern Engineering Workflows

Alan Hernandez, Michael Sinclair

Dynamic Risk Advisor – Real Time Bowtie Risk Assessment Monitoring System

Gustavo F. O. Silva, Augusto Borella, Rodrigo Chamusca Machado, Carlos Aberto Almeida Jr, Luiz Penido, Renan Carvalho, Andre Mengatti, Luciana J. Alcantara

Effects of Rapid Gas Decompression on Coal Seam Gas Swellables

Matthew B. Thompson, Jan Bon, Mike Vatan, Mohammad Zaman

Embracing Technology to Deliver an Intelligent Scarborough Offshore Facility

Thomas Pritchard, Roy J. Mellows

Enhancing the Management of Decommissioning Activities in Joint Development Areas

Aaron Tung

Environmental Genomics Applications for Environmental Management Activities in the Oil and Gas Industry: State-of-the-Art Review and Future Research Needs

Michael Marnane, Marc Skinner, Catie Young, Mary Murdoch, Jordan Angle, Jeffrey Pollock, Thomas Merzi, Nicolas Tsesmetzis, Paola Maria Pedroni, Ane Kjølhamar, Anita Skarstad, Cyril Mickiewicz, Felicite Robertson, Harvey Johnstone

Environmentally Assisted Fatigue Failure of Drill Pipe Connections

Judy Turnbull, Roger G. Metcalfe, Roger Costanzi

Evaluating Australia’s Energy Commodity Resources Potential for a Net-Zero Emission Future

Thomas Bernecker, Barry E. Bradshaw, Andrew J. Feitz, Aleksandra A. Kalinowski

Examining the Challenges and Opportunities for Australia as an LNG Producer against the Backdrop of Rising Domestic Renewables Output and Global Interest in ‘Carbon-Neutral’ LNG

Rou Urn Lee, Joey Chua

Exploration and Appraisal Year in Review 2021

Adam Craig

Exploring the Thai and Malaysian Decommissioning Landscapes - Identifying Opportunities and Challenges for Australia

Aaron Tung

Extracting Events from Daily Drilling Reports Using Fuzzy String Matching

Mariana S. Oliveira, Adriano Mourthe, Maria Clara Duque

Feasibility Study of Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage in Porous Reservoirs

Jason P. Czapla, M. B. Clennell

Finding Winners in the Hydrogen Hype

Prakash Sharma, Flor Lucia De la Cruz, Jonathan Sultoon

Fish Associated with Subsea Pipelines and Their Rock Berms

Sean van Elden, Thomas Tothill, Jessica J. Meeuwig

Fit for Work, Healthy for Life - The Science of Wellbeing

Mike (Michael) Ashman

Fostering Employee and Community Engagement through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Goals

Jeremy Campbell-Wray, Nicole Durham

The Future Energy Leader: A Millennial Dilemma

Polly Mahapatra

Geomechanical rock properties of the Officer Basin

Adam H. E. Bailey, Liuqi Wang, Dave N. Dewhurst, Jade R. Anderson, Lidena K. Carr, Paul A. Henson

Geomechanical Rock Properties of the Officer Basin

Adam H. E. Bailey, Liuqi Wang, Dave N. Dewhurst, Jade R. Anderson, Lidena K. Carr, Paul A. Henson

Global Energy Outlooks and Australia’s Net Zero Energy Future

Jerome Paz

Gold (Hydrogen) Rush: Risks and Uncertainties in Exploring for Naturally Occurring Hydrogen

Linda Stalker, Asrar Talukder, Julian Strand, Matthew Josh, Mohinudeen Faiz

Greenhouse Gases Emissions Evaluation for Prospective Energy Projects

Emelyn Ang, Munish Kumar

Ground Surface Monitoring for CO2 Injection and Storage

Saeed Salimzadeh, Dane Kasperczyk, Zuorong Chen, Abbas Movassagh, Elaheh Arjomand, Wen Shen (Vincent) Mow, James Kear

Guidance Document: Incident Management Teams - Knowledge Requirements for Responding to Marine Oil Spills

Daniel Hazell, Phillip Starkins

A Holistic Approach to Reducing Small-Bore Fitting and Tubing Failures in Oil and Gas Facilities

Rajinesh Singh, Robert Swindell

Honey, I Shrunk the Boat? Uncrewed Subsea Inspections Leveraging Remote Operations Technology

Yating Zhao, Paul Ulyett

Hydrogen Storage Potential of Depleted Oil and Gas Fields in Western Australia

Adam Craig, Stephen Newman, Peter Stephenson, Chris Evans, Shaun Yancazos, Simon Barber

The Impact of New Supply from the Perth Basin on the Supply of Natural Gas in Western Australia

Simon Molyneux, Frank Glass, Martin Storey, Hong Feng Wu, William Walton

Impacts of Exposure to a Seismic Source Survey on Silverlip Pearl Oysters (Pinctada Maxima)

Miles J. G. Parsons, Conrad W. Speed, Robert D. McCauley, Rebbeca Fisher, Cecile Dang, Diego R. Barneche, Jayson Semmens, Stephen Newman, Ryan Day, Hosna Gholipourkanani, Mark G. Meekan

Industry-Wide Learnings from the Independent Review of Australia’s Most Complex Decommissioning Program

Alasdair Gray, Chris Wilson

The Infrastructure of Net Zero: A Unique Challenge for Australia

Paul Ebert, Clare Anderson, Chris Greig

INPEX-Led Ichthys Joint Venture - Developing a Dynamic Adjustment Area to Identify, Time, Duration and Potential Exposure Periods Related to a 2D Seismic Survey offshore Western Australia

Jake Prout, Paul Miller, Shane O’Donoghue

INPEX-Led Ichthys Joint Venture - Proudly Partnering with Indigenous Groups in the Northern Territory

Joshua J. Corbett, Christopher J. Carle

An Integrated Approach to Environmental Assessment for Decommissioning Outcomes

Louise Mayboehm, Katie Martin, Sheela Veluayitham

Integrated Asset Performance Management: A True, Holistic View of Asset Health and Risk

Chris Engdahl, David Hattrick

Integrity Considerations for Dehydration of Carbon Dioxide

Ross Weiter

Intelligent Monitoring of Fugitive Emissions - Comparison of Continuous Monitoring with Intelligent Analytics to other Emissions Monitoring Technologies

Michelle J. Liu, Karren N. Izquierdo, Dennis S. Prince

Key Lessons in Planning for Proactive Decommissioning - A Review of the Thevenard Island Decommissioning Project

Christopher M. Jones, Michael B. Boisvert, Shannon L. Dolbel, Richard P. Langsford, George N. Farag, Kellie A. Rinaldi, Jennifer D. Brauhart, Paul Y. Hoffman, Grant A. Brunsdon

Lessons Learned - Incorporation of Action Management for Inherent Learning and Prioritisation through Opportunity Matrix

Mark Williams, Andy Sutherland

Lighting the Way

Blair Hardman, Dave Sharp

Looking Down the (Oil) Barrel of a Class Action?

Anne Freeman, Tom Griffith

Major Geological Surfaces of the Exmouth Plateau from the New Broadband PreSDM Reprocessed 3D Seismic Data with Full Waveform Inversion

Feng Xu Jian, Pooya Hadian, Stephen Doyle, Simon Molyneux, Hongfeng Wu

Managing Offshore Australia and its Resources

Shane Gaddes

Marine Measurement, Monitoring and Verification for Offshore Carbon Storage Projects - Learnings from a Coastal Gippsland Setting

Andrew S. Ross, Joanne Myers, Erik Van Ooijen, Tim Ryan, Jim Greenwood, David Hughes, Andreas Marouchos, John Keesing, Lev Bodrossy, Dirk Slawinski, Charles Jenkins

Measurement Best Practice: ‘To the Standards and Beyond!’

Marcel Vermeulen, Adam Pring

Mental Health and the Resources Sector: Findings from a research program to promote effective mental health solutions

Carole L. James, Anna Giacomini, Frances Kay-Lambkin, Mark Rubin, Brian Kelly

Minimising Pipeline Leaks and Maximising Operational Life by Application of Machine Learning at Cooper Basin

Hossein Khalilpasha, Justin Brown

Modelling of High Point Vents in Water Gathering Systems - A New Approach Using Simcenter Flomaster

Jurgen Sprengel, Pedro Milano, Ryan Sfand, Doug Kolak

Monitoring Well Cementing Operations Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing

Ludovic Paul Ricard, Elaheh Arjomand

Multiple Tracers for Dis-Connectivity of Shallow Aquifers, Alluvium, and Coal Seam Gas Wells in the Great Artesian Basin

J. K. Pearce, S. D. Golding, K. A. Baublys, H. Hofmann, D. I. Cendón, St. J. Herbert, P. J. Hayes

Multiple World First Technology Applications on Julimar Development Phase 2 - Multizone Openhole Gravel Packing with Enhanced Shunted Screens and Zonal Isolation in High Rate Gas Wells and 18” Reel Lay for Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Flowlines

Ben Witton, Ross Markham

National Decommissioning Research Initiative outcomes inform offshore decommissioning options

Samantha Jarvis, Luke Smith

Natural Hydrogen Exploration in Australia - State of Knowledge and Presentation of a Case Study

Emanuelle Frery, Laurent Langhi, Jelena Markov

Naturally Derived Carbon Material for Hydrogen Storage

Bashirul Haq, Dhafer Al-Shehri, Amir Al-Ahmed, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Mahmoud M. Abdelnaby, Nasiru Salahu Muhammed, Ehsan Zaman, Md Abdul Aziz, Stefan Iglauer, Mohammed Sofian Ali Khalid

Net Zero Hero - Five Strategies for Oil and Gas Producers

Bradley Farrell

A New Approach for Production Forecasting from Individual Layers in Multi-Layer Commingled Tight Gas Reservoirs

Katarina Van Der Haar (nee Kosten), Manouchehr Haghighi

New Imaging Results and Improved Interpretation of Late Triassic Depositional Features within the Browse Basin, North West Shelf of Australia

Jarrad Paul Grahame, Tran Thinh To

The Northwest Offshore Otway Basin Well Folio

Duy Nguyen, Dianne S. Edwards, Merrie-Ellen Gunning, George Bernardel

Old basins, New Seismic Data - Architecture of Proterozoic Basins in Northwest Queensland

Alison Troup, Sally Edwards

On a Mission to Decommission?

Andy Aston

Optimising Value in the Mature Turrum Field: Integrating Modern Seismic, High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Production Data in a 3D Geological Model

Natalie Debenham, Adam Fynnaart, Melanie Ryan, Angus Goody

Origins of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in Gas Reservoirs by Isotopic Analyses: The Mitigation of Operation Risks

Gareth R. L. Chalmers, Amanda A. Bustin, Andrea Sanlorenzo, R. Marc Bustin

Overcoming COVID Challenges in Project Execution - West Barracouta

John Kubik, Grant Shaw, Melissa Vicario

Passive Microseismic - Direct Hydrocarbon Sensing with Minimal Environmental Impact

Helen Debenham, Evgeny Smirnov

PESA Australia Business Environment Review 2021

Candice Bell

The Petrel Sub-Basin: A World-Class CO2 Store - Mapping and Modelling of a Scalable and Commercially Viable CCS Development

Rosie Johnstone, Linda Stalker

Petroleum Supersystems in the Greater McArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Australia: Prospectivity of the World’s Oldest Stacked Systems with Emphasis on the McArthur Supersystem

Amber J. M. Jarrett, Tim J. Munson, Ben Williams, Adam H. E. Bailey, Tehani Palu

Petrophysical Characterisation of the Neoproterozoic and Cambrian Successions in the Officer Basin

Liuqi Wang, Adam H. E. Bailey, Lidena K. Carr, Dianne S. Edwards, Kamal Khider, Jade Anderson, Christopher J. Boreham, Chris Southby, David N. Dewhurst, Lionel Esteban, Stuart Munday, Paul A. Henson

Pluto 4D Monitor Two - A Second Outstanding Success

Sandra Mann, Scott Gagen

Potential Field Interpretation and Modelling in the Deep-Water Otway Basin

Yvette H. Poudjom Djomani, Merrie-Ellen Gunning

Progressive Sanding Evaluation at Different Stages of the Geographe Field Development, Otway Basin

Ahmadreza Younessi, Abbas Khaksar, Charles Hogue, Peter McKenzie

Quantifying the Reduction of Rehabilitation Needs and Safety Risks in the Use of Innovative Well and Flowline Decommissioning Tools

Geoff Lindsay

A Quantitative Method for Evaluating Ecological Risks Associated with Long-Term Degradation of Deep-Sea Plastic-Containing Infrastructure

Alexander N. Testoff, Nicholas A. Nelson, Joseph P. Nicolette

The Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan: A 30-Year Plan to Build a Resilient, Responsible and Sustainable Resources Industry That Grows as it Transforms

Kahil Lloyd, Carlye Sycz

Queensland’s Risk-Based Petroleum and Gas Regulator

William Date, Mark Stone

Recycling of Australian Oil and Gas Assets, an Australian Basel-Compliant Solution

T. Soliman Hunter, P. Brenan, D. Shannon

A Regional Chronostratigraphic Framework for Play-Based Resource Assessments in the Eromanga Basin

Barry E. Bradshaw, Nadege Rollet, Jeremy Iwanec, Tom Bernecker

A Regional Strike-Slip Fault under the Canning Basin

Yijie Zhan, Peter W. Haines

The Reids Dome Beds and its Coal Seam Gas Characteristics – Queensland’s Latest Coal Seam Gas Target

Steven G. Scott, Brent Glassborow

Repurposing Victoria’s Gas Infrastructure for a Net Zero Future

Hossein Khalilpasha, Hendrik Visagie, Gilles Dour, Alvin Moe, Elissa McNamara, Rohan Versteegen

Reservoir Quality and Diagenesis of the West Erregulla Field, North Perth Basin, Western Australia

Matthew Wright, Andrew Farley, Hannah Karena, Anthony Cortis

Resource Potential of the Carrara Sub-Basin from the Deep Stratigraphic Well NDI Carrara I

A. H. E. Bailey, E. Grosjean, L. Wang, C. J. Boreham, G. A. Butcher, C. J. Carson, A. J. M. Jarrett, L. K. Carr, C. Southby, T. J. Palu, P. A. Henson

The Role of Faulting in Northern Carnarvon’s Sub-Basins in Transferring Very High Overpressure

Edward Hoskin, Jakob Heller

Route Selection with Artificial Intelligence: Pseudocode and Demonstration of a Multi-Use Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Perform Offshore Pipeline, Cable and Umbilical Route Selection and Optimisation

Nigel Lim, Lucas Lim

Safety Zones and Decommissioning in Situ/Artificial Reefing in the Australian Regulatory Context: A Net Environmental Benefit Analysis-Based Comparative Assessment (NEBA-CA) Intergenerational Value Proposition

Nicholas A. Nelson, Joseph P. Nicolette, Alex N. Testoff, Alison Duguid

Seamless in Seam - New Geosteering Technology Delivered Challenging Coal Seam Gas Project with Success

Arman Nick Kholgh, Martin Mackinlay, Sophie Garrard, Mohammad Zaman, Haifeng Wang, Chris Hibberson, Nicholas Challands, Hoan Van Luu, Rohit Tekale, Francis Advent Kalukal, Yang Liu, Nadia Ardikani

The Search for New Oil and CO2 Storage Resources: Residual Oil Zones in Australia

Aleksandra Kalinowski, Eric Tenthorey, Mojtaba Seyyedi, Michael Ben Clennell

Seismic, Petrophysical and Petrological Constraints on the Alteration of Igneous Rocks in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: Implications for Petroleum Exploration and Drilling Operations

Michael S. Curtis, Simon P. Holford, Mark A. Bunch, Nick J. Schofield

A Seismic Shift in Engagement with the Fishing Industry? A Case Study of the Prion 3D Marine Seismic Survey in Bass Strait

Linda French, Andrew Sullivan

Shuts, Turns and Roundabouts

Brett Kalisch, David Pearce

Simplicity and Digitalisation - Using GIS to Reduce Design and Operation Costs in Gas Gathering Systems

Alex Meynink

The Story of Esso Australia’s Push to Explore the Frontier Gippsland Basin with the Ultra-Deep Water Sculpin-I Exploration Well

Steven Spencer

Strategic Decision Making for Late-Life Assets

Luis Mendoza, Ellen Coopersmith, Adrian Sikorski

Strategic Decision Making to Achieve a Path to Net Zero

Ashley Corso, Ellen Coopersmith, Kris Cejka

Strategies for Actively Engaging with Indigenous Businesses

Llewellyn Williams, Kevin McCafferty

Stratigraphic Framework and Structural Architecture of the Upper Cretaceous in the Deep-Water Otway Basin - Implications for Frontier Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

Chris Nicholson, Steve Abbott, George Bernardel, Merrie-Ellen Gunning

Strength in Numbers: How the Different Satellite Systems Used to Monitor Methane Emissions from Space Have Different, Yet Complementary, Capabilities to Help the Oil and Gas Industry Meet its Decarbonisation Goals

Jean-Francois Gauthier

Suitability of Depleted Gas Fields for Underground Hydrogen Storage in Australia

Karsten Michael, Jonathan Ennis-King, Julian Strand, Regina Sander, Chris Green

Supporting Energy Transition as a Service Contractor

David Francis, Marc Chable, Matthew Campbell, Anne-Marie Blewett

Techno-Economic Evaluation of Blue Hydrogen Production with Carbon Capture and Storage for Onshore Eastern Australia

Devin A. Lacey, Kelly J. Zukowski, J. Gregory Owen, Trisha S. MacDonald

Technological Advances in Biosecurity Monitoring

Barbara A. Marks

A Time Series Analysis of Exploration in the North West Shelf

Maria Irene Inggrid, Michael Braim, Munish Kumar

The Transformation of Australia’s First Commercial CSG Field into a Major Gas Project: How Innovation and Subsurface Understanding Has Driven its Success

Justin Gorton, Mike Martin

Trusted Environmental and Geological Information to Support Australian Energy Resource Development in a Changing World

Sarlae R. B. McAlpine, Meredith L. Orr, Darren Ferdinando, Stephen Hostetler

Uncertainty Analysis on Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing

Abbas Movassagh, Elaheh Arjomand, Dane Kasperczyk, James Kear, Tess Dance

Unlocking Gippsland Reserves with a Minimum Kit Solution - West Barracouta

John Kubik, Grant Shaw, Melissa Vicario

The Use of Corrosion Protection Measures to Extend the Service Life of Lifting Equipment in a Marine Environment

Francois Strydom, Ben Burgess

Using Unsupervised Machine Learning to Identify Risk of Failure at Ageing Oil and Gas Assets

Uday Manchanda, Ammar Pervez

Viral Mutations, Vaccine Effectiveness and Rapid Tests — COVID-19 Risk Management in the Two Largest LNG Producing Countries, Qatar and Australia

Andrew Jeremijenko

Well Productivity Trends in Queensland Coal Seam Gas and the Incremental Well Breakeven

Jimmy Zeng

West Barracouta - 50 Years in the Making

Daniel Chigwidden, Matthew Felgate

Wireline Packer Remediation Using Novel Bismuth Technology

Isaac Hochberg, Andrew Fowlie, Konstandinos Dalianas

Zero Emissions LNG - A Credible Opportunity for the Industry

Peter Cox