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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Avonlea and its Significance

T. Binnert Haites

Evidence of Supersaturated Zones in the Athabasca Oil Sands

A. H. Ellison

Geophysical Lecture

E. R. Deutsch

Subsurface Mineral Occurrences: Barite in Northeastern British Columbia

Derek C. Pugh

Fluorite in Baldonnel Formation

P. C. Reed

Alberta Energy Sources, Coal to Hydrocarbons; Exploration, Surface and Subsurface [Abstract]

Floyd K. Beach

Alberta and Fossil Vertabrates [Abstract]

Wann Langston, Jr.

Geomorphology of the Drumheller-Morrin Area, South-Central Alberta [Abstract]

A. J. Broscoe, R. H. Barton

Geology of the Western Front Ranges South of Bow River, Alberta [Abstract]

J. L. Usher

Cyclic Carbonate Sedimentation in the Mississippian at Moose Dome, Southwest Alberta [Abstract]

L. V. Illing

Structural Geology of the Moose Mountain Area, Alberta [Abstract]

C. D. A. Dahlstrom, G. G. L. Henderson

Nisku Lithofacies of Rocky Mountains, Alberta [Abstract]

G. E. Hargreaves

Middle Cambrian of the Southern Alberta Plains [Abstract]

H. van Hees

Elk Point Group, Southern and Central Alberta [Abstract]

H. R. Belyea

Basal Upper Devonian Strata Between Drumheller and Rocky Mountains, Alberta [Abstract]

Taras P. Storey

Devonian Reef and Off-Reef Relationships in the Drumheller Area [Abstract]

W. P. Kirker

Facies Analysis of Upper Devonian Wabamun Group in West Central Alberta [Abstract]

John M. Andrichuk

Mississippian of South-Central Alberta [Abstract]

D. G. Penner

Facies and Porosity Relationships in the Mississippian Elkton Carbonate Cycle of Southwestern Alberta [Abstract]

G. E. Thomas, R. P. Glaister

The Blairmore Group in the Subsurface of Alberta [Abstract]

L. E. Workman

Viking Deposition in the Southern Alberta Plains [Abstract]

H. K. Roessingh

Wimborne Oil and Gas Field, Alberta [Abstract]

P. F. Brennan, A. S. Warden

Drumheller Oil Fields, Alberta [Abstract]

M. R. Roop

East Calgary Gas Field [Abstract]

A. D. M. Mason, C. Riddell

Wayne Oil Field, Alberta [Abstract]

R. H. Erickson, J. S. Crewson