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CSPG Special Publications

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Alluvial and Coastal Conglomerates: Their Significant Features and Some Comments on Gravelly Mass-Flow Deposits

W. Nemec, R. J. Steel

Characteristics and Origin of Cluster Bedforms in Coarse-Grained Alluvial Channels

Andrew C. Brayshaw

Chutes and Lobes: Newly Identified Elements of Braiding in Shallow Gravelly Streams

John B. Southard, Norman D. Smith, Roger A. Kuhnle

Clast Size and Bed Thickness Trends in Resedimented Conglomerates: Example From a Devonian Fan-Delta Succession, Southwest Poland

Szczepan J. Porebski

Conglomeratic Fan-Delta Sequences, Late Carboniferous — Early Permian, Western Spitsbergen

K. L. Kleinspehn, R. J. Steel, E. Johannessen, A. Netland

Dagbreek Fan-Delta: An Alluvial Placer to Prodelta Sequence in the Proterozoic Welkom Goldfield, Witwatersrand, South Africa

C. S. Kingsley

Debris Flows and Fluvial Deposits in Spanish Quaternary Alluvial Fans: Implications for Fan Morphology

A. M. Harvey

Deep-Sea and Fluvial Braided Channel Conglomerates: A Comparison of Two Case Studies

Frances J. Hein

Depositional Features of Late Miocene, Marine Cross-Bedded Conglomerates, California

R. Lawrence Phillips

Depositional Processes and Fluid Mechanics of Upper Jurassic Conglomerate Accumulations, British North Sea

L. G. Kessler II, Kit Moorhouse

Domba Conglomerate, Devonian, Norway: Process and Lateral Variability in a Mass Flow-Dominated, Lacustrine Fan-Delta

W. Nemec, R. J. Steel, S. J. Poreebski, Å. Spinnangr

Fan-Delta to Submarine Fan Conglomerates of the Volgian-Valanginian Wollaston Forland Group, East Greenland

Finn Surlyk

Flood Sedimentation in Bedrock Fluvial Systems

Victor R. Baker

Front Matter for CSPG Memoir 10

Ian A. McIlreath

Geomorphology and Sedimentology of Humid-Temperate Alluvial Fans, Central Virginia

R. Craig Kochel, Robert A. Johnson

Mass-Flow Conglomerates in a Submarine Canyon: Abrioja Fan-Delta, Pliocene, Southeast Spain

George Postma

Paleohydrologic Techniques with Environmental Applications for Siting Hazardous Waste Facilities

M. G. Foley, J. M. Doesburg, D. A. Zimmerman

Particle Interaction and Its Effect on the Thresholds of Initial and Final Bedload Motion in Coarse Alluvial Channels

Ian Reid, Lynne E. Frostick

Relationship Between Flows and Sediment Size in Some Gravel Streams of the Arid Negev, Israel

Ze’ev B. Begin, Moshe Inbar

Resedimented Conglomerates in a Miocene Collision Suture, Hokkaido, Japan

H. Okada, S. K. Tandon

Resedimented Conglomerates of a Miocene Fan-Delta Complex, Southern Alps, Italy

Francesco Massari

Sedimentation Units in Stratified Resedimented Conglomerate, Paleocene Submarine Canyon Fill, Point Lobos, California

H. Edward Clifton

Sedimentology and Depositional Setting of the Upper Proterozoic Scanlan Conglomerate, Central Arizona

Larry T. Middleton, Alan P. Trujillo

Sedimentology and Hydrocarbon Distribution of the Lower Cretaceous Cadomin Formation, Northwest Alberta

Christopher J. Varley

Sedimentology and Tectonic Setting of Early Tertiary Quartzite Conglomerates, Northwest Wyoming

Mary J. Kraus

Sedimentology of a Precambrian Quartz-Pebble Conglomerate, Southwest Colorado

Frank G. Ethridge, Noel Tyler, Lary K. Burns

Sheet Debris Flow and Sheetflood Conglomerates in Cretaceous Cool-Maritime Alluvial Fans, South Orkney Islands, Antarctica

Neil A. Wells

Tectonic Setting, Recognition and Hydrocarbon Reservoir Potential of Fan-Delta Deposits

Frank G. Ethridge, William A. Wescott

A Unique Mass Flow Marker Bed in a Miocene Streamflow Molasse Sequence, Switzerland

Heinz M. Burgisser

Wave-Worked Conglomerates — Depositional Processes and Criteria for Recognition

Joanne Bourgeois, Elana L. Leithold