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Abstract: Depositional Facies and Stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian Carbonates in the Obed Area, West-Central Alberta

Karen S. Patey

Abstract: The Crossfield Member in the Lone Pine Creek Area of Southwestern Alberta - Reservoir Quality Controls and Hydrocarbon Potential

Steven E. Peter

Application of a Petroleum Exploration Model and Sequence Stratigraphy to the Middle Triassic, Peejay Field, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada

Mark L. Caplan, Thomas F. Moslow

Applied Geophysics and Groundwater Exploration Which Can be Applied to Water Sourcing for Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects

Althea Lincoln, Wayne Karlen, Mike Pesowski

Appraisal and Development of a Complex Oilfield in Yemen

Richard Schmitt

An Approach to Environmental Assessment at the Snipe Lake Field

J. Henderson

Basement Control of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Hydrocarbons

J. D. Harper

British Columbia Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

British Columbia Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

A Buy-Side View of Oil/Gas

David Taylor

Canadian Exploration Joint Venture in the Permo-triassic Basins, Northwestern U.K.

Jean-Claude Beauvilian, Mark Smith, Stephen Greer, David R. Stelck

Canadian Independent Tests U.K. (East Midlands) Structures

Glen A. Phillips

Central Alberta Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

Central Alberta Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

Chronostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous (?) Basal Quartz Sandstone in the Horsefly and Chin Coulee Pool Area, South-Central Alberta

R. W. C. Arnott, A. Eamer, S. Fox, D. A. W. Keith, J. Peterson, D. Potoki, L. Rosenthal, J. Werner, M. Woofter, B. A. Zaitlin

Controls on Reservoir Distribution and Quality in the Devonian Slave Point Formation, Cranberry Field, Northwest Alberta: A Geologic Overview

Lawrence Bernstein, Frank Stoakes

Cost-Effective Geochemical Exploration for Hydrocarbons Using Magnetic Horizontal Gradient Intensity (HGI) and Radiometric (RAD) Surveys: Four Case Histories

Leonard A. LeSchack

Cranberry Slave Point Gas Field - An Integrated Geological and Reservoir Engineering Study

Jeff Wittstock, Albert Stark

Current and Future Trends in the Asset Marketplace: How Best to Sell Assets

R. G. Kobayashi

The Cusiana Playtrend in the Foothills of the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia: A Review

Mark Cooper

Cyn Pem Cardium ‘D’ Pool - An Integrated Approach to Exploiting a Highly Stratified Reservoir

D. V. Thomas, B. A. MacDonald

Detailed Reservoir Geology of the Leduc Reef at Sturgeon Lake: Role of Faulting in Reservoir Compartmentalization

F. A. Stoakes, C. Campbell

Development, Optimization and Future Potential of a Giant Oil Field - A Case History: Weyburn Unit Southeastern Saskatchewan

A. C. Edmunds, A. P. Moroney, J. Simpson, F. J. Yurkiw

Development and Distribution of Paleokarst in the Grosmont Heavy Oil Reservoir, Northeastern Alberta

H. Huebscher, H. G. Machel

The Devonian Geology of the Tathlina Arch in the Southern NWT of Canada

David C. Cotter

Diagenetic Factors Influencing the Pore System of the Handsworth Field, South-East Saskatchewan

Angelle Beriault, D. M. Kent

Dina Formation, Tide Dominated Shoreline Reservoir Sands: Neutral Hills Pools, East-Central Alberta

J. Edward Mathison

Discovery and Horizontal Development Drilling of the Edenvale Pool, An Upper Tilston Oil Pool, S. E. Saskatchewan

Jason Yeon

Earning Competitive Returns in the Upstream Canadian Oil and Gas Industry - Key Performance Criteria

Kevin Brown

Ecological Risk Assessment as a Tool to Minimize Liability Costs in the Development of an Oil and Gas Pool

Douglas W. Lee, Alan MacDonald, David Shaw

Engineering Reports in a Merger or Acquisition Evaluation

Daryl Gilbert

Environmental Management Planning and Practices to Reduce Risk and Liability During Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

D. S. Evans, T. Bossenberry

Evaluation of the Natural Gas Potential of Portions of Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia and the Southern Yukon and Northwest Territories: (a) Geological Potential

Paul R. Price, Ian Hayhow, T. D. Bird

Evaluation of the Natural Gas Potential of Portions of Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia and the Southern Yukon and Northwest Territories: (b) Supply Costs

Ian Hayhow, Paul R. Price

Exploitation of a Glauconite Sandstone Reservoir, Gadsby, Alberta

Wallace G. W. King, Stephen C. M. Ko, Godfried Wasser

The Fascinating Geology of the Kisbey Field, Southeast Saskatchewan

Rod Christensen

Financing an Oil and Gas Exploration Company - The Geologist’s Perspective

Roger W. Hume

Fine-Grained Turbidites and Flocculation: Theory in the Field

Trecia M. Schell, Paul S. Hill

Flushing Of a Potential Major Keg River Bank Margin Oil Pool in the Senex River Area, Alberta

S. W. Burnie

Forecast Capital Availability and Merger Activity in the Canadian Energy Sector in 1996

Mark T. Phipps

Gas Reserves in the Lower Cretaceous Bow Island Formation Blood/Magrath Pool of Southern Alberta

John Cox, Brian P. J. Williams

Geologic Atlas of the Northern Canadian Sedimentary Basin

David Morrow

Gilby Field, Central Alberta, A Multi-Zone Producer

Douglas J. Cant, Byron Abrahamson

The Gilby Upper Mannville ‘J’ Oil Pool: An Incised Valley-Fill Reservoir Which Links the East Central Glauconitic (Cummings) Channel System to the Sylvan Lake/Caroline Glauconitic Trend

P. Hood, G. Simpson

Glauconitic Channel Trends in Southern Alberta - A Regional Synthesis

Mike Sherwin

The Global Context of the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry

John Shiry

Going Public on the ASE

Mark Brown, G. Romanzin

The Grande Prairie Halfway ‘A’ Pool Discovery

Larry Spence, Richard Evoy

Granite Wash Reservoir of the Red Earth Field, Northern Alberta: Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Trapping Mechanisms

Tomasz Dec, Frances J. Hein, Richard J. Trotter

Hibernia Formation Reservoir Characterization, Hibernia Field, Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Grand Banks, Newfoundland

E. Fidan, J. D. Harper

Hydraulic Head Evaluations Used to Define Sub-Pressured Reservoirs and Techniques Used to Differentiate Them from Regions Influenced by Production Induced Drawdown

Richard Bartlett

Hydrocarbon Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - British Columbia Portion

J. D. Harper, Elizabeth Churchill

Hydrocarbon Habitat of Giant Gas Fields: Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan

F. A. Stoakes, H. R. Balkwill

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Lamu, Mandera and Anza Basins of Kenya

J. W. Kerr, N. W. MacKeith, K. Nyagah, D. K. Ngenoh

Hydrogeological Analysis of the Youngstown Pool - Southern Alberta

Henning Lies

Hydrogeological Pseudo Model of the Manyberries Sunburst Pools of Southern Alberta

Henning Lies

Hydrogeologic Controls on Petroleum Accumulation and Entrapment in Devonian Reefs, Bashaw Area, Alberta

Benjamin J. Rostron, Mark R. Hearn, Hans G. Machel

The Imperial Anticline Overthrust, A High Risk Basal Cambrian Play

Donald G. Cook, Bernard C. MacLean

Increasing Returns Through Management of Environmental Risks

Ron R. Wallace

Infill and Stepout Horizontal Drilling at Handsworth, A Lower Alida Pool, Southeast Saskatchewan

Mike Ware, Joe Morin

Judy Creek ‘A’ Pool: Application of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy to Reservoir Management and Optimization

Lyndon A. Yose, Michael J. Shields

Kirby Field, Northeastern Alberta, A Grand Rapids Gas Producer

Douglas J. Cant, Byron Abrahamson

The Medicine Hat Formation, Southern Alberta: Influence of the Sweet Grass Arch on Upper Cretaceous Paleoenvironments

Claudia J. Schroder-Adams, Peter J. Adams, Jim Craig, Dale A. Leckie

Middle Triassic Lowstand Shoreface Reservoirs: Sedimentologic Constraints on Reservoir Geometry, Buick Creek Field, Northeastern British Columbia

R. W. Evoy, T. F. Moslow

The Monias Triassic Halfway Gas Field, Northeast British Columbia

George Norgard

Mysticism and Realities of Transforming Resources into Value

J. Glenn Robinson

Natural Gas Supply and Demand: We Must Strike a Better Balance

Nora T. Stewart

New Analytical Techniques to Determine Permeability Variations within the Fractured Cardium Formation of the Lovett River/Robb Area, N.W. Alberta

F. M. Dawson, W. J. McDougall, K. C. Pratt, W. D. Hamilton, J. Guttormsen

New Pematang Depocentres on the Kampar Uplift, Central Sumatra

Anthony S. Wain, Brent A. Jackson

Norcen Energy’s Venezuela Strategy: A Focused Approach

Heiner Klein, Tony Edwards

Norman Wells Oil Field, 75 Years Old and Still Growing

Susanne R. Maxwell, Michael J. Peacock

Northern Alberta Operational Activity, 1993 -First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

Northern Alberta Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

Not Only is There Oil and Gas in the Mannville Group - There are Kimberlites and Diamonds Too!!!

Dale A. Leckie, David McIntyre, David McNeil, Verne Stasiuk, B. A. Kjarsgaard, John Bloch

Nuussuaq Basin of West Greenland: Subsidence and Structural Inversion in a Cretaceous-Tertiary Strike-Slip Basin

Anthony Tankard, Tai Ng, Cam Hanna

Oil and Gas Field Map of the Songliao Basin, China

P. J. Lee, Y. L. Lu

Oil and Gas Pools in the Northern Alberta Basin in Relation to Regional-Scale Hydrogeology

Stefan Bachu, Brian Hitchon

Oil and Gas Reserves in Western Canada: A History of Discovery

Gordon D. Williams, Hans G. Doerr

Oil Resources of Western Canada - Part I: Devonian System

P. J. Lee

Origin and Alteration of Mannville Oils, Southern Alberta: Preliminary Investigations

C. L. Riediger, J. D. Cody, M. G. Fowler

Origin of the Halfway/Doig Acid Gas Reservoir, Tommy Lakes, NE British Columbia

J. Dennis Meloche

Outcrop of the Mannville Group in the Sweet Grass Hills of Northern Montana - A Tie to the Subsurface of Southern Alberta

Dale A. Leckie, Nancy A. Vanbeselaere

Paleogeographic Reconstruction of an Arid Mississippian Coastline, Sherwood Beds, Mission Canyon Formation, Southeast Saskatchewan and North Dakota

Dean Potter

Petroleum of the Humber Zone, Western Newfoundland-Analysis of Historical Data

Raymond Soneff

The Petroleum Potential of Madagascar

R. Schalk du Toit, Otto R. Friedenreich, Lalao R. Ramahovary, Patrice E. Ramanampisoa

Petroleum Potential of the Tanzania Coastal Basins, East Africa - A Dynamic Passive Margin

J. Iqbal, A. G. Kidston, N. Mliga, E. Kilembe

Pool Examples of Producing Formations in Southwestern Ontario

Ronald A. Borsato

Pressure Systems of the Cranberry Area Pools in the Slave Point Formation and Their Relation to Regional Flow Systems

Jim Underschultz, Stephen Anfort, Guy Masson

Production Drawdown Affects in the Slave Point ‘A’ Pool, Clarke Lake Gas Field, N.E. British Columbia

Dan Barson, Kaush Rakhit, Robert M. Pockar

Progradation, Transgression and Anhydrite (and a Fault?): Formation of the Valhalla Halfway ‘C’ Pool

Ken I. Saunders

A Prototype Trench and Gate Groundwater Mitigation System

L. R. Bentley, M. Bowles

Pyrobitumens in Devonian Gas Reservoirs: A Legacy of Crude Oil to Gas Transformation in Ancient Oil Reservoirs of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

L. D. Stasiuk, C. L. Riediger

Recognition and Development of Reservoir Compartments within a Complex Valley-Fill Succession: Medicine River Jurassic ‘D’ Pool

John Hopkins, Peter Cupido, Phillip Handcock

Regional Facies and Reservoir Trends, Upper Triassic Baldonnel and Pardonet Formations, Northeastern British Columbia

Graham R. Davies

Regional Framework of Basin Evolution and Hydrodynamics in the Southern Part of South America: A Methodology for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation

Anthony Tankard, Peter Aukes, Kaush Rakhit

The Rejuvenation of the Silverton North Mississippian Frobisher - Alida Beds Pool Through Increased Density Horizontal Drilling

Dan Allan, Len Chow

Reserve Additions Costs for Canada’s 70 Largest Exploration and Production Companies

Martin Molyneaux

Reservoir Geology of the Pierce Field

Liz Aston

Reservoir Heterogeneity and Performance of Turbidite Facies, Montney Formation, Sexsmith-Valhalla-Laglace Fields

Thomas F. Moslow, Graham R. Davies

Reservoir Heterogeneity in Unconformity Traps of the Pekisko Formation, Medicine River Field

John Hopkins

Reservoir Models for Jurassic/Mannville Pools, Southern Alberta

Gerry Reinson, Peter Putnam

The Rigel Halfway ‘C’ Pool - N.E.B.C.

Gary Labute, Michael Clegg, Richard Evoy, Sandy MacDonald

The Rock Creek Formation in the Willesden Green ‘C’ Pool, West Central Alberta

J. Stepic, R. Strobl

The Rock Creek Formation in the Willesden Green ‘C’ Pool, West Central Alberta

J. Stepic, R. Strobl

Salt-Solution Effects and the Entrapment of Oil and Gas in the Pronghorn Area of SE Alberta and SW Saskatchewan

Bev Pfeffer, Martin McGinnis

Salt Structures and Associated Traps in the Pricaspian Basin, Kazakstan

Dave Klepacki, Michael McBryan

Sand Ridges on the East Florida Shelf, an Analogue for Pekisko Sedimentation in the Sylvan Lake Pekisko ‘B’ Pool

Jocelyn Keith, J. Walter Keith, Beth Haverslew

Saskatchewan/Manitoba Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Hanington

Saskatchewan/Manitoba Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

Sedimentologic Controls of Reservoir Characteristics in the Inga Oil Field, Charlie Lake Formation, Northeastern British Columbia

Kelly J. Arnold, Thomas F. Moslow

Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake Heavy Oil Field, Alberta

G. G. McCrimmon, R. W. C. Arnott

Seismic Characterization of Changing Stress Fields in the Alberta Foothills, Near James River

Normand Begin, Don Lawton, Deborah Spratt, Helen Isaac

Sequence Stratigraphic Evolution of an Upper Devonian Platform Margin, Cripple Creek, Alberta

P. K. Wong, J. A. W. Weissenberger, K. Potma, M. G. Gilhooly

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Regional Maps of the Pense Formation, Mannville Group, Southwestern Saskatchewan

Karen E. Wallace-Dudley, Dale A. Leckie, Nancy A. Vanbeselaere, David James

Simonette Beaverhill Lake Oil Pool: Discovery History, Reservoir Characterization and Depletion Strategy

Les R. Ollenberger, Anthony L. Cortis

Southern Alberta Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

Southern Alberta Operational Activity, 1993 - First Quarter, 1996

Peter A. Harrington

Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Controls on Petroleum Entrapment and Re-Migration in Devonian Reefs, Bashaw Area, Alberta

Mark R. Hearn, Hans G. Machel, Benjamin J. Rostron

Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture of the Swan Hills Formation at the Goose River BHL ‘A’ Pool

F. A. Stoakes, A. P. Henry, M. J. Desroches, T. Zavesiczky

Sub-Belly River Unconformity in The Deformed Belt of the Southern Canadian Cordillera

Tom Jerzykiewicz

Subtle Structural Traps in the Cretaceous of the Provost Area, Southeastern Alberta

Darcie H. Greggs

Table of Contents: Oil and Gas Pools of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Program and Abstracts

John R. Hogg

Tectonic and Structural Controls of Basin Formation in Argentina and Chile: The Austral and Neuquen Basins

Anthony Tankard, Peter Aukes, Kaush Rakhit

Tectonic Influence on Fluvial Conglomerate Reservoir Facies, Bluesky Formation, Aitken Creek Field, British Columbia

R. H. S. Alway, T. F. Moslow, R. W. Evoy

The Tommy Lakes Halfway/Doig Gas Pool - A Case Study of a Tight Gas Reservoir

Ronald Hill, Dennis Meloche, Kevin Hyslop

Touring a Mississippian “Club Med”: A Case Study of the Development of the Gainsborough Field, Southeast Saskatchewan

S. P. (Steve) Halabura

Use of Edge Well Evaluation to Identify the Daly Bakken ‘I’ Pool, Southwestern Manitoba

Derek Longfield

Vadose-Zone Remediation of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Gas Plant Sites in Alberta

C. Mendoza, J. Armstrong, S. Gilmour, D. Atkinson

The Valhalla Doe Creek ‘I’ Pool: A Large Stratigraphically Trapped Late Cretaceous Oil Pool

David W. Dearborn, John R. Hogg, Kathy A. Lapointe, Anthony L. Sacheli

Vitrinite Reflectance Interpretation - An Indication of Deep Derived Fluids

John D. Harper

The Willesden Green Second White Specks Pools, Central Alberta: An Evaluation of Fluid Properties and Compartments

J. Letourneau, A. Magee, L. Jones

The “Belloy” Oil Fields in the Fort St. John Area, B.C.

S. R. Leggett, F. G. Rick Young, G. J. Kuran

“Core” Concepts for Oil and Gas Companies

J. W. Buckee