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Introduction: Biogenic gas accumulations in Canada and China: geological characteristics and new insights

Zhuoheng Chen, Shuichang Zhang, Stephen E. Grasby, Yanhua Shuai

A reassessment of gas resources in selected Upper Cretaceous biogenic gas accumulations in southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada

Zhuoheng Chen, Yanhua Shuai, Norman Wang

Recognition and sources of secondary biogenic gases in the oil sand areas, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Haiping Huang

Comparison of biogenic gas fields in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin and Qaidam Basin: implications for essential geological controls on large microbial gas accumulations

Z. Chen, Y. Shuai, K. Osadetz, T. Hamblin, S. Grasby

Geochemistry and distribution of biogenic gas in China

Shuichang Zhang, Yanhua Shuai

Lithological and diagenetic restrictions on biogenic gas generation in Songliao Basin inferred from grain size distribution and permeability measurement

Ningxi Li, Zihui Feng, Haiping Huang, Xue Wang, Zhongliang Dong

Quaternary biogenic gases in the Qaidam Basin, Western China

Yanhua Shuai, Shuichang Zhang, Dade Ma, Liquan Wang, Guifeng Jiang, Ziyuan Xu, Ling Huang, Yirui Xu

Geochemistry and origin of shallow gas in the Baise Basin, southern China

Yanhua Shuai, Ping’an Peng, Yanrong Zou, Shuichang Zhang, Ling Huang

The origin of low molecular weight hydrocarbons associated with biogenic gas from the Eastern Depression in Qaidam Basin, China

Guoyi Hu, Jin Li, Songlin Hu

Quantitative seismic interpretations to detect biogenic gas accumulations: a case study from Qaidam Basin, China

Yexin Liu, Zhuoheng Chen, Liqun Wang, Yongshu Zhang, Zhiqiang Liu, Yanhua Shuai