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2D-Computer Simulation of the South Viking Graben, North Sea

Harunur Rashid, Atle. Austegard

Absaroka (Pennsylvanian - Triassic) Paleoenvironment and Lithofacies

Jan Golonka, David Ford

Aeolian sedimentation and bypass, Triassic of western Canada

Graham R. Davies

Along-Strike Termination of Structural Culminations with Paleozoic Carbonates, east of the McConnell Thrust, Southern Limestone Mountain Area

Normand J. Begin, Deborah A. Spratt, Don C. Lawton

Along-Strike Termination of Structural Culminations with Paleozoic Carbonates, east of the McConnell Thrust, Southern Limestone Mountain Area

Normand J. Begin, Deborah A. Spratt, Don C. Lawton

Amalgamated Fluvial Channel Reservoirs, Cerro Fortunoso Field, Argentina

D. Cant, A. Jenik, D. Mallimaci, G. Jalfin

Amalgamation of Glossifungites Surfaces: Implications for Stratigraphic Correlation

Jason M. Lavigne, S. G. Pemberton, Murray K. Gingras, David A. Eberth

Amanz Gressly’s Role in Founding Modern Stratigraphy

Timothy A. Cross, Peter W. Homewood

Analysis of the Nominingue-Cheneville deformation zone, southwestern Grenville province of Quebec

Benoit Rivard, Louise Corriveau, Lyal Harris

Anatomy of a Condensed Interval in a Deep-Water Turbidite System, Neoproterozoic, Western Canada

Gerald M. Ross, Carole Augereau, Ben Urlwin, H. R. Krouse

Angola: Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Geology

Tako Koning

Antler Tectonism and Late Mississippian Extension in Northeast British Columbia

A. Neil Hutton

Apatite Fission-Track Thermochronology of the Canadian Shield Below and Adjacent to Williston Basin

S. Feinstein, B. P. Kohn, K. G. Osadetz, R. K. Bezys, P. O’Sullivan

The Application of Ichnology to the Delineation of Discontinuities in the Rock Record: An Under-Utilized Tool in Genetic Stratigraphy

S. George Pemberton, James A. MacEachern

Application of Integrated High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy in the Jeanne d ‘Arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland - An Illustration of the Systems Tracts within the Tithonian to Berriasian Hibernia Sequence

Jock N. McCracken, Jason A. Bateman, Edward H. Davies, Dennis J. Dunsmore

The Application of K-Ar Dating to Hydrocarbon Exploration

Mengwei Zhao

The Aptian Unconformity and reorganization of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin: implications for reservoir potential of the Avalon and Ben Nevis Formations

Osama M. Soliman, Bob D. Fyvie, Ralph J. Rudser

Architectural Controls of Reservoir Quality in a Transgressive Barrier Shoreline: An Outcrop Study of the Almond Formation, Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming

Richard Schatzinger, John Wheeler

Architecture of the Tonganoxie Paleovalley Fill, Carboniferous of NE Kansas

M. R. Gibling, H. R. Feldman, A. W. Archer, W. G. Wightman, W. P. Lanier

Arcs-Grotto (Nisku) and Ronde/Simia (Blue Ridge) unconformity bounded sequences, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Eric Mountjoy

Aspects of the history of sequence stratigraphy - lessons to learn for further development?

Johan P. Nystuen

Assessing the anisotropic bulk permeability of Glossifungites surfaces

Murray K. Gingras, Carl Mendoza, S. G. Pemberton

An atlas of coal macerals and dispersed organic matter from hydrocarbon source rocks, Canadian sedimentary basins - Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology

Canadian Society for Coal Science, Organic Petrology, Geological Survey of Canada

Back thrusts and related detachment folding in the Copton Creek area, northwest of Grande Cache, Alberta

Willem Langenberg

Bacterial hydrocarbon production in shallow bedrock aquifers and surficial till aquitards, Saskatchewan, Canada

S. W. Taylor, B. Sherwood Lollar, L. Wassenaar, M. J. Hendry

Bacterially (and nanobacterially) induced Mn-rich shrubs in travertines

Henry S. Chafetz, Brahim Akdim, Ramon Julia, Arch Reid

Baisn Analysis of the Cyclothemic Record of Oxygen Isotope Stages 5–100, Wanganui Basin, New Zealand

R. M. Carter, T. R. Naish, G. Saul, S. T. Abbott

Balanced cross-sections of Foothills and Front Range structures, Brazeau area, Alberta

Jacqueline Windh, Eric W. Mountjoy, Daniel Lebel

Basal Trangressive Surfaces & Paleodiastrophic Clock - Unique Datum for Dating Stage Boundaries & Enclosed Faunas

Taras P. Storey

Base-Level Concepts and Sequence Stratigraphy

Timothy A. Cross, Michael H. Gardner

Basement-sedimentary cover relationships in the eastern Williston Basin

J. R. Dietrich, D. H. Magnusson, H. V. Lyatsky, Z. Hajnal, P. Redly

Basement Reservoirs: An Overlooked Opportunity?

Craig F. Lamb

Basinal Hydraulics and its Relevance to Petroleum Migration and Exploration in the Pannonian Basin, A Preliminary Assessment; Water-Flow Fields and Related Phenomena

Istvan Almasi, Jozsef Toth

Basin development of an Ordovician back-arc basin in southern Bolivia

Sven O. Egenhoff, Joachim Muller, Jorg Maletz, Bernd-D. Erdtmann

Basin Scale Three-Dimensional Sequence Stratigraphy of the Beaverhill Lake Group, Late Middle to Early Late Devonian, Central Alberta

Jack Wendte, Tom Uyeno, Byron Abrahamson

The Bell River System: Tertiary Drainage from the Eastern Cordillera to the Labrador Sea

N. J. McMillan

Big Bivalves, Algae and the Nutrient Poisoning of Reefs: an hypothesis affecting facies, geometry and termination of some Devonian reefs

Leslie Eliuk

Big Gas in Hydrothermal Chert-hosted Reservoirs: Is Parkland, B.C. Unique?

Jeff Packard, Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Iain Samson, Hamid Majid

Biological Influences in Precambrian Carbonate Sedimentation

John Grotzinger

The Biostratigraphic and Evolutionary Significance of Cruziana: A Left Hook from the Far North

John-Paul Zonneveld, Thomas D. A. Saunders, S. George Pemberton

Biostratigraphic calibration of sequence stratigraphic events for the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland

Edward H. Davies, Robert E. Dunay, Jason A. Bateman, Jock N. McCracken, Dennis J.’ Dunsmore

Biostratigraphic correlation of the Frasnian (Upper Devonian) of western Canada, based on conodonts and rugose corals

Ross A. McLean, Gilbert Klapper

Biostratigraphic Signature of Depositional Sequences: Contrasting Examples from the Gulf of Mexico and Niger Delta Plio-Pleistocene

John M. Armentrout

Biostratigraphic Uncertainty in Stratigraphic Traps

Frits Agterberg, Felix Gradstein

Buildup size as a controlling factor on stacking style: Comparison of Golden Spike and Redwater Leduc reefs, Alberta

F. A. Stoakes, J. C. Wendte

Burial Cementation and Hydrocarbon Emplacement (Kaybob South, Swan Hills FM. and Pine Creek, Leduc FM.) of West-Central Alberta

Darryl G. Green, Eric W. Mountjoy, James P. Duggan

Burial Dolomitization, Mississippi Valley-type Mineralization and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Devonian Reef Complexes of the Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Malcolm W. Wallace, Heather Moxham, Basil Johns, Susan Marshallsea

Burial fluids and heat flow regimes in the deep Alberta Basin; new C, O and Sr isotope and fluid inclusion evidence from late cements

Eric Mountjoy, Darryl Green, James Duggan, Sean Smith

Burial history of Early Paleozoic hydrocarbon prospects in western Newfoundland

S. Henry Williams, Elliott T. Burden

Cambrian-Devonian Tectonic Framework, Canadian Cordillera

Michael Cecile, David Morrow, Keith Williams

Cambrian Wave-dominated Coastal Deposits, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwestern Canada: Sedimentation in the Absence of Terrestrial Vegetation

Robert B. Macnaughton, Robert W. Dalrymple, Guy M. Narbonne

Cambro-Ordovician Petroleum Systems of Canada

Martin G. Fowler, Lavern D. Stasiuk, Erdem Idiz, Mark Obermajer, Kirk G. Osadetz

Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphics of the Epicontinental Seas of Laurasia–Implications for Carboniferous Paleoceanography and Mississippian Glaciation

Ethan L. Grossman, Horng-Sheng Mii, Thomas E. Yancey, Boris I. Chuvashov, Alexander Y. Egorov

Carbonate Facies Dimensions at the Reservoir- and Exploration-Scale: What are Sources for This Information?

Paul M. Harris

Carbonate Microporosity: Recognizing its Existence and Understanding its Role in Hydrocarbon Production

S. R. Bereskin, G. D. Lord, B. A. Marin

Carbonate Ramps Drowning and Giant Slope Reef Mounds Growing in a Foreland Setting (Upper Paleozoic, Urals, Russia)

J. N. Proust, E. Vennin, B. I. Chuvashov, T. Boisseau

Carboniferous-Permian Stress-Release Events, Crustal Snap-Back and Collapse, and the Growth of Huge Reef-Mounds at Maximum Flooding Surfaces in the Canadian Arctic

Benoit Beauchamp

Carboniferous Evaporite Detachment, Gravity Slide, and Diapir Structures in the Maritimes Basin with Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration, Atlantic Canada

Gregory Lynch, Joao V. A. Keller, Peter S. Giles

The Carboniferous Petroleum System of New Brunswick – a Review

Clint St. Peter

Carboniferous versus Cretaceous maximum burial in the Northwest Territories

Cornford Chris, Mark Groves-Gidney, Paul Bathurst, Peter Smith

Carbon Isotope Shifts Across the Permian–Triassic Boundary in East Greenland

Lars Stemmerik, Stefan Piasecki

Cementation in Tertiary Cool-Water Subtidal Carbonate Cycles-Australia: Implications for Interpreting diagenetic Pathways in Calcite - Rich Facies

Basim Shubber, Yvonne Bone, Noel James

Cenozoic Dinoflagellate Cyst Stratigraphy, Jeanne D’arc Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada

R. A. Fensome, G. R. Guerstein, G. L. Williams

Central Foreland Geoscience Transects, Northeast British Columbia and the southern territories

Michael Cecile, Jan Bednarski, Larry Lane, Glen Stockmal

The Challenges and Pitfalls of Fractured Reservoir Characterization

Craig F. Lamb

Changes in alluvial architecture & paleosol character in response to changing subsidence rate: Dunvegan Formation, NE British Columbia

Matthew Lumsdon, A. Guy Plint

Changes in organic facies during deposition of the Late Cretaceous Lower Colorado Group in southern Alberta: source rock deposition during a regional transgression

Mosle Barbara, Martin G. Fowler, Dale A. Leckie, Wolfgang D. Kalkreuth, John D. Bloch

Channel-belt Characteristics in Alluvial Sheet Sandstones: Examples from the Campanian Castlegate (Utah) and Ericson (SW Wyoming) Formations

Brett T. McLaurin, Joseph I. Scott, Ron J. Steel

Channelized Sediment Bypassing and “Shallow Water” Turbidites

Richard W. Evoy, Thomas F. Moslow

Chemostratigraphic Correlation of the Source Rock and definition of the La Luna-K/T(!) Petroleum System in Southwestern Venezuela

Angel F. Callejon, Henry Briceno, Marino Ostos, Franklin Yoris, Suhas Talukdar, Rafael Lander

Chronological and Geochemical Constrains on the Thermal and Tectonic History of Sedimentary Basins: An Example from the Ordos Basin, China

Mengwei Zhao

Circulation and Sediment Transport in the Cenomanian/Turonian Western Interior Seaway of North America: Predictions from a Climate-Ocean Model

Rudy Slingerland, Michael A. Arthur, Lee R. Kump

Climatic controls on stratigraphy in a rift succession - Maceio Formation, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Brazil

Luci M. Arienti, Azambuja Filho, C. Nilo

Coccolith Studies in the Lower Jurassic of Alberta - A New Tool for Correlations of the Fernie Formation

James H. Craig, C. L. Riediger, T. P. Poulton

Common Characteristics of Waulsortian Mounds

Wayne M. Ahr, W. A. Morgan, Mark K. Sheedlo

Common Sense Sequence Stratigraphy

Ashton F. Embry

Compaction and fracturing across the Sauk-Tippecanoe (Middle Ordovician) sequence boundary, eastern Ontario: The effect of tectonism on stratigraphic patterns inboard of the Appalachian Orogen

G. R. Dix, M. Molgat

Comparative Evolution of Late Devonian Swan Hills Reef Complexes, Western Canada

Iain D. Muir, Frank A. Stoakes, Jack C. Wendte

Comparative ichnologic analysis of marine shoreface and estuarine valley-fill sandstones from the Lower Pennsylvanian Morrow Sandstone, Gentzler oil field, Southwest Kansas, USA

Luis A. Buatois, M. Gabriela Mangano, Timothy R. Carr

Comparison of Maturation Data and Fluid-inclusion Homogenization Temperatures to Simple Thermal Models: Implications for Thermal History and Fluid Flow in the Mid-continent

K. David Newell

Comparison of North American Waulsortian Mound Suites: Implications for the Early Carboniferous Ocean

Kent C. Kirkby, Toni J. A. Simo

Complex Alluvial Paleosols in the Lower Cretaceous Mill Creek Formation, southwestern Alberta: Micromorphological Features and Significance as Paleoenvironmental Indicators

Paul J. McCarthy, I. Peter Martini, Dale A. Leckie

Complex timing relationships, folded thrusts, and ancient triangle zones: subsurface Foothills structure, Chungo Creek area, southern Alberta

Jacqueline Windh, Eric W. Mountjoy

Compositional Modelling of Petroleum Generation, Duvernay Formation (Western Canada Basin)

V. Dieckmann, H. J. Schenk, B. Horsfield, D. H. Welte

Concentrations and isotopic compositions of strontium leached from Upper Devonian shales of the Alberta Basin - implications for regional paleofluid flow

Patricia A. Cavell, Hans G. Machel

Confined Meandering River Eddy Accretion Deposits: New Insights for Hydrocarbon Sedimentologists

Leif M. Burge, Derald G. Smith

Conodont indices for the Permian-Triassic boundary

M. J. Orchard

Contemporaneous Regressive-Transgressive Shoreline Trends and Cross-Over Zones: Implications for the Identification and Nomenclature of Systems Tracts

Ole J. Martinsen, W. Helland-Hansen

Contrasting Carbon Isotope Fingerprints of Migrating and Solution Gas in Heavy Oil Fields of Northeastern Alberta

D. Rowe, K. Muehlenbachs, G. Greenwood, E. Jensen

Controlling factors of distribution and growth history of Waulsortian mounds, Lower Mississippian, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

David L. Jeffery, Robert J. Stanton Jr.

Controls on Reservoir Quality in the Triassic Sag River Sandstone, A Product of Strong Upwelling Conditions, Prudhoe Bay Area, North Slope, Alaska

Michael D. Wilson

Controls on the Expression of Paleoclimatic Signals in the Stratigraphic Record: Examples from the Western Interior Cretaceous

B. B. Sageman

Controls on the major ion chemistry of the Bow River

Stephen E. Grasby, I. Hutcheon

Controls on the Stratigraphic Architecture and Development of a Waulsortian Platform; Mississippian of the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico, USA

D. Hunt

Controls on Vertebrate Abundance and Preservation in the Judith River (Belly River) Group (Campanian) of Southern Alberta, Canada

David A. Eberth, Donald B. Brinkman, Michael Ryan, Michael Getty

Coral reef diagenesis records pore fluid evolution and palaeohydrology of a siliciclastic basin margin succession (Eocene South Pyrenean Foreland Basin, NE Spain)

Jim Hendry, Conxita Taberner, Jim Marshall, Catherine Pierre, Paul Carey

Correlation and Non-correlation of Lower Order Circum-Arctic Mesozoid Sequences

Atle Mork, Morten Smelror, David Worsley

Correlation of Regressive-Transgressive Successions in the Upper Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: Implications of Wedge Hierarchy and Shoreline Trajectory

Jeff P. Crabaugh, Ronald J. Steel

The correlative conformity and the definition and characterization of the sequence of sequence stratigraphy

Amos Salvador

Cretaceous basin development and sedimentology between Norway and East Greenland

T. Saether, J. P. Nystuen, F. Gradstein, S. Olaussen

A Cretaceous High-resolution Cycle Chart for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

Andreas Prokoph, Frederik P. Agterberg

Cross-formational flow in west-central Alberta: implications for petroleum migration and entrapment

Benjamin J. Rostron

Cyclic Enhancement of Porosity and Permeability in Silurian Pinnacle Reef Sequences, Southwestern Ontario

Leigh Smith

Cyclostratigraphy, Diagenesis and Porosity Development in the Jurassic Succession of the Mandera Basin, North-east Kenya

K. Nyagah, P. Thuo, J. Ego

The Day Basin Analysis Died

Ashton F. Embry

The Deep Basin - Nineteen Years Later

Brad J. Hayes

Demise of Carbonate Factories on Permian Cool- to Very Cold-Water Shelves in NW Pangea

Benoit Beauchamp

Depositional Cycles in the Frasnian, Rocky Mountain Front Ranges, Alberta

Robert H. Workum

Depositional Environments and Pedogenesis of the Second Red Bed Member, Middle Devonian Dawson Bay Formation, Saskatchewan

Gu Chenggao, Robin W. Renaut

Depositional model for a Lower Permian cool-water carbonate shelf, Otto Fiord Area, northwest Ellesmere Island

Melanie P. Kells, Andre Desrochers, Benoit Beauchamp

Depositional Origin of Bioclastic Accumulations (“Coquina”) in Early-Middle Triassic Outcrop and Core, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

John-Paul Zonneveld, Thomas F. Moslow, Richard W. Evoy, Joerg Wittenberg

Depositional paleoenvironment of petroleum source rocks from the Ontario portion of the Michigan and Appalachian basins - an organic facies and biomarker approach

Mark Obermajer, Martin G. Fowler, Fariborz Goodarzi, Lloyd R. Snowdon

Depositional Sequences in Structurally-Controlled Estuaries: Devonian of the Pechora Basin, Russia

R. Ressetar, D. Bhattacharyya, N. Malyshev, Z. Larionova, V. Eremenko

Depositional Systems and Sedimentary Events of the Early-Late Ordovician Syn-Rift Succession (Upper Sauk-Lower Tippecanoe Sequence) in Northern and Central Iran

Yaghoob Lasemi

Detection and analysis of subtle basement structures and related hydrocarbon plays in the Western Canada Basin

Zeev Berger

Determination of Porosity and Permeability in Reservoir Intervals by Artificial Neural Network Modelling, Offshore Eastern Canada

Zehui Huang, Mark A. Williamson

Determination of Thermal Settings for Hydrothermal Dolomites

David W. Morrow

Developing Remediation Criteria on the Basis of Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment at the Okotoks Gas Plant Site

Gordon L. Brown, Darrell F. Chollak

Development of a Regional High-Resolution Stratigraphic Framework for the Late Albian Viking Formation in east-central Alberta and west-central Saskatchewan

J. D. Webber, K. M. Bergman

The Development of Key Surfaces and Alluvial Architecture in Response to Changes in Accommodation on the Cretaceous Dunvegan Deltaic Plain, Kiskatinaw River Valley, NE British Columbia

Ubiratan F. Faccini, Paul J. McCarthy, A. Guy Plint

The Devonian Canol-Kee Scarp Petroleum System of the Northern Mackenzie Corridor, Northwest Territories - Geochemical and Modeling Considerations

Cole Gary, R. Meers, T. Uphoff, Z. Yu

A Devonian Flume Formation (Swan Hills Equivalent) Reef Margin at Wallbridge Mountain, British Columbia, Canada

A. Cortis, E. Drivet, L. Eliuk, M. Fawcett, P. Nantais, M. Mallamo, L. Ollenberger, A. McCracken

Devonian mud mounds and mud-rich sponge-coral mounds of the Moroccan Anti-Atlas: petrography, geochemistry and accretionary mechanisms

Driss Mounji, Pierre-Andre Bourque, Martine M. Savard

Devonian mud mounds and mud-rich sponge-coral mounds of the Moroccan Anti-Atlas: petrography, geochemistry and accretionary mechanisms

Driss Mounji, Pierre-Andre Bourque, Martine M. Savard

Devonian Petroleum Systems of Western Canada

Martin G. Fowler, Lavern D. Stasiuk, Maowen Li, Gary D. Addison, Mark Hearn, Mark Obermajer

Devonian Petroleum Systems of Western Canada

Martin G. Fowler, Lavern D. Stasiuk, Maowen Li, Gary D. Addison, Mark Hearn, Mark Obermajer

Diagenesis and Petroleum Accumulation in the Jeanne D’arc Formation, Jeanne D’arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland

Zehui Huang, Mark Williamson, C. Yang, Laverne D. Stasiuk, H. Qing, Martin. G. Fowler

Diagenetic Controlling Factors Affecting the Reservoir Rocks of the Nukhul Formation (Early Miocene) in North Darag Area, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Moustapha El-Baz, El-Anbaawy M. Ibrahim

Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Characteristics in the Bakken Formation of SE Saskatchewan, Canada

Hasan S. Ferdous, Robin W. Renaut, Benjamin J. Rostron

Differential Compaction As A Primary Control On The Dynamics Of Carbonate Platforms In The Permian Basin, N. Texas and S. New Mexico: Spatial And Temporal Variability

D. Hunt, W. M. Fitchen

The Distal Expression of the Glossifungites Ichnofacies: Implications for Discontinuity Recognition and the Ichnofacies Concept

Jamie A. Burton, James A. MacEachern

The Distinction Between Highstand, Regressive and Forced Regressive Systems Tracts: Insights from the Plio-Pleistocene of New Zealand

T. R. Naish, P. J. J. Kamp

Distinguishing the Effects of Climate and Sea Level Variation in an Eolian System: An Example from the Permian of the Paradox Basin, Southeastern Utah, U.S.A.

J. E. Huntoon, R. F. Dubiel, S. M. Condon, J. D. Stanesco

Distribution, Dispersal and Tectono-stratigraphic Interpretation of the Dinosaur Park Formation, Belly River Group, Surface and subsurface of Southern Alberta

Anthony P. Hamblin

Distribution and Character of Incised Valley Deposits, Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Alberta Basin

Jennifer A. Wadsworth, A. Guy Plint

Distribution and Regional Correlation of Upper Ordovician Carbonates in the Subsurface of Alberta

Godfrey S. Nowlan, Frances J. Hein

Distribution of Carbonate Microfabric Types on the Upper Middle Riphean Sukhaya Tunguska Platform: Turukhansk Uplift, Siberia

Yu. Peter Petrov

Diverse Evidence for a Superanoxic Event at the Permian-Triassic Boundary

Paul Wignall, Richard Twitchett

Does Moldic Porosity Contribute to Permeability? Evidence from the Neogene of Great Bahama Bank and Questions and Implications for the Devonian of Canada

L. A. Melim, G. P. Eberli, E. W. Mountjoy

Dolomitization of Mississippian Carbonates of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Petrologic and Geochemical Constraints

Ihsan S. Al-Aasm

Dolostone and MVT Mineralization: an Evaluation of the Genetic Link Based on Three Deposits from the Maritimes Basin, Nova Scotia

Martine M. Savard, Guoxiang Chi

The Early Carboniferous (Visean) Mid-European Ocean record in Eastern Canada and abroad: evidence for a salinity-stratified ocean

Denis Lavoie

Early Mesozoic Reefs, Carbonates, and Mass Extinction

George D. Stanley Jr.

Early to Middle Eocene Thrusting, Outer Foothills Belt, Southern Alberta: Evidence from Apatite Fission Track Data

Glen S. Stockmal, Dale R. Issler, Daniel Lebel

Early to Middle Eocene Thrusting, Outer Foothills Belt, Southern Alberta: Evidence from Apatite Fission Track Data

Glen S. Stockmal, Dale R. Issler, Daniel Lebel

Economic Applications of Satellite Radar to Boost Hydrocarbon Exploration in Producing Areas: Real World Examples from Venezuela and Colombia

Fons Dekker, Rod Duncan, Pamela Welgan, Adelso Vera

Effects of Large and Small Scale Surface Roughness on Fracture Permeability and Porosity as a Function of Stress History

John E. Gale, Graham Dillabough, Stephen D. Butt

Environmental Evaluation of Produced Water Disposal to Surface Pits

C. Robertson, A. R. Thachuk

Environmental Risk Communication in the Petroleum Industry

Jean Mulligan

Environment of the Western Arctic Shelf of Russia: Hydrocarbons Distribution Studies

Vera Petrova

Eocene Magmatism in Southern Alberta: Magnetic Expression and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Gerald M. Ross, John Mariano, Regis Dumont, Bruce Kjarsgaard, Dennis M. Teskey

Erosional Processes, Regime Variables, and Sequence Architecture in Marine-Dominated Basin Fills

W. E. Galloway

Estuarine Bluesky sandbody at Edson, and its paleogeographic significance

Roger G. Walker, Alessandro Terzuoli, Nicoleta Badescu

Evaluation of Radarsat data for exploration and logistical application

Rebecca Cartwrigth, Zeev Berger

Evidence for Early Marine Dolomitization of the Devonian Miette Buildup, Alberta, Canada

L. A. Melim, G. P. Eberli, F. Walgenwitz

Evidence of multiple source rocks in the Cretaceous to Paleocene of the Nuussuaq Basin, onshore West Greenland

F. G. Christiansen, J. A. Bojesen-Koefoed, G. Dam, H. P. Nytoft, H. Nohr-Hansen, A. K. Pedersen

Evidence of Pre Late-Wisconsinan Glaciation in the Edmonton Area, Central Alberta

Laurence D. Andriashek, Mark M. Fenton

Evolution and Minerogenetic-Geological Unified Field System in the Eastern Tethyan Tectonic Domain of Pangea

Baojun Liu, Yuguang Zhao

The Evolution of Borehole Imaging: Looking at the past; seeing the future

Eric Paauwe, Ian Smith

The Evolution of Fluid Pressures in the Alberta Basin: Implications for Secondary Migration of Petroleum Through the Viking Formation

Elise B. Bekele, Mark Person, Ben J. Rostron

Evolution of Gravity-flow Depositional Systems of Lowstand System Tracts (Plio-Pleistocene): Niger Delta Shelf-to-Slope Area

John M. Armentrout, Katherine A. Kanschat, Krisitian E. Meisling, Jerome J. Tsakma, Lisa Antrim, Dennis R. McConnell

Evolution of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland, and a study into the correlation and palaeoenvironmental sediment attributes, using core facies analysis and organic geochemistry, within the Terra Nova Field

N. C. Tessen, B. P. J. Williams, M. J. Pearson

Experimental determination of the kinetics and mechanisms of TSR at reservoir conditions of pressure and temperature

Martin Cross, David Manning, Pamela E. Champness, Richard H. Worden

Exploration Challenges in the Norwegian Barents Sea

David Worsley, Bjorn Petter By

Exploration for Falher Shoreline Conglomerate Reservoirs in the Deep Basin of Western Canada: Insights from Outcrop

T. F. Moslow

Expressions of Collision Tectonics? Early Albian Middle Mannville Sequences

J. Edward Mathison, I. Peter Proverbs, David M. Thomas

The Extent and Duration of the Permian-Triassic Superanoxic Event

Richard Twitchett, Paul Wignall

Facies, Paleoenvironments and Sequences of the Lower-Upper Triassic Elika Formation (Upper Absaroka A Sequence), Shahmirzad area, East Central Alborze Range, Northern Iran

Yaghoob Lasemi, Masoud Lotfpoor, Alireza Tahmasbi

Facies-Tract Linkage: a Mesaverde Traverse Across S. Wyoming and N. Colorado

R. Steel, J. Crabaugh, B. McLaurin, K. Pokhriyal, J. Scott

Facies and sequence architecture of the upper blackhawk formation and the lower castlegate sandstone (upper cretaceous), book cliffs, Utah, USA

Shuji Yoshida, Andrew D. Miall

Facies and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations of Wolfcampian (Early Permian) Strata of the Orogrande Basin: Hueco Mountains, West Texas

Michelle Stoklosa, J. A. (Toni) Simo

Facies and Stratigraphic Relations of the Lower Cretaceous Bow Island/Viking of Southern Alberta and the Thermopolis of North-central Montana

Karen W. Porter, Gerry E. Reinson, Thaddeus S. Dyman, David A. Lopez

Facies Model For a Mesoproterozoic Carbonate Ramp, Victor Bay Formation, Borden Peninsula, Northern Canada

A. G. Sherman, G. M. Narbonne, N. P. James

The Falling Stage Systems Tract: Recognition and Importance in Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis

A. Guy Plint, Dag Nummedal

Fault-cored Anticlines with Footwall Synclines in the Foothills and Front Ranges: the Mt. Allan Syncline Revisited

John H. Spang

Fault-induced fluid flow, strike-slip faults, and hydrothermal dolomitization

Graham R. Davies

Faults As Seal, Conduits and Barriers in Canada’a East Coast Offshore Basins

Zehui Huang, Mark A. Williamson, Kevin Coflin, Kate Dickie, John Shimeld

FCI — A New Geothermal Maturity Index

D. H. McNeil, D. R. Issler, L. R. Snowdon

The Finnegan Formation: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Structure

Darcie H. Greggs, Frances J. Hein, Godfrey S. Nowlan

Firmgrounds in the Middle Devonian Dawson Bay Formation, Saskatchewan and Their Significance for Sequence Stratigraphy

Gu Chenggao, Robin W. Renaut

The Fish Scales Formation and Barons Sandstone: Evidence of Multiple Cenomanian Sea-Level Fluctuations

Claudia Schroder-Adams, Dale A. Leckie, J. Bloch

Fluid Flow, Water Chemistry, Gas Chemistry and Diagenesis in the Subsurface Triassic in Alberta and British Columbia

Dirk M. Kirste, Steven Desrocher, Brad R. Spence, Bill Hoyne, Brian Tsang, Ian E. Hutcheon

Fluid Flow and Trap Integrity in the Timor Sea

P. Joe Hamilton

Forces Driving Environmental Management in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

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Framework Composition of Neoproterozoic Reefs from Northwestern Canada

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Frasnian-Famennian Boundary Stratigraphy and Event Horizons in Black Shale Facies of the Northern Appalachian Basin, Illinois Basin, and Southern Midcontinent

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Generation of Overpressure through Clay-Carbonate Mineral Reactions

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A geochemical investigation of the Pethei Group, Northwest Territories, Canada: Implications for Paleoproterozoic ocean chemistry

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Geochemical modeling in the Williston Basin

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A Geochemical Perspective to Lowstand Systems Tracts in Distal Continental Shelf Settings: Reference to the Devonian-Carboniferous Exshaw Formation, Alberta

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Geological Atlas of the Northern Canadian Sedimentary Basin

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A Geologic Model Derived from Reservoir Characterization of the Middle Jurassic Bowes Member of the Sawtooth Formation, NE Rabbit Hills Field, North-central Montana

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The Geology and Hydrocarbon Possibilities of the Triassic-Jurassic Fundy Basin, Eastern Canada

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Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Lower Paleozoic Strata, Southeastern Saskatchewan

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Geometry and Along Strike Variation of Foothills Structures in the Grande Cache Area

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Geometry and deformation conditions during early rifting in the Maritimes basin

Joao V. A. Keller, Greg Lynch

Geometry of the Rocky Mountain Foreland Thrust and Fold Belt Structural Front in the Kakwa-Wapiti area, northwestern Alberta

M. McMechan

Geophysical Determination of Formation Water Conductivity in the Sydney Basin, Offshore Cape Breton, and Implications for the Regional Hydrogeologic Flow System

John Shimeld, Tom Martel, Angela Kennedy, Martin Gibling, Mark Williamson

Geostatistical Integration of 3D Seismic, Well log, and Core Data in Reservoir Heterogeneity and Uncertainty Modeling at Multiple Scales

Renjun Wen

Glacially deranged drainages and their relation to Late Cenozoic gold distribution in the Dawson area, Yukon Territory

Alejandra Duk-Rodkin

Glacially deranged drainages and their relation to Late Cenozoic gold distribution in the Dawson area, Yukon Territory

Alejandra Duk-Rodkin

Glacio-Eustasy: A Global Link for Sequence Boundaries during the Cenozoic

Vitor S. Abreu, Gerald Baum

Glaciodynamic criteria and kinetoarchitecture in glacial stratigraphy

Aleksis Dreimanis

Glacioeustasy as the primarily control on depositional sequences in a tectonically active setting, Pannonian Basin, Hungary

G. Vakarcs

Global Distribution of Stratabound Pangaean Resources: An Overview

Warren Manspeizer

Global Facies Distribution During the Cambrian

Irina D. Maidanskaya

Global Sequence Boundaries of the Triassic

Ashton F. Embry

Haq sea level chart, computer simulations and sequence stratigraphy used to determine ages and infer size of sea level excursions: examples from Neogene of Bahamas and Baltimore Canyon, and early Cretaceous of Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Christopher G. St. C. Kendall, Animikh Sen, Susannah Schneider

Heat flow and subsurface temperature along a SW-NE profile across the Alberta Basin - evidence for regional-scale permeability

J. A. Majorowicz, Alan M. Jessop, Chris Jessop

Heinrich-event stratigraphy in the Labrador Sea related to glacial cycles and sedimentary facies

Saeed Khodabakhsh, Reinhard Hesse, William B. F. Ryan

Hemisphere-Dependent Stratigraphic Variability: Indirect Evidence of Glaciation

Martin A. Perlmutter, Roy E. Plotnick

Heterogeneity Modeling and Geopseudo Upscaling Applied to Waterflood Performance Prediction of an Incised Valley System Reservoir: Countess “YY” Pool, Southern Alberta, Canada

Madeleine Peijs-Van Hilten, Tim Good, Brian A. Zaitlin

Hierarchical Depositional Sequences and Prograding Coastal Cycles in a Back-arc Setting

H. Arato, K. Hoyanagi

High-Resolution Geophysics: A Valuable Tool For Estimating the Extent of Soil and Groundwater Contamination at Oil Field Facilities

Richard L. Kellett, Anil Sharma, Paul D. Bauman, Eric W. Gilson

High-resolution sequence stratigraphy of submarine fan successions of the lower Kazusa Group, a Plio-Pleistocene forearc basin fill in the Boso Peninsula, Japan

Makoto Ito

High-Resolution Stratigraphic Analysis of the marine to non-marine transition of the basal Judith River Group in southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan

J. Gordon, K. M. Bergman

High-Resolution Stratigraphic Analysis of the Upper Jurassic Roseray Formation - Southwestern Saskatchewan

Danny Labelle, Katherine Bergman

High-resolution stratigraphy, sea level fluctuations, and the origin of units C and D, Falher Member, Spirit River Formation, Alberta

Roger G. Walker, Jhonny E. Casas

High-Temperature Saline (Thermoflux) Dolomitization of Devonian Swan Hills Platform and Bank Carbonates, West-Central Alberta

Jack Wendte, Hairuo Qing, Jeff Dravis, Shelley Moore, Vern Stasiuk, Grant Ward

High frequency sequence stratigraphy of compound tidal-fluvial incised valley fills in the Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake, Alberta

Burns Cheadle, Glen McCrimmon

High resolution biostratigraphic analysis of conodont successions in the Permian

Bruce Wardlaw

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis on the Pleistocene New Jersey Margin Using Benthic Foraminifera

Beth A. Christensen, Robert C. Thunell, Kenneth G. Miller

Highstand Shedding of a Carbonate Platform: Evidence from the Middle-Upper Jurassic Chaman Bid Formation (Lower Zuni A Sequence) of the Kopet Dagh Basin, Northeast Iran

Zohreh Askari, Yahoob Lasemi

Hign-Resolution Stratigraphic Analysis of Cretaceous Formations in the Peace River Arch Area of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB): Shifting Depositional Centres and Possible Controlling Mechanisms

Dongqing Chen, K. M. Bergman

Holocene Glacimarine Sedimentation in the Canadian High Arctic

Alec E. Aitken, Trevor J. Bell

Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Anomalously Pressured Portions of Laramide Basins

Ronald C. Surdam

Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of the Karr-Simonette Beaverhill Lake Oil Pools

Erdem Idiz, Peter Jenden

Hydrocarbon Potential of Lower Carboniferous Continental Sub-basins of Atlantic Canada

Anthony P. Hamblin, Martin G. Fowler, John Utting

The Hydrocarbon Potential of North-Eastern South Africa

Hans Wielens, Otto Friedenreich, Ian McLachlan, Agnes Jikelo, Tsepho Falatsa

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Basins of Kenya

J. William Kerr, Neil J. Mackeith, Kivuti Nyagah, Daniel K. Ngenoh

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Seychelles

Hans Wielens, Neil Mackeith, Patrick Joseph, Patrick Samson

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Visean Carbonate Platform, Bechar Basin, Algerian Sahara

A. Madi, Martine M. Savard, Pierre-Andre Bourque, Guoxiang Chi

Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization from Basin Analysis for Exploration Purposes: Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Grand Banks, Offshore Newfoundland

J. D. Harper

Hydrocarbon Resources of the Upper Cambrian - Middle Ordovician of Southwestern Ontario

Terry R. Carter, Robert A. Trevail

Icesheet-sourced Juxtaposed Turbidite Systems in Labrador Sea: A Bypassing Mechanism for Glacially Influenced Deep-water Reservoir Sands

Reinhard Hesse, Ingo Klaucke, David J. W. Piper, William B. F. Ryan

Ichnological Criteria for Delineating the Origin of Sharp-Based Shoreface Successions: Examples from the Cretaceous of Alberta

James A. Maceachern, S. George Pemberton

The Impact of Climate and Walther’s Law on Upper Paleozoic Cyclostratigraphy of the Western U.S.

Gerilyn S. Soreghan

Impact of Redox-Boundary Fluctuations in the Water Column on Geochemical Character of Organic Matter from the Devonian-Carboniferous Exshaw Formation, Alberta: Implications for Organic Matter Preservation

Mark L. Caplan, Marc R. Bustin

Impact of “Operation-Induced” Diagenesis on Performance of Cyclic Steam Stimulation at Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

Jon S. Dudley

Implications from recent exploration drilling for the Structure and Stratigraphy of the Port au Port Peninsula, Western Newfoundland

Mark Cooper, John Weissenberger, Doug Hostad, Derek Gillespie, Don Rae, Elizabeth Clark, Ian Knight

Implications of Hardground-Prone Settings

Beverly Saylor, J. A. (Toni) Simo, Charles W. Byers, Y. S. (Luke) Choi

Importance of Accommodation History in Understanding Palaeoproterozoic Carbonate Depositional Systems, northern Australia

M. Jim Jackson, Peter N. Southgate

Industrial Applications of in-situ stress measurements and geomechanical information in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (POSTER)

J. S. Bell

Inferred Basement Control of Pervasive Structural Lineaments in Southeastern Saskatchewan and Their Significance in Petroleum Exploration and Development

Lynden Penner, Jack Mollard

The Influence of Antler Paleotectonics on Paleogeography and Paleoceanography of Lower Carboniferous Western Canada

Richard T. Brandley

Influence of Basement Movements on the Location of Cretaceous Linear Cardium Sandbodies in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)

P. L. Erickson, V. Hunter, K. M. Bergman, R. G. Walker

The Influence of Similarities and Differences on the Architecture and Reservoir Characterization of Sand-Rich and Fine-Grained Submarine Fans

Arnold H. Bouma

Influence of the Sweetgrass Arch on Upper Cretaceous Sedimentation and Reservoir Development in Southern Alberta: Medicine Hat Fm. and First White Speckled Shale - A Missed Pay Zone?

Claudia J. Schroder-Adams, Peter J. Adams, Dale A. Leckie, John Bloch, Jim Craig, Safaa A. Seif El-Dein

Innovations in Imaging Sub-surface Geological Features from 3-D Seismic

Kevin Coflin, John Shimeld, Mark A. Williamson, Zehui Huang

Integrated analysis of high resolution aeromagnetic and other remote sensing data for hydrocarbon exploration in frontier and mature basins

Zeev Berger

Integrated Chronologies - The New Zealand Example: A High-Resolution Approach to Dating Plio-Pleistocene Sequences

T. R. Naish, R. M. Carter, P. J. J. Kamp, B. Pillans

An Integrated Geological Interpretation of the Countess UU Pool - A Glauconitic Compound Incised Valley System

Christine A. Robertson, Lisa Griffith, Brian A. Zaitlin

An Integrated Sequence Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Model for the Evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Lower McNamara Succession, Northern Australia

Terry T. Sami, Noel P. James, Peter Southgate, Jim Jackson, Kurtis Keyser

Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland

Jason A. Bateman, Edward H. Davies, Jock N. McCracken, Dennis J. Dunsmore, John F. Sarg, John W. Snedden

Integrated Studies of the Egret Member (Kimmeridgian) Source Rock, Jeanne D’arc Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada

Mark A. Williamson, Zehui Huang, Martin G. Fowler, Jason Bateman

Integrated Studies of the Egret Member (Kimmeridgian) Source Rock, Jeanne D’arc Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada

Mark A. Williamson, Zehui Huang, Martin G. Fowler, Jason Bateman

Integrating Ichnology and Sedimentology to Identify Stratigraphic Surfaces in Estuarine Incised Valley Deposits, Cretaceous Glauconite Formation, South-Central Alberta

James A. Maceachern, Brian A. Zaitlin, S. George Pemberton

Integration of Geophysical, Remote Sensing, Geological and Elevation Data for Improved Hydrocarbon Exploration

W. E. Glenn

The Integration of Industry, Government and University Petroleum Geoscience and Technology Agendas: A Case Study

Mark A. Williamson

Interacting tectonic and eustatic controls on regional paleogeography, paleoenvironments and sequence stratigraphy: Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Alberta Basin

A. Guy Plint

Interaction between alluvial fan and fluvial depositional systems in an Upper Cretaceous foreland basin wedge-top depozone, Sevier thrust belt, southwest Montana, USA

Susan L. Dougherty, James G. Schmitt

Interaction of Sea-Level Fluctuations and Synsedimentary Tectonics on Upper Silurian - Lower Devonian Reef Settlement and Development, Gaspe Basin, Northern Appalachians

Pierre-Andre Bourque

Interpretation of Regional Seismic Sections from the Williston Basin - a ‘Slossian’ Approach

Pal Redly, Zoltan Hajnal

Into the mists of time: the realities of biostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy

Brian R. Pratt

Investigation of a Karstic Dolomite Aquifer, Guelph, Ontario

M. Kunert, M. Coniglio, E. C. Jowett

Isotopic Evidence for Geochemically Distinct, Geographically Constrained Water Masses in Ancient Epeiric Seas

Chris Holmden, Robert A. Creaser, Karlis Muehlenbachs, Steven A. Leslie, Stig M. Bergstrom

Is there a genetic relationship between MVT and SEDEX zinc-lead deposits?

D. F. Sangster

Is the Sequence Stratigraphic Engine Running Out of Gas in its Search for Oil?

Dale A. Leckie, David P. James

Jurassic Megasequences of Western North America: Relation to Global Facies Associations

James A. Peterson

Karoo Basin: An Earlier Replica of the Western Interior?

Octavian Catuneanu

Kaskaskia (Devonian - Mississipian) Paleoenvironment and Lithofacies

Jan Golonka, David Ford, Jolanta Bednarczyk

Larry Sloss, the Father of Sequence Stratigraphy: a Personal Account

Peter R. Vail

Larry Sloss and His Legacy

Andrew D. Baillie, John M. Andrichuk

Late Carboniferous-Early Permian Conodont Biostratigraphy: A Progress Report

Scott M. Ritter, James E. Barrick

Late Carboniferous Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Sequences in the Central Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada

T. A. Rehill, M. R. Gibling, M. A. Williamson

Late Cretaceous-Tertiary Tectonic Evolution of the Beaufort Sea-Northern Yukon Region

Larry S. Lane, J. R. Dietrich

The Latemar high-frequency cycles revisited

Arndt Peterhansel, Sven O. Egenhoff, Thilo Bechstadt

Late Namurian to Permian Basin Fill of the Western Maritimes Basin of Eastern Canada

P. Giles, R. Boehner, J. Calder, F. Chandler, T. Crawford, P. Durling, M. Gibling, K. Gillis, S. Johnston, G. Lynch, M. MacLeod, R. Naylor, R. Ryan, C. St. Peter, J. Utting, J. Waldron

Late Paleozoic evolution of The Transantarctic basin: central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

John L. Isbell

Late Paleozoic Oil and Gas Potential of Reef Carbonates in the Sverdrup Basin: Analogues From the Barents Sea-Timan Pechora areas and Examples from Hvitland and Raanes Peninsulas, Ellesmere Island

Benoit Beauchamp, Ulrich Mayr

Late Proterozoic carbonate platform deposits of the Ymer O Group (Eleonore Bay Supergroup), East Greenland: response to relative sea-level change

Martin Sonderholm, Henrik Tirsgaard

The lateral extent of the Pakowki transgression into the southern Alberta Foothills. A signpost for the Belly River stratigraphy and the emerging paleotopography of the mountain front in late Campanian time

T. Jerzykiewicz

Linking dolomite porosity and dolomitization kinetics

Duncan F. Sibley, Stephan H. Nordeng

Lithofacies, Diagenesis, and Porosity of the Simonette Oil Reservoir, Beaverhill Lake Group, Deep West-Central Alberta Basin, Canada

J. P. Duggan, E. W. Mountjoy

Lithofacies Associations and Depositional Environments of the Middle Triassic Doig, Halfway and Charlie Lake Formations, Tommy Lakes Field, Northeastern British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld, Stephen M. Hubbard, Thomas F. Moslow

Lithology, Biostratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Graminia Formation in Central Alberta

N. C. Meijer Drees, D. I. Johnston, M. G. Fowler

Local Basin Configuration and Facies Pattern in the Early Eocene Shekhan Formation, Kohat Basin, Pakistan - Implications for Sequence Stratigraphic Correlations

S. K. Tanoli, I. A. Abbasi, O. Rahman, M. Riaz, H. Iqbal, M. K. Akhtar

Low-Energy Temperate Carbonates as Analogs for the Early Mississippian

Wayne M. Ahr

Low Contrast, Low Resistivity, Upper Cretaceous Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, USA

James C. Mullarkey

Lower Carboniferous Ammonoid-bearing Microbial Mounds in Wileman Member of Mount Head Formation, east-central British Columbia

Barry C. Richards, David M. Work, Walter W. Nassichuk

Lower Ordovician Cold-Water Reefs of St.Petersburg Region, NW Russia

Andrei Dronov, Peter Fedorov

Lower Paleozoic of Eagle Plain Region, Yukon Territory: Remedies for Stratigraphic Schizophrenia Yield Tectonic and Sequence Stratigraphic Insights

David W. Morrow

Low Resistivity, Jurassic, Incised Valley-Fill (Eolian and Estuarine) Reservoirs, Wyoming and South Dakota

Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

Magdalen Basin NATMAP Program 1:250 000 Digital Compilation of Northern Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Southeastern New Brunswick

G. Lynch, C. Deblonde, P. S. Giles

Magnetization of the Hines Creek Fault - an Aeromagnetic Case History

John W. Peirce, Robert A. Charters, Serguei A. Goussev, GEDCO Staff

Mantle Origin of Global 3rd-Order Sea-level Fluctuations

J. F. Collins, P. T. Jan Bon

Marine Organic Deposition (Phosphorites, Black Shales) During The Pangea Interval - What Is So Different?

Jorg Trappe

Marine Sediment By-Passing: Application of Processed-based Stratigraphic Modeling

James P. Syvitski, Lincoln Pratson, Kenneth Skene

Mechanical Controls on the Permeability of Fractured Reservoirs

J. S. Bell, P. J. McLellan

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sequence Chronostratigraphic Framework of European Basins

Jan Hardenbol, Jacques Thierry, Martin B. Farley, Thierry Jacquin, Pierre-Charles De Graciansky, Peter R. Vail

Metamorphism and Preservation of Burgess Shale Fossils: Results from the Burgess Shale High School Research Project

Wayne G. Powell, Charles M. Henderson, High School Students

Microfacies Associations and Depositional Environment of the Cambrian– Ordovician Carbonate Cratonic Sequences, Tarim Basin, Northwest China

Yongsheng Ma, Shan Qin

Mid-Carboniferous – Permian second order depositional sequences in the Barents Sea area

Lars Stemmerik, David Worsley

Middle and Late Eocene Sequences and Cycles in the Gulf Coast Basin – Two Styles of Stratigraphic Ordering

Thomas E. Ewing

Middle Cambrian Reefs

Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev

Middle Devonian Sequence Stratigraphy, N.E. British Columbia and N.W. Alberta

Paul Fejer, Denis Kennedy

Mineral showings and Lower Paleozoic stratigraphic correlation, Canadian Arctic and parts of North Greenland

Tim De Freitas, Ulrich Mayr, Chris Harrison

The Miocene coral reefs of the SW Gulf of Suez and NW Red Sea: distribution, palaeozonation and environmental controls

Christine Perrin, Jean-Claude Plaziat

Mississippian Stratigraphy in Northeast British Columbia

A. Neil Hutton

Modeling Seismic Facies Changes Across Carbonate Platform Margins - Implications for Seismic Interpretations

Flavio S. Anselmetti, Jose-Luis Masaferro, Gregor P. Eberli

Modeling the Thermal History of the Michigan Basin Using Burial Histories Produced from a Large Subsurface Database

W. D. Everham, J. E. Huntoon

Model of Proterozoic Stromatolite Morphogenesis

Yu. Peter Petrov

Modern (Antarctica) and Permian (Tasmania) Polar Carbonates; their Significance in the Exploration for Oil, Gas and Mineral Deposits

C. Prasada Rao

Molar-tooth Carbonates: Shallow Subtidal Facies of the Mid- to Late-Proterozoic

Noel P. James, Guy M. Narbonne, Anne G. Sherman

Molar Tooth Structures in the Neoproterozoic of Western Africa are in fact, Microbialites Reworked in Relation to Seismites

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Jean-Claude Plaziat, Janine Bertrand-Sarfati

Molecular Tracers for Secondary Oil Migration Distances

Maowen Li, Martin G. Fowler, R. Steve Larter

The Monarch Platform, A Neoproterozoic Carbonate Platform of the Jasper Area; Stromatolite Morphology and Stratigraphic Significance

Ben Urlwin, Gerald M. Ross

Mosasaurs, Limpets and Diagenesis: Alternative Pathways to Punctured Ammonite Shells

P. A. Johnston, T. Kase, A. Seilacher

A Multidisciplinary Study of Cretaceous Shales of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Petrophysics, Geochemistry and Log Analysis

D. R. Issler, T. J. Katsube, J. Bloch, W. C. Cox

Multiple Orders of Relative Sea-Level Change on a Lower Cambrian Siliciclastic Passive Margin, Northwestern Canada

Robert B. Macnaughton, Robert W. Dalrymple, Guy M. Narbonne

Natural Gas Resources of the Foreland Belt of the Cordilleran Orogen in Canada

K. G. Osadetz, P. J. Lee, P. K. Hannigan, K. E. D. Olsen-Heise

The Nature of Continental Tectono-Stratigraphy: The Sauk Sequence, Its Unconformities, and Hydrocarbon Exploration

Leigh Smith

Nature of Pennsylvanian (Moscovian) Waulsortian Bank and Reef mound accretion, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic

Frank R. Brunton, Noel P. James, Benoit Beauchamp

Neomorphism: A Tale of Divergence from Two Mississippian Dolomites

Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Jeff Packard

The Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup: A Decade of Mapping the World’s Largest On-Land Turbidite System

Gerald M. Ross

New bedrock geology map of Prince Patrick and Eglinton Islands including the surrounding channels, Canadian Arctic Islands

J. Christopher Harrison, Thomas A. Brent

New Geochemical Approaches to Deciphering Origins of Hydrothermal Carbonates in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

B. E. Nesbitt, G. Morris, K. Muehlenbachs, W. Prochaska

A New Geological Map of Northwest Ellesmere Island (Sverdrup Basin): Hvitland Peninsula

Ulrich Mayr, Benoit Beauchamp, J. Christopher Harrison

New Lower Cambrian Occurrence of Burgess Shale-type Fossils in Siberia

Andrey Yu. Ivantsov, Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev, Maxim V. Leonov, Anton V. Leguta

A New Play in an Old Rock - The Early Cambrian Athel Silicilyte Source Rock Play of Oman

Joachim E. Amthor, Peter Nederlof, Tom Faulkner

A new Silurian shelf-margin reef tract in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and bearing on lower Paleozoic reef evolution

Tim De Freitas, Godfrey S. Nowlan

Nova Scotian MVT Ore Fluids: Solute Composition and Possible Origins of Brines

Guoxiang Chi, Martine M. Savard

Nuclear Magnetic Logging contributions to Shaley Sand Evaluation

Dave Shorey, Dan Georgi, Craig Phillips, Don Cole

Numerical Simulation of Deposits Formed During Falling Sea Level

John S. Carey, Donald J. P. Swift, Michael Steckler, Christopher W. Reed, Alan Niedoroda, Guy Plint

Observations Concerning the Relationship Between Stratigraphic Elements and Supranormal Pressures in the Alberta “Deep Basin” with Emphasis on Mesozoic Units

P. E. Putnam, G. Ward

Off-Craton Stratigraphic Record for the Cratonal Sauk-Tippecanoe Boundary Hiatus: the Cordilleran Margin in the Southern Great Basin California-Nevada, USA

John D. Cooper, Martin Keller

Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Rock Correlation for the Manyberries and Medicine Hat oil fields; implications for oil migration

Patrick Stevenson, Cindy Riediger

Oil-oil and oil-source rock correlations in southern Alberta, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: the key to understanding Mannville petroleum systems

Cindy Riediger, F. Karavas, M. G. Fowler, L. R. Snowdon

Oil and Gas in the Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia

Schalk R. Du Toit, Sami Kurdy, Sebsibe Haile Asfaw, Assefa Aklilu Gessesse

Oils and Source Rocks from the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec; geochemical characteristics and provenance

Idiz Erdem, Martin G. Fowler, Rudolf Bertrand

Open Fractures in a Compressive Environment ?

Peter Gretener

Optimization of Geological Exploration through the Integration of GIS, Remote Sensing and Subsurface Modeling

J. D. Hughes

Organic facies of organic-rich Devonian rocks of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

L. D. Stasiuk, M. G. Fowler, G. D. Addison, M. Hearn

Organic facies of organic-rich Devonian rocks of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

L. D. Stasiuk, M. G. Fowler, G. D. Addison, M. Hearn

Organomineralisation and Reef History

Joachim Reitner, Fritz Neuweiler, Pascale Gautret, Volker Thiel, Walter Michaelis

The Origin and Timing of Late-Stage Cements within Devonian Strata of the Deep Alberta Basin: based on fluid inclusion evidence

Sean G. W. Smith, E. W. Mountjoy

Origination and death of petroleum systems along the Late Jurassic/Early Cretaceous northern Tethyan margin

Jan Golonka, Wolfgang Kiessling, Michal Krobicki, Nataliya Y. Bocharova

Origin of Dolomite in the Guelph Formation, Southwestern Ontario

Q. Zheng, M. Coniglio

Origin of Septarian Fissures in Carbonate Concretions through Syndepositional Earthquakes

Brian R. Pratt

Origin of the Carbonate Concretions of the Middle Miocene Sedimentary Rocks in Pohang Basin, Korea

Kyung Sik Woo

Origins of Pervasive Dolomites of the Leduc and Nisku Formations, Southeastern Alberta

Wenbin Tan, Eric Mountjoy

Outcrop to subsurface correlation based on an integrated stratigraphical, sedimentological and geochemical analysis of two platform margins (Frasnian carbonate/siliciclastic system, Western Canada)

Frans S. P. Van Buchem, Gregor P. Eberli, Michael T. Whalen, Eric W. Mountjoy, Peter W. Homewood

Outcrop to subsurface correlation based on an integrated stratigraphical, sedimentological and geochemical analysis of two platform margins (Frasnian carbonate/siliciclastic system, Western Canada)

Frans S. P. Van Buchem, Gregor. P. Eberli, Michael T. Whalen, Eric W. Mountjoy, Peter W. Homewood

Outline of the Early and early Middle Cambrian Sequence Biostratigraphy of the Siberian Platform

Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev

Oxbow Lake and Chute Channel-fills: Sedimentology and Reservoir Seal Implications

Leona Piet-Gibb, Derald G. Smith

Paleo-oil field in a Silurian carbonate buildup, Wulff Land, North Greenland-implications for the hydrocarbon system

Lars Stemmerik, Martin Sonderholm, Jorgen Bojesen-Koefoed

Paleoceanographic Events in Cretaceous Petroleum Basins, offshore mid-Norway

F. M. Gradstein, T. Saether, J. P. Nystuen, S. A. Backstrom

Paleoecology, dynamics and basin settings of coral, sponge and microbolite reefs from the Late Jurassic

R. R. Leinfelder, M. Nose, D.U. Schmid, M. Krautter, W. Werner

Paleogeographic and Paleoclimatic Primary Controls on Cretaceous Sandstone Diagenesis, Northeastern Brazil

Antonio Jorge Vasconcellos Garcia

Paleogeographic Snapshots of the Cretaceous in Western Canada

Dale A. Leckie, N. Vanbeselaere, K. Wallace-Dudley, David P. James

Paleomagnetic Constraints on Fluid Migration, Tectonic, and Thermal Histories In Triangle Zones of southern Alberta and the Arkoma Basin

David R. Van Alstine, Joseph E. Butterworth, Steven R. May, Michael C. Covey

Paleomagnetism, Petrology and Geochemistry of Mississippian Dolomites from the Shell Waterton Gas Field, Southwestern Alberta

Michael T. Lewchuk, Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, David T. A. Symons, Kevin P. Gillen

The Paleomagnetism of Devonian Swan Hills Formation Cores from the Caroline Gas Field: A Record of a Late Cretaceous/Early Tertiary Overprint Event

Kevin P. Gillen, Rob Van Der Voo, Johannes Thiessen

Paleomagnetism of the Monarch-Kicking Horse Pass Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) Ore Deposits in Southeastern British Columbia and Laramide Fluid Flow in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)

Michael T. Lewchuk, David T. A. Symons, Donald F. Sangster

Paleontology and Stratigraphy (Middle-Late Ordovician) of the Foxe Lowland on southwestern Baffin Island, Canadian Arctic

A. D. McCracken, T. E. Bolton, M. J. Copeland, B. V. Sanford, A. C. Grant, R. Wicander, J. F. V. Riva, E. Asselin, A. Achab, A. Soufiane

Paleoproterozoic Carbonate-to-Evaporite Transition at Great Slave Lake and correlatives of the Slave Craton: Implications for Paleoproterozoic Ocean Chemistry

Mike C. Pope, John P. Grotzinger

Paleotectonic Affinity for Pre-Sauk Sequence, Late Neoproterozoic Stratigraphy in the Southwestern United States

Christopher M. Fedo, John D. Cooper, Anthony R. Prave

Paleotemperature History of the Peace River Arch Region: Constraints from Apatite Fission Track Analysis

D. R. Issler, S. D. Willet, C. Beaumont, A. M. Grist, R. A. Donelick

Paleotemperature History of the Peace River Arch Region: Constraints from Apatite Fission Track Analysis

D. R. Issler, S. D. Willet, C. Beaumont, A. M. Grist, R. A. Donelick

Palynological age constraints and paleoenvironments of the Cadomin and Dalhousie formations in SW Alberta

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Palynological zonation of Carboniferous (Tournaisian - lower Westphalian?) rocks of Atlantic Canada and correlation of oil shales

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Palynology and sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Albian (Cretaceous) of the central Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands, N.W.T.

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Pangea: Extravagant Sedimentary Resource Formation During Supercontinent Configuration

Jorg Trappe

Parallel trends in Reservoir Architecture, Facies Associations and Petrophysical Attributes in Channel Sandstones, Magdalena Valley, Colombia

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Pennsylvanian Fluvial Sandstone Discoveries in a Densely Drilled Area of Southwest Kansas: Successful Integration of Sequence Stratigraphy with 3-D Seismic

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Peritidal Carbonate Precipitates in the Kotuikan Formation, Mesoproterozoic, Anabar Uplift, Siberia

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Permian Environmental Turnovers and P-T Mass Extinction Coincide with Stress-Release Events: it’s no Coincidence!!!

Benoit Beauchamp

Persistent millennial-scale paleoclimate cyclicity spanning Paleozoic greenhouse-icehouse climate modes

Maya Elrick, Linda Hinnov

Petrogenesis of Upper Jurassic Septarian Concretions (Isle of Skye, Western Scotland): Physical, Chemical and Microbial Processes

Jim Hendry, Mike Pearson, Nigel Trewin, Tony Fallick

Petrography, geochemistry and stable isotopes constraints on the origin of the Cretaceous dolomite (Ain Tobi Member) in NW Libya

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Petroleum, Salt, and Wedge Tectonics in the Polish Carpathian Foothills

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Petroleum Hydrogeology of the Chalk, South Central Graben, North Sea

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Petroleum System Definition and Source Rock Deposition in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

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Petroleum Systems of the Late Carboniferous Central Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada - an Integration of Basin Analysis and Basin Modelling

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Petroleum Systems of the Late Carboniferous Central Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada - an Integration of Basin Analysis and Basin Modelling

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Phantom Soft-Bodied Predators in Cambrian Seas: Worm-Biters and Shell-Busters

Brian R. Pratt

Physical (Centrifuge) Modelling of Localization of Fold-Thrust Structures by Normal Faults, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

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The Place Of A Forced Regressive Systems Tract in Sequence Stratigraphy: Recognition Criteria, Bounding Surfaces and Practical Problems

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Plate Tectonics in an Expanding Globe: The constructional dilemma and fate of blastoid echinoderms

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Pleistocene (5e) Sea Level Deciphered from Detailed Stratigraphy of Coral Reef Sequences: a Paleoclimatic Proxy

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Plio-Pleistocene, aragonite-dominated, cold-water shelf limestones, in eastern North Island, New Zealand

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Pollen Biostratigraphy of the Sagavanirktok Formation and Correlatives (Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary), North Slope, Alaska

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Possible Fault-Fracture controlled Dolomitization of the West-Central Alberta Deep Basin; Pine Creek (Leduc FM., Wabamun FM.) and Kaybob South (Swan Hills FM.)

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Practical Integration of Geology and Petrophysics in Estimating Water Saturation in Lower Resistivity Fractured Banff Carbonates

Ken Simpson

Pre-Cretaceous thrust faults in the Fort Norman area, NWT

D. G. Cook, B. C. MacLean

Precambrian Molar-Tooth Structure: Earthquake-Induced Shrinkage and Fluidization of Lime Mud, and Implications for the Tectonic and Depositional Setting of Basins and the Composition and Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments

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Prediction of Thermal Conductivity from Wireline Log Measurements in Midcontinent Paleozoic Rocks

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Present Status and Future of Reefs from the Caribbean Biogeographic Province

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Process Controls and Sequence Significance of Stratigraphic Surfaces in Glacio-eustatic Cyclothems, Mangaopari Basin, New Zealand

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Progradational and Retrogradational Stratal Architectures within the Transgressive Systems Tracts of Clearwater Formation (Aptian-Albian) Incised Valleys

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Prospect of Natural Gas in the Carboniferous Sediments from Offshore Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia

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Provenance and Tectonic Significance of Late Jurassic Monteith Conglomerates, Western Canada Foreland Basin, northeastern British Columbia and northwestern Alberta

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The Pulsating Earth and the Origin of Intracratonic Structures

Clinton R. Tippett

The Quantified Eustatic Curve for Bathonian to Santonian: testing and calibration on subsiding basins of Eurasia and North America

Oleg Pinous, Dork Sahagian, Victor Zakharov

Quantifying low resistivity pays using only magnetic resonance and resistivity

G. R. Coates, D. Miller, Numar A. Howard

Quaternary Sediment Flux in Central Australia: Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy

J. C. Maroulis, M. R. Gibling, G. C. Nanson

Quaternary stratigraphy and geology of the Three Rivers area, Alberta, Canada

Elizabeth R. Leboe, Lionel E. Jackson Jr.

Ranking and Scaling of Biostratigraphic Events: RASC and CASC (Version 15) Workshop

F. P. Agterberg, F. M. Gradstein

Ranking and Scaling of Biostratigraphic Events RASC and CASC (New Release - Version 15) Workshop

F. P. Agterberg, F. M. Gradstein

Real Time Reservoir Characterization Using 3D Fractal Modeling -A Live Example

Rocky Mottahedeh

Recent 1:1,000,000 Scale Compilations of Bedrock Geology of Phanerozoic Basins of Canada

Andrew V. Okulitch

Recognition and Interpretation of Interfluve Sequence Boundaries, Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, NE British Columbia

Paul J. McCarthy, A. Guy Plint, Fred J. Longstaffe

The Recognition of a Regional Lowstand Unconformity within the Bluesky Formation and its Influence on Production in the Sexsmith Field, West-Central Alberta

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Recrystallization Versus Neomorphism, and the Concept of “Significant Recrystallization” in Dolomite Research

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Red River Problems: stratigraphic, depositional and diagenetic

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Regional Variations in Initial Petroleum Potential of the Upper Devonian Duvernay and Muskwa Formations, Central Alberta

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Relation between Eocene Limestones and Widespread Eocene Unconformity (Sequence Boundary) in Eastern Venezuela

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Remagnetizations and overprints in the Foreland Belt of the Canadian Cordillera - indicators for orogenic and epeirogenic tectonics and processes

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Reservoir Characterization, Geostatistics and Modelling of the Jurassic Fluvial Lotena Formation Reservoir, Neuquen Basin, Argentina

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Reservoir Characterization Applied to a Devonian Flume Formation (Swan Hills Equivalent) Reef Interior Section at Wallbridge Mountain, British Columbia, Canada

P. Nantais, M. Mallamo, L. Ollenberger, A. Cortis, E. Drivet, L. Eliuk, M. Fawcett

Reservoir Connectivity Mapping: Well-to-Well Formation Continuity for Reservoir Characterization

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Reservoir Performance and Development of Porous Dolomites in the Ordovician Red River Formation, U.S. Portion of the Williston Basin

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Reservoir Potential of Coarse, Calcitic, Cool-water Limestones; Mid-Tertiary Te Kuiti Group, New Zealand

Alexis S. Anastas, Noel P. James, Campbell S. Nelson, Robert W. Dalrymple

Reservoir Potential of the Carbonate Forereef-Slope Setting

Paul M. Harris

Responding to Increased Demand for East Coast Petroleum Geoscientific Data Information and Knowledge

Phil Moir, Mark A. Williamson, Kevin Coflin, Paul Lake

Response, Remediation and Risk Management of a Crude Oil Pipeline Spill

P. A. Rose, W. R. Livingstone

Responses from a Mixed Cool Water Carbonate-Siliceous Sediment Factory to Relative Sea Level Changes: Evidence from the Upper Permian Degerbols and Van Hauen Formations, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic

Andre Desrochers, Benoit Beauchamp

A review of Forced Regressive Shorelines, with examples from the Upper Cretaceous of Alberta and British Columbia

A. Guy Plint

Rock Packaging and Textural Evolution of a Middle Ordovician Carbonate Ramp, Black River Group, Southeastern Ontario, Canada

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The Role of Risk Assessment in the Decommissioning of Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities

P. C. Olmsted, M. H. Mah-Paulson, D. R. Williams

Role of Seawall Construction in Sedimentary Processes on the Macro-Tidal Flats and Adjacent Nearshore in Daeho Area, West Coast of Korea

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Rottnest Shelf to Ningaloo Reef: Cool-Water to Warm-Water Carbonate Transition on the continental margin of Western Australia: Preliminary Results

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Sand-body types in tide-dominated deltas as illustrated by the Fly River, Papua New Guinea

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Sandrich, Estuarine Valley-Fill Sandstones, Rusty Member, Ericson Sandstone (Campanian), SW Wyoming: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Tectonic Significance

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The Sauk - Tippecanoe Sequences along the lapetus continental margin in eastern Canada: facies evolution and sea level history from Newfoundland to southern Quebec

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Sauk and Tippecanoe (Cambrian-Silurian) Paleoenvironment and Lithofacies

Jan Golonka, David Ford

The Sauk transgression in Canada and Greenland

Darrel G. F. Long, B. S. Norford

Sea-Level Fluctuations and Basin Filling Directions in the Arcs and Ronde (Nisku and Blue Ridge) Unconformity Bounded Sequences, Front Ranges, West-Central Alberta

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Sedimentary Architecture of Late Pliocene Glacio-eustatic Cyclothems, Mangaopari Basin, New Zealand

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Sedimentary Events, Hydrocarbon Systems - CSPG-SEPM Joint Convention: Program with Abstracts

Benoit Beauchamp

Sedimentary Events in the Quaternary Stratigraphic Record of the Cold Lake Area: Types, Frequency, and Implications for Resource Development

Laurence D. Andriashek, Mark M. Fenton

Sedimentary Organic Carbon Accumulation and Ecological Change in Givetian-Frasnian Strata of the Appalachian Basin: Origin of Middle to Late Devonian Hydrocarbon Source Rocks

A. E. Murphy, B. B. Sageman, J. P. Werne

Sedimentation and Petroleum Potential of Upper Devonian-Lower Mississippian Black Shales in the Southern Mid-Continent, USA

John B. Comer

Sedimentation of a Modern Coarse Clastic Barrier Complex

Laurence H. M. Davis, John D. Harper

Sedimentological and Geochemical Characteristics of Temperate Shelf Carbonates, Tasmania, Australia; Their Significance in the Exploration for Oil and Gas

C. Prasada Rao

Sedimentological comparison between Coumiac (France) and Schmidt Sections (Germany) at the Frasnian-Famennian boundary

Xavier Devleeschouwer, Alain Preat, Alain Herbosch

The Sedimentology, Reservoir and Source Rock Potential of the Middle Jurassic Bemaraha Limestone, Madagascar

David N. Clark, Lalanirina R. Ramanampisoa

Sedimentology and Diagenesis of the Lower Cretaceous Basal Quartz Formation, Crossfield/Delacour Pools and Trend, Calgary Area

Brad R. Spence, Ian E. Hutcheon

Sedimentology and diagenesis of the Upper Devonian Dyminy Reef Complex, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland

Jolanta Bednarczyk

Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of a Low-Accommodation Siliciclastic Succession at the Sauk/Tippecanoe Sequence Boundary in East-Central Canada

M. P. Molgat, R. W. C. Arnott

Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of Devonian-Carboniferous Strata, Alberta, Canada: Example of A Drowned Carbonate Ramp-Black Shale Transition

Mark L. Caplan, Marc R. Bustin

Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Notikewin Member Conglomerates: Wapiti Field, Northwest Alberta

Paul Arnott, Charle Gamba, Farid Remtulla

Seismic-Stratigraphic and Structural Synthesis of the Western Maritimes Basin: Implications for Petroleum Exploration

P. W. Durling, F. J. Y. Marillier

Seismic Models of Lower Carboniferous carbonate platforms in Asturias (northwestern Spain)

Jeroen A. M. Kenter, Guido L. Bracco Gartner, Wolfgang Schlager, Jan C. M. De Coo, Juan R. Bahamonde

Seismic Scale Geometries in Subsurface and Outcrop of the Upper Devonian Carbonate System in W. Canada: testing the coherency between a geological model and a seismic model

A. M. Schwab, F. van Buchem, G. P. Eberli

Seismo and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous to Eocene, Jeanne D’arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland

Nanna Friis, Mark Deptuck, Heather Boyd, Mark Williamson, Kevin Coflin

Sequence-Stratigraphic Model that Works! (Sometimes)

Doug Cant, Ashton Embry

Sequence Biostratigraphic Framework of the Triassic Grayling, Toad, and Liard formations, Williston Lake, northeastern British Columbia

Charles M. Henderson, John-Paul Zonneveld, Cindy L. Riediger

Sequence Biostratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Upper Cretaceous Wapiabi and Bad Heart formations, Alberta – correlation with the Western Interior of the United States

Christopher J. Collom

Sequence Recognition and Distribution of Lower Triassic Marine Strata, Western U.S.A.

Rachel K. Paull, Richard A. Paull

Sequences and Correlation of the Judith River Group (Campanian) in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan

David A. Eberth, Katherine M. Bergman

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Spinney Hill Sandstone, south-central Saskatchewan: Backstepping Incised Shoreface Deposits

D. G. Sandy, K. M. Bergman

Sequence stratigraphic development of Upper Devonian isolated carbonate platforms, Rocky Mountains, western Alberta: Implications for platform-to-basin correlation

Michael T. Whalen, Gregor P. Eberli, Frans Van Buchem

Sequence stratigraphy across the Frasnian-Famennian boundary - a major sea-level fall and filling of the Jasper Basin, Jasper, A.B.

Sherry Becker, Eric Mountjoy

Sequence Stratigraphy and Biotic Change in Paleozoic Marine Faunas

Carlton E. Brett, Gordon C. Baird

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of a Biohermal and Storm-Dominated Lower Carboniferous Succession in the Illinois Basin

Zakaria Lasemi, Janis D. Treworgy, Rodney D. Norby

Sequence Stratigraphy and genetic Interpretation of Lower Carboniferous oxygen-deficient deposits in Europe and North America

Hendrik Siegmund, Jorg Trappe

Sequence Stratigraphy and Lithofacies Paleogeography of Ordovician, Tarim Basin, Northwest China

Yongsheng Ma, Yulei Bai, Yinmin Shen

Sequence stratigraphy and spatial conditions of the sediments in a incised Quaternary valley aquifer system in Jutland, Denmark

Peter Gravesen

Sequence Stratigraphy of Lagniappe Delta, Northeast Gulf of Mexico

V. Kolla, P. Biondi, B. Long

Sequence stratigraphy of the Oligo-Miocene Torquay Group, southern Australia; a mid-shelf mixed siliciclastic temperate carbonate system

Therese E. Van Der Linden, John A. Webb, Peter J. Davies

Sequence Stratigraphy Redefines Post-Karoo Basins Of Mozambique And Their Petroleum Potential

Javed Iqbal, Arthur R. Kidston, Guilhermino Fortes, Carlos Zacarias

Sequence Systematics: an Introduction to the Workshop

Andrew D. Miall, Henry W. Posamentier

A Shallow-marine Oxygen Isotope Curve: Glacio-eustatic Control on Late Pliocene Cyclothems, Mangaopari, N.Z.

Paul R. Gammon

Shallow-Nearshore to Subtidal, Cool-Water Heterozoan Carbonate Facies in a Tertiary Epicratonic Embayment, South Australia

Jeff Lukasik, Noel P. James

Shellbeds, Unconformites, and Cyclothem Motifs: Sequence stratigraphy in the Plio-Pleistocene of NZ

R. M. Carter, T. R. Naish, P. R Gammon, G. Saul, S. T. Abbott, D. W. Haywick

Shoreline Trajectories and Shoreline-Trajectory Classes: Building Blocks for Sequence Description

W. Helland-Hansen, Ole J. Martinsen

Short term relative sea-level oscillations in Upper Devonian Nisku Formation (Alberta, Canada): application to hydrocarbon exploration and recent discoveries

Marc Villeger

The significance of the West Stoddart Doig oil discovery, northeastern British Columbia

Peter Guyan, Doug Pruden

The significance of δ13C in carbonate cements from reservoir sandstones of the northern North Sea: a regional synopsis

Calum Macaulay, Anthony E. Fallick, R. Stuart Haszeldine, Mike J. Pearson

Silurian Reef Evolution and Paleo-oceanography/-biogeography

Frank R. Brunton, Leigh Smith, Owen A. Dixon, Paul Copper, Steve Kershaw, Heldur Nestor

Simulating the Performance of Passive Remediation Designs in Low Permeability Tills

Bill Hoyne, Laurence Bentley

Site Characterization of the Former Turner Valley Gas Plant

M. Bowman, J. Henderson, D. G. Thomson, K. Manlay

Some Aspects of Global Change after the end of Permian Mass Extinction

Aymon Baud

Some Geological and Geochemical Features of the New Barents Sea Petroleum Province

N. K. Evdokimova, E. G. Bro, O. I. Suprunenko, N. V. Ustinov

Some Reflections on Refluxion: The Wabamun “Crossfield Zone” Reservoirs as Classic Examples

Jeff Packard, Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Bill Martindale, Rick Steedman, Gordon S. McNab

Source Rocks for Condensate and Gas - Examples from Jurassic-Cretaceous Sediments of Scotian Basin, Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, John A. Wade, Michael A. Kruge

Source Rocks in the Arctic: hydrous pyrolysis of Cretaceous Shales from Ellesmere Island, North West Territories, Canada

J. A. Bojesen-Koefoed, F. G. Christiansen, L. K. Nunez-Betulu, H. P. Nytoft, H. I. Petersen

Source rocks potential of Gaspe folded belt and the surrounding platform successions, Quebec

Rudolf Bertrand, Erdem Idiz

South America’s separation from Pangea: a major control over the continent’s oil resources

Peter Szatmari, Joao B. L. Francolin

Southern Livingstone Range: An erosionally exhumed and dissected example of fault propagation anticlines in Mississippian carbonate reservoir rocks of the Alberta Foothills

Raymond A. Price

Stable Isotope Evidence for Paleoenvironment from Early Diagenetic Carbonates: the Upper Permian Pingdiquan Formation, Junggar Basin, Northwest China

Zhaohui Tang, Fred J. Longstaffe

State-of-the-Art, Exploration-Scale, Stratigraphic Prediction

Timothy A. Cross, Margaret A. Lessenger

Stochastic Modeling and Prediction of Small-Scale Faults in Reservoirs Characterization

Renjun Wen

Stratigraphic and Conodont Biostratigraphic Framework of the Upper Cambrian-Silurian of the Southern and North-central Canadian Rocky Mountains

Christopher R. Barnes, Zailang Ji, Lee Mckenzie Mcanally, Leanne Pyle

Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture of the Upper Devonian Woodbend Group, North-Central Alberta, Canada

Harald Huebscher, Hans G. Machel

Stratigraphic architecture and stochastic reservoir simulation of a mixed carbonate/siliciclastic platform (Paradox Basin, USA)

Frans Van Buchem, Brigitte Doligez, Remi Eschard, Olivier Lerat, Christian Ravenne, Mike Grammer

Stratigraphic Architecture and Tectono-stratigraphic Interpretation of the Oldman Formation, Belly River Group, Surface and Subsurface of Southern Alberta

Anthony P. Hamblin

Stratigraphic Controls on Petrophysical Properties and Reservoir Compartmentalization

Timothy A. Cross, Juan Carlos Ramon, Andres Fajardo

Stratigraphic history and paleogeography of seven “Belloy Formation” sequences: Serpukhovian to Upper Permian strata in the Peace River Embayment

Charles M. Henderson

Stratigraphic Response to Climatic Changes: Example from the Lower Cretaceous of Reconcavo Basin, Northeast Brazil

J. V. P. Guzzo

Stratigraphic Surfaces, Cross Sections and Global Tectonics

Ashton F. Embry

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Correlation of Cambrian (Sauk II) Strata in the Subsurface of Alberta

Frances J. Hein, Godfrey S. Nowlan

The Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Fernie and Minnes groups, Peace River Arch area, Alberta

Wendy Warters

Stratigraphy of Russian Plain sediments: a 400 ka climate record

E. Little, N. W. Rutter, M. E. Evans

Stratigraphy of the backthrust wedge in the southern Foothills of Alberta. I. Lithostratigraphy and sedimentary facies

T. Jerzykiewicz, D. H. Mcneil

Stratigraphy of the backthrust wedge in the southern Foothills of Alberta. II. Foraminiferal biostratigraphy and paleoenvironments

D. H. McNeil, T. Jerzykiewicz

The stratigraphy of the Pennsylvanian to Permian Tobermory and Kananaskis formations, Kananaskis Valley to Banff, Alberta

David B. Moore, Charles M. Henderson

Stress Buildup-Stress Release Cycles in Sedimentary Basins. Part 1: Key to Understanding Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Evolution

Benoit Beauchamp

Stress Buildup-Stress Release Cycles in Sedimentary Basins. Part 2: The Link Between Mantle Convection, Plate Tectonics, Sedimentary Events and Global Correlations

Benoit Beauchamp

Structural Geology of the Triangle Zone, Oldman River to Chain Lakes, Southern Alberta (NTS 82G/16E and 82J/1E): Implications of New Mapping and Seismic Interpretation

Glen S. Stockmal, Paul A. Mackay

Structural Geology of the Triangle Zone, Oldman River to Chain Lakes, Southern Alberta (NTS 82G/16E and 82J/1E): Implications of New Mapping and Seismic Interpretation

Glen S. Stockmal, Paul A. Mackay

Structure and Tectonics of the External Humber Zone, Western Newfoundland: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Glen S. Stockmal, John W. F. Waldron, Art Slingsby

Structure and Tectonics of the External Humber Zone, Western Newfoundland: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Glen S. Stockmal, John W. F. Waldron, Art Slingsby

Structure of the southernmost Alberta Foothills, Southeastern Cordillera NATMAP project

Daniel Lebel, Stephen N. Hiebert, Deborah A. Spratt

Styles of Carbonate Deposition in Mesoproterozoic Successions: a Balance of Environmental and Biogeochemical Processes

Linda C. Kah

Subglacially Deformed Sediments: a Classification Scheme and Implications for Till Sedimentology

David J. A. Evans, Douglas I. Benn, Brice R. Rea

Subsurface 3-D Geometry and Structural History of the Southern MacKenzie Mountains, N.W.T., Yukon and B.C.

Denise N. Hodder, Deborah A. Spratt

Subsurface Allostratigraphic Methods

Janok P. Bhattacharya

Subsurface and surface distribution of Proterozoic units, northwestern NWT: a Cambrian sub-crop map

B. C. Maclean, D. G. Cook

Subsurface geology of Prince Patrick and Eglinton Islands including the surrounding channels, Canadian Arctic Islands

Thomas A. Brent, J. Christopher Harrison

Supersequence Petroleum Systems: Absaroka I & II (Pennsylvanian-Permian), Paradox and Permian Basins, Western USA

Rick Sarg, J. R. Markello, R. B. Koepnick, L. E. Waite, L. J. Weber

Synsedimentary Tectonic Influence on Regional Facies Distribution and Stratal Geometry in the Upper Cretaceous Bad Heart Formation, NW Alberta

W. Steven Donaldson, A. Guy Plint

T-R Sequence Analysis of the Devonian Succession of Western Canada

Ashton F. Embry

The teaching of stratigraphy (or lack thereof)

Amos Salvador

Tectonically-driven infill reservoir architecture, Terra Nova Field, Jeanne d’Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland

B. P. J. Williams, N. C. Tessen, P. M. Shannon, I. K. Sinclair

Tectonic and paleogeographic setting and stratigraphic framework of the Triassic of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Graham R. Davies

Tectonic Control of Nested Sequence Architecture in the Castlegate Sandstone (Upper Cretaceous), Book Cliffs, Utah

Shuji Yoshida, Andrew Willis, Andrew D. Miall

Tectonic controls on the climate of northwestern Canada and Alaska during the Neogene and Quaternary

James M. White

Tectonic Evolution of the Boomerang Hinge in Bolivia and its Effect on Trapping Mechanism

P. Brown

Tectonostratigraphic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Late Ordovician to Early Devonian Gaspe Basin: The Sleeping Beauty

Peter Immerz

Temperature-Stratified Mississippian Carbonates as Hydrocarbon Reservoirs - Examples from the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies

William Martindale, Thomas D. Boreen

Thermal History of the External Humber Zone, Western Newfoundland: Constraints from Apatite Fission Track Data, and Implications for Petroleum Exploration and Regional Evolution of the Maritimes Basin

Glen S. Stockmal, Dale R. Issler, Art Slingsby

Thermal History of the External Humber Zone, Western Newfoundland: Constraints from Apatite Fission Track Data, and Implications for Petroleum Exploration and Regional Evolution of the Maritimes Basin

Glen S. Stockmal, Dale R. Issler, Art Slingsby

Thermal maturity and distribution of oil-prone organic facies of the Lower Cretaceous Ostracode Zone, southern Alberta

Fotina A. Karavas, Cindy Riediger

Thermochemical sulfate Reduction as a Source of Sedimentary H2S

Martin B. Goldhaber

Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Graham Simpson, Ian Hutcheon

Thrusting Styles and Forebulge Movement: Evidence from the Shale Dominated Puskwaskau Formation (U. Cretaceous), Alberta, Canada

Yuanxian Hu, A. Guy Plint

Tidally influenced incised valley deposits of a subsiding half-graben; Middle Jurassic, Central Graben, Danish North Sea

Jan Andsbjerg

Timing of Late Cements at the Swan Hills Simonette Oil Field (Mid-Late Devonian), Deep Alberta Basin, Canada

J. P. Duggan, E. W. Mountjoy, D. G. Green

Towards A Consensus Geological Time Scale

Felix Gradstein, Jim Ogg, Frits Agterberg, Jan Hardenbol

Towards a Three-Dimensional Atlas of the Southern Alberta Foothills: A Progress Report of the Southeastern Cordillera NATMAP Project

Daniel Lebel, Glen S. Stockmal, Margaret E. McMechan

Trace Fossils from the Middle Triassic (Ladinian) Toad and Liard formations, Williston Lake, northeastern British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld, S. George Pemberton, Thomas D. A. Saunders

Transitional Styles of Fold-Thrust Interaction

William R. Jamison

Triassic biochronology and its application in Western Canada

M. J. Orchard, E. T. Tozer

The Triassic Sag River Sandstone, North Slope Alaska: An Example of Shelf Sandstone Deposition Under the Influence of Upwelling

Michael D. Wilson

The turbiditic Batanga system: an integrated sedimentary study of a Senonian, oil-producing system, offshore Gabon

Claude Dominique, Francois Temple, Bottero Claude

Type-3 sequence boundaries

Wolfgang Schlager

Unconformities, Locally-Opposing Sea Level Changes, Topographic Inversions, and Pinnacle Reefs: Migration of a Devonian Peripheral Bulge, Appalachian Foreland Basin

Charles A. Ver Straeten, Carlton E. Brett

Unconformities and Extinctions bounding the Triassic of Western Canada

Charles M. Henderson

Unconformities in outcrop and seismic images

Wolfgang Schlager, Guido L. Bracco-Gartner, Jeroen A. M. Kenter

Unconformity bounded paleosols of the Mannville Group: Petrological and petrophysical analyses in the Little Bow and Retlaw Fields, Southern Alberta, Canada

Carmen Lee, Federico Krause, P. J. Lee

Understanding approaches to data, hypotheses and their application: three philosophies to colour the spectrum of thought

Peter Homewood

Understanding Sediment Delivery to the Ocean: World Data and Numerical Modeling

James P. Syvitskt, Mark Morehead, Thierry Mulder

Universal 4D Tectonic Model for Evolution of Foreland Thrust-Fold Belts

Maks M. Posavec

Unusual Oils Associated With Post-Devonian Magmatic Intrusions in the Canadian Williston Basin, SE Saskatchewan

Maowen Li, Osadetz G. Kirk, Yao Huanxin, Obermajer Mark, Fowler G. Martin

Upper (Third) Sauk Sequence (Upper Cambrian - Middle Ordovician), Canadian Cordillera

Michael Cecile, Brian Norford

Upper Devonian (Famennian) Reefs, Palliser (Wabamun) Formation: Rapid Post-Extinction Recovery in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Mud-Mound Rees, Nisku Formation, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Sandstone and Carbonate Oil Reservoirs Associated With Basement Paleotopography in Southwest Alabama

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Upper Ordovician Reef in Red River Strata, Subsurface Saskatchewan

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Upper Ordovician Stratigraphy and Conodont Faunas in the Southern Qinling Orogenic Belt, P.R. China and Implications for Paleogeographic Reconstruction

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Upper Pennsylvanian Pedostratigraphy of Northern Mid Continent, U.S.A.: Implications for Climate, Eustacy, Tectonics and Sedimentation

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Upper Triassic Carbonates from the Quesnel Terrane, Takla Group, Central B. C.

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Upwelling, Thermoclines and Wave-Sweeping on an Equatorial Carbonate Ramp: Lower Carboniferous Strata of Western Canada

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The use of 3D digital orthophotos to map geology and assess the potential of catastrophic rock avalanches, southeastern Canadian Cordillera, Alberta

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The use of 3D digital orthophotos to map geology and assess the potential of catastrophic rock avalanches, southeastern Canadian Cordillera, Alberta

Daniel Lebel, Lionel E. Jackson Jr., Ronald Da Roza

Use of the North American Stratigraphic Code and the International Stratigraphic Guide in Teaching Stratigraphy

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Using High Quality Temperature Logs to Investigate the Thermal Structure of Sedimentary Basins

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Using Technology for E&P Success - the Practices of Leader Companies in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Strategies

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Variability of Systems Tracts, Sequence Boundaries and Flooding Surfaces

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Variations in Records of Early Pennsylvanian Base-Level Changes in Tributary Versus Trunk Valley-Fill Sequences: Indiana, USA

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Vertical Fluid Flow, Fractures, Redox and Sedimentary Magnetization

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Very Early Famennian (Upper Devonian) Brachiopod Sequence in the Pilot Basin of Eastern Nevada and Western Utah, and Post-Frasnian Extinction Brachiopod Recovery

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Visually Estimating Archie “m” and the Impact on Evaluating Conventional and Low Resistivity Pay

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The Webb Cantuar Fm Oil Pool and Its Significance for Southwestern Saskatchewan Oil Exploration

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Western Canada: Silurian paleogeography, transgressions and regressions

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Wilson Cycles and Distribution of Hydrocarbon Resources in Earth’s History

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The Windsor Group: Overlooked Petroleum Potential Onshore Nova Scotia

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Zeolite Cementation and Effects on Reservoir Quality of Permo-Triassic, Volcanogenic Sandstones from the Junggar Basin, Northwest China

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Zuni (Jurassic-Cretaceous) Paleoenvironment and Lithofacies

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“Molar-tooth” Structure in the Proterozoic Belt Supergroup Replicated Experimentally by Biogenic Gas Bubbles and Gas Expansion Cracks in Clay Slurry

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“Soft” Fault Linkages in Fold Belts

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