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Foreword — Oil-sands and heavy-oil deposits: Local to global multidisciplinary collaboration

Frances J. Hein, Kevin P. Parks, Dale A. Leckie, Chris Seibel

Origin of heavy oil in Cretaceous petroleum reservoirs

Timothy Bata, John Parnell, Stephen Bowden, Adrian Boyce

Characterization, architecture and controls of Cold Lake marginal-marine oil sands: the Grand Rapids Formation (Upper Mannville) of east-central Alberta, Canada

Hugo Pouderoux, Adam B. Coderre, Per K. Pedersen, David J. Cronkwright

Reservoir geology of the Grosmont Formation Bitumen Steam Pilot, Saleski, Alberta

K. R. Barrett

The architecture and variability of valley-fill deposits within the Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Shell Albian Sands Lease, northeast Alberta

Mark D. Barton

Laminae-scale rhythmicity of inclined heterolithic stratification, Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, NE Alberta, Canada

E. R. Timmer, M. K. Gingras, M. L. Morin, M. J. Ranger, J.-P. Zonneveld

Continental ichnology of the Lower McMurray Formation inclined heterolithic strata at Daphne Island, Athabasca River, north-eastern Alberta, Canada

B. S. Harris, E. R. Timmer, M. J. Ranger, M. K. Gingras

The significance of trace fossils in the McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada

Murray K. Gingras, James A. MacEachern, Shahin E. Dashtgard, Michael J. Ranger, S. George Pemberton

Visualizing a process ichnology dataset, Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, NE Alberta, Canada

E. R. Timmer, S. E. Botterill, M. K. Gingras, J.-P. Zonneveld

Heavy oil and bitumen resources and development of Liaohe and Xinjiang oil fields of China

Youwei Jiang, Qiu Li

Oil sands in Alabama, USA: A fresh look at an emerging potential resource

Denise J. Hills, Christopher H. Hooks, Marcella R. McIntyre-Redden, Levi A. Crooke, Berry H. Tew, Jr.

Organization, flow impact and modeling of natural fracture networks in a karstified carbonate bitumen reservoir: an example in the Grosmont Formation of the Athabasca Saleski leases, Alberta, Canada

Ghislain de Joussineau, Kent R. Barrett, Mauro Alessandroni, Thierry Le Maux

Caprock integrity determination at the Christina Lake Thermal Recovery Project, Alberta

Gary L. Prost, James Newsome

Comparison of McMurray Formation (Lower Cretaceous) and Grosmont Formation (Upper Devonian) bitumen reservoirs with some speculations, from a geological perspective, on the future of Canadian thermal recovery

P. Putnam, J. Russel-Houston, S. Christensen

Initial investigations of the potential bacteriological and associated biochemical activity in oil sands mined in Northern Alberta

D. Roy Cullimore

Public geoscience in regulating Alberta’s oil sands development: A Historical Retrospective 1960-2010

Frances J. Hein, Kevin P. Parks

Perspectives on Energy and Environment Risks with Implications for Canadian Energy Development

Joel Gehman, Lianne Lefsrud, Michael Lounsbury, Chang Lu