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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Abstract: Alignments of Oil and Gas Fields in South Louisiana

R. O. Steinboff ()

Abstract: A Method for Evaluating Mud Stream Gases

H. R. Chism

Abstract: An Ecological Study of the Recent Ostracods of the Gulf Coast of Florida

Neil C. Hulings

Abstract: Cretaceous Cheilostome Bryozoa in the Gulf Coast

E. Ann Butler , Alan Cheetham

Abstract: Future Bank Financing of the Petroleum Industry

Frank E. McGonagill, Jr. ()

Abstract: Implication of Facies in Exploration in South Louisiana

Hubert C. Skinner

Abstract: Mineral Resources, Other than Oil and Gas, and their Effect on U. S. Industry

William B. Mather

Abstract: Nature of Growth of Louisiana Salt Domes and its Effect on Petroleum Accumulation

Gordon Atwater , McLain J. Forman

Abstract: Note on Fault Displacement

P. E. Narvarte

Abstract: Summit Conglomerates in South Florida

Joseph E. Banks

Abstract: Tectonics of Gulf Coast Salt Domes

Marcus A. Hanna ()

Abstract: The Future of Domestic Exploration

By William J. Murray, Jr. ()

Abstract: The Importance of Oil as a Source of Energy

Antonio Garcia Rojas ()

Abstract: The Independent Producers and Royalty Owners (Escape from Abundance)

Jerome J. O'Brien ()

Abstract: The Present World Energy Situation

M. King Hubbert ()

Abstract: The Sligo Stratigraphy of North Louisiana, Arkansas and East Texas

J. L. Nichols ()

Bahamian Limestone Crusts

Louis S. Kornicker

The Basal Sediments of the Austin Group and the Stratigraphic Position of the Tuscaloosa Formation of Central Louisiana

James M. Forgotson

Economic Factors in the Geological Appraisal of Wildcat Prospects

George C. Hardin, Jr. ()

Employment Outlook for New Geology Graduates

Samuel P. Ellison, Jr. ()

Frio Sedimentation Patterns in Acadia and Jefferson Davis Parishes of Louisiana

William R. Paine

Miocene Paleoecology in the Burkeville Area Newton County, Texas

D. N. Floyd, T. H. Miller, W. B. N. Berry

The Monroe Uplift

Ollie H. Johnson, Jr.

Natural Gas in the Wilcox Trend of South Texas

Fred L. Oliver ()

Neogene Stratigraphy of Southwestern Florida

Jules R. DuBar

Ostracode Genus Cushmanidea

Harbans S. Puri

Ostracode Subfamily Cytherettinae

Harbans S. Puri

Regional Study of Portions of Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Charles Parishes, Louisiana

Louis O. Vidrine

A Review of Washington Field (With Emphasis on the Cockfield "D" Reservoir)

George W. Price, Walter A. Wojciechowski

Sedimentology and Quaternary Geomorphology of South Texas Supplementary to Field Trip Manual "Sedimentology of South Texas" Corpus Christi Geological Society Spring Field Trip 1958

W. Armstrong Price ()

The Significance of Grain Size Distributions in Clastic Sedimentary Rocks

John J. W. Rogers

Sonic Logging in South Texas

W. P. Biggs

The Structure and Stratigraphy of Erath Field

Joseph H. Hawkins