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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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3-D Seismic Case Histories From the Gulf Coast Basin, Acknowledgements.

James L. Allen T.S. Brown Chacko J. John Cyril E Lobo

3-D Seismic Case Histories From the Gulf Coast Basin, Overview.

James L. Allen T.S. Brown Chacko J. John Cyril E Lobo

Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonate Reservoir, Appleton Field, Escambia County, Alabama: 3-D Seismic Case History

Ernest A. Mancini, D. Joe Benson

Bobcat Run South Field, Orange County, Texas-Oligocene Frio Formation Hackberry Sand Discovery Utilizing 3-D Seismic Data

Robert L. Zamboras


Richard F. Lane, Robert C. Pace

Fifty Year Old Frio/Vicksburg Cage Ranch Field in Brooks County, Texas is Rejuvenated with 3D

Owen R Hopkins

Charline Field 3D Survey Live Oak County,Texas

Phillip Forney


Alan Pennington

The Cotton Valley Pinnacle Reef Trend in Robertson, Leon and Freestone Counties, Texas

Keith C. Hatch, Daniel G. Ziegler

Dilworth (Carrizo) Field , McMullen County, Texas

Redge L. Greenberg, T. W. Swinbank

Case History of Recent Field Exploitation using 3-D Seismic in East Bay Field, South Pass 24 and 27), Offshore Louisiana

Ben D. Sydboten, Jr., Mark S. Rutherford, Dan P. Hurley

Salt Morphology and Hydrocarbon Trapping at Eugene Island 188: Detailed Salt Surface Mapping Yields New Opportunities In An Old Field

E. P. Mason, J. W. Beets, M. D. French, H. E. Johnston, S. M. Weaver

Norphlet Geology and 3-D Geophysics of Fairway Field Mobile Bay, Alabama

Chip Story

The Grayson Field Smackover Lime Oil Reservoir Columbia County, Arkansas

John Takach, William R. Meaney, Kevin B. Hill

High Island State Tract 60-S Field Jefferson County, Texas, Gulf Of Mexico

James V. Richards


James C. Holliday, David A. Nollsch

Successful Utilization of 3D Seismic at Lafitte Field Southeast Louisiana

Allen L. Greene

Results of a 3-D Seismic Shoot at Lopeno Field, Zapata County, Texas

By Richard W. Debus, E. E. Rudder

Redevelopment of the Main Pass 290 Field Offshore Louisiana, USA

James V. Bikun

McAllen Ranch Field: Successes in the 3-D-Based Redevelopment Program, Hidalgo County, Texas

Marilyn Taggi Cisar, R. Michael Stovall

A Comparison of 2-D and 3-D Seismic Interpretation of Monroeville Field, A Frisco City Sand Reservoir, Monroe County, Alabama

Lawrence R. Baria, Robert M. Mink

Palacios Field: A 3-D Case History

Ron McWhorter, Bill Torguson

3-D Exploitation of Nod Mex Reservoirs, Phase Four Field, Wharton County, Texas

Mark D. McCuen, Mark A. West

Using 3-D Seismic Data to Find New Reserves in Quitman Field Wood County, Texas

Thomas R. Wittick

The 3-D Seismic Rejuvenation of Roleta Field Zapata County, Texas

Dominick M. Cassetta

3-D Seismic Imaging of a Thin, Vertically Isolated Fluvial Depositional System Reservoir In Seeligson Field, South Texas

Virginia M. Pendleton, Bob A. Hardage

Shanghai Field, Expanded Upper Yegua Trend, Texas Gulf Coast: Unexpected Reserves Defined By 3D Seismic

Thomas E. Ewing

Interpretive Techniques Applied to the Pliocene "T" Sand:South Marsh Island Blocks 106 and 115, Offshore Louisiana

Toby A. Roesler, Gerald T. Gonzales, W. Kent Webb

Tinsley Field, Yazoo County, Mississippi*

Maurice N. Birdwell, Kevin B. Hill

West Delta Block 107 Field

Carl W. Kuhnen