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Body and Trace Fossils from the Middle-Upper Devonian Catskill Magnafacies, Southeastern New York, U.S.A.

Elizabeth A. Gordon

Bryozoan-Dominated Carbonate Mudmounds in a Cratonic Setting from the Basal Devonian of the Southeastern United States

M. A. Gibson, C. R. Clement, T. W. Broadhead

Characterization and Implications of the Devonian-Mississippian Black Shale Sequence, Eastern and Central Kentucky, U.S.A.: Pycnoclines, Transgression, Regression, and Tectonism

F. R. Ettensohn, M. L. Miller, S. B. Dillman, T. D. Elam, K. L. Geller, D. R. Swager, G. Markowitz, R. D. Woock, L. S. Barron

Conodont Color Alteration in the Devonian of Guangxi and its Significance in Oil and Gas Exploration

Zhong-Shan Ning

Cyclic Stratigraphy of the Upper Member of the Guilmette Formation (Uppermost Givetian, Frasnian), West-Central Utah

B. R. Larsen, M. A. Chan, S. R. Bereskin

Dating Diastrophism in the Devonian of Eastern Australia: Biostratigraphic and Biogeographic Constraints

J. A. Talent

Depositional Architecture of the Upper Devonian Catskill Delta Complex: Central Appalachian Basin, U.S.A.

R. M. Boswell, A. C. Donaldson

Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary Beds of the Palliser and Exshaw Formations at Jura Creek, Rocky Mountains, Southwestern Alberta

B. C. Richards, A. C. Higgins

The Devonian Clastic Wedge of Eastern Gaspe and the Acadian Orogeny

D. A. Lawrence, B. R. Rust

Devonian Evaporite Basins (Distribution, Paleogeography)

M. A. Zharkov

Devonian Leduc Outcrop Reef-Edge Models and Their Potential Seismic Expression

G. D. Andrews

Devonian of the World

N. J. McMillan, A. F. Embry, D. J. Glass

Devonian Shale Lithostratigraphy, Central Appalachians, U.S.A.

K. O. Hasson, J. M. Dennison

Devonian Shelf Systems on Melville Island, Canadian High Arctic

Q. H. Goodbody

Devono-Mississippian Clastic Sedimentation and Tectonism in the Canadian Cordilleran Miogeocline

S. P. Gordey

Discussion on the Genesis and Sedimentary Environment of the Late Devonian “Lenticular Limestone” in Guangxi, China

Daonian Fang

Diverse Alluvial Sequences from the Lower Old Red Sandstone of the Strathmore Region, Scotland — Implications for the Relationship Between Late Caledonian Tectonics and Sedimentation

P. D. W. Haughton, B. J. Bluck

The Earliest Bioherm of the Devonian in Guangxi, China

Yi Wu

An Early Devonian Reef Complex in the Ogilvie Formation of East-Central Alaska

J. G. Clough, R. B. Blodgett

Episodic Development of Helderbergian Paleogeography, New York State, Appalachian Basin

P. W. Goodwin, E. J. Anderson

Events Documented in Famennian Sediments (Ardenne-Rhenish Massif, Late Devonian, NW Europe)

R. Dreesen, E. Paproth, J. Thorez

Evolution of Catskill River Systems, New York State

B. J. Willis, J. S. Bridge

Famennian Facies of Pomerania, Northwestern Poland, and the Paleogeography of Northern Europe

Hanna Matyja

Genesis of Black Shale-Roofed Discontinuities in the Devonian Genesee Formation, Western New York State

G. C. Baird, C. E. Brett, W. T. Kirchgasser

The Geochemistry of Devonian Black Shales in Central Kentucky and its Relationship to Inter-Basinal Correlation and Depositional Environment

T. L. Robl, L. S. Barron

Influence of Volcanism on Upper Devonian Black Limestone and Shale Deposition, Czechoslovakia

J. Dvorak, O. Friakova, J. Kullmann

Late Silurian and Early Devonian Marine Sedimentation Near the Southern Margin of the North American Craton

T. W. Broadhead, D. A. Capaccioli, R. McComb, S. R. Reid, K. R. Walker

The Lower Devonian Corridor Member, Northwest Territories, Canada: An Example of Deposition on a Tidal Flat Island Complex

D. W. Morrow, M. Labonte

Marine to Non-Marine Transitional Deposits in the Frasnian Catskill Clastic Wedge, South-Central New York

A. Halperin, J. S. Bridge

Middle-Upper Devonian Sedimentation in the Canadian Arctic Islands and the Ellesmerian Orogeny

A. F. Embry

Middle Devonian Facies Patterns and Reef Development in South China

Chang Min Yu, Yi Wu

Middle Devonian Paleogeography and Tectonic Relationships East of the Ozark Dome, Southeastern Missouri, Southwestern Illinois and Parts of Southwestern Indiana and Western Kentucky

J. A. Devera, G. H. Fraunfelter

Middle Devonian Reefs of the Edgecliff Member of the Onondaga Formation of New York

T. H. Wolosz, D. E. Paquette

The Middle Devonian Sub-Watt Mountain Unconformity Across the Tathlina Uplift; District of Mackenzie and Northern Alberta, Canada

N. C. Meijer Drees

Oil Production from Devonian Carbonates in the Forest City Basin, Midcontinent, U.S.A.

M. P. Carlson

Old Red Sandstone Sedimentation and Basin Development in the Dingle Peninsula, Southwest Ireland

Simon P. Todd, J. Douglas Boyd, Christopher D. Dodd

Origin of Devonian Clastics Associated with the Silurian-Devonian Unconformity in Northern Indiana

J. A. Sunderman

Origins of Grosmont Formation Dolomite (Northeast Alberta): Modelling the Results of Geochemical Analysis

P. A. Larson

Paleogeography of Two Reef Bearing Devonian Formations, Verviers Synclinorium, Belgium

Leon Dejonghe, Bernard Mamet

Regional Significance and Interpretation of a Coral-Stromatoporoid Carbonate Buildup Succession, Jefferson Formation (Upper Devonian), East-Central Idaho

P. E. Isaacson, S. L. Dorobek

Sedimentology and Preliminary Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Upper Devonian Fairholme Group, Nordegg Area, West-Central Alberta, Canada

J. A. W. Weissenberger

A Shallow Epeiric Sea Interpretation for an Offshore Middle Devonian Black Shale Facies in Eastern North America

L. B. McCollum

Structure and Microfacies of Middle and Upper Devonian Carbonate Buildups in Moravia, Czechoslovakia

J. Hladil

Tectonic Setting of the Silurian(?)-Devonian Talladega Belt Successor Basin, Southern Appalachians

J. F. Tull, W. R. Telle

Tectonic Significance of Upper Devonian Igneous Rocks and Bedded Barite, Roberts Mountains Allochthon, Nevada, U.S.A.

Thomas E. Dube

Turning Points in Sedimentary Development in the Late Devonian in Southern Poland

M. Narkiewicz

The Upper Devonian Clastic Wedge in Southeastern Turkey

I. P. Tunbridge

Wind/Wave and Tidal Processes Along the Upper Devonian Catskill Shoreline in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

R. Slingerland, J.-P. Loule

The Winnipegosis Formation (Middle Devonian) of the Northeastern Margin of the Williston Basin, Canada

L. R. Rosenthal