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CSPG Special Publications

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C. J. Yorath, E. R. Parker, D. J. Glass

Aeromagnetic Reconnaissance of Davis Strait and Adjacent Areas

Peter Hood, Margaret Bower

Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie River Delta Environmental Studies

A. R. Milne

Broad Structure of the Central and Northern Nova Scotian Continental Shelf: Abstract

A. K. Goodacre

Canada’s Continental Margins and Offshore Petroleum Exploration

C. J. Yorath, E. R. Parker, D. J. Glass

Continental Margins — An Overview: Abstract

A. W. Bally

The Cretaceous Petrel Limestone of the Grand Banks, Newfoundland

J. H. Swift, R. W. Switzer, W. F. Turnbull

Deep Drilling of Oceanic Islands: Abstract

G. K. Muecke, J. M. Ade-Hall, F. Aumento, R. D. Hyndman, P. H. Reynolds

The Development of Atlantic Canada as a Result of Continental Collision — Evidence From Offshore Gravity and Magnetic Data

Richard T. Hawortht

East Greenland Continental Margin

G. L. Johnson, N. J. McMillan, J. Egloff

Environmental and Stratigraphical Zonation of the Oligocene and Miocene Off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland: Abstract

Linda Molinsky, Grant A. Bartlett

Evolution and Geology of Western Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, Canada

Richard L. Beh

General Geological Features and Possible Oil and Gas Provinces of the Arctic Basin

I. S. Gramberg, Yu. N. Kulakov

Geological History of the Arctic Ocean Basin

David L. Clark

Geological History of the Northwest Passage

H. D. Daae, A. T. C. Rutgers

Geological Outline of the Norwegian Continental Margin Between 60° and 68° North

Eirik Sundvor, Eigill Nysaether

The Geological Setting of the Gulf of St. Lawrence: Abstract

Paul J. Laroche

Geological Structure in the Minches, the Sea of the Hebrides and in the Adjacent Northwest British Continental Shelf

R. Mcquillin, P. E. Binns

Geologic Framework of the Alaskan Continental Terrace in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas

Arthur Grantz, Mark L. Holmes, Bruce A. Kososki

The Geology of the Celtic Sea and Southwestern Approaches

D. J. Blundell

The Geology of the Irish Continental Margin and Some Comparisons with Offshore Eastern Canada

R. J. Bailey

The Geology of the Irish Sea

J. E. Wright

The Geology of the Laurentian Fan and the Scotia Rise

M. G. Parsons

Geology of the Lower Cretaceous Parsons Lake Gas Field, Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories

R. P. Cote, M. M. Lerand, R. J. Rector

The Geology of the Taglu Gas Field in the Beaufort Basin, N.W.T.

J. N. Bowerman, R. C. Coffman

Geology of the U.S. Continental Margin From Maine to Florida — A Resume

K. R. Scott, J. M. Cole

Geology of the West Sable Structure

H. A. Smith

Geophysical Results From the Continental Margin Off Southern Baffin Island

A. C. Grant

Giant Impacts, Ocean Basins and Continental Crust: Abstract

A. M. Goodwin

Gravity Anomalies and Passive Continental Margins, Canada and Norway

L. W. Sobczak

Hydrocarbon Source Potential of Sediments in the Sverdrup Basin

D. A. Baker, H. A. Illich, S. J. Martin, R. R. Landin

Hydrosphere Solid-Earth Interaction

W. S. Fyfe

Icebergs and Drilling Operations

Alan Ainslie, Jean Duval

Ice Dynamics in the Canadian Archipelago and Adjacent Arctic Basin as Determined by Erts-1 Observations

R. O. Ramseier, W. J. Campbell, W. F. Weeks, L. Drapier-Arsenault, K. L. Wilson

Investigation of a Gravity High — Offshore Newfoundland

A. P. Le Bis

The Jan Mayen Ridge

G. Leonard Johnson

Labrador Shelf: Abstract

A. C. Grant

Late Quaternary Deep Water Sedimentation Off Nova Scotia and Western Grand Banks

David J. W. Piper

Magnetic Anomaly Map of the Atlantic Provinces: Abstract

Peter Hood, P. H. McGrath, R. T. Haworth

Marine Geological and Geophysical Studies of the Florida - Blake Plateau - Bahamas Area

Robert E. Sheridan, William L. Osburn

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Stratigraphy of the Atlantic Continental Margin, Eastern Canada

F. M. Gradstein, G. L. Williams, W. A. M. Jenkins, P. Ascoli

Modelling of Drift of Nearby Icebergs Using Wind and Current Measurements at a Fixed Station

E. D. Soulis

North American and African Drift — The Record in Mesozoic Coastal Plain Rocks, Nova Scotia and Morocco

H. Bhat, N. J. Mcmillan, J. Aubert, B. Porthault, M. Surin

North Atlantic Old Red Sandstone — Some Implications for Devonian Paleogeography

D. L. Dineley

North Atlantic Plate Tectonics and Microfossils: Abstract

P. Ascoli, F. M. Gradstein, W. A. M. Jenkins, G. L. Williams

The Northwest Margin of the Sverdrup Basin

R. A. Meneley, D. Henao, R. K. Merritt

The Oil and Gas Producing Basins of the Shelves of Northeastern Asia

Ju.N. Grigorenko, K. K. Makarov, I. S. Gramberg, Ju.N. Kulakov

The Opening of the Bay of Biscay

C. A. Williams

Paleogeography and Sedimentation in the Lower and Middle Paleozoic, Eastern Canada: Abstract

Bruce V. Sanford

Paleogeography and Sedimentation in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic, Southeastern Canada

L. F. Jansa, J. A. Wade

Paleogeography and Sedimentation in the Upper Paleozoic, Eastern Canada

R. D. Howie, M. S. Barss

Phanerozoic Relative Motions of North Atlantic Arctic Lands

W. Brian Harland

Plate Tectonics and Oil Accumulation

Sir Edward Bullard

Post-Paleozoic Geology of Banks, Prince Patrick and Eglinton Islands, Arctic Canada

Andrew D. Miall


E. E. Gilbert

The Regional Setting of the Taglu Field

T. J. Hawkings, W. G. Hatlelid

Remote Sensing of Oil Spills

K. P. B. Thomson, S. Ross, H. E. Howard-Lock

A Reversal Time Scale for Late Phanerozoic: Abstract

G. Pullaiah, E. Irving

Sedimentary Basins of the Submarine Margin of North Europe and their Oil and Gas Prospects

L. I. Lebedev, N. A. Eremenko, L. O. Grdzelov, O. D. Korsakov

Sedimentary Rocks Dredged From the Southwest Greenland Continental Margin

G. L. Johnson, N. J. McMillan, M. Rasmussen, J. Campsie, F. Dittmer

Serpentinized Peridotites From Mid-Ocean Ridges: Abstract

H. Loubat

Some Recent Results on the Continental Margin of Eastern Canada: Abstract

C. E. Keen

Some Remarks on Regression and Transgression in Deltaic Sediments

Gerard Dailly

Structure and Evolution of the Bering Sea Shelf: Abstract

M. S. Marlow, D. W. Scholl, E. C. Buffington, M. Holmes

Structure of the Queen Charlotte Basin

R. A. Stacey

Structures of Continental Margins in the Gulf of Alaska: Abstract

Roland von Huene

The Tectonic Development of the Southern Beaufort Sea and Its Relationship to the Origin of the Arctic Ocean Basin

C. J. Yorath, D. K. Norris

Tectonic Setting of the Continental Margin off the Western United States: Abstract

Eli A. Silver

Unconformity-Bounded Sequences of the Central Scotian Shelf: Indicators of Differential Tectonism and Resultant Hydrocarbon Migration: Abstract

Leigh Smith

The Western Canadian Continental Margin

R. L. Chase, D. L. Tiffin, J. W. Murray