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Abnormal Formation Pressures: Recognition, Distribution, and Implications for Geophysical Prospecting, Brazoria County, Texas

Edward T. Flanigan

Abstract: Age, Depositional Environment, and Organic Metamorphism of the Woodbine (Cretaceous) of Polk County, Texas

R. Leo Newport

Abstract: Anoxic Sedimentation in the Eagle Ford Group (Upper Cretaceous) of Central Texas

William A. Charvat , Robert C. Grayson, Jr. .

Abstract: Bed Forms on West Florida Shelf as Detected with Side-Scan Sonar

Thomas W. Neurauter , Thomas E. Pyle

Abstract: Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Lower Paleozoic, Upper Cretaceous, and Lower Tertiary Rocks in U. S. Geological Survey New Madrid Test Holes 1 and 1-X, Southeastern Missouri

N. O. Frederiksen , L. M. Bybell , R. A. Christopher , A. J. Crone , L. E. Edwards , T. G. Gibson , J. E. Hazel , J. E. Repetski , D. P. Russ , C. C. Smith , L. W. Ward

Abstract: Cosmopolitan Tertiary Bathyal Benthic Foraminifera

F. P. C. M. van Morkhoven

Abstract: Deltaic Barrier Development on the Louisiana Coast

Shea Penland , Ron Boyd , Dag Nummedal , Harry Roberts

Abstract: Depositional Environments and Regional Stratigraphy of Jurassic Norphlet Formation in South Alabama

Richard P. Wilkerson

Abstract: Diagenetic Clays in a Tight Sandstone of the Olmos Formation, Maverick Basin, Texas

Necip Guven, Alonzo D. Jacka

Abstract: Diagenetic Incorporation of Heavy Metals in Clays: Importance in the Interpretation of Environmental Test Well Monitoring Data

Wayne C. Isphording

Abstract: Differential Transport of Sand Grains: Ripples and Dunes, a Suspension Criterion

John F. Bourke

Abstract: Early Precipitation of Authigenic Clay by Meteoric Water, Pictured Cliffs, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

Stephen P. Cumella

Abstract: Environmental Mapping in the Jackson-Yegua Lignite Belt, Southeast Texas

Mary L. W. Jackson , L. E. Garner

Abstract: Genetic Characterization of Recent and Ancient Sabkha Systems

C. Robertson Handford

Abstract: Geology, Hydrology, and Biology of the Flower Garden Banks, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

R. Rezak, D. W. McGrail, T. J. Bright

Abstract: Gravity and Magnetic Surveys in West-Central Louisiana Implications for Lignite Exploration

Joseph Zeosky, Gary Kinsland

Abstract: Gulf Coast Stratigraphic Traps in the Lower Cretaceous Carbonates

Richard H. Sams

Abstract: Hurricane and Standing Wave, Lagoonal Pattern Makers, Texas Coast

W. Armstrong Price

Abstract: Late Jurassic Reefs of the Smackover Formation - A Preliminary Report

Lawrence R. Baria , David L. Stoudt , Paul M. Harris , Paul D. Crevello

Abstract: Late Quaternary Stratigraphy of a South Texas Barrier Island Complex

Gerald L. Shideler , Douglass E. Owen , Thomas M. Cronin , Romeo M. Flores , C. William Keighin

Abstract: Late Tertiary-Quaternary Geology of the Southwestern Florida Shelf and Slope

Charles W. Holmes

Abstract: Late Tertiary and Quaternary Depositional Systems in the Subsurface of Central Texas Coastal Plain

Raul Fernando Solis I

Abstract: Multiple Late Cenozoic Shore Indicators or Tectonic Lineaments, Northeast Gulf of Mexico

Ervin G. Otvos

Abstract: Near-Surface Lignites of the Wilcox Group in East-Central Texas

D. Mathew, M. A. Bauer, S. J. Tewalt

Abstract: Permeability and Microfabric of Clayey Sediments

William R. Bryant , Louis Thompson, Wen-An Chiou

Abstract: Porosity Reduction Through Ductile Grain Deformation: An Experimental Assessment

D. Joe Benson

Abstract: Preferential Sites of Offshelf Sediment Transport Around a Trade Wind Island: St. Croix (U.S.V.I.)

H. H. Roberts , J. M. Coleman , C. W. Holmes , D. K. Hubbard

Abstract: Preliminary Results from a Year's Study of the Impact on and the Recovery of Microplankton and Microbenthon Following the Burmah Agate Oil Spill

Richard Casey , Jon Sloan , John Anderson , Robert Koehler , Rudy Schwarzer , Cynthia Wigley

Abstract: Regional Hydrodynamics Within the Edwards Limestone, South-Central Texas

C. M. Woodruff, Jr., Christopher D. Henry, Christine Gever

Abstract: Sedimentological Effects of Hurricane Allen on South Texas Coast Model of Storm Influence on Barrier-Island Coast Evolution

R. J. Miller, J. L. Kindinger, H. L. Berryhill, A. H. Bouma

Abstract: Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Holocene Sediments on the Central Texas Gulf Coast

Stephen S. Wright

Abstract: Shallow Geologic Features of the Outer Continental Shelf and Upper Continental Slope Off Southwest Louisiana in Atlas Format

Henry L. Berryhill, Jr.

Abstract: Some Microfossils of the Tamaulipas Limestone (Hauterivian-Lower Albian) in Santa Rosa Canyon, Sierra de Santa Rosa, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

M. A. Ross , C. L. McNulty

Abstract: South-Central Colorado Rejected as Provenance for Lower Eocene Sandstones, Texas Coastal Plain

Ann Boggs McCarley

Abstract: Subdivision and Regional Stratigraphy of the Pre-Punta Gorda Rocks (Lowermost Cretaceous-Jurassic?) in South Florida

Albert V. Applegate , George O. Winston , James G. Palacas

Abstract: The Eruption of Mount St. Helens

Allen J. Fiksdal

Abstract: The Tuscaloosa-Woodbine Trend: Tracking Its Unique Pressure Profiles

J. A. Gill

Abstract: Trace Fossil Analysis of the Depositional Environment of a Portion of the Anacacho Limestone, White's Mines Quarry, Uvalde County, Texas

Robert Curtis , Walter W. Coppinger

Atchafalaya Mud Stream and Recent Mudflat Progradation: Louisiana Chenier Plain

John T. Wells, G. Paul Kemp

Brizalina Lowmani, a Meroplanktonic Foraminiferan Useful as an Indicator of Shelfal Circulation and Eutrophication (with Comments on Biostratigraphy and Evolution)

Richard Casey , Camille Hueni , Ann Leavesley

Characteristics of Diapirs on the Outer Continental Shelf-Upper Continental Slope Boundary, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

Anita R. Trippet

Characterization of Uranium Ores from the House-Seale Deposit, Catahoula Formation, Texas Coastal Plain

R. Stephen Fisher

Coal -- The Alternate Fossil Fuel

William R. Pampe

Deep-Water Reservoir Sandstones of the Texas Gulf Coast

Robert R. Berg

Deltaic Barrier Development on the Louisiana Coast

Shea Penland , Ron Boyd , Dag Nummedal , Harry Roberts

Depositional and Diagenetic Cycles in Smackover Limestone-Sandstone Sequences, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

Wayne M. Ahr , Gregory J. Palko

Depositional Systems of the Continental Margin of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico West of Peninsular Florida: A Possible Modern Analog to Some Depositional Models for the Permian Delaware Basin

Larry J. Doyle

Detailed Evaluation of Two Texas Lignite Deposits of Deltaic and Fluvial Origins (1)

S. J. Tewalt, M. A. Bauer, D. Mathew

Diagenesis and Pores Types of the Norphlet Standstone (Upper Jurassic), Hatters Pond Area, Mobile County, Alabama

Hiromi Honda, Earle F. McBride

Diagenesis and Reservoir Potential of the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation of South Texas (1)

R. G. Loucks , D. A. Budd

Diagenesis and Secondary Porosity in Vicksburg Sandstones, McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

Marcia J. Klass , David G. Kersey , Robert R. Berg, Thomas T. Tieh

Diagenetic History of Norphlet Formation (Upper Jurassic), Rankin, County, Mississippi

Earle F. McBride

Effects of Sea Level Changes on the Distribution and Evolution of Early Tertiary Mammals

Judith A. Schiebout

Emendation of the Pecan Gap Chalk (Campanian) in Northeast Texas

C. L. McNulty , J. L. Brezina , W. C. Dawson , F. W. Maluf

Environment of Deposition and Reservoir Properties of the Woodbine Sandstone at Kurten Field, Brazos County, Texas

James R. Turner , Susan J. Conger

Estimation of Uncertainty in Coal Resources (1)

D. Mathew, M. P. Roberts

Evolution and Morphology of Sedimentary Environments, Atchafalaya Delta, Louisiana

Ivor Ll. van Heerden, John T. Wells, Harry H. Roberts

Facies Changes in the Hatchetigbee Formation in Alabama-Georgia and the Wilcox-Claiborne Group Unconformity

Thomas G. Gibson , Laurel M. Bybell

Fluid-Inclusion Temperature Study of Paleozoic Carbonates Llano Uplift, Texas

Leonard M. Young , D. Herman Jackson

Geology of the Subsurface Eocene Cockfield Formation in Southern Allen Parish, Louisiana

Jeff Lautier

Geothermal Conditions and Their Implications for Basement Tectonics in the Gulf Coast Margin

Douglas L. Smith , William T. Dees , Danny W. Harrelson

The Gilmer Limestone: Oolite Tidal Bars on the Sabine Uplift

Wayne M. Ahr

Income Tax Consequences of Oil and Gas Property Interests Received for Services

Kenton E. McDonald

Land Loss in the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain

Sherwood M. Gagliano , Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt , Karen M. Wicker

A Late Cretaceous Calcarenite Beach Complex Associated with Submarine Volcanism, Wilson County, Texas

Edward C. Roy, Jr. , Mark Eidelbach , Nancy Trumbly

Lineament Analysis and Inference of Geologic Structure -- Examples from the Balcones/Ouachita Trend of Texas (1)

Christopher S. Caran, C. M. Woodruff, Jr., Eric J. Thompson

Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Paleocene Subsurface Strata in Southwest Alabama

Ernest A. Mancini

Macrofossil Assemblages of the Moodys Branch Formation (Upper Eocene), Louisiana and Mississippi

Susan R. Elder, Thor A. Hansen

Marine Environmental Terminology and Depth-Related Environments

James L. Lamb

Meteoric Water Versus Formation Water Origin of Salt Dome Cap Rock (1)

Charles W. Kreitler, Shirley P. Dutton

The Northern Gulf of Mexico as an Anomalous Passive Margin

William W. Hay (1,2), James F. Behensky Jr.

The Opening of the Gulf of Mexico: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Gulf Coast

Rex H. Pilger, Jr.

Paleoecology of the Midway and Wilcox Groups of Alabama

Iradj Youssefnia

Petrographic Analysis of the Pettet Porosity in the Kerlin Oil Field, Columbia County, Arkansas

Gary D. Boland , Austin A. Sartin , Dan Knight

Petroleum Geology of South Carlton Field, Lower Tuscaloosa "Pilot Sand", Clarke and Baldwin Counties, Alabama

Ernest A. Mancini, J. Wayne Payton

Petrophysical Properties of the Sligo Formation of Northern Louisiana and Arkansas

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Preliminary Petroleum Source-Rock Assessment of Pre-Punta Gorda Rocks (Lower-Most Cretaceous-Jurassic?) in South Florida

James G. Palacas , Ted A. Daws , Albert V. Applegate

Provenance and Diagenesis of Clay Minerals in Sediments from the Anclote River and Anchorage, West Central Florida

Wen-An Chiou , Larry J. Doyle , William R. Bryant

Radiolarian Species Composition, Density and Diversity as Indicators of Water Structure and Circulation on the South Texas Shelf

Richard Casey , Ann Leavesley , Joan Mussler Spaw , Ken McMillen, Jon Sloan

Reliability of Microfossil Assemblages as Paleoenvironmental Indicators

Mervin Kontrovitz , Scott W. Snyder

Response of Bottom Waters on the West Louisiana Shelf to Transient Wind Events and Resulting Sediment Transport

Richard L. Crout, Rhett D. Hamiter

Shale Mineralogy and Burial Diagenesis of Frio and Vicksburg Formations in Two Geopressured Wells, Mcallen Ranch Area, Hidalgo County, Texas

Robert L. Freed

Some Microfossils of the Tamaulipas Limestone (Hauterivian-Lower Albian) in Santa Rosa Canyon, Sierra de Santa Rosa, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

M. A. Ross , C. L. McNulty

Source-Rock Potential of the Austin Chalk, Upper Cretaceous, Southeastern Texas

George J. Grabowski, Jr.

Stratigraphic, Sedimentologic and Diagenetic Framework for the Jurassic Cotton Valley Terryville Massive Sandstone Complex, Northern Louisiana

James L. Coleman, Jr., Craig J. Coleman

Stratigraphy and Structure of the Rosita Gas Fields, Duval County, Texas

Joseph R. Straccia

Structural Control of Lower Vicksburg (Oligocene) Turbidite Channel Sandstones, McAllen Ranch Field, Texas

Louis A. Dramis, Jr.

Structural Patterns in South Florida

Paulette Bond, Leah Smith, W. F. Tanner

Subdivision and Regional Stratigraphy of the Pre-Punta Gorda Rocks (Lowermost Cretaceous-Jurassic?) in South Florida

Albert V. Applegate , George O. Winston , James G. Palacas

Walker Creek Revisited: A Reinterpretation of the Diagenesis of the Smackover Formation of Walker Creek Field, Arkansas

Frank C. Brock, Jr. , Clyde H. Moore, Jr.

Washover of Deltaic Barriers on the Louisiana Coast

Ron Boyd , Shea Penland

Waveland Field: An Analyses of Facies, Diagenesis, and Hydrodynamics in the Mooringsport Reservoirs

Lawrence R. Baria