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CSPG Special Publications

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Applications of High Resolution Permeability Core Logging in the Pekisko and Glauconite Fm.

Ken Simpson

Applications of NMR Measurements on Core Samples

Dave Marschall, Chris Molaro

The Carrot Creek “K” Pool, Cardium Formation, Alberta - a Conglomeratic Reservoir Related to a Wave-Reworked Distributary Mouth-Bar Complex

R. W. C. Arnott

Cavern and Fracture Fill Breccias in the Subsurface Turner Valley Formation, South-central Alberta

J. E. Klovan, A. S. Hedinger, P. E. Putnam

CBIL and HEXDIP Data Imaging

M. Macaulay, D. Cole

Characterization of Cambrian and Ordovician Strata in the Subsurface of Alberta Using Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, Organic Petrology and Image Analysis

G. S. Nowlan, F. J. Hein, S. B. Coskun, L. D. Stasiuk, M. G. Fowler, B. S. Norford, B. R. Palmer, G. D. Addison

Comparative Diagenesis and Isotopic Geochemistry of the Swan Hills and Leduc Carbonates, Devonian “Deep Basin” Area of West-Central Alberta

Hairuo Qing, Jack Wendte, Howard King

CSPG / CWLS 1995 Core Session: The Economic Integration of Geology and Formation Evaluation

Burns Cheadle, Shelley Leggitt, Holly Raddysh, Ken White, Colin Yeo

The Development of Hydraulic Flow Units and Their Related Petrographic, Petrophysical Properties

Howard King

The Impact of Facies on Reservoir Performance; Pembina Cardium Reservoir, Alberta

E. W. Butrenchuk, S. A. Cornish, S. M. Leggitt, M. M. Mills

Jedney d-54-C Core Display

Gord Tebbutt, Ron Hill, Peter Kubica, Shelley M. Leggitt, Leslie Randall

Petroleum Geology of the Middle Devonian Carbonates and Evaporites in East-Central Alberta

N. C. Meijer Drees, B. C. Palmer, M. G. Fowler, L. D. Stasiuk, G. S. Nowlan, D. C. McGregor

Petrophysical Evaluation of a Devonian Wabamun Sour Gas Well

Joel Guttormsen

A Petrophysical Evaluation of the Slave Point Formation, Cranberry Field, Alberta

Kenneth E. White

Recognition and Use of Induced Fractures, and Other Features in Core Produced by the Coring Process

John C. Lorenz

Reductions in the Productivity of Oil & Gas Reservoirs Due to Aqueous Phase Trapping

D. Brant Bennion, Mauro P. Cimolai, Ronald F. Bietz, F. Brent Thomas

Relating Fracture Type to Natural Gas Production Rates in the Folded Triassic Carbonate Reservoirs of the B.C. Foothills

Craig C. Rice, R. Yeo

Reservoir Characterization of Shaley Sandstones in the Belly River (Judith River) Formation. Examples from Wilson Creek and Ghostpine, Alberta

G. Wasser

Reservoir Characterization of the Nisku Formation in the Swalwell Area of Southern Alberta

Ian G. Hunter, Graeme R. Bloy

Rock Type, Productivity and Reserves of the Falher F, Cutbank Area, Alberta

Steven R. VanSickle

Sedimentological and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality in the Bow Island Formation of Southern Alberta

Scott McLellan, Ian Hutcheon

The Use of Borehole Imaging Techniques in the Exploration for Stratigraphic Traps: an Example from the Middle Devonian Gilwood Channels in North-central Alberta

Roger N. Dueck, Eric F. W. Paauwe

The Valhalla Doe Creek “I” Pool: Use of Cased-hole Logging Techniques for Resolution of Thin-bed Effects in Cretaceous Sandstones

John R. Hogg

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Cores : The Virgelle Member, Milk River Formation, Southern Alberta, Canada

R. Meyer, F. F. Krause