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GCAGS Journal

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Analysis of Pore Networks and Reservoir Quality of the Upper Cretaceous Woodbine Sandstone in the High-Recovery- Efficiency, Giant East Texas Field

Robert G. Loucks, Robert M. Reed, William A. Ambrose

Chronostratigraphic Relationships of the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups across Texas

Arthur D. Donovan, Rand D. Gardner, Aris Pramudito, T. Scott Staerker, Matthew Wehner, Matthew J. Corbett, Jason J. Lundquist, Andrea M. Romero, Lindsey C. Henry, Jon R. Rotzien, Kenneth S. Boling

The Diagenesis of Shell Middens along the Gulf Coasts of Texas and Florida

Nicole M. Villarreal, Henry Chafetz, John Meredith

Factors Controlling Permeability Variation in Onshore, Deep Paleogene Wilcox Sandstones in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: Targeting High-Quality Reservoirs

Shirley P. Dutton, Robert G. Loucks, William A. Ambrose

Front Matter: GCAGS Journal, Volume 4 (2015)

Barry Jay Katz

Integrated Fault and Hazard Analysis in Downtown Houston, Texas

Jingqiu Huang, Don Van Nieuwenhuise, Shuhab D. Khan

Low-Thermal-Maturity (0.7% VR) Mudrock Pore Systems: Mississippian Barnett Shale, Southern Fort Worth Basin

Robert M. Reed, Robert G. Loucks

Sequence-Stratigraphic and Depositional Controls on Reservoir Quality in Lowstand Incised-Valley Fill and Highstand Shallow-Marine Systems in the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Tuscaloosa Formation, Louisiana, U.S.A

William A. Ambrose, Robert G. Loucks, Shirley P. Dutton

Using Electric Logs to Estimate Groundwater Salinity and Map Brackish Groundwater Resources in the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer in South Texas

H. Scott Hamlin, Luciana de la Rocha

Using Fault Kinematics to Evaluate the Relationship between Cenozoic Fault Activity, Sedimentation Rates, and Salt Movement in the Gulf of Mexico: A Comparison between Southwestern and Southeastern Louisiana

Abah P. Omale, Juan M. Lorenzo