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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Devonian Correlations Near Sunwapta Pass, Banff National Park, Alberta

H. R. Belyea, D. J. McLaren

Preliminary Account of the Lower Palaeozoic Strata of a Part of Northeastern British Columbia

E. J. W. Irish

Recumbent Folding in Metamorphic Terranes

H. A. K. Charlesworth, R. St. J. Lambert

A Computer-Oriented System for the Storage and Retrieval of Well Information

John V. Buller

New Occurrences of Graptolites from the South Nahanni Region, Northwest Territories and Yukon

A. C. Lenz, D. E. Jackson

Morphology and Classification of Some Chitinozoa

Jan Jansonius

An Instrument for Textural Analysis of Sedimentary Rocks: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

C. G. Winder

The Chemistry of the Clay-Size Fraction Across the Oldman-Bearpaw Contact of the St. Mary River Section [Abstract]

R. N. Farvolden

Permo-Carboniferous Stratigraphy of the Banff-Jasper Area, Alberta [Abstract]

H. R. Rudy

The Spinney Hand Hill Sand of West Central Saskatchewan [Abstract]

R. G. Edwards

The Lloydminster Oil and Gas Field, Alberta [Abstract]

D. M. Kent

The Nikanassin Formation of the Type Area, Near Cadomin, Alberta [Abstract]

A. A. W. Kryczka

Sedimentary Petrology of the Cardium Formation, West-Central Alberta [Abstract]

R. M. McMullen

Ordovician Bentonites From Ontario [Abstract]

J. B. B. Orr

Geology of the Wasootch Creek Map-Area, Alberta [Abstract]

D. L. Scott

A Study of Some Cambrian Sediments from Jasper Park, Alberta [Abstract]

P. C. Waller

Petrology and Heavy Minerals of the Viking Formation, West Central Alberta [Abstract]

H. R. Young

Geology of the Fraser River Valley Between Lillooet and Big Bar Creek [Abstract]

H. P. Trettin