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Foraminiferal Zonation of the Lower Carboniferous Connor Lakes Section, British Columbia

B. L. Mamet, D. Mason

Foraminifera, Etherington Formation (Carboniferous), Alberta, Canada

Bernard L. Mamet

Environments of Deposition of the Halfway Formation, Milligan Creek Area, British Columbia

John S. Mothersill

The Stratigraphic Nomenclature Committee of the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists

J.W. Hawryszko, I. A. R. Halladay

Abstracts of Theses: Dimensional Grain Orientation of Ordovician Turbidite Greywackes

Diane Onions

Abstracts of Theses: The Sedimentology of the Medina Formation Outcropping Along the Niagara Escarpment (Ontario and New York State)

Martini, I. R.

Abstracts of Theses: Mineralogy and Origin of the Eastend and Whitemud Formations of South-Central and Southwestern Saskatchewan and Southeastern Alberta

Byers, P. R.

Abstracts of Theses: Sedimentology of the Mannville Group in the Cold Lake Area, Alberta

Clack, W. J. F.

Abstracts of Theses: The Hamill Group of the Northern Dogtooth Mountains British Columbia, Canada

Ellison, A. H.

Abstracts of Theses: Permo-Pennsylvanian Spiriferids from the Yukon Territory

Gorveatt, A. C.

Abstracts of Theses: The Geochemistry of Precambrian Argillites: Purcell System

Leask, D. M.

Abstracts of Theses: Geology of the Kipahigan Lake Copper-Nickel Sulphide Deposit, Saskatchewan

Netolitzky, R. K.

Abstracts of Theses: Geology of the Big Ledge Zinc Deposit, British Columbia

Raham, G. O.

Abstracts of Theses: Some Aspects of Ion Exchange in Shales

Williams, H. H.

Abstracts of Theses: Structural Geology of the Northern Dogtooth Range, British Columbia

Wind, G.

Abstracts of Theses: Surficial Geology of the Banff Area, Alberta

Rutter, N. W.

Abstracts of Theses: Petrology of Cataclastic Rocks of Northeastern Alberta

Watanabe, R. Y.

Abstracts of Theses: The Old Fort Point Formation, Jasper, Alberta

Weiner, J. L.

Abstracts of Theses: A Petrologic Comparison of the Frenchman and Upper Edmonton Formations

Chi, B. L.

Abstracts of Theses: Structural Analysis of Part of the Brazeau Range Anticline Near Nordegg, Alberta

Cruden, D. M.

Abstracts of Theses: Ordovician and Silurian of the Northern Rocky Mountains Between Peace and Muskwa Rivers, British Columbia

Davies, E. J. L.

Abstracts of Theses: Succession and Distribution of Ostracoda in Highway Borrow PIT Ponds of Central Alberta

Johnston, P. J.

Abstracts of Theses: The Spit-Platform Concept: Laboratory Observation of Spit Development

Meistrell, F. J.

Abstracts of Theses: Geology of Ford Creek Area, Sawtooth Range, Montana

Langfield, P. M.

Abstracts of Theses: Shallow-Water Ripple Marks at Pinery Park, Lake Huron, Ontario

Risk, M. J.

Foraminiferal Zonation of the Lower Carboniferous Connor Lakes Section, British Columbia: ADDENDUM

B. L. Mamet, D. Mason