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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Circum Pacific Council Publications

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Application of Geothermal Energy to Mineral Processing: Cyanide Heap-Leaching of Low-Grade Gold Ore

Thomas Flynn

Biogeochemistry for Future Mineral Resource Exploration Programs in the Central American-Caribbean Region

Frederick R. Siegel

Caribbean Region: Perspectives on Petroleum

Aruthur A. Meyerhoff

Central America and the North Caribbean: Resource Implications Inferred from Paleomagnetic Data and Plate Tectonic History

William D. MacDonald

Central American Resource Studies

Ed Van Eeckhout

Circum-Caribbean Sedimentary Basin Development and Timing of Hydrocarbon Maturation as a Function of Caribbean Plate Tectonic Evolution

James L. Pindell

Coal Districts of Venezuela

Simon E. Rodriguez M.

Coal in the Central American-Caribbean Region

E.R. Landis

Coal Resources of the Baja Talamanca Area of Costa Rica

Kenneth Bolanos I.

The Coban Formation in the Peten Basin, Guatemala

L.A. Wug

Current Status of Geothermal Activities in Guatemala

A.A. Caicedo

Deposits of Peat in Costa Rica

Luis Gmo. Obando

The Distinctive Hydrology of Tropical Islands

Allen L. Zack

An Economic Prefeasibility Study of Geothermal Energy Development at Platanares, Honduras

Linda K. Trocki

Economics of Selected Energy Applications of Peat in Panama and Costa Rica

Gary Thayer

Environmental Impacts Associated with Geothermal Exploration, Development, and Power Generation

Agustin L. Viesca

Exploration, Development, and Utilization of Coal in Costa Rica

Oldemar Ramirez

Extent and Socio-Economic Significance of Slope-Instability on the Island of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic)

Sergio Mora C.

FRONTMATTER: Energy and Mineral Potential of the Central American-Caribbean

Geodynamic Map of Costa Rica

Walter Montero P.

Geologic Hazards in Honduras

Michael J. Kozuch

Geophysical Exploration of the Las Pailas Geothermal Field, Rincon De La Vieja, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Arturo Quesada Munoz

Geothermal Prefeasibility Studies in Honduras

Wilmer Flores

The Human and Economic Losses of Selected Natural Disasters in Latin America, 1970-1987

Daniel B. Krinsley


Industrial Minerals--Key to Economic Development

Haydn H. Murray

An Integrated Geological and Geophysical Interpretation of the San Carlos Basin, Costa Rica

Lesmes E. Ballestero C.

The Jamaican Bauxite Industry: Glimpses Into Its Past, Present, and Future

Carlton E. Davis

Karst Localities in Costa Rica and Their Geologic Background

Sergio Mora C.

The Known and Potential Resource Base for Economic Development in the Central American-Caribbean Region

Gregorio Escalante

Landslides on the Panama Canal

George Berman

Mineral-Energy Resources in the Dominican Republic

Francisco J. Amezquita

A Mining Design Project for the Zent Coal, Limon, Costa Rica

Rogelio Samuels

Momotombo Geothermal Field

Ernesto Martinez Tiffer

Nickel Potential of the Caribbean Plate and Adjacent Regions

Fred Barnard

The Occurrence, Production, and Trade of Non-Metallic Industrial Minerals in Costa Rica

S.J. Mathers

An Oil and Gas Assessment of the U.S. Continental Slope in the Gulf of Mexico

George Carpenter

Opportunities for Collaborating in Utilization of Clean Coal Technologies

Denise F. Swink

Origin of Gold from the Golfo Dulce Placer Province, Southern Costa Rica

Jevan P. Berrange

The Outlook for Volcanic-Hosted Gold Deposits in the Republic of Costa Rica

Steve Ludington

Peat Deposits of Central America and the Caribbean Region

Aruthur D. Cohen

The Perpetual Mystery of Petroleum Migration

William H. Roberts III

The Petroleum Potential of the Netherlands Antilles

Thomas E. Daly

Prefeasibility Geothermal Assessment of Platanares, Department of Copan, Honduras

Sue Goff

Preliminary Tectonic Outline of Northern Guatemala

Julio C. Franco A.

A Provisional Study of Costa Rican Diatomites as Raw Materials for Filter-Aids

S.J. Mathers

A Quaternary Volcanic Aquifer System in Central America: Key Factors in Groundwater Potential and Protection

S.S.D. Foster

Recommendations of the Working Group on Coal and Peat

Jean Weaver

Report of the Working Group on Natural Hazards

Mary Ellen Williams

The Role of National Institutions and International Cooperation in the Development of the Geological Sciences in the Central American-Caribberan Region

Gabriel Dengo

Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Potential of Puerto Rico

D.K. Larue

Sedimentary Basins of Costa Rica: Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential

Allan Astorga

Seismological Studies at the Miravalles Geothermal Project

Rafael Barquero

Selected Precious-Metal Occurrences in the Lesser Antilles

Gregory E. McKelvey

Status and Geologic Setting of Geothermal Fields in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean

David Sussman

Status of Coal Exploration in the Atlantic Coast of Colombia

Hernan Gomez-Mejia

The Status of Mineral Production in the Caribbean Basin Countries

Orlando Martino

Structure and Depostional Patterns and Their Influence on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Fan-Deltas in Southern Puerto Rico

Robert A. Renken

Summary and Recommendations of the Minerals Working Group

Orlando Martino

Summary and Recommendations of the Working Group on Geothermal Resources

David Sussman

Summary of Working Group Session on Petroleum Resources

Gerardo Jager

Summary Statement for Hydrology Session Working Group

Allen L. Zack

Use of Seismic Refraction Techniques for Investigating Recent Landslides in a Tropical Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

Matthew C. Larsen

Utilizing Coal in the Cement Industry in Costa Rica

Fernando Alvarado