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R. John Knight, J. Ross Mclean

Accumulation of Sand and Mud in Accretionary Shelf Environments: Abstract

Charles A. Nittrouer, D. J. DeMaster, S. A. Kuehl, B. A. McKee


R. John Knight, J. Ross McLean

Aeolian Delivery of Sand to Pre-Silurian Stable Shelves Resolves Apparent Paradoxical Occurrence of Transgressive Sheet Sands: Abstract

J. M. Mazzullo, Robert Ehrlich

Association of Sand With Mud Deposits Accumulating on Continental Shelves

Charles A. Nittrouer, David J. DeMaster, Steven A. Kuehl, Brent A. McKee

Asymmetry of Form and Lithology, Late Cretaceous Shelf Sandstone Complexes, House Creek and Hartzog Draw Fields, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Abstract

John P. Hobson Jr., Michael L. Fowler, Roderick W. Tillman

Author Index for Abstracts

R. John Knight, J. Ross McLean

Bed Forms and Sand Transport Paths in Non-Tidal Currents, Northwest European Shelf: Abstract

N. H. Kenyon, R. A. Flather

The Bird Fiord Formation: A Spectrum of Shelf Environments: Abstract

Quentin H. Goodbody

Body Fossils of Tide- and Wave-Dominated Continental Shelves: Abstract

John B. Wilson

Cardium Formation Lithofacies Distribution in the Pembina Oilfield Area, West-Central Alberta: Abstract

F. F. Krausc, P. R. French, D. A. Nelson, S. Machemer

Character and Setting of Sand and Gravel Bed Forms on the Open Continental Shelf Off Western Canada

J. L. Luternauer

Characteristics of Shoreface-Connected Ridges, Sable Island Bank, Nova Scotia: Abstract

E. L. Hoogendoorn, R. W. Dalrymple

Comparison of Sand Ridges on the New Jersey Continental Shelf, U.S.A.: Abstract

R. W. Tillman, J. M. Rine, W. L. Stubblefield

Constraints on the Paleohydraulic Significance of Hummocky Bedding: Abstract

Phillip A. Allen, Chris J. Pound

Continental Shelf Sands, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: Abstract

Henry L. Berryhill Jr., John R. Suter

Controlling Factors and Important Differences of Sedimentary Processes and Patterns in Unidirectional-Current-Dominated Epicontinental (Epeiric) Shelves: Abstract

C. Hans Nelson

Current-Dominated Sedimentation in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea, Alaska: Abstract

R. Lawrence Phillips

Depositional Sequences in Ancient Shelf Sediments: Some Contrasts in Style

Douglas J. Cant, Frances J. Hein

Dynamic Equilibria in the Deposition and Preservation of Shelf Facies: Abstract

Julian Thorne, Donald J. P. Swift

The Dynamics and Internal Structure of Modern Intertidal and Subtidal Bed Forms: Abstract

D. N. Langhorne

Event Deposits in the Bude Formation (Upper Carboniferous, Southwest England) — Turbidites, Tempestites, or Both?: Abstract

Roger Higgs

Evidence for Diurnal Tides in the Upper Jurassic of the Western Interior Basin, U.S.A.: Abstract

Trevor Elliott

Evidence of Wave-Dominated, Selective Transport and Deposition of Heavy Minerals in Uplifted Pleistocene Shelf Sands Along the Oregon Coast: Abstract

Curt D. Peterson, Kenneth F. Scheidegger

Evolution and Cyclicity in a Tectonically Controlled Shelf, Aren-Sandstone, Maestrichtian, Tremp, South-Central Pyrenees: Abstract

C. Puigdefabregas, A. Simo

Examples of Contrasting Depositional Formats of Shelf-To-Basin Transition from the Colorado and Montana Groups (Cretaceous) of Saskatchewan and Manitoba: Abstract

Frank Simpson

Experimental Evaluation of a Generalized Suspended-Sediment Transport Theory

Guy Gelfenbaum, J. Dungan Smith

Experimental Evaluation of Generalized Suspended Sediment Transport Theory: Abstract

Guy Gelfenbaum, J. Dungan Smith

Facies Associations in Storm- and Current-Influenced Shelf Settings, Lower Cretaceous Viking Formation, South-Central Alberta: Abstract

F. J. Hein, F. J. Longstaffe, M. E. Dean, A. M. Delure, S. K. Grant, G. A. Robb, M. G. Griffin

Facies Associations in Tidal/Littoral Shelf Settings: Lower Cambrian Gog Group, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains: Abstract

F. J. Hein, S. G. Pemberton, S. J. Rodvang

The Facies Composition of Unconformable Quartz-Arenite Sand Bodies: Simple, or Internally Complex?: Abstract

M. T. Richards

Faunas of Tidal Current and Wave-Dominated Continental Shelves and Their Use in the Recognition of Storm Deposits

John B. Wilson

Fluid Processes and Sea-Floor Response on a Modern Storm-Dominated Shelf: Middle Atlantic Shelf of North America. Part I: The Storm-Current Regime.

Donald J. P. Swift, Gregory Han, Christopher E. Vincent

Fluid Processes and Sea-Floor Response on a Modern Storm-Dominated Shelf: Middle Atlantic Shelf of North America. Part II: Response of the Shelf Floor.

Donald J. P. Swift, Julian A. Thorne, G. F. Oertel


R. John Knight

Generation of Transgressive Stratigraphy: Abstract

Ron Boyd, Shea Penland

Geological Impact of Sediment Transporting Events on the Washington Continental Shelf

Nancy B. Kachel, J. Dungan Smith

Geometry and Sequential Development of Ancient Tide-Dominated Shelf Sand Bodies: Abstract

Nio Swie-djin

Gigantic Foresets Infilling Tectonically Controlled Scours in the Shelf Floor: An Example from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin: Abstract

Tomasz Jerzykiewicz, Jurand Wojewoda

HCS: Problems, Perspectives and Misunderstandings: Abstract

Christopher J. Pound

The Holocene Shelf Sediment Wedge Off the South and East Coast of South Africa

A. K. Martin, B. W. Flemming

How Does Episodic Sedimentation Apply to Shelf Sands and Sandstones?: Abstract

R. H. Dott Jr.

Hummocky Cross-Stratification: Shelf or Surf?: Abstract

Brian Greenwood

Interpretation of Paleoenergy Levels from Sediment Deposited on Ancient Wave-Dominated Shelves: Abstract

H. Edward Clifton

Interpreting Paleoenergy Levels from Sediment Deposited on Ancient Wave-Dominated Shelves

H. Edward Clifton

Laboratory Studies of Oscillatory-Flow Bed Configurations and Their Bearing on Stratification in Shallow-Marine Sands: Abstract

J. B. Southard

Large Storm- and Current-Shaped Sand Bodies on the Southeastern Australian Shelf: Abstract

M. E. Field, P. S. Roy

Links Between Suspended and Bed Load Sand Transport Rates on the Long Island Inner Shelf, New York, U.S.A.: Abstract

Christopher E. Vincent, Robert A. Young, Donald J. P. Swift

A Model for Deposition Seaward of the Offshore Bar Due to Storms of Extreme Intensity: Abstract

J. Dungan Smith, Joanne Bourgeois

A Model of Sediment Erosion, Deposition and Dispersal on a Continental Shelf: Abstract

Nancy B. Kachel

The Nature of Bed Form Migration in Shallow Marine Environments: Evidence from the Lower Trias, Western Alps, France: Abstract

M. T. Richards

Offshore Tidal and Non-Tidal Sand Ridges and Sheets: Differences in Morphology and Hydrodynamic Setting

R. H. Belderson

Offshore Tidal Sand Facies — Bed Forms and Relationship in Space and Time: Abstract

R. H. Belderson

On the Dynamics of Continental Shelf Storm Flows: Abstract

Charles E. Adams Jr.

Origin of Hummocky Cross-Stratification: Part 2. Paleohydraulic Analysis Indicates Formation by Orbital Ripples Within the Wave-Formed Flat-Bed Field: Abstract

William L. Duke, Dale A. Leckie

Origin of Hummocky Cross-Stratification: Part I. Straight-Crested, Symmetrical Gravel Dunes: The Coarse-Grained Equivalent of HCS: Abstract

Dale Leckie, Bill Duke

Paleoecological Parameters for the Study of Shelf Sands and Sandstones: Abstract

George Farrow

Paleohydraulic Significance of Hummocky Stratification: Abstract

Joanne Bourgeois, J. Dungan Smith

Prediction of Tides in Epeiric Seas with a Numerical Model: The Cretaceous Seaway of North America: Abstract

Richard D. Slater

Processes Affecting Sand Transport on a Storm-Dominated Shelf

Christopher E. Vincent

Progradational Succession of Shelf Sandstones: Examples from the Maestrichtian of Montana: Abstract

R. Keith Crowder

Provenance Patterns of Sand on Continental Shelves: Evidence for Degree of Modification of Shelf Sands by Modern Shelf Currents: Abstract

Robert Ehrlich, J. M. Mazzullo

Proximal and Distal Hummocky Cross-Stratified Facies on a Wide Ordovician Shelf in Iberia

Patrick J. Brenchley, Michael Romano, Juan Carlos Gutierrez-Marco

Quaternary Stratigraphy and Sedimentation of the Inner Continental Shelf, San Diego County, California

Nancy J. Darigo, Robert H. Osborne

The Radkow and Szczeliniec Sandstones: An Example of Giant Foresets on a Tectonically Controlled Shelf of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Central Europe)

Tomasz Jerzykiewicz, Jurand Wojewoda

Sand Sheets and Sand Ridges: The Importance of Sea Level Change: Abstract

I. N. McCave

Santa Clara River Delta, California: Sediment Supply and Transport: Abstract

Ronald L. Kolpack

Sea Floor Dynamics on the Labrador Shelf: Abstract

H. W. Josenhans, John Zevenhuizen

Sedimentary Setting and Character of Sand and Gravel Bed Forms on the Open Continental Shelf Off Western Canada — Status of Knowledge: Abstract

John L. Luternauer

Sediment Dispersal on Sable Island Bank, Scotian Shelf — A Storm-Dominated Shelf Environment: Abstract

Carl Leonetto Amos

Sedimentology of a Tempestite: Episodic Deposition in the Cardium Formation, Pembina Oilfield Area, West-Central Alberta: Abstract

F. F. Krause

Sedimentology of Sand Shoals on the Louisiana Continental Shelf: Abstract

J. R. Suter, T. F. Moslow, S. Penland

Sedimentology of the Mainland Nearshore Region of Santa Barbara Channel, California

Ronald L. Kolpack

Sediment Patterns Resulting from Liquefaction of a Shelf Sand Body: Abstract

M. E. Field, B. D. Edwards, H. Chezar

Shelf Sands and Sandstones

R. John Knight, J. Ross McLean

Shelf Sedimentation Patterns in Early Paleozoic Tensional Failed Arms, South Africa: Abstract

A. J. Tankard, D. K. Hobday

The Shelf Sediment Wedge Off the South and East Coasts of South Africa: Abstract

A. K. Martin, B. W. Flemming

Sources, Distribution and Mixing of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sands on the South Texas Continental Shelf: Abstract

J. M. Mazzullo, K. D. Withers

A Spectrum of Ancient Shelf Sandstones: Abstract

R. W. Tillman

Storm- and Wave-Dominated Sandstones on an Extensive Ordovician Shelf: Abstract

Patrick J. Brenchley

Storm-Generated Sandstone in the Miocene Miri Formation, Seria Field, Brunei (N.W. Borneo)

C. D. Atkinson, M. J. B. G. Goesten, A. Speksnuder, W. van der Vlugt

Storm Generated Sandstones and Their Depositional Geometry in a Miocene Reservoir from the North Coast of Borneo: Abstract

M. J. B. G. Goesten, P. J. Ealey

Tidal Bed Form Migration in Shallow Marine Environments: Evidence from the Lower Triassic, Western Alps, France

Marcus T. Richards

Tidal Currents in Continental Shelf Seas, Ancient and Modern: Abstract

M. J. Howarth

Tidal Sand Wave Facies, Rancho Rojo Sandstone (Permian), Arizona

Ronald D. Kreisa, Richard J. Moiola, Arvid Nottvedt

Tidal Sand Wave Processes and Sedimentary Structures, Permian, Arizona: Abstract

R. D. Kreisa, R. J. Moiola, A. Nottvedt

A Transgressive Sand Wave Complex in Relation to a Peculiar Strait Paleogeography: Folgueroles Sandstone, Middle to Upper Eocene, Southern Pyrenees: Abstract

A. Bamolas, C. Puigdefabregas

Variable Facies Sequences in Cores from the Lower Cretaceous Viking Sandstone, South-Central Alberta: Abstract

G. E. Reinson

Wave-Dominated Shelves: A Model of Sand-Ridge Formation by Progressive, Infragravity Waves

B. Boczar-Karakiewicz, J. L. Bona

Wave-Dominated Shelves: A Model of Sand Ridge Formation by Progressive Infragravity Waves: Abstract

B. Boczar-Karakiewicz, J. L. Bona

Wave-Dominated Shelves — A Geological Point of View: Abstract

Roger G. Walker

Wave and Current Processes on a Wave-Dominated Shelf: Abstract

Christopher E. Vincent

What are the Fluid and Sediment Dynamics of Modern Shelves and Their Implications for the Rock Record?: Abstract

Donald J. P. Swift