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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Four Corners Geological Society

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Abstract: Characteristics of the Trinidad Sandstone, Southern Raton Basin, New Mexico

John O. Maberry, Charles L. Pillmore

Abstract: Coal Deposits of the San Juan Basin

E. C. Beaumont

Abstract: Deposition and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Lower Cretaceous (Dakota) Sandstone Sequence, Chaco Slope, Southern San Juan Basin, New Mexico

John V. Brock, Gordon H. Gray

Abstract: Facies and Paleocurrents of Gallup Sandstone: Model for Alternating Deltaic and Strand-Plain Progradation

D. G. McCubbin

Abstract: The Book Cliffs Coal Field, Utah and Colorado

John O. Maberry

Abstract: The Distribution of Trace Fossils in the Upper Part of the Morrison Formation and the Dakota Formation in Part of the Southeastern San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Charles T. Siemers, Gary A. Flesch, Richard L. Ruetschilling

The Characteristics, History and Development of the Basin Dakota Gas Field, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Dennis G. Deischl

Cretaceous and Tertiary Rocks of the southern Colorado Plateau Front Matter and Road Logs

James E. Fassett

The Dakota Formation in the Plateau Area, Southwest Utah

Harold H. Brown

The Dakota Sandstone and Mancos Shale in the Laguna-Acoma-Grants Area, New Mexico

E. R. Landis, C. H. Dane, W. A. Cobban

Depositional Environments of Basal Cretaceous Rocks of the Colorado Plateau

Robert G. Young

Depositional History of the Dakota Sandstone, San Juan Basin Area, New Mexico

Donald E. Owen

The Gasbuggy Core — a palynological appraisal

Robert H. Tschudy

Geology of Project Wagon Wheel Nuclear Stimulation Project

Jack Shaughnessy, R. H. Butcher

Ground Water Hydrology of Tertiary Rocks of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Ronald M. Brimhall

History of Mesaverde Development in the San Juan Basin

R. L. Pritchard

A History of the Development of the Pictured Cliffs Sandstone in the San Juan Basin of Northwestern New Mexico

Charles F. Brown

The Lower Mancos Shale in the Northern San Juan Basin

George M. Lamb

New Avian Fossils from the Bidahochi Formation (Pliocene), Arizona

William J. Breed

Offshore Equivalents of Upper Cretaceous Gallup Beach Sandstones, Northwestern New Mexico

Charles V. Campbell

Paleontology and Sedimentation Models of the Kimbeto Member of the Ojo Alamo Sandstone

Jon S. Powell

The Roles of Fossil Vertebrates in Interpretation of Late Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico

William A. Clemens

The Saga of the Ojo Alamo Sandstone; or The Rock-Stratigrapher and the Paleontologist Should be Friends

J. E. Fassett

Sedimentary Facies and Correlation of the Gallup Sandstone and Associated Formations, Northwestern New Mexico

C. M. Molenaar

Significant Ammonite Finds in Uppermost Mancos Shale and Overlying Formations Between Barker Dome, New Mexico, and Grand Junction, Colorado

W. A. Cobban

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Mancos Shale (Cretaceous), Black Mesa, Arizona

George C. Hazenbush