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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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CSPG Special Publications

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Comparison of the Bakken Formation, Roncott and Rocanville Fields, Southeastern Saskatchewan

Shawna L. Christensen

Diagenesis in a Devonian Leduc carbonate complex: implications for the tectonic expulsion of fluids into the foreland basin, southwestern Peace River Arch, Alberta

Marianne C. McKenzie, Dr. Hans G. Machel

Digging Deeper, Finding a Better Bottom Line, CSPG and the Petroleum Society of CIM Joint Conference

Brett Wrathall, Gretchen Johnston, Astrid Arts, Lou Rozs, Jean-Paul Zonneveld, Darren Arcuri, Scott McLellan

Evidence of Subaerial Exposure in the Swalwell Nisku Field in Southern Alberta

Ian G. Hunter, Graeme R. Bloy

The ichnological signature of wave- and river-dominated deltas: Dunvegan and Basal Belly River formations, West-Central Alberta

Lorraine Coates, James A. MacEachern

Mannville sandstone reservoirs in the Taber South area; examples of prolific sandstone reservoirs and some ideas on how to explore for more of them

John Cody, Brad Hayes

Outcrop - Core Correlation and Seismic Modeling of the Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Fort McMurray Area, Northeast Alberta

Frances J. Hein, C. Willem Langenberg, Darrell C. Cotterill, Habtemicael Berhane, Don Lawton, Jennifer Cunningham

Outcrop to subsurface correlation of an Upper Cretaceous “clastic wedge”: the Marshybank Member (Wapiabi Formation) and Bad Heart Formation, Alberta, Canada

Christopher J. Collom

Petrographic drill cuttings analysis

Richard Thom

Recognition of subtle unconformities in cores: Cadomin-Gething, Falher, Grand Rapids examples

Doug Cant

Reservoir compartmentalization and degradation in a lower Jurassic compound valley-fill sandstone, Sylvan Lake, Alberta – sometimes your best isn’t good enough

Brent Wignall

Salt Dissolution and Collapse: One Key to Western Canadian Oil and Gas Plays

S. P. (Steve) Halabura, Dean Potter

The Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Falher C and Notikewin Members (Spirit River Formation), Deep Basin, west-central Alberta

Ian Armitage, Glenn Schmidt, George Pemberton

Sedimentology and reservoir characteristics of a semi-arid braidplain complex

Cathy Hamel, Richard Thom, Martin Quest

The Sedimentology and Structural Deformation of the Upper Cambrian Deadwood Formation

Darcie H. Greggs, Frances J. Hein, Godfrey S. Nowlan

Sedimentology of the Lower Cretaceous Basal Quartz Formation, Southwestern Alberta

Brad R. Spence, Thomas F. Moslow, Ian E. Hutcheon

Smithian (Lower Triassic) lowstand estuaries and coquina facies of the Sturgeon Lake area, west-central Alberta

Charles M. Henderson, John-Paul Zonneveld

The stratigraphy, sedimentology and reservoir geology of the low permeability, shallow gas-bearing Medicine Hat Formation in southern Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan

Shaun O’Connell

Stratigraphy and ichnology of the Lower Cretaceous Chinkeh Formation, Liard Basin, northeastern B.C.

Jason Frank, Kathy Aulstead, Mark Edmonds, George Pemberton

Style contrast of estuarine incised valley complexes: ichnological and sedimentological analysis of valley trends in the Glauconite Member and Viking Formation, Central Alberta

M. Scott Leroux, James A. MacEachern, Brian A. Zaitlin

Styles of stromatoporoid facies in the Devonian of Saskatchewan

D.M. Kent

The Three Forks Group (Upper Devonian and Lower Mississippian) of the Williston Basin, southeast Saskatchewan

J.H. Lake

Turbidite facies of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation in the La Glace Field, Peace River Basin, northwestern Alberta

Debra R. Kendall