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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Four Corners Geological Society

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Breccia Pipes in the Vicinity of Lockhart Basin, Canyonlands Area, Utah

Peter W. Huntoon, Henry R. Richter

The Esplanade Sandstone of Grand Canyon

Edwin D. McKee

Facies Analysis of the Kaibab Formation in Northern Arizona, Southern Utah and Southern Nevada

Craig W. Cheevers, Richard R. Rawson

Facies of the Hurricane Cliffs Tongue of the Toroweap Formation, Northwestern Arizona

Robert M. Altany

Littoral Marine Depositional Model for the Cedar Mesa Sandstone (Permian), Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Greg H. Mack

Lower Permian Depositional System, Northern Uncompahgre Basin

John A. Campbell

Lower Permian Stratigraphy of the Southern Colorado Plateau

Ronald C. Blakey

Marine-Carbonate, Sabkha, and Eolian Facies Transitions Within the Permian Toroweap Formation, Northern Arizona

Richard R. Rawson, Christine E. Turner-Peterson

The Occurrence of Ground Water in the Canyonlands Area of Utah, With Emphasis on Water in the Permian Section

Peter W. Huntoon

Pennsylvanian–Permian Stratigraphy of the Sedona Area and Environs, Central and Northern Arizona

Donald P. Elston, William D. DiPaolo

Permianland — A Field Symposium, Ninth Field Conference, Contents, Road Logs and Frontmatter

D. L. Baars

Permian Rocks of the San Juan Basin

D. L. Baars, G. M. Stevenson

The Permian System

D. L. Baars

Permo-Pennsylvanian Climatic Trends in the Ancestral Rocky Mountains

Greg H. Mack, Lee J. Suttner, James R. Jennings

Regional Correlation of the Esplanade Sandstone, West-Central Arizona

Charles L. Lane

Regional Stratigraphic Relationships of the Permian “Kaibab” or Black Box Dolomite of the Emery High, Central Utah

John E. Welsh, William Lee Stokes, Bruce R. Wardlaw

Uranium in the Cutler Formation Lisbon Valley, Utah

John A. Campbell, Brenda A. Steele-Mallory

White Belly Wash Field—An Organ Rock Gas Field

Harold H. Brown