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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Abstract: Applications of Consistent Surface Corrections to Seismic Data

M. Turhan Taner, James I. Broaddus

Abstract: A Proposed Aeromagnetic-Aeroradioactivity Survey for the State of Mississippi

I. Zietz

Abstract: Beach Erosion Along the Lower West Coast of Peninsular Florida

Roland S. Banks

Abstract: Chunchula Field a Giant in the Making?

Peter A. Boone

Abstract: Contemporary Shoreline Change: Mississippi Delta Area

Sherwood M. Gagliano, William G. Smith, Johannes L. van Beek

Abstract: Geology of Chatom Field, Washington County, Alabama

R.K. Strahan , Mike Green

Abstract: Historical Shoreline Changes Along the South Georgia, North Florida Coast

Gregory J. Nash, Vernon J. Henry

Abstract: Holocene Patch Reef Distribution and Coral Community Ecology, Southern Shelf of Belize (British Honduras)

Mark E. York, Kenneth F. Wantland

Abstract: Initial Results of Beach Nourishment Using Dredged Material, Fort Massachusetts, Ship Island, Mississippi

Vernon J. Henry, Robert T. Giles

Abstract: Jurassic Grainstones and Types of Carbonate Shelf Cycles

James Lee Wilson

Abstract: Plate Tectonics and the Occurrence of Major Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Hunter Yarborough

Abstract: The Acrothoracican and Rhizocephalan Barnacles of Florida and Surrounding Waters

Norman E. Weisbord

Abstract: The Deep Fore Reef and Island Slope, Discovery Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

Clyde H. Moore, Jr. , Lynton S. Land

Abstract: The Differentiation of Shale Types by Allochthonous and Autochthonous Nannofossils

W. W. Cooper

Abstract: The Offshore Ecology Investigation: An Evaluation of Oil Industry Impact on Central Coastal Louisiana

James P. Morgan

Affinity of Lucianorhabdus and Species of Tetralithus in Late Cretaceous Gulf Coast Samples

Frank H. Wind

The Apparent Growth of Gulf Beach, Exgreme West Florida

Dennis J. Price

Basement Structure of Florida and its Tectonic Implications

Richard S. Barnett

Carboniferous and Recent Mississippi Lower Delta Plains: a Comparison

Bruce P. Baganz, John C. Horne, John C. Ferm

Central Gulf Coast Jacksonian Ostracodes in the H.V. Howe Collection

Herbert J. Howe , Robert C. Howe

Depositional Framework of the Frio Formation (Oligocene)-Lowor and Middle Texas Gulf Coast (1)

D. G. Bebout , O. K. Agagu

Differential Rates of Shoreline Advance and Retreat at Coastal Barriers of Chatham and Liberty Counties, Georgia

G. F. Oertel, C. F. Chamberlain

Early Differential Subsidence and Configuration of the Northern Gulf Coast Basin in Southwest Alabama and Northwest Florida (1)

Gary V. Wilson

Ecology, Distribution, and Taxonomy of Herpetocypris Amychos, A New Brackish-Water Ostracod, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Paul R. Krutak

Faulting in the Head of the Mississippi Embayment and Spreading Between the Embayment Sides

Richard G. Stearns

Frio Stratigraphic Traps in Krotz Springs Field, Southwest Louisiana

Glenn H. Coffey

Gulf Coast Cenozoic Sediments and Structure: An Excellent Example of Extra-Continental Sedimentation

Donald P. McGookey

Historical Beach Changes, Florida "Big Bend" Coast

William F. Tanner

McNeal Field, Jasper County, Mississippi a Unique Jurassic Oil Accumulation

Charles A. Barton

Optimization of Wave Parameters in the "a-b-c- ..." Model

R. Craig Starns , Robert C. Glassen

Petroleum Geology of Choctaw County, Alabama

John D. Myers

Petroleum Potential of Mississippi Shallow Salt Domes

H.E. Karges

The Physical Geology of Ycatan

W.C. Isphording

Post-Pennsylvania Geologic History of the Southeastern United States: Economic Geology

Richard L. Bowen

Post Ferry Lake Lower Cretaceous Clastics of South Mississippi and Producing Trends

Dale Reese

Practical Application of Geochemical Data to Petroleum Exploration

D.A. Jeffrey

Pre-Mesozoic Basement Rocks of the Alabama Coastal Plain

Thornton L. Neathery , William A. Thomas

Pre-Mississippian Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Warrior Basin in Alabama (1)

Jack T. Kidd

Remote Sensing of Shoreline Dynamics, Mobile Bay Area, 1900-1975 (1)

C. Daniel Sapp, J. G. Emplaincourt, J. D. Hardin

Seismic Stratigraphic Identification of Eustatic Cycles in Late Triassic, Jurassic, and Early Cretaceous Rocks Gulf of Mexico and West Africa

R.G. Todd, R.M. Mitchum, Jr.

Shoreline Changes Between Phillips Inlet and Pensacola Inlet, Northwest Florida Coast

Frank W. Stapor, Jr.

Small Eocene Wilcox Foraminifera from the Subsurface Texas Gulf Coast, Houston, Texas

F. Marion Setzer

Sub Salt Origin of Exotic Blocks in Piercement Domes Reveals the Probability of Oligo-Miocene Salt in the Gulf of Mexico Region

H. H. Wilson

The Subsurface Jurassic Bay Springs Sand

W. Lester Aultman

Symposium on Beach Erosion in Middle America: Introduction

William F. Tanner

Upper Cretaceous Calcareous Nannoplankton Zonation and Stage Boundaries

Charles C. Smith

Vermilion Block 16 Field -- A Study of Irregular Gas Reservoir Performance Related to Non-Uniform Sand Deposition

W.L. Seal , J.A. Gilreath