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Abstract: Abatement of Wetland Loss Through Diversions of Mississippi River Water Using Siphons

Johannes L. van Beek, David W. Roberts, Stephen Fournet

Abstract: Assessing the "Sedimentation Deficit" Problem in Louisiana's Coastal Salt Marshes

Denise J. Reed , Donald R. Cahoon

Abstract: A Unique Austin Chalk Reservoir Van Field, Van Zandt County, Texas

B. Keith McKeel, Greogory R. Miller

Abstract: Coastal Land Loss in Florida

Ralph R. Clark

Abstract: Controls on Fracture Distribution in the Giddings Austin Chalk

Duane T. Wagner

Abstract: Criterion for Recognition of Bedding Structures Utilizing Imaging Devices

Tom Fett

Abstract: Depositional Environment and Reservoir Properties of the Lower Tuscaloosa "B" Sandstone Baywood Field, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

Randall S. Miller , Jack L. Groth

Abstract: Direct Observations of a Large Active Mud Vent on the Louisiana Continental Slope

Harry H. Roberts , Thomas W. Neurauter

Abstract: Evidence for Unconformities in the Cenozoic of the Central and South Texas Continental Shelf from Regional Electric Log and Seismic Cross Sections

Taylor Blood, Alfred E. LaPointe, Clifton E. Cran, Mark F. Stanczyk

Abstract: Facies and Reservoir Characterization of an Upper Smackover Interval, East Barnett Field, Conecuh County, Alabama

Gail R. Bergan , James H. Hearne

Abstract: Fault Recognition and South Pass Block 61 Field

Eric W. Hatleberg , David C. Brucker

Abstract: Geochemical Indicators of Subsidence in Sediment Terrebonne Coastal Plain, Louisiana

Alan M. Bailey , Harry H. Roberts

Abstract: Incrusting and Boring Bryozoans from the Dessau (Chalk) Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Little Walnut Creek, Austin, Travis County, Texas

Penny A. Morris

Abstract: Land Subsidence Caused by Withdrawal of Oil and Gas in the Gulf Coastal Plain--The Houston, Texas, Case History

Thomas L. Holzer

Abstract: Lower Cretaceous (Neocomian Age) Calvin Limestone Shelf-Margin Complex, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

P. A. Sullivan , R. G. Loucks

Abstract: Model for Unstable Shelf Deltas -- A Sequence Conducive to Accumulation of Giant Gas Fields; Example from South Lake Arthur Field

Ram S. Saxena

Abstract: Petrographic Image Analysis as a Tool to Improve Reservoir Data

F. M. Ballentine, D. J. Malek, C. A. Philipson

Abstract: Petrology of a Basement Core from the Champlin No. 1 International Paper Company Well Jackson County, Mississippi

Danny W. Harrelson, Stephen P. Jennings

Abstract: Physical Models of Structural Patterns Above Salt Diapirs

Roger C. Brewer , Richard H. Groshong, Jr.

Abstract: Preliminary Test Results and Geology of the DOE/Superior Hulin #1 Geopressured-Geothermal Well, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Chacko J. John, Donald A. Stevenson, Charles G. Groat

Abstract: Production Data as an Indicator of Gas Reservoir Compartmentalization in the Vicksburg S Sandstones (Oligocene), McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

E. G. Wermund, R. P. Langford

Abstract: Recent Advances in Borehold Imaging Based on the Circumferential Borehold Imaging Log (CBIL)

Walter H. Fertl

Abstract: Results of Multibeam Swath Surveying by NOAA in the Gulf of Mexico Exclusive Economic Zone

Paul J. Grim

Abstract: Shoreline Erosion and Wetland Loss in Mississippi

Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt , Conrad A. Gazzier

Abstract: Shoreline Evolution from 1945 to 1988 at Grand Isle, Louisiana

Celeste A. Bencaz, Richard U. Birdseye

Abstract: Spherulitic Pedogenic Carbonate Nodules from the Lower Tuscaloosa: A Tool to be Used in Paleogeochemical Exploration for Hydrocarbons?

Lester Williams , Brian E. Lock

Abstract: The Geomorphology of the Chandeleur Island Wetlands

K. Debusschere , L. Handley , T. Michot , S. Penland , D. Reed , R. Seal (5), K. Westphal

Abstract: The Lake Arthur Complex Jefferson Davis and Vermilion Parishes, Louisiana: How it Fits into the Regional Depositional Framework of the Camerina "A"--Miogypsinoides "A" Interval

Norman E. Smith

Abstract: Transgressive Valley Fill Sequences: Implications to Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum Exploration

John C. Horne , Paul E. Devine , David M. Wheeler , Alan J. Scott

Anomalous Features in the Five Islands Salt Stocks, Louisiana

Donald H. Kupfer

Barrier Island Evolution and Reworking by Inlet Migration along the Mississippi-Alabama Gulf Coast

James B. Rucker , Jesse O. Snowden

Biostratigraphic Application to Pliocene-Miocene Sequence Stratigraphy of the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico and its Integration to Lithostratigraphy

R. N. Rosen , W. A. Hill

Calculating Sandstone-Shale Ratios from Growth Normal Fault Dips on Seismic Profiles

R. E. Bischke , J. Suppe

The Camerina "A" -- Miogypsinoides "A" Depositional Patterns for Southwest Louisiana

Norman E. Smith

Clay Mineral Composition and Distribution in the Atchafalaya Basin and Terrebone Marsh Areas, South-Central Louisiana

Kyle D. Stewart (1,2), David M. Patrick

Coastal Land Loss in Louisiana

S. Penland , H. H. Roberts , S. J. Williams , A. H. Sallenger, Jr. , Donald R. Cahoon , Donald W. Davis , C. G. Groat (1,5)

Coastal Land Loss in Texas--An Overview

Robert A. Morton, Jeffrey G. Paine

A Comparison of Depth-Conversion Methods in the Gulf of Mexico

Melvan D. Carter, Gary R. Hyatt

Computer Aided Mapping of the Hackberry Unconformity in Northeastern Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

Thomas C. Chandler , Gary L. Kinsland

Depositional Environments of the Wilcox Group, Texas Gulf Coast: Stratigraphic and Early Diagenetic Signatures

J. A. May, S. A. Stonecipher

Developmental Sequence, Necessity of High Deliverability and Volumetrics South Lake Arthur Field

Michael A. Barnes

Diagenesis and Cement Fabric of Gas Reservoirs in the Oligocene Vicksburg Formation, McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

R. P. Langford, F. L. Lynch,

Differential Compaction Influences on Structure in West Cameron Block 225 Field

William R. Finley

Environmental Sedimentology of the Pontchartrain Estuary

George C. Flowers , Wayne C. Isphording

Environment of Deposition of Downdip Lower Wilcox Sandstones, Provident City Field, Lavaca County, Texas

Steven W. Vest

Estimating Organic Maturity from Well Logs, Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk, Texas Gulf Coast

Gregory S. Hinds , Robert R. Berg

Evolution of Pre-Jurassic Basement Beneath Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain

DeWitt C. Van Siclen

Facies Architecture of the Bayou Grand Caillou Area: An Abandoned Shallow Water Delta of the Mississippi River Delta Plain

Randolph A. McBride, Shea Penland, John T. Mestayer

Facies Stratigraphy and Relative Sea-Level History -- Upper Cretaceous Eutaw Formation, Central and Eastern Alabama

David T. King, Jr.

First and Last Occurrences of Quaternary Benthic Foraminifera in the Gulf of Mexico: Relation to Paleoceanography

Richard A. Denne (1,2), Barun K. Sen Gupta

The Florida Lineament

Gary Christenson

Fluvial Architecture and Reservoir Compartmentalization in the Oligocene Middle Frio Formation, South Texas

Dennis R. Kerr, Lee A. Jirik

Formation Temperature and Formation Pressure Affect the Oil and Gas Distribution in Tertiary Gulf Coast Sediments

Walter H. Fertl , W. G. Leach

Genesis of Upper Cretaceous Marl-Limestone Bedding, Alabama

David T. King, Jr.

Geology and Production Characteristics of the Seventy-Six, West, Field, Duval County, Texas

D. B. Hyatt

Groundwater Sources and Flow Patterns Derived from Stable Isotopes and Elemental Chemistry of the Southeast Louisiana Freshwater Aquifers

Gerard Gonthier , Paul Aharon

Heterostegina Zone -- A Shallow Anahuac (Late Oligocene -- Early Miocene) Oil Frontier in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi

Paul R. Krutak , Philip Beron, Jr

Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin of Alabama

Ernest A. Mancini , Berry H. Tew , Robert M. Mink

The LaSalle Arch and its Effects on Lower Paleogene Genetic Sequence Stratigraphy, Nebo-Hemphill Field, LaSalle Parish, Louisiana

Paul N. Lawless , George F. Hart

The Late Early Miocene Sabine River

Earl Manning

Living on the Edge: Louisiana's Marsh, Estuary and Barrier Island Population

Donald W. Davis

Maturation of Sediments Near Horizontal and Inclined Salt Sheets

K. Carter, I. Lerche

The Maurice Field: New Gas Reserves from Buried Structure Along the Oligocene Trend of Southwestern Louisiana

Michael P. Prescott

McPac Field (Matagorda Island Block 487-L) New Gas Reserves in a Mature Area

James D. McCullough Jr.

Model for Reworked Deltaic Sands--Example from South Lake Arthur, Bayou Gentily and Bayou Leary Field

Ram S. Saxena

Natural Gas Plays in Jurassic Reservoirs of Southwestern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle Area

Ernest A. Mancini , Robert M. Mink , Berry H. Tew , Bennett L. Bearden

The Nature and Significance of Condensed Sections in Gulf Coast Late Neogene Sequence Stratigraphy

Bernard L. Shaffer

New Oil Exploration Play in Florida: The Upper Fredericksburg Dollar Bay Formation

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Occurrence of Oil in the Austin Chalk at Van Field, Van Zandt County, Texas--A Unique Geologic Setting

James T. Lowe , Deborah B. Carington

Offshore Sand Resources for Coastal Erosion Control in Louisiana

Shea Penland , John R. Suter (1,2), Karen E. Ramsey , Randolph A. McBride , S. Jeffress Williams , C. G. Groat (1,4)

On the Room Problem in Current Hypotheses for the Origin of the Gulf of Mexico

David J. Hall

Origin of Barrier Islands on Sandy Coasts

William F. Tanner

Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Lower Oligocene Mint Spring and Marianna Formations Across Mississippi and Southwestern Alabama

W. Cecil Pettway, Dean A. Dunn

Parameters Controlling Hydrocarbon Distribution at Tatum's Camp Field, Lamar County, Mississippi

Phillip R. Jackson

Petroleum Geology of the Vicksburg Formation, Texas

Janet Coleman, William E. Galloway

Regimes Contributory to Progressive Loss of Alabama Coastal Shoreline and Wetlands

Everett Smith

Regional Diagenetic Variation in Norphlet Sandstone: Implications for Reservoir Quality and the Origin of Porosity

Ralph L. Kugler , Alice McHugh

Regional Tectonic and Hydrocarbon-Trap Modeling Along the Louisiana Offshore

Allen Lowrie, Neil M. Sullivan, Karen S. Hoffman

Reservoir Heterogeneity in Middle Frio Fluvial Sandstones: Case Studies in Seeligson Field, Jim Wells County, Texas

Lee A. Jirik

Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Middle Frio Formation: Case Studies in Stratton and Agua Dulce Fields, Nueces County, Texas

Dennis R. Kerr

Sedimentary Facies and Petrophysical Characteristics of Cores from the Lower Vicksburg Gas Reservoirs, McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

R. P. Langford , J. D. Grigsby , W. E. Howard , J. D. Hall , J. Maguregui

Sequence-Stratigraphy of Plio-Pleistocene Depositional Facies in the Offshore Louisiana South Additions

Jory A. Pacht , Bruce E. Bowen , John H. Beard , Bernard L. Shaffer

Shapes and Sizes of Reservoir Sand Bodies -- A Bird's Eye View of Modern Mississippi Delta

James M. Coleman , H. H. Roberts

Simulation Modeling of Stratigraphic Sequences along the Louisiana Offshore

Christopher G. St. C. Kendall , Allen Lowrie

South Lake Arthur Field Analysis of a Frio Unstable Shelf Delta Sequence

Joseph M. Battle, Jr.

Spatial Variations in Subsurface Pore Fluid Properties in a Portion of Southeast Louisiana: Implications for Regional Fluid Flow and Solute Transport

R. Brent Bray , Jeffrey S. Hanor

Submarine Fan Lobe Models: Implications for Reservoir Properties

G. Shanmugam, R. J. Moiola

A Subsurface Study of the Denkman Sandstone Member, Norphlet Formation, Hatters Pond Field, Mobile County, Alabama

R. Scott Higginbotham , Leonard M. Young , Elvon G. Anderson , Lawrence R. Baria

Synergism of Riverine and Winter Storm-Related Sediment Transport Processes in Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands

Joann Mossa , Harry H. Roberts

A Three-Dimensional Correction Factor Equation for Deviated Wells

Daniel J. Tearpock, Harvey Pousson

Three Dimensional Geometries and Thickness of Reservoir Sand Bodies--Example from Carboniferous of Kentucky

J. C. Ferm

Trace Fossils and Paleoenvironments of Lower and Middle Austin Chalk (Upper Cretaceous), North-Central Texas

William C. Dawson , Donald F. Reaser

Trimble Field, Smith County, MS: 100 BCF of By-Passed Pay at -7000

Philip L. Cook, Jr. , Robert D. Schneeflock (2), John D. Bush , John C. Marble

U.S. Gulf Coast Field Experience with Thin-Bed Well Log Analysis

Tony D. Lawrence , Ashok K. Sinha , Walter H. Fertl

Use of Organic Petrology and Graphic Correlation of Biostratigraphic Data in Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations: Example from the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary Section, St. Stephens Quarry, Alabama

Mark A. Pasley, Joseph E. Hazel

Variation in Salt Dome Faulting, Coastal Salt Basin

Thomas G. Fails

Well Logging and Completion Technology for Horizontal Wellbores

Walter H. Fertl , Sid B Nice