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C. Beaumont, A. J. Tankard


C. Beaumont, A. J. Tankard

The Alleghanian Orogeny and Its Relationship to the Evolution of the Eastern Interior, North America

Christopher Beaumont, Garry M. Quinlan, Juliet Hamilton

Analysis of Temperatures and Thermal Processes in the Uinta Basin

Sean D. Willett, David S. Chapman

The Bass, Gippsland and Otway Basins, Southeast Australia: A Branched Rift System Formed by Continental Extension

M. A. Etheridge, J. C. Branson, P. G. Stuart-Smith

Crustal Geometry and Extensional Models for the Grand Banks, Eastern Canada: Constraints from Deep Seismic Reflection Data

C. E. Keen, R. Boutilier, B. De Voogd, B. Mudford, M. E. Enachescu

Dextral Transpression and Late Carboniferous Sedimentation in the Fundy Coastal Zone of Southern New Brunswick

R. Damian Nance

Discrepancy Between Lower and Upper Crustal Thinning

Isabelle Moretti, Bertrand Pinet

Early Mesozoic Basin Structure and Tectonics of the Southeastern United States as Revealed from Cocorp Reflection Data and the Relation to Atlantic Rifting

J. H. Mcbride, K. D. Nelson, L. D. Brown

Evolution of the Boston Basin: A Sedimentological Perspective

Anthony D. Socci, Geoffrey W. Smith

Geodynamic Evolution of the Lower Paleozoic Central Appalachian Foreland Basin

Gary G. Lash

Geodynamic Models of Convergent Margin Tectonics: The Southern Canadian Cordillera and the Swiss Alps

Glen S. Stockmal, Christopher Beaumont

Geological Constraints on the Genesis of the Maritimes Basin, Atlantic Canada

S. R. McCutcheon, P. T. Robinson

Geometric, Thermal and Isostatic Consequences of Detachments in Continental Lithosphere Extension and Basin Formation

N. J. Kusznir, G. D. Karner, S. Egan

Heat Flow, Subsidence and Crustal Structure of the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean): A Quantitative Discussion of the Classic Passive Margin Model

Jean Burrus, Frederic Bessis, Brigitte Doligez

Hydrocarbon Generation and Thermal Evolution in Parts of the Egersund Basin, Northern North Sea

Ulrich Ritter, T. Leslie Leith, Cedge M. Griffiths, Liv Schou

Intraplate Stresses and Apparent Changes in Sea Level: The Basins of Northwestern Europe

Kurt Lambeck, Sierd Cloetingh, Herbert McQueen

Labrador Basin: Structural and Stratigraphic Style

Hugh R. Balkwill

Late Paleozoic Sedimentation and Basin Development Adjacent to the Cobequid Highlands Massif, Eastern Canada

R. J. Ryan, J. H. Calder, H. V. Donohoe Jr., R. Naylor

Linked Tectonics of the Northern North Sea Basins

A. D. Gibbs

A Model for the Evolution of Hot (>200°C) Overpressured Brines Under an Evaporite Seal: The Fundy/Magdalen Carboniferous Basin of Atlantic Canada and Its Associated Pb-Zn-Ba Deposits

Casey Ravenhurst, Marcos Zentilli

Models of Subsidence Mechanisms in Intracratonic Basins, and Their Applicability to North American Examples

Garry Quinlan

Paleozoic Geology of the Hudson Platform

B. V. Sanford

A Regional Seismic Reflection Profile in the Scotian Basin, Offshore Nova Scotia

Otto R. Friedenreich

Rift-Initiated Permian to Early Cretaceous Subsidence of the Sverdrup Basin

R. A. Stephenson, A. F. Embry, S. M. Nakiboglu, M. A. Hastaoglu

Sedimentary Basins and Basin-Forming Mechanisms

Christopher Beaumont, Anthony J. Tankard

Seismic Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Strike-Slip Sackville Sub-Basin, New Brunswick

A. Tom Martel

Stellarton Graben: An Upper Carboniferous Pull-Apart Basin in Northern Nova Scotia

G. M. Yeo, Gao Ruixiang

Structural Development within the Himalayan Foreland Fold-And-Thrust Belt of Pakistan

Robert J. Lillie, Gary D. Johnson, Mohammad Yousuf, Agha Sher Hamid Zamin, Robert S. Yeats

Styles of Continental Rifting: Results from Dynamic Models of Lithospheric Extension

Jean Braun, Christopher Beaumont

Subsidence and Heat Flow in Intracontinental Basins and Passive Margins

Jean-Claude Mareschal

The Sydney Basin of Atlantic Canada: An Upper Paleozoic Strike-Slip Basin in a Collisional Setting

Martin R. Gibling, Robert C. Boehner, Brian R. Rust

Tectonic and Structural Framework of the Northeast Newfoundland Continental Margin

M. E. Enachescu

The Tectonics and Evolution of the Hudson Bay Region

Miodrag M. Roksandic

Thermal-Mechanical Evolution of Extensional Basins: Problems of Non-Unique Interpretation

Jacqueline E. Huntoon, Kevin P. Furlong

Thermal and Subsidence History of the Labrador and West Greenland Continental Margins

Dale R. Issler, Christopher Beaumont

Thermal Regimes of Small Basins: Effects of Intrabasinal Conductive and Advective Heat Transport

L. Alison Weir, Kevin P. Furlong