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Hydrocarbon Generation Kinetics and Thermal Modelling, Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin

Dale R. Issler, Lloyd R. Snowdon


Shaun O'Connell, Sebastian Bell

The Origin, History, and Regional Structural Development of the Peace River Arch, Western Canada

Shaun C. O'Connell, George R. Dix, James E. Barclay

Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Eocene Stellarima Assemblage Zone (Pyrite Diatom Steinkerns) in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada

David H. McNeil

Deep Crust and Basement Structure of the Peace River Arch region: Constraints on Mechanisms of Formation

G.M. Ross

Upper Cretaceous (Santonian-Lower Campanian) Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Nanaimo Group, Subsurface of the Parksville Area, Eastern Vancouver Island

Alan McGugan

Upper Proterozoic to Middle Cambrian History of the Peace River Arch: Evidence from the Rocky Mountains

M.E. McMechan

Stable Isotopic Composition of Authigenic Carbonates from the Albian Harmon Member (Peace River Formation): Evidence of Early Diagenetic Processes

John Bloch

Ordovician and Silurian Stratigraphy, Paleogeography and Depositional History in the Peace River Arch Area, Alberta and British Columbia

B.S. Norford

Types of Channel-Fills Interpreted from Dipmeter Logs in the McMurray Formation, Northeast Alberta

W. Muwais, D.G. Smith

The Influence of the Peace River Arch on Beaverhill Lake Sedimentation

J. Walter Keith

Early Diagenesis in a Potential Oil Shale: Evidence from Calcite Concretions in the Upper Devonian Kettle Point Formation, Southwestern Ontario

M. Coniglio, J.S. Cameron

Stages of platform development in the Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Leduc Formation, Peace River Arch, Alberta

George R. Dix

Revised Definitions for the Upper Cretaceous Bad Heart Formation and Associated Units in the Foothills and Plains of Alberta and British Columbia

A. Guy Plint, Brett Norris, Steven Donaldson

Alluvial Plain Sedimentation in the Pennsylvanian Sydney Mines Formation, Eastern Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia

A.G. Masson, B.R. Rust

The development of the Lower Carboniferous Peace River Embayment as determined from Banff and Pekisko formation depositional patterns

Shaun C. O'Connell

Dynamic casting and growth faulting: Dawson Creek Graben Complex, Carboniferous-Permian Peace River Embayment, Western Canada

J.E. Barclay, F.F. Krause, R.I. Campbell, J. Utting

An Overview of Triassic Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments in the Rocky Mountain Foothills and Western Interior Plains, Peace River Arch Area, Northeastern British Columbia

D.W. Gibson, D.E. Edwards

Exhibition Hall (Atlas and General)

Macleod Hall D

Depositional Environment and Stratigraphy of the Middle Devonian Keg River Carbonates: Trout Area, North Central Alberta [Abstract]

Armanious, M.

Geothermal Regime in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Bachu, S., Burwash, R.A.

Stratigraphic Significance of Shell Beds in the Ostracode Zone in South-Central Alberta [Abstract]

Banerjee, I.

The Basal Colorado Sandstone and Other Tidal Sandsheets Formed During the Joli Fou Transgression [Abstract]

Banerjee, I.

Perspectives on Mesozoic and Cenozoic Basins in the Labrador Sea (Poster) [Abstract]

Bell, J.S.

In-Situ Stress in the Peace River Arch Area [Abstract]

Bell, J.S., McCallum, R.E.

In-Situ Stress in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Bell, J.S., Price, P.R., McLellan, P.J.

Allostratigraphy and Depositional Systems in the Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Northwestern Alberta [Abstract]

Bhattacharya, J.

Applications of Sequence Stratigraphy in the Alberta Foreland Basin: Examples from the Upper Cretaceous [Abstract]

Bhattacharya, J.

Meteoric Diagenesis of a Cretaceous Marine Mudstone: Evidence from the Harmon Member (Peace River Formation) (Poster) [Abstract]

Bloch, J., Hutcheon, I.

The Use of Deterministic Basin Models in Basin Evaluation [Abstract]

Burrus, J., Doligez, B., Joseph, P., Ungerer, P., Wolf, S.

Sedimentology of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Deposits: The Permian Belloy Formation of Northeast British Columbia and the Upper Pennsylvanian - Lower Permian Wood River Basin of South-Central Idaho [Abstract]

Burton, B.R., Link, P.K., Aukes, P.G.

Precambrian Basement Beneath the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Burwash, R.A., McGregor, C.R., Wilson, J.A.

Depositional and Diagenetic Evolution of a Holocene Bank Interior Ooid-Grapestone Shoal Complex, Turks and Caicos Islands, B.W.I. [Abstract]

Cairns, D.J., Hopkins, J.C.

Stratigraphy of the Alberta Foreland Basin: Relationships to Cordilleran Terrane-Accretion Events [Abstract]

Cant, D.J., Stockmal, G.S.

Habitat of Natural Gas in the Comox and Trent River Formations, Georgia Basin, Vancouver Island [Abstract]

Catyhyl-Bickford, C.G., Kenyon, C.E., Hoffman, G.L.

The Application of Successive Sampling Models for Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment in the North Sea [Abstract]

Chen, Z., Sindling-Larsen, R.

Jurassic Strata of Northwestern (and West-Central) Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia

T.P. Poulton, J. Tittemore, G. Dolby

Silurian Reefs of the Attawapiskat Formation, James Bay, Northern Ontario [Abstract]

Chow, A.M.C., Stearn, C.W.

A Quantitative Study of the Thermal History and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Peace River Arch Area [Abstract]

Coa, S.

Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Creaney, S., Allan, J., Fowler, M., Brooks, P., Macqueen, R.

Regional Assessment Based on Models of Field-Size Distributions [Abstract]

Davis, J.C., Chang, T.

Uppermost Cretaceous-Tertiary Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Dawson, F.M., Evans, C., Marsh, R., Power, B.

The Ring/Border Field: A Significant Gas Discovery in the Triassic Montney Formation (Poster) [Abstract]

Dawson, S.W., Sturrock, D.L., Wemyss, N.R.

A Marine to Terrestrial Sedimentary Succession in the Cardium Formation, Kakwa Region, West-Central Alberta: Implications for Relative Sea Level Movements (Poster) [Abstract]

Deutsch, K.B., Krause, F.F.

The Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Tertiary Queen Charlotte Basin, British Columbia Continental Margin [Abstract]

Dietrich, J.R., Higgs, R., Rohr, K.

Postulated Source(s) and Controls of Petroleum Accumulation in the Leduc Formation, Peace River Arch [Abstract]

Dix, G.R.

Architecture of an Upper Devonian Insular Fringing Reef Complex, Peace River Arch [Abstract]

Dix, G.R.

Geological Importance of Fleshy Algae in the Ireton Formation, Central Alberta (Poster) [Abstract]

Dix, G.R.

Realtime Validation of an Oil- and Gas-Resource Assessment for the Offshore Gulf of Mexico [Abstract]

Drew, L.J., Schuenemeyer, J.H.

Jeanne D'Arc and Southeastern Beaufort (Kugmallit Trough) Basins: A Tectonic and Structural Comparison [Abstract]

Enachescu, M.E.

A Fundamental Approach to Dipmeter Analysis [Abstract]

Enderlin, M.B., Hansen, D.K.T.

The Role of Rock Volumes in Log to Core Integration (Poster) [Abstract]

Enderlin, M.B., Hansen, D.K.T., Hoyt, B.R.

Triassic Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Edwards, D.E., Barclay, J.E., Gibson, D.W., Kvill, G., Halton, E.

Quaternary Geology of the Western Plains [Abstract]

Fenton, M.M., Pawlowicz, J.G., Schreiner B.T., Nielsen, E.

Importance of the Reservoir/Cap Rock Contact in Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources [Abstract]

Forman, D.J., Hinde, A.L., Radlinski A.P.

The Influence of the Peace River Arch on Devonian Sedimentation [Abstract]

Geldsetzer, H.H.J.

An Information Theoretical Approach to Resource Assessment [Abstract]

Grace, J.D.

Synclinal Truncation Traps in Southeastern Saskatchewan (Williston Basin) [Abstract]

Grujenschi, C.

Devonian Prairie Evaporite Salt Flowage in Southeastern Saskatchewan (Williston Basin) [Abstract]

Grujenschi, C.

Extension Faulting in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin and the Collapse of the Peace River Arch [Abstract]

Halbertsma, H.L.

Wabamun/Palliser Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Halbertsma, H.L.

Diagenesis of the Upper Devonian (Famennian) Wabamun Group, North-Central Alberta [Abstract]

Halim-Dihardja, M.K., Mountjoy, E.W.

Mineral Resources of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Hamilton, W.N., Olson, R.A.

A Geological Model for the Foremost Unit, Judith River Formation, at Ferrybank, Central Alberta [Abstract]

Hartling, A., Wasser, G.

Mannville Group Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Hayes, B.J., Christopher, J.E., Tremblay, Y.M., Minken, D.F., Rosenthal, L., McKercher, B., Los, G., Fennell, J.W.

Proterozoic-Lower Cambrian Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Hein, F.J., Bond, G.C., Devlin, W.J., McMechan, M.E., Mountjoy, E.W., Simony, P.S.

Permian Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Henderson, C.M.

Adapting Desorption Mass Spectrometry and Pattern Recognition Techniques to Petroleum Fluid Correlation Studies [Abstract]

Hickey, J.C., Trimble, S.P., Durfee, S.L.

Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology of the Artex Member (Charlie Lake Formation), Northeast British Columbia [Abstract]

Higgs, R.

The Emerging Role of Seismic Data in Reservoir Development and Production [Abstract]

Hirsche, K., Matthews, L., Wang, Z., Sedgwick, G.

Overview of the Regional Subsurface Hydrogeology, Peace River Arch Area, Alberta and British Columbia [Abstract]

Hitchon, B., Bachu, S., Underschultz, J.R.

The Pegasus Ellenburger Field - A Multidisciplinary Study of a Fractured and Karsted Ordovician Reservoir in West Texas [Abstract]

Hurley, T.J.

Offshore Pakistan: Geology and Petroleum Prospects [Abstract]

Iqbal, J.

A New Approach to Shale Compaction and Its Geological Significance [Abstract]

Issler, D.R.

Evidence for Anomalous Tertiary Heating in the Peace River Arch Region from Apatite Fission Track Analysis [Abstract]

Issler, D.R., Beaumont, C., Willett, S., Donelick, R., Mooers, J.

Exxon Methods for Assessing Future Field Sizes [Abstract]

James, W.

Cardium Formation Stratigraphy in the Pembina Field and Surrounding Area [Abstract]

Joiner, S.D., Krause, F.F.

Spatial Statistics and Exploration Drilling [Abstract]

Kaufman, G.M.

Deep Seismic Reflection Profiles Across the Nova Scotia Continental Margin, Offshore Eastern Canada [Abstract]

Keen, C.E., Maclean, B.C., Kay, W.A.

Crustal Structure and Geodynamic Models for the South Jeanne D'Arc Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada [Abstract]

Keen, C.E., Reid, I., Boutilier, R.

The Beaverhill Lake Group (Devonian) - Peace River Arch [Abstract]

Keith, J. W.

Lower Mannville Sedimentology - South and Central Athabasca [Abstract]

Keith, D.A.W., Wightman, D.M., Macgillivray, J.R., Berhane, H., Wynne, D.A., Berezniuk, T.

Overview of the Paleozoic History of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Kent, D.M.

Geological History of the Williston Basin [Abstract]

Kent, D.M., Christopher, J.E.

Quantitative Reservoir Characterization, a Case Study (the Provost Upper Mannville B Pool) [Abstract]

Kramers, J.W., Bachu, S., Cuthiell, D.L., Yuan, L-P.

The Cardium Formation of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Krause, F.F., Deutsch, K., Joiner, S., Smith, D.G., Keith, D.A.W., Mossop, D.G.

A New Interpretation for the Oligocene Cypress Hills Formation, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan [Abstract]

Leckie, D.A., Cheel, R.J.

Colorado/Alberta Group Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (Poster) [Abstract]

Leckie, D.A., Gilboy, C.F., Bhattacharya, J., Campbell, R., Gilders, M., Lloyd, T., Norris, B., Safton, D., Sawicki, J., Sawicki, O.

Petroleum Resource Estimations - an Overview [Abstract]

Lee, P.J.

Clay Mineralogical Studies of Post-Steam Core from the Near-Well Bore Region in an Oil Sands Reservoir, Alberta [Abstract]

Longstaffe, F.J., Robb, G.A., Fialka, B.N.

Computer-Assisted Regional Mapping for Petroleum Exploration Modelling in the Western Canada Sedimentary Province [Abstract]

Lyatsky, V.B.

Quantitative Assessment of Hydrocarbon Potential of Jeanne D'Arc Basin Source Rocks Using Geological and Geochemical Data [Abstract]

McAlpine, K.D., Fowler, M.G.

Organic Sedimentology and Source Rock Characteristics of Colorado Shales, Southwestern Alberta [Abstract]

McCloskey, W.G., Bustin, R.M.

Recognition and Correlation of Reef Interior Carbonate Cycles: Production Implications for Norman Wells, Northwest Territories [Abstract]

McMurray, M.G.

Reflection Seismic Interpretation of the Proterozoic Geology; Colville Hills Region, Northwest Territories [Abstract]

Mayers, I.R., Cook, D.G.

Elk Point Group Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Meijer Drees, N.C.

Upper Devonian Formations Across the Peace River Arch, West-Central Alberta [Abstract]

Meijer Drees, N. C., Halbertsma, H.L., Johnston, D.I., Fullmer, E.G.

Fracture-Related Diagenesis as a Control on Middle Ordovician Carbonate Reservoirs, Southwestern Ontario [Abstract]

Middleton, K., Coniglio, M., Frape, S.K.

Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - A Project Perspective [Abstract]

Mossop, G.D., Shetsen, I.

Source-Rock Potential and Maturation of Jurassic-Cretaceous Sediments and their Relationships to Hydrocarbon Occurrence and Over-Pressuring, Offshore Nova Scotia [Abstract]

Mukhopadhyay, P.K., Wade, J.A., Avery, M., Fowler, M.G.

Beaverhill Lake Group Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Munday, R.J.C., Oldale, S., Ma, K.

Reservoir Quality and Architecture of Tidal Inlet Sandstones, Halfway Formation, Northeastern British Columbia [Abstract]

Munroe, H.D., Moslow, T.F.

Geology and Diagenetic History of Overpressured Sandstone Reservoirs in the Venture Gas Field, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada [Abstract]

Noguera, V.H., Jansa, L.F.

Middle Ordovician to Silurian Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Norford, B.S., Cecile, M.P., Bezys, R.K., McCabe, H.R., Haidl, F.M., Paterson, D.F.

Diagenesis of the Charlie Lake Formation, Northwest Alberta [Abstract]

Nunez-Betelu, L., Shawa, M.S.

The Mississippian Peace River Embayment: The Influence of the Peace River Arch Upon Banff and Rundle Group Deposition [Abstract]

O'Connell, S.C.

The Distribution and Origin of Bluesky and Gething Facies (Lower Cretaceous) in the Region of the Peace River Arch [Abstract]

O'Connell, S.C.

Structural Controls Upon Sedimentation in the Peace River Arch Region [Abstract]

O'Connell, S.C., Dix, G.R., Wilson, J.A.

Tri-Partite Valley-Fill Deposits of the Viking Formation, Crystal Field, Alberta [Abstract]

Pattison, S.A.J., Walker, R.G.

An Integrated Workstation Study of the Winnipegosis Formation in the Tableland Area of Southeastern Saskatchewan (Poster) [Abstract]

Paul, D.R., Filthaut, T.J.

Jurassic ("Fernie-Kootenay") Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Poulton, T.P., Christopher, J.E., Hayes, B.J.R., Tittemore, J., Gilchrist, R.D., Losert, J., Szata, C.

Jurassic, Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta [Abstract]

Poulton, T.P., Tittemore, J.

Cordilleran Tectonics and the Evolution of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Price, R.A.

Regional Maps of the Albian Peace River and Lower Shaftesbury Formations on The Peace River Arch, Northwestern Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia

Dale A. Leckie, Michael R. Staniland, Brad J. Hayes

Lower Devonian Reefs, Disappointment Bay Formation, Arctic Islands [Abstract]

Prosh, E.C.

Evolution of the Sawn Lake Reef Complex, Middle Devonian, Slave Point Formation, Northwestern Alberta [Abstract]

Raddysh, H.

Viking Formation Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (Poster) [Abstract]

Reinson, G.E., Warters, W., Price, P.R., Posamentier, H.W., Chamberlain, C.J.

Tectonic and Depositional History of the Early Carboniferous Peace River Embayment, Alberta and British Columbia (Poster) [Abstract]

Richards, B.C.

Carboniferous Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Richards, B.C., Barclay, J.E., Osadetz, K.G., Trollope, F.H., Hartling, A.

Lower and Middle Triassic Source Rocks and Thermal Maturation in the Peace River Arch Area, Alberta and British Columbia [Abstract]

Riediger, C.L., Snowdon, L.R., Fowler, M.G., Brooks, P.W., Goodarzi, F.

Source Rock Analysis of the Lower Jurassic Nordegg Member, Peace River Arch Area, Alberta and British Columbia [Abstract]

Riediger, C.L., Snowdon, L.R., Goodarzi, F., Fowler, M.G., Brooks, P.W.

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Rharb Basin, Morocco [Abstract]

Roksandic, M.M., Soquip, Jabour, H., Onarep

The Claresholm Gas Field - A Significant Gas Pool in the Deep Portion of the Southern Alberta Basin [Abstract]

Rosenstein, E.S.

Deep Crust and Basement Structure of the Peace River Arch [Abstract]

Ross, G.M.

Geophysical Expression of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - Implications for Crustal Structure and Tectonic Assembly of the Crystalling Basement [Abstract]

Ross, G.M.

Basement Structure, In-Plane Stresses and the Rise and Fall of the Rimbey-Meadowbrook Trend [Abstract]

Ross, G.M.

Fan-Delta and Interdeltaic Shoreline Sediments of Middle Devonian "Granite Wash" and Keg River Clastics, Red Earth Field, North Alberta Basin, Canada [Abstract]

Sabry, H.

Lithofacies, Depositional Environments and Reservoir Quality of the Basal Belly River Sands in Southcentral Alberta, Canada [Abstract]

Sabry, H.

Compaction History and Porosity Evolution of Tertiary Sandstones, Beaufort/Mackenzie Basin [Abstract]

Schmidt, V., Gordon, A., Dixon, J.

Automated Data Processing for the Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Shetsen, I., Mossop, G.D.

Cambrian Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Slind, O.L., Tawadros, E., Andrews, G.D., Salas, C.J., Murray, D.L., Norford, B.S., Paterson, D.F.

The Paleogeographic Evolution of the Western Canada Foreland Basin [Abstract]

Smith, D.G., Leckie, D.A.

Coal Resources of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Smith, G.G., Cameron, A.R.

Kee Scarp or Not Kee Scarp? That is the Question [Abstract]

Smith, G.P.

Integrated Reservoir Analysis of the Upper Mannville (Glauconitic Sandstone) in the Countess "D" Pool Area - Evidence of Varying Lower Cretaceous Paleoenvironments [Abstract]

Steffes, D.A., Zahoor Farshori, M.

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Morondava Basin, West Madagascar [Abstract]

Stoakes, F.A., Ramanampisoa, P.

Silurian Sea Level History of the Hudson Bay Platform [Abstract]

Suchy, D.R., Stearn, C.W.

Event Stratigraphy Within the Winterburn-Woodbend Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Switzer, S., Packard, J., Abbott, L., Christie, D., Graf, G., Howell, S., McCauley, R., Watts, N., Whitby, P., Wierzbicki, R.

Cambrian Facies and Paleogeography, Subsurface of Southern Alberta [Abstract]

Tawadros, E.

The Effect of Cambrian Paleogeography on the Distribution of the Overlying Beaverhill Lake Carbonate, Southern Alberta [Abstract]

Tawadros, E.

The Sedimentology and Depositional Setting of the Granite Wash, Utikuma and Red Earth Areas, North-Central Alberta [Abstract]

Trotter, R.

Mass Accumulation Rates of Foreland Basin Sediments, Peace River Arch Area [Abstract]

Underschultz, J.R., Bachu, S.

Petroleum Geology of the Cenomanian Doe Creek Member, Northwestern Alberta [Abstract]

Wallace-Dudley, K., Leckie, D.A.

Structure of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [Abstract]

Wright, G.N., McMechan, M.E., Holter, M.E.

Implications for the Lack of a Forebulge Within the Alberta Foreland Basin [Abstract]

Wu, P., Krause, F.F., Spiteri, R.

Upper Cretaceous Warping and Fault Movement on the Southern Flank of the Peace River Arch, Alberta

Bruce S. Hart, A. Guy Plint

Regional Subsurface Hydrogeology, Peace River Arch Area, Alberta and British Columbia

Brian Hitchon, Stefan Bachu, J.R. Underschultz

Lower and Middle Triassic source rocks, thermal maturation, and oil-source rock correlations in the Peace River Embayment area, Alberta and British Columbia

C.L. Riediger, P.W. Brooks, M.G. Fowler, L.R. Snowdon

Source rock analysis of the Lower Jurassic "Nordegg Member" and oil-source rock correlations, northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia

C.L. Riediger, M.G. Fowler, L.R. Snowdon, F. Goodarzi, P.W. Brooks

Preliminary evidence from apatite fission-track data concerning the thermal history of the Peace River Arch region, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

D.R. Issler, C. Beaumont, S.D. Willett, R.A. Donelick, J. Mooers, A. Grist

In situ stress in the Peace River Arch area, Western Canada

J. S. Bell, R. E. McCallum