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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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"New" Oil from Old Fields

James A. Hartman

Abstract: A Lower Cretaceous Shelf Margin in Northern Mexico and South Texas

James Lee Wilson , Giampaulo Pialli

Abstract: Combination Entrapment in the Smackover Formation at Chalybeat Springs Field, Columbia County, Arkansas

J. D. Robinson , A.R. Troell

Abstract: Correlations and Stratigraphy from the Base of the Pine Island to the Base of the Norphlet in the Ark-La-Tex

James M. Forgotson, James M. Forgotson, Jr.

Abstract: Door Point: A Buried Volcano in Southeast Louisiana

Jules Braunstein , Claude E. McMichael

Abstract: Geopressured Geothermal Prospects in the Frio Formation of the Texas Gulf Coast--Ideal vs. Actual Models

D.G. Bebout , R.G. Loucks

Abstract: James Limestone in Winn and Natchitoches Parishes, Louisiana

Leo A. Herrmann

Abstract: Leached Porosity in Overpressured Sandstone--Frio Formation (Oligocene), South Texas

Sandra Lindquist

Abstract: New Smackover Production at Anahuac, Northeast Mexico

Colin L. Stabler

Abstract: Organic Diagenesis-Its Relationship to Gulf Coast Oil

William E. Harrison

Abstract: Seasonal Analysis of Beach Sedimentation on the South Texas Coast

Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Abstract: Sunoco Felda and West Sunoco Felda Fields Hendry, Collier and Lee Counties, Florida

John A. Means

Ancient Delta Systems in the Gulf Coast Area

Don R. Anderson

Biostratigraphy and Ecostratigraphy of the Pleistocene Basin Texas-Louisiana Continental Shelf

C. Wylie Poag, Page C. Valentine

Clay Mineralogy of Sediments on the Louisiana Continental Shelf

Robert A. Brooks , Ray E. Ferrell, Jr. , Gale K. Billings

Clay Sedimentation in the Pearl River Delta, Louisiana-Mississippi

Jesse O. Snowden, Gary M. Forsthoff

Competition and the Quest for Offshore Leases

C. E. McMichael, R. W. Stephens

Density-Flow Origin for Frio Reservoir Sandstones, Nine Mile Point Field, Aransas County, Texas (1)

Robert R. Berg , Raina R. Powell

Depositional Environments and Petroleum Potential of the Asphaltic Hartselle Sandstone in North Alabama (1)

Wendell M. Beavers, Peter A. Boone

Diagnostic Central Gulf Coast Vicksburgian Ostracods in the H. V. Howe Collection

Herbert J. Howe

The Environment-Energy Dilemma, Choices and Consequences (1)

Joseph D. Martinez

Evaluation of Quality and Quantity Controls on Coal-Resource Assessment and Utilization

J. H. Medlin, S. L. Coleman, G. H. Wood, Jr., K. J. Englund

Fission-Track Age of Pliocene Volcanic Glass from the Gulf of Mexico

J. H. Beard , John Boellstorff , L. C. Menconi , G. R. Stude

Form and Composition of the Mississippi Fan

Charles J. Stuart , Charles A. Caughey

Fourmile Creek And Splunge Fields Black Warrior Basin Monroe County, Mississippi

Harry Spooner, Jr.

Geologic Evolution of the Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast Areas-A Plate Tectonics View

William J. Burgess

Geothermal Exploration from Deep-Well Data

William F. Tanner

I've Got a New Producer in South Louisiana -- Now What?

Frank W. Harrison

Independent/Major Roles in Exploration for Oil and Gas

J. R. Jackson, Jr.

Interpretation of Cotton Valley Depositional Environment from Core Study, Frierson Field, Louisiana

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Interpretation of Unenhanced Landsat Imagery for Wetland and Land Use Delineation in the Texas Coastal Zone

Robert J. Finley

Mid Eocene Planktonic Correlations: Northern Italy-Jamaica, W. I.

Sherwood W. Wise, Jr. , Richard E. Constans

Multivariate Mineral Analysis of Miocene-Pliocene Coastal Plain Sediments

Wayne C. Isphording

Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Bossier Shale and the Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary

W. W. Cooper, B. L. Shaffer

North Louisiana Basin and Salt Movements (Halokinetics)

Donald H. Kupfer , Cliford T. Crowe , John M. Hessenbruch

The Oil Industry and Coastal Zone Management in Louisiana

Jack R. Van Lopik

Oil Prospects in the Gulf of Mexico Region

William F. Tanner

Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Big Escambia Creek-Jay-Blackjack Creek Field Area

R. J. Sigsby

Pre-Ferry Lake Lower Cretaceous Deltas of South Mississippi and Producing Trends

Dale Reese

Recent Developments in Sunniland Exploration of South Florida

Robert P. Feitz

Short Note: North Louisiana Salt Domes--How Many? (1)

Donald H. Kupfer

Six Proposed Formations in the Undefined Portion of the Lower Cretaceous Section in South Florida

George O. Winston

South Sarepta Field (Smackover Gray Sand) Bossier and Webster Parishes, Louisiana

Luther F. Ellison, Martin Russo

The Walker Creek Field: A Smackover Diagenetic Trap

Jack W. Becher , Clyde H. Moore