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Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

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Depositional Environments of the Nugget Sandstone, Red Canyon Rim, Fremont County, Wyoming

Nancy M. Doelger, James R. Steidtmann

Geometric Hierarchy of Sandstone Bodies in the Shannon Sandstone Member Near the Northern Black Hills, Montana and South Dakota

George W. Shurr

Catalog of Hanna Basin Stratigraphy

Don F. Cardinal, Greg T. Parsons

Abstract: Vertical Seismic Profiles: An Interpretational Aid

Jack Caldwell

Abstract: A Possible Explanation of Basement Overhang

Gary D. Couples

Abstract: Core-Log Correlation and Depositional Environments, Hanna Formation, Hanna Underground Coal Gasification Site, Wyoming

Gerald N. Craig, II, Frank G. Ethridge, Larry Burns, A. D. Youngberg

Abstract: Regional Unconformity at Base First Frontier Sandstone, Central Wyoming

William H. Curry, III

Abstract: Subsurface Analysis of Tectonics and Sedimentation, Lower Cretaceous Strata, East-Central Powder River Basin, Wyoming

James J. Emme, Robert J. Weimer

Abstract: Surface Geochemistry and Radiometric Exploration for Petroleum

A. V. Gallagher

Abstract: Petrology and Mineralogy in Relation to Reservoir Properties in the El Paso Natural Gas Co. No. 1 Wagon Wheel Well, Green River Basin, Wyoming

Donald L. Gautier, Richard M. Pollastro

Abstract: Log Interpretation of Sedimentary and Stratigraphic Controls on Sandstone Uranium Mineralization

David Gaylord

Abstract: Depositional Environment and Porosity Distribution in Sussex Sandstone, Morton Field, Converse County, Wyoming

Gene R. George

Abstract: Relationship of Cottonwood Creek Field, Washakie County, Wyoming, to Carbonate Facies of Permian Goose Egg Formation, Eastern Big Horn Basin

Wilson H. Herrod

Abstract: Geophysical Evidence for Sediments Beneath the Crystalline Southern Appalachians and Termination of Sediments by the Master Decollement

William P. Iverson

Abstract: Reservoir Characteristics of Selected Low-Permeability Sandstones, Late Cretaceous Age, Uinta Basin, Utah, and Green River Basin, Wyoming

C. W. Keighin

Abstract: Seismic Reflections Study of Depositional Patterns of Lower Cretaceous Strata, Eastern Powder River Basin

Robert L. Kidney, Thomas L. Davis

Abstract: Subsurface Stratigraphic Correlations of Some Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Rocks, Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming

B. E. Law, D. J. Nichols

Abstract: Techniques of Seismic Stratigraphy Using the “Vibroseis” System

Richard L. Lockhart

Abstract: Mid-Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Deformation in the Foreland of Southwestern Wyoming and Adjacent Areas

E. A. Merewether, W. A. Cobban

Abstract: Sandstone and Oosparite in Arapien Shale (Jurassic), Central Utah: Subsurface and Surface Studies

M. Dane Picard

Abstract: The Lanyard Field, Structural-Stratigraphic Trap, Denver Basin, Colorado

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Abstract: Depositional Environments of the “Leo”: “A Hard Core Interpretation”

Paul A. Tromp

Abstract: Effect of Sandstone Composition and Diagenesis on Reservoir Characteristics of the Frontier Formation, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Chandler T. Wilhelm

Abstract: Diagensis of Cherokee Group Sandstones, Mid Continent, U.S.A.

Marvin D. Woody

Abstract: High-Resolution Seismic Survey to Locate Burn Sites and Faults at the Hanna Underground Coal Gasification Area

A. D. Youngberg, Ernest Berkman, Arnold Orange

Abstract: Minnelusa Depositional Cycles and Erosional Topography, Rozet Fields Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

C. W. Achauer

Abstract: Stanley Field, North Dakota: A New Model for a New Exploration Play

Dave Beach

Abstract: Basement-Block Configuration in the Vicinity of the Tongue River Fault, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Dave Bieler

Abstract: Application of Dip-Related Measurements to a Complex Carbonate-Clastic Depositional Environment

Ed Bigelow

Abstract: Some Speculations on the Development of Central Wyoming as a Uranium Province

Bill Boberg

Abstract: Petroleum Potential of the Winnipeg Sandstone in South Dakota

W. Bolyard Dudley, George L. Davenport

Abstract: Precambrian Submarine Fan Deposits: Limestone-Rich Interval of the LaHood Formation, Southwestern Montana

Adrienne Bonnett-Nicolaysen

Abstract: Intraslope Basins on an Active Diapiric Continental Slope: A Key to Sand-Body Geometry in Ancient Submarine Canyons and Fans

Arnold H. Bouma

Abstract: Gravity Anomalies and Structure of the Cascade Range in Northern Oregon

Dave E. Braman

Abstract: Depositional Environments and Lithofacies of the Upper Ordovician — Lower Silurian of the Eastern Great Basin, Utah and Nevada

Roger Carpenter

Abstract: A Tectonic Re-evaluation of the Western Montana Belt Basin Exploration Frontier

James Cavanaugh

Abstract: Relation of Lithofacies and Diagenesis to Porosity Development, Mission Canyon Formation (Mississippian), Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota

Pete Chimney

Abstract: Structural Geology of Teton Pass, Wyoming

Sandra Dunn

Abstract: Proving Reserves Without Drilling

James Erdle

Abstract: Tectonic Control on Sedimentation for the Lower Cretaceous Newcastle Formation — Eastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming and South Dakota

Kathy Farmer

Abstract: A Movie of the Development of the Ertsberg Copper Deposit in Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Del Flint

Abstract: Geological Development, Origin and Energy and Mineral Resources of the Williston Basin, North Dakota

Lee Gerhard

Abstract: Evolution of Carbonate Porosity During Burial — Bahamas, Florida and Gulf Coast: Holocene to Jurassic

Robert Halley

Abstract: Oil Mining: The New Recovery Technology

John Hutchins

Abstract: Williston Basin Red River Formation — Exploration Success, Development Failure

Eric Johnson

Abstract: General Geology and Natural History of the Galapagos Islands

R. L. Langenheim

Abstract: The Anschutz Ranch East Field, Southwest Wyoming and Adjacent Utah

J. J. Lelek

Abstract: Application of Fluid-Inclusion Studies to Reservoir Diagenesis and Petroleum Migration: Smackover Formation, U.S. Gulf Coast and Fateh Field, Dubai

Roger McLimans

Abstract: The Depositional History of Lower Cretaceous Rocks, National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska and Adjacent Areas

C. M. Molenar

Abstract: Geologic-Seismic Waveform Approach to Finding Subtle Porosity and Traps: Example from Frisco Formation (Devonian, Hunton Group), Oklahoma

William A. Morgan

Abstract: Granite Molybdenite Systems

Felix Mutschler

Abstract: Geological Evaluation of Fractured Reservoirs

Ronald A. Nelson

Abstract: Late Mesozoic Underthrusting of Continental Crust Southwest of the Colorado Plateau

James Otton

Abstract: Tectonic Influence on Sedimentation, Waltman Member, Fort Union Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Stephen T. Phillips

Abstract: Shales — Their Sedimentology and Geology

A. Pryor Wayne

Abstract: Permian-Triassic Boundary in Southwestern Montana and Western Wyoming

William W. Schock

Abstract: Late Paleozoic Tectonic Effects of the Burro Uplift, Southwestern New Mexico

Richard J. Sheppy

Abstract: A Hydrothermal Model for the North Canning Uranium Deposit, Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming

Tracy Shrier

Abstract: Characteristics of Tight Gas Sands and Causes of Overpressured and Underpressured Tight Reservoirs

Charles W. Spencer

Abstract: An Intimate Look at a Paleocene Lake

Steve Sperry

Abstract: Wrench Fault Tectonics

Arthur G. Sylvester

Abstract: Marine Minerals: A Review and Assessment

D. T. Thompson

Abstract: J-M Reef of the Stillwater Complex

Stan Todd

Abstract: The Anderson Mine Formation: Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of a Miocene Uranium-Bearing Sequence, Basin and Range Province, Arizona

Bill Victor

Abstract: Silver Mineralization in the Rochester District, Pershing County, Nevada

Peter Vikre

Abstract: Algae, Carbonate Facies and Petroleum Geology

Jack Wray