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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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CSPG Bulletin

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Cyclic Deposits of Potash in Saskatchewan

A. M. Klingspor

Cardium Sandstone Bodies, Crossfield-Garrington Area, Alberta

R. J. Berven

Stratigraphy of Middle Devonian and Older Rocks of Banff Aquitaine Rainbow West 7-32 Discovery Well, Alberta

M. E. Hriskevich

The Mississippian-Jurassic Unconformity Near Nordegg, Alberta

D. M. Cruden, H. A. K. Charlesworth

Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Stratigraphy of the Besa River Shale, British Columbia

E. E. Pelzer

Abstracts of Theses: Paleoecology of Invertebrate Fauna from Post-Glacial Sediments Near Earl Grey, Saskatchewan

Paul Guliov

Abstracts of Theses: Relationships Between Texture and Depositional Environment in Mississippian Limestones of the Alida Area, Saskatchewan

B. J. Pfeffer

Abstracts of Theses: Petrofabric Analysis of Potash Ore Beds, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

Alan Raymond Clark

Abstracts of Theses: Relationships Between the Middle Devonian Prairie Evaporite Formation and The "Salt-Free" Area, of South-Central Saskatchewan

B. A. L. Lahey

Abstracts of Theses: Hydrology of the Regina Aquifer, Saskatchewan

Allan Lissey

Abstracts of Theses: Geochemistry of Groundwater in the Upper Notukeu Creek Area, Southwestern Saskatchewan

M. L. Parsons

Abstracts of Theses: Reconnaissance Resistivity Surveys in Southeastern Manitoba

John Ernest Wyder

Abstracts of Theses: Groundwater Study, Rivers Area, Manitoba

Charles Alexander Bostock

Abstracts of Theses: Stratigraphic Clay-Mineral Distribution in the Cretaceous Colorado Group Near Saskatoon

John Lawrence Brandt

Abstracts of Theses: Mid-Devonian Martiniid Brachiopods from Northern Canada

William Andrew Hogg

Abstracts of Theses: Biostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous White Speckled Shales in Central Saskatchewan

Jack Melvin Park

Abstracts of Theses: Tertiary Gravels and Sands in Southern Saskatchewan

Jan Albert Vonhof

Abstracts of Theses: Middle Devonian Salt Formations of Alberta

Douglas William Watson