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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Application of the Tidal Mudflat Model to the Sunniland Formation of South Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Basin Analysis by Model Simulation: Effects of Geologic Parameters on 1-D and 2-D Fluid Flow Systems with Application to an Oil Field

K. Nakayama , I. Lerche

Carbon Isotope Signals for Chemical Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Douglas F. Williams , Dwight M. Trainor

Characterization of Fractures in Limestones, Northern Segment of the Edwards Aquifer and Balcones Fault Zone, Central Texas

Edward W. Collins

Clay Mineral Variations in a Marginal Deltaic Plain, Coastal Hancock County, Mississippi

Gregory N. Bonn , David M. Patrick

Coastline Development and Change in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle

George M. Lamb

Coiling Patterns and their Relationships to Shell Architecture in the Foraminiferida

Hubert C. Skinner

Compaction of Norphlet Sandstones, Rankin County, Mississippi

Earle F. McBride

Comparison of Petrographic Characteristics of Selected Carbonate Rocks to their Petrophysical Log Response--Smackover Formation (Upper Jurassic)

Alfred A. Biehle , Carey M. Crocker

Depositional Environment of Downdip Yegua (Eocene) Sandstones, Jackson County, Texas

Christopher J. Whitten , Robert R. Berg

The Depositional Environments, Diagenetic History, and Porosity Development of the Upper Smackover at Eustace Field, Henderson County, Texas

Jose J. Sequeira, Jr. , Wayne M. Ahr

Depositional Environments and Sedimentary Tectonics of the Subsurface Cotton Valley Group (Upper Jurassic), West-Central Mississippi

Ben D. Sydboten, Jr. , Richard L. Bowen

Depositional Environments of A. W. P. Olmos Field, McMullen County, Texas

J. Greg Dennis

Diagenesis and High Fluid Pressures in the Frio and Vicksburg Shales, Brooks County, Texas

Winston F. Bott, Jr. , Thomas T. Tieh

East Taft Field, San Patricio County, Texas: A Subtle Stratigraphic Trap--Implications for Exploration in a Supermature Province

R. R. Railsback

The Effects of Fluvial Abrasion on the Shapes of Quartz Sand Grains

Mark Peterson , Jim Mazzullo

Engineering, Economic, and Environmental Assessment of a Lower Wilcox Lignite

Paul E. Albertson

Exploration Methods--Lower Tuscaloosa Trend, Southwest Mississippi

James B. Hersch

Facies Analysis, Sea-level History, and Platform Evolution of the Jurassic Smackover Formation, Conecuh Basin, Escambia County, Alabama

Richard A. Esposito, Jr. , David T. King, Jr.

Fan-Delta Reservoirs in the Lower Cotton Valley Group (Jurassic), Kildare Field, Northeast Texas

Cynthia E. Black , Robert R. Berg

The Frio River Line in South Texas--Transition from Cordilleran to Northern Gulf Tectonic Regimes

Thomas E. Ewing

Geochemical Studies of Crude Oil Generation, Migration, and Destruction in the Mississippi Salt Basin

Roger Sassen , C. H. Moore , J. A. Nunn , F. C. Meendsen , Ezat Heydari

Isotope Chronostratigraphy: High Resolution Stratigraphic Correlations in Deep-Water Exploration Tracts of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Dwight M. Trainor , Douglas F. Williams

Late Quaternary Development of the San Jacinto River Valley Margin at Peggy Lake, Upper Texas Coast

Jeffrey G. Paine

Lithology and Strontium Distribution of the De Queen Formation at the Main Highland Gypsum Quarry, Highland, Arkansas

Thad A. Slaughter , Ernest B. Ledger , Austin A. Sartin

Lower Cretaceous Barrier Reef and Outer Shelf Facies, Sligo Formation, South Texas

Brenda L. Kirkland , Robin G. Lighty , Richard Rezak , Thomas T. Tieh

Mini-Shelves in the Taylor Shale: Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary Units of Bastrop County, Texas

Delos R. Tucker , Daniel P. Hencey

Model of Upper Cenozoic Geologic Evolution of the Louisiana Slope

Allen Lowrie

Morphology and Evolution of a Shale-Filled Paleo-Channel in the Wilcox Group (Paleocene-Eocene), Southeast Texas

Peter J. Hutchinson

Occurrence of a Pseudophragmina (Proporocyclina) Zaragosensis Bank in the Upper Wilcox (Lower Eocene), Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

Lori L. Nunn , Rowdy C. Lemoine

Organic Geochemistry of the Lower Cretaceous Travis Peak Formation, East Texas Basin

Shirley P. Dutton , Robert J. Finley , Karen L. Herrington

Origin and Timing of Seafloor Erosion on the Louisiana Continental Slope

Michiel C. van den Bold , Thomas F. Moslow , James M. Coleman

Ostracode Shells as Indicators of Thermal History

Mervin Kontrovitz

A Palynological Age Determination for the Dorcheat and Hosston Formations: The Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary in Northern Louisiana

Robert Rogers

Pathways of Migration of Oil and Gas in the South Mississippi Salt Basin

Robert Evans

Petrology and Hydrocarbon Reservoir Potential of Subsurface Pottsville (Pennsylvanian) Sandstones, Black Warrior Basin, Mississippi

Russell H. Beard (1,2), Maurice A. Meylan

Pisoids in the Jurassic Smackover Formation (Alabama-Florida): Evidence of Marine Vadose Diagenesis

Faye F. Melas , Gerald M. Friedman

Postdevelopment Analysis of Producing Shelf-Slope Environments of Deposition, High Island Area

D. H. Anspach , S. E. Tripp , R. E. Berlitz , J. A. Gilreath

Provenance of the Norphlet Sandstone, Northern Gulf Coast

W. P. Ryan , W. C. Ward , R. L. Kugler

Recoverable Natural Gas Reserves from the Jurassic Norphlet Formation, Alabama Coastal Waters Area

Ernest A. Mancini , Robert M. Mink , Bennett L. Bearden , Richard P. Hamilton

Regional Stratigraphy of the Smackover Limestone (Jurassic) in South Arkansas and North Louisiana, and the Geology of Chalybeat Springs Oil Field

Arthur R. Troell , J. D. Robinson

Sandstone Petrology and Diagenesis of Lower Tuscaloosa Formation Reservoirs in the McComb and Little Creek Field Areas, Southwest Mississippi

Kenneth H. Hamlin , Christopher P. Cameron

Seismic Stratigraphic Investigation of the West Florida Basin

Jacques P. Lord

Storm-Related Rejuvenation of a Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuary

Wayne C. Isphording , Dewayne Imsand , George C. Flowers

Stratigraphy and Source Potential of the Smackover Formation in the Northern Manila Embayment, Southwest Alabama

William J. Wade , Roger Sassen , Elizabeth W. Chinn

Structural Evolution of Grand Lake Field, Cameron Parish, Louisiana

David B. Johanson

Structural Framework and Sand Genesis of the Wilcox Group, Travis Ward Field, Jim Hogg County, Texas

E. Gerald Rolf

A Subsurface Study of the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation at Olive Field, Pike and Amite Counties, Mississippi

Gary J. Wiygul , Leonard M. Young

Upper Jurassic Depositional Systems and Hydrocarbon Potential of Southeast Mississippi

Fred C. Meendsen , Clyde H. Moore , Ezat Heydari , Roger Sassen

Use of Thermal and Epithermal Neutron Measurements in Shaly Sand Evaluation

John Puffer , Gerrit d'Ablaing IV , Tim Toth , Harold Darling

Vertical Grain Size Progressions as an Aid in Intepreting Depositional Environments, Queen City Formation (Eocene), East Texas

Elizabeth Ann Watkins , John B. Anderson