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Abstract: A Backward Glance at Forward Thinking: A Geologist Takes Stock

L. G. Weeks

Abstract: A Glimpse at the Suspected Oldest Commercial Reservoir in the Gulf Coast Province

David J. Tieman

Abstract: An Ultramafic Inclusion From The Weeks Island Salt Dome, South Louisiana

Timothy W. Duex, Brian E. Lock

Abstract: A Relationship between Critical and Irreducible Water Saturations

O. A. Harris, Jr.

Abstract: Development of the Austin Chalk in Giddings Field, Burleson Co., Texas by Horizontal Drilling

Gerald E. Drake

Abstract: Geomorphic and Geographic Information System Approach to Archeological Studies in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas

Kurt M. Knesel , Shawn E. Dueitt , Paul E. Albertson , Joseph B. Dunbar

Abstract: Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sequence Stratigraphy of the Mississippi-Alabama Shelf, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Global Change

Steven J. Parker, Berry H. Tew, Ernest A. Mancini, Robert M. Mink

Abstract: Lateral Correlation Trends in Bedded and Massive Turbidites, with an Example from De Gray Lake, Arkansas

Michael B. De Vries , Arnold H. Bouma

Abstract: Links between Amplitude Anomalies (Multichannel Seismic Data) and Sea Floor Features in Areas of Hydrocarbon Seepage, Louisiana Slope

Harry H. Roberts , Douglas J. Cook , Mark K. Sheedlo

Abstract: Measured Resistivity Values and Chemical Analyses of Produced Formation Waters from Oil and Gas Well Tests in Mississippi

Rick L. Ericksen

Abstract: Mineralogical Examination of Shale in Core from the Geopressured Frio Formation, Brazoria County, Texas

P. D. Alley-McReynolds, R. M. Capuano

Abstract: Origin of Regressive-Transgressive Sequences in the Claiborne Group

Robert A. Hull

Abstract: Outcrop-Constrained Characterization of Stratigraphic Architecture in Deltaic Gas Reservoirs, Lake Creek Unit, Texas

Edgar H. Guevara, Jeffry D. Grigsby, Noel Tyler, Nanette Kuich

Abstract: Pleistocene Sea Levels and Seismic Stratigraphy

Peter K. Trabant

Abstract: Plio-Pleistocene Depocenter Distribution and Shelf Break Progradation, Northwest Offshore Louisiana

Rong Li, Joel S. Watkins

Abstract: Plio-Pleistocene Sequence Stratigraphy, Outer Shelf and Upper Slope, Central Offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

Jie Zhang , Joel S. Watkins , Jih-Ping Shyu

Abstract: Potential Use of Geothermal Fluids for Thermally Enhanced Recovery of Heavy Oil in South Texas

Steven J. Seni, Douglas S. Hamilton

Abstract: Prospect Lucky: Understanding Contour Anomalies and Velocity Gradients in Offshore Texas

Thomas Peter Bulling, Albert J. Krejci

Abstract: Seismic Facies and Depositional Processes on the Lower Continental Slope, in the Mississippi Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico

Jia-Yuh Liu , Joel S. Watkins

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy of the North Louisiana-South Arkansas (NL-SA) Basin

N. Sullivan, C. Krotzer, A. Lowrie, I. Lerche

Abstract: Significance of Vein-Filling Calcites: Richland Creek Fracture Zone, Lower Austin Chalk (Upper Cretaceous), North-Central Texas

William C. Dawson , D. F. Reaser

Abstract: Smackover Exploration Along the Flanks of Intermediate Salt Ridges, Central Mississippi Salt Basin

Jeffrey S. Requarth, John J. Morris

Abstract: Subsidence in New Orleans: A Photographic Case History of the Lakeview Subdivision

J. O. Snowden, James B. Rucker

Abstract: The Geology of Three Mississippi Fields -- Trimble, Thanksgiving and Chaparral (Extension)

Jack S. Moody, Edwin E. Sticker, S. Cragin Knox, Director

Abstract: The Petroleum Province of Coastal Mississippi

A. John Warner

Abstract: X-Ray Tomographic Imaging of Gassy Marine Sediments

Thomas H. Orsi, Aubrey L. Anderson, William R. Bryant, Carl M. Edwards

Age and Petrology of the Jackson Dome Igneous-Volcanic Complex, Mississippi: Implications for the Tectonic History of the Mississippi Salt Dome Basin

J. A. Saunders , D. W. Harrelson

Authigenic Clay Mineral Distribution, Lower Tuscaloosa Formation, Southwest Mississippi: Impact on Sandstone Reservoir Quality in the North Hustler Field Area

C. P. Cameron, D. M. Patrick, C. D. Keith

The Britton Notopocorystes Assemblage: An Eagle Ford Decapod Assemblage from the Cretaceous of North-Central Texas

Gale A. Bishop , Nancy A. Brannen , Lloyd E. Hill , John P. Meyer , Arlene J. Pike , Chris Sampson

Cap Rock Geology of the Hazlehurst Salt Dome, Copiah County, Mississippi

Charles T. Swann , James A. Saunders

Carbonate-Cemented Zones in the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Southwestern Mississippi

Lisa L. Minter , Christopher P. Cameron , Andrew R. Thomas , William C. Ward

Constructional Subcomponents of a Shelf-edge Delta, Northeast Gulf of Mexico

Johan Sydow , Harry H. Roberts , Arnold H. Bouma , Robert Winn

Delta-Destructive Spit Complex in Black Warrior Basin: Facies Heterogeneity in Carter Sandstone (Chesterian), North Blowhorn Creek Oil Unit, Lamar County, Alabama

Jack C. Pashin, Ralph L. Kugler

Depositional History of the Smackover-Buckner Transition, Eastern Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Steven D. Mann, David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Diagenetic and Sedimentologic Aspects of Eagle Mills-Werner Conglomerate Sandstones (Triassic-Jurassic), Northeast Texas

William C. Dawson, Christie A. Callender

Distribution of Ostracodes in the Upper Cretaceous (Late Santonian Through Middle Maastrichtian) of Alabama and Mississippi

T. Markham Puckett

Dynamic Evolution and Overhang Development of Salt Structures in the North Louisiana Salt Basin: Quantitative Models

Kenneth Petersen , Ian Lerche , Allen Lowrie

Effects of Fibrous Illite on Permeability Measurements from Preserved Cores Obtained in Lower Wilcox Group Gas Sandstones, Lake Creek Field, Montgomery County, Texas

Jeffry D. Grigsby , Jose M. Vidal , Don L. Luffel , Joe Hawkins , John M. Mendenhall

Evaluation of Reserve-Growth Potential in Barrier/Strandplain Compartmentalized Reservoirs of the Frio Formation, Lavaca Bay Field, South Texas

J. Ulises Ricoy, Joseph S. Yeh, R. P. Major

Fabric and Origin of Gypsum Sand Crystals, Laguna Madre, Texas

Earle F. McBride , Hiromi Honda (1,2), Antar A. Abdel-Wahab (1,3), Stephen Dworkin (1,4), Thomas A. McGilvery

Facies Architecture and Cyclicity Dependent Diversity of Oil Reservoirs within Complex Shorezone/Deltaic Systems in the Upper Wilcox at the Lake Creek Field, Montgomery County, Texas

Greg Brewton, Noel Tyler

Flexure Trend Slope Fan Deposition Gulf of Mexico

Robert K. Sawyer , Terrence C. O'Hearn

Fractured Smackover Limestone in Northeast Louisiana; Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploitation

R. K. Zimmerman

Gas Reserve Growth Potential on a Play Basis as Predicted by Infield Completion Recoveries, Frio Formation, South Texas

M. L. W. Jackson, R. J. Finley, R. A. Levey, P. J. Gamboa

Geology of the Subsurface Igneous Rocks of Sunflower County, Mississippi

Danny W. Harrelson , James L. Coleman, Jr. , Philip L. Cook, Jr.

The Heavy Mineral Population within the Beach Sand Facies of the Meridian Sand Exposed in Mississippi

William R. Reynolds

A High-Resolution Local Sea Level Curve from Detailed Mapping of the Wales Sand Interval (Wilcox Group, Paleogene), Lasalle and McMullen Counties, South Texas

Prasertchai Phornprapha, John A. Breyer, Arthur B. Busbey

Hydrocarbon Productivity Characteristics of Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonates, Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Ernest A. Mancini, Berry H. Tew, Robert M. Mink

Hydrocarbon Seeps of the Louisiana Continental Slope: Seismic Amplitude Signature and Sea Floor Response

Harry H. Roberts (), Douglas J. Cook (), Mark K. Sheedlo ()

Hydrology of a Wave-Dominated Estuary: Lake Calcasieu, Southwest Louisiana

S. L. Nichol , R. Boyd , S. Penland

An Integrated Lithostratigraphic, Biostratigraphic, and Sequence Stratigraphic Approach to Paleogeographic Reconstruction: Examples from the Upper Eocene and Lower Oligocene of Alabama and Mississippi

Berry H. Tew, Ernest A. Mancini

Jurassic Smackover Formation Sequence Stratigraphy, Southern Manila Embayment, Alabama

David T. King, Jr., Daniel K. Moore

Late Quaternary Coastal Units and Marine Cycles: Correlations between Northern Gulf Sectors

Ervin G. Otvos, Wade E. Howat

Locations and Characteristics of Thin Bedded Turbidites in Passive Margin Setting Submarine Fans

Arnold H. Bouma

Maturity Mapping of Northern Gulf of Mexico Oils Using Biomarkers

Paul A. Comet

Microtextures in an Appalachian Metachert Formation, Alabama

David T. King, Jr. , Walter D. Keller

Miocene Stratigraphy and Sand Distribution in East and West Cameron OCS Areas, Gulf of Mexico

Xiaotao Du, Joel S. Watkins

Miocene Systems Tracts of East and West Cameron OCS Areas, Offshore Western Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

S. Y. Yang , J. S. Watkins , M-J. Jiang , X. Du , B. E. Bradshaw

Mississippian (Chesterian) Sequence Stratigraphy in the Black Warrior Basin: Pride Mountain Formation (Lowstand Wedge) and Hartselle Sandstone (Transgressive Systems Tract)

Frank W. Stapor , A. W. Cleaves

Origin and Diagenesis of Middle Eocene Diatomite, Tallahatta Formation, Southwest Alabama

Richard A. Laws, Paul A. Thayer

Oversize Oxbows: Tentative Dates, Effects, and Risks

William F. Tanner

Paleotectonic Restoration and Simulation Modeling Applicable to the Louisiana Offshore

Greg Whittle , Christopher G. St. C. Kendall , Michael A. Fogerty , Allen Lowrie

Petrologic Discrimination Between the Neogene Formations in Adams and Wilkinson Counties, Southwestern Mississippi

Kenneth F. Rhinehart, Maurice A. Meylan

Petrophysics of Bimodal Porosity: Lower Cretaceous Rodessa Limestone, Running Duke Field, Houston County, Texas

G. B. Asquith, A. D. Jacka

Pickens Field: A New Look at an Old Field

William M. Frew

Production of Low Resistivity, Low Contrast Reservoirs, Offshore Gulf of Mexico Basin

Harold L. Darling , Robert M. Sneider

Quantitative Modeling of the Dynamic Evolution of Salt Structures

Kenneth Petersen, Ian Lerche

Quantitative Models for the Influence of Salt-Associated Thermal Anomalies on Hydrocarbon Generation, Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Margin

I. Lerche , A. Lowrie

Questioning the Role of Eustasy in Sequence Stratigraphy: Linear vs. Non-linear Models

John M. Prutzman , J. Edward Joyce , Leonard R. C. Tjalsma

Regional Variation in Microscopic and Megascopic Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Smackover Formation, Southwest Alabama

David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Steven D. Mann

Remarkable Cylindrical Solution Pipes in Coquina South of Baffin Bay, Texas

Jennifer Smith Prouty , Donald W. Lovejoy

Reservoir Geology and Production Performance of Turbidite Sands at South Timbalier 295 Field, Offshore Louisiana

E. P. Mason

Salt Insertions in Sedimentary Sequences: Impacts on Temperature and Thermal Maturation with Depth

K. Zhao, I. Lerche

Sea Level Fluctuations, Paleocene Middle Wilcox Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Distribution in East-Central Louisiana

John B. Echols, Don A. Goddard

Sediment Pathways of the Northwest Green Canyon Area, Offshore Louisiana

John P. Swanson, William R. Bryant

Seismic Imaging of Steeply-Dipping Salt Ridges in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Karl J. Kaufmann , Richard Ianniello , Oliver Carroll

Seismic Stratigraphy and Geologic History of Middle Jurassic Through Lower Cretaceous Rocks, Deep Eastern Gulf of Mexico

David A. DeBalko (), Richard T. Buffler

Shaly Sand Analysis as an Indicator of Hydrocarbon Production Potential in the Olmos Formation, Las Tiendas Trend, South Texas

K. T. Barrow , G. B. Asquith , G. L. Causey (2)

Significance of Lignites in Paleocene Middle Wilcox Stratigraphy in East Central Louisiana

Donald Goddard , John Echols , Paul Comet

Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Lipids of Hydrocarbon Seep Mussels and Whitefish, Carbon Flow Implications

Jiasong Fang, Paul A. Comet, James M. Brooks, Roger Sassen

Stratigraphic Capture: A Depositional Process Facilitating Fluid and Gas Movement Between Porous and Permeable Beds

John B. Echols, Don Goddard

Stratigraphic Compartmentalization within Gas Reservoirs: Examples from Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoirs of the Texas Gulf Coast

Raymond A. Levey , Mark A. Sippel , Robert J. Finley , Richard P. Langford

Stratigraphy and Holocene Evolution of Mobile Bay in Southwestern Alabama

John C. Mars , Albert W. Shultz , William W. Schroeder

Strength Anisotropy in Low-Permeability Sandstone Gas Reservoir Rocks: Application of the Axial Point-Load Test

S. J. Clift , S. E. Laubach , J. Holder

Taxonomy and Paleoecology of the Marginulina Zone, Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes

Bruce Allan Desselle

Thermal Impact of Salt: Simulation of Thermal Anomalies in the Gulf of Mexico

Z. Yu , I. Lerche , A. Lowrie

Three Component Sequence Stratigraphy

Walter W. Wornardt , Jim Z. W. Zhang , Peter R. Vail

Typical Pleistocene Oil & Gas Plays Offshore Louisiana

Edward McFarlan, Jr.

Variation in Diapiric Structure Development and Productivity, Northern Gulf Coast Basin

Thomas G. Fails

West Cameron 43 Field: A New Structural-Stratigraphic Trap, Flank to an Old Field

J. Michael Jobe

What is the Significance of the Condensed Interval? Oxygen Isotope Data from the Flexure Trend

J. E. Joyce , J. M. Prutzman , L. R. C. Tjalsma