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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Dallas Geological Society

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The Atoka Group (Pennsylvanian) of the Boonsville Field Area, North-Central Texas

Victor R. Lahti, W. Frank Huber

Atokan Clastics – Depositional Environments in a Foreland Basin

Gina P. Lovick, Christopher G. Mazzine, David A. Kotila

Blount – Buttram Field Young County, Texas

Donald E. Johnson

Completion Techniques in the Fort Worth Basin: A Survey of Current Primary Cementing and Stimulation Procedures

Robert Noble, Mark D. Taylor

Completion Techniques Used in the Atoka and Bend Conglomerates, Parker County, Texas

Lyle Lehman

Depositional Environment and Chico Ridge Limestone Bank (Upper Pennsylvanian), North-Central Texas

J. C. Cherng

Determination of Productive Zones in Low Porosity, Low Permeability Carbonate and Clastic Rocks

James A. Turney

Electric Logging Techniques – Fort Worth Basin

Bill Stallsworth

Field Technique Design for Seismic Reflection Exploration

L. R. Denham

Fracture Analysis of Pennsylvanian Carbonate Bank Systems in the Graford Formation North Central Texas

B. Wayne Hoskins

Geology of North Caddo Area Stephens County, Texas

Dennis W. Browning

La Pan Field — Clay County, Texas: A Field Study

Rita J. Ehlmann

Limited Atokan Gas Reservoirs of Hood County, Texas

Kenneth G. Smith

A Meander Channel Field: Ambra Strawn Field, Jack County, Texas

Ann M. Stanley

Mississippian Structural Implications at the Shirk Field Complex, Young County, Texas

R.M. Knebel

Notes on Seismic Techniques

John V. Schiflett

Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Fort Worth Basin

Jack L. Walper

Sample Description and Electric Log: Mogul Petroleum Shelton Jones 4-D, Jack County, Texas

Several Gas Producing Reservoirs in the Southern Portion of Palo Pinto County, Texas

M. M. (Buddy) Reily

Southeast Dillard Field Clay and Jack Counties, Texas

Bill I. Riggs

Statistical Trends of Activity in the Bend Arch Area

Tom Dougherty

The Stratigraphy, Structure, and Economic Aspects of the Paleozoic Strata in Erath County, North-Central Texas

Jerel W. Flippin

Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Production of the Marble Falls Group Southern Part of the Fort Worth Basin

Jerry Namy

Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbons, Parker County, Texas

Mark A. Herkommer, Garry W. Denke

Stratigraphy of the Barnett Shale (Mississippian) and Associated Reefs in the Northern Fort Worth Basin

James D. Henry

Street Field, Jack County, Texas

Charles A. Martin

A Study of the Bend Conglomerate in S. E. Maryetta Area Boonesville Field, Jack County, Texas

George Glover

Upper Strawn Depositional Systems of North-Central Texas

Art Cleaves

The Viola Ordovician of Southwest Montague County, Texas

Lila Williams