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The "Gulf of Mexico" Late Holocene Sea Level Curve

William F. Tanner, S. Demirpolat , Frank W. Stapor , Luis Alvarez

13C-Depleted Authigenic Carbonate Buildups from Hydrocarbon Seeps, Louisiana Continental Slope

Harry H. Roberts , Roger Sassen , Robert Carney , Paul Aharon

The 1985 Hurricane Impacts on the Isles Dernieres, Louisiana: A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of the Coastal Geomorphic Changes

Shea Penland, Karolien Debusschere, Karen A. Westphal , John R. Suter (1,2), Randolph A. McBride , P. Douglas Reimer

Abstract: Alarming Changes in Sedimentation Rates in Major Bays Along the Gulf Coast

Sheri M. George

Abstract: Application of High-Resolution Geophysical and Geotechnical Techniques for Selecting Artificial Reef Sites on the Louisiana Outer Continental Shelf

David L. Pope , Thomas F. Moslow , John B. Wagner

Abstract: Depositional Environment and Diagenesis of the Benbrook Member of the Goodland Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Sabine Parish, Louisiana

R. Dean McPhearson , Leonard M. Young

Abstract: Evaluation of Changes in Beach Morphology along the Louisiana Barrier Island Coast

L. D. Nakashima

Abstract: Facies and Diagenesis of the Lower Anhydrite Stringer Member, Rodessa Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Friendship and Iron Lake Fields, Cass and Marion Counties, Texas

Kenneth Landrum

Abstract: Global Controls of Barrier Island Chain Morphology and Distribution

Virginia Henderson , Orrin H. Pilkey

Abstract: La Casita Sandstones: Evidence for the Composition of Basement Rock in Northeastern Mexico

C. R. Smith , A. E. Weidie

Abstract: Modern Ostracodes in Shallow-Water Marine Carbonates, Northeastern Yucatan Shelf, Mexico

Paul R. Krutak , Raul Gio-Argaez

Abstract: Processes of Barrier Island Erosion

Asbury H. Sallenger, Jr. , S. Jeffress Williams

Abstract: Quantitative Chemical Stratigraphy of Offshore Exploration Wells of the Flexure Trend: Spectral Coherency Analysis

Douglas F. Williams , Ian Lerche , Zhihuai Yu , Xidong Chen , Dwight M. Trainor

Abstract: Reef-Like Carbonate Buildups on the Louisiana Continental Slope

Harry H. Roberts , Roger Sassen , Robert Carney , Paul Aharon , Ralph Portier (5)

Abstract: Sediment Transport and Progradation in the Atchafalaya-Wax Lake Outlet-Chenier Plain Sedimentary System, Southwest Louisiana

Oscar K. Huh , Harry H. Roberts , Lawrence J. Rouse, Jr. , Douglas A. Rickman

Abstract: Seismic Amplitude Anomalies and Avo Analyses at Mestena Grande Field, Jim Hogg County, Texas

Richard C. Burnett

Abstract: Seismic Stratigraphy of Upper Neogene Shelf Break Position Variations between East and West Offshore Louisiana

Allen Lowrie , Neil M. Sullivan

Abstract: The Annual-Tide Tidal Flat Near Boca Chica, Texas

William F. Tanner , Richard Hummell

Abstract: The Influence of Navigation on the Enlargement of White Lake, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Richard U. Birdseye

Abstract: The Off-Shelf Portion of the Harris Delta: A Re-Examination of the Downdip Woodbine-Eagleford of East Texas

Mark H. Porter , Dewitt C. Van Siclen , Robert E. Sheriff

Abstract: Variations in Miocene Fluvial Architecture: Bedload System of the Uppermost Goliad Formation Around Lake Corpus Christi State Park, South Texas

Frank G. Cornish

An Advanced Interpretation Technique Integrates Well Log and Core Data for Thin-Bed Reservoir Evaluation

Ashok Sinha , Tony Lawrence , Bill Simmons

A Conceptual Model for Sources of Oils in Gulf Coast Cenozoic Reservoirs

Doris M. Curtis

Controls on H2S Concentration and Hydrocarbon Destruction in the Eastern Smackover Trend

William J. Wade , Jeffrey S. Hanor , Roger Sassen

Controls on the Location of the Sand/Mud Contact Beneath a Barrier Island: Central Isles Dernieres, Louisiana

John R. Dingler, Thomas A. Reiss

Correlation, Interpretation, and Exploration Potential of Lower Wilcox Valley-Fill Sequences, Colorado and Lavaca Counties, Texas

Paul E. Devine , David M. Wheeler

Depositional Facies, Porosity Loss, and Cementation in the Upper Cretaceous Mooreville and Demopolis Chalks, Central Alabama

Ira Holston , David T. King, Jr.

Depositional Facies and Eustatic Effects in the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Ripley Formation, Central and Eastern Alabama

Michael C. Skotnicki , David T. King, Jr.

Diagenetic Resetting of Sm-Nd Isotope Systematics in Wilcox Group Sandstones and Shales, San Marcos Arch, South-Central Texas

David N. Awwiller, Lawrence E. Mack

Distribution and Textural Character of Surficial Sediments, Isles Dernieres to Ship Shoal Region, Louisiana

S. Jeffress Williams , Shea Penland , Ronald C. Circe

The Downdip Yegua Trend -- An Overview

Thomas E. Ewing , W. Grant Fergeson

Effect of Fractures on Reserve Calculations as Determined by Petrology: Birthright Field, Hopkins County, Texas

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Erosion and Deterioration of the Isles Dernieres Barrier Island Arc, Louisiana, U. S. A.: 1853 to 1988

Randolph A. McBride , Shea Penland , Bruce Jaffe , S. Jeffress Williams , A. H. Sallenger, Jr. , Karen A. Westphal

The Frisco City Sand: A New Jurassic Reservoir in Southwest Alabama

Steven D. Mann , Robert M. Mink , Bennett L. Bearden , Robert D. Schneeflock, Jr.

Geochemistry of Formation Water, Plio-Pleistocene Reservoirs, Offshore Louisiana

L. S. Land , G. L. Macpherson (1,2)

Geothermal Patterns of Louisiana Salt Domes

Madhurendu Bhushan Kumar

Glacial Eustatic Controls on Seismic Sequences and Parasequences of the Trinity/Sabine Incised Valley, Texas Continental Shelf

Mark A. Thomas, John B. Anderson

Gypsum Dehydration, Agent of Salt Diapirism

D. H. Kupfer

Historical Back Barrier Shoreline Changes, Padre Island National Seashore, Texas

Jennifer Smith Prouty , Daniel B. Prouty

Holocene Sand Shoals Offshore of the Mississippi River Delta Plain

Shea Penland , John R. Suter (1,2), Randolph A. McBride , S. Jeffress Williams , Jack L. Kindinger , Ron Boyd (5)

Hydrocarbon Occurrences in Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks: The Plays of the 1990's

Danny W. Harrelson

Impact on Hydrocarbon Retention of Sedimentary Fracturing and Faulting around Salt Sheets in the Gulf Coast

S. Cao , I. Lerche , J. J. O'Brien

Influence of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Gas-Resource Potential for Geologically Based Infill Drilling, Brooks and I-92 Reservoirs, Frio Formation, South Texas

Mary L. W. Jackson , William A. Ambrose

Inner Shelf Deposits of the Louisiana-Mississippi-Alabama Region, Gulf of Mexico

Jack L. Kindinger , Shea Penland , S. Jeffress Williams , John R. Suter (2,4)

Lithofacies Changes in the Porters Creek Formation (Paleocene) of Southern Alabama

Ernest A. Mancini, Berry H. Tew

Log Response as a Model for Production: Deep Wilcox Sandstones, Provident City Field, Lavaca County, Texas

James L. Collins

Massive Sediment by Passing of a Wide Tidal Inlet; Cat Island Pass, Louisiana

Bruce E. Jaffe , Asbury H. Sallenger, Jeffrey H. List

New Perspectives on Geo-Genetic Linkages among Salt Structures, Gulf Coast Source Rocks and Hydrocarbon Generation

Douglas F. Williams , Ian Lerche

The Norphlet Reservoir in Mobile Bay; Origins of Deep Porosity

Brian E. Lock , Samuel W. Broussard

Origin and Development of Quaternary Terrigenous Inner Shelf Sequences, Southwest Florida

Richard A. Davis, Jr., Jonathan M. Klay

Paleoecology of the Eocene Wheelock Member of the Cook Mountain Formation, in Western Houston County Texas

Barbara A. Gaskell

Petrology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Ferry Lake Anhydrite, Caddo-Pine Island Field, Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Colin E. Kimball , E. G. Anderson , Austin A. Sartin , Leonard M. Young

Physical Characteristics and Aging of Gulf Coast Estuaries

Wayne C. Isphording , F. Dewayne Imsand , George C. Flowers

Practical Model for the Smackover Formation

Robert B. Lieber

Predicting Paleostructure from Estimated Ultimate Recoveries

Peter Hutchinson

Recent Advancements in Reservoir Description Techniques

Lori Higgins , Anwar Ghauri , Ashok Sinha

Regional Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental History of the Miocene of Onshore and Offshore Alabama

Charles C. Smith

Relict Progradational Beach Ridge Complex on Cat Island in Mississippi Sound

James B. Rucker , Jesse O. Snowden

Review of Geology of Mississippi Salt Domes Involved in Nuclear Research

Charles T. Swann

The Role of Salt Marsh Erosion in Barrier Island Evolution and Deterioration in Coastal Louisiana

Denise J. Reed

Sea-Level Rise and Subsidence in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico

Karen E. Ramsey, Shea Penland

Seafloor Features on Mississippi-Alabama Outer Continental Shelf

Richard Rezak, William W. Sager, J. Scott Laswell, Stephen R. Gittings

Secondary Porosity in Sandstones and Diagenesis of Adjacent Shales, Oligocene, South Texas

David A. McMahon

Sedimentary Environments of the Inner Continental Shelf, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Joseph F. Donoghue

Seismic Fracture Identification and Horizontal Drilling: Keys to Optimizing Productivity in a Fractured Reservoir, Giddings Field, Texas

Nanette Kuich

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Mississippi Delta

Ron Boyd , John Suter (2,3), Shea Penland

Stratigraphic Relationships Between Odontogryphaea Thirsae Beds and the Big Shale of the Wilcox (Paleocene-Eocene) in Louisiana

Lloyd N. Glawe

Stratigraphy of the Glen Rose Formation, Western Gulf Coastal Plain

Jeffrey G. Pittman

Subsurface Temperature Distributions in South Texas

Deborah S. Pfeiffer , John M. Sharp, Jr.

Time-Rock Correlation: The Essential Element in Depositional Models

Wayne M. Ahr

Winter Storm Impacts on the Chenier Plain Coast of Southwestern Louisiana

Harry H. Roberts, Oscar K. Huh, S. A. Hsu, Lawrence J. Rouse, Jr. , Douglas A. Rickman