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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

CSPG Bulletin

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Gravitational Tectonics

F. K. North

An Appraisal of Fracture Porosity

James M. Drummond

Stable Isotopes a Key to our Understanding of Natural Processes

H. G. Thode

Variation in Tectonic Style

L. U. de Sitter

Interference Patterns from Inclined Shear Fold Systems

E. S. O'Driscoll

Diverse Stromatolite Forms from the Upper Devonian of Saskatchewan

W. L. Kaufmann

Devonian Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Ram River Area, Alberta [Abstract]

Gordon L. Bell

A Sedimentation Study of the Slocan Series, Sandon Area, British Columbia [Abstract]

Martin DeValera Kierans

A Lower Cambrian Trilobite Fauna from Near Cranbrook, B.C. [Abstract]

Raymond Victor Best

Some Geologic Factors Relating to the Laboratory Examination of Recent Sediments [Abstract]

Ralph Belmore Toombs

Some Devonian Brachiopods Reported from Western Canada [Abstract]

John A. C. Fortescue

Corals from the Rundle Formation (Mississippian) of Banff, Alberta [Abstract]

Fridtjof Aloert Frebold

A Comparison of the Diagenetic and Diagnostic Features of the Sturgeon Lake, Normandville and Clairmont Reef Complexes [Abstract]

G. A. Leslie

An Investigation of the Devonian Rhynchonellids of the Great Western Basin [Abstract]

L. B. MacRae

Age and Origin of the McMurray Formation [Abstract]

G. B. Mellon

Preface, Flathead Valley Field Conference

A. J. Goodman

Maps and Photos of Flathead Valley and Environs

California Standard Company (photos by K. Hyde)

Table of Formations, Flathead Valley

Oil Seepages in the Sage Creek Area, B.C.

G. S. Hume

Cross Section of Flathead Valley in Vicinity of Sage Creek, B.C.

Leslie M. Clark

Structures of the Howell Creek Area

P. B. Jones1

The Howell Creek Structure

D. H. Oswald1

Structure Around Glacier National Park, Montana

Milton O. Childers1

Microtectonics of the Kootenay Formation Near Fernie, British Columbia

D. K. Norris

The Precambrian Purcell System in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta and British Columbia

R. A. Price

The Devonian Fairholme-Sassenach Succession and Evolution of Reef-Front Geometry in the Flathead-Crowsnest Pass Area, Alberta and British Columbia

R. A. Price

Mississippian Stratigraphy of South-Eastern British Columbia

D. H. Oswald

Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy

D. L. Scott

Permian and Carboniferous Stratigraphy Crowsnest Area, Alberta and B.C.

A. McGugan, J. E. Rapson

Palynology of the Kootenay Formation at its Type Section

Stanley A. J. Pocock

The Lower Cretaceous of the Southeastern Canadian Cordillera

D. K. Norris

Kishenehn Formation

Loris S. Russell

Chemical Correlation of the Purcell Igneous Rocks

Graham Hunt

Lithology and Petrography of Transitional Jurassic-Cretaceous Clastic Rocks, Southern Rocky Mountains

June E. Rapson

Stratigraphy and Microfauna of the Jurassic Fernie Group, Fernie Basin, S.E. British Columbia

I. Weihmann1

Fourteenth Annual Field Conference Road Log

D. H. Oswald, P. Verrall