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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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"Banking" Your Oil Interests

E. Ralph Daniel

A.A.P.G. Continuing Education Program

Daniel A. Busch

Abstract: Comparison of Quartz and Carbonate Shallow Marine Sands, Cretaceous Fredericksburg, Central Texas

C. H. Moore, Jr., K. G. Martin

Abstract: Depositional Environments of the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain--Southeastern Louisiana

Charles R. Kolb, Jack R. van Lopik

Abstract: Economics--The New Dimension in Geological Thinking

Michel T. Halbouty

Abstract: Environmental Observations in the Grande Isle--Grande Terre Area of South Louisiana

E. H. Burdine, W. H. Paine, J. C. Wire

Abstract: Exploration Opportunity--The Product of Applied Technology

J. E. Finley

Abstract: History of the Apalachicola River Delta Area, Florida

William F. Tanner

Abstract: Introduction to a Delta Symposium

Walter A. Anderson

Abstract: Log Characteristics of Diapiric Shales

J. A. Gilreath

Abstract: Recent Deltation of the Colorado River Delta, Texas

A. H. Wadsworth, Jr.

Abstract: Sealing and Nonsealing Faults

Derrell A. Smith

Abstract: Studies of Producing Reservoirs with the Neutron Lifetime Log

G. L. Marquis, P. A. Wichmann, C. W. Millis

Big Hill Field Jefferson County, Texas

Robert S. Dollison

Biostratigraphy of the Vicksburgian Equivalent at Toledo Bend Dam Site, Louisiana and Texas(1)

Don R. Anderson

Distribution of Hydrocarbons in South Louisiana by Types of Traps and Trends--Frio and Younger Sediments

James P. Spillers (FOOTNOTE 1)

Estimation of Formation Pressures from Log-Derived Shale Properties(*)

C. E. Hottman , R. K. Johnson

Fault Criteria

Francis F. Campbell

The Geologist as an Expert Witness in Texas Railroad Commission Hearings

Wallace H. Scott, Jr.

Late Pleistocene and Recent History of a Portion of the Colorado River Valley, Texas

John J. W. Rogers, Judith C. Longshore

The Optimum Use of Gravity in Exploration

Frederick E. Romberg

The Origin of the Gulf of Mexico

William F. Tanner

Paleoecology of the Foraminiferida of the Wills Point Formation (Midway Group) in Northeast Texas

Gene Ross Kellough

Paleoenvironmental Variation Curves And Paleoeustatics

Lee A. Smith

Some Recent Advances in Exploration Geophysical Techniques and Data Processing

Edward F. Zagst, C. L. Robinson

The South Copano Bay Field, Aransas County, Texas

Leonard C. Bryant

A Study of Ecology and Distribution of Recent Foraminifera in The Northwest Gulf of Mexico

Kenneth J. Loep

Upper Eocene-Lower Oligocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology in Alabama

Paul F. Huddlestun, Lyman D. Toulmin