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Abstract: 3-D Seismic Benefits from Exploration Through Development. An Exxon Perspective

M. G. Johnson, G. M. Gaskins , S. M. Greenlee

Abstract: 3D Seismic and Reservoir Modeling, Ram Prospect, Viosca Knoll Block 912, Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Wayne Carew, Paul F. Ostendorf , Glenn K. Krum

Abstract: A Multi-Discipline Study Offshore Texas, Gulf of Mexico

John P. Land , Robert G. Behrman , Dale A. Bird , Charles E. Curtis , Lawrence A. Jamison

Abstract: A Subsurface Study of the North Frisco City Field Monroe County, Alabama

Mark A. Stephenson, John G. Cox, Mike Harmount, Lawrence Bruno

Abstract: Aventura Ranch Field: A Classic Stratigraphic Trap - James Lime - Van Zandt County, Texas

Al Jones, John T. Palmer

Abstract: Correlation Efficiency as a Tool to Establish Depositional Subenvironments in Submarine Fans

Arnold H. Bouma , Michael B. DeVries , Timothy W. Cook

Abstract: Correlation of Lignites in the Midway and Wilcox Groups of S. Alabama and E. Mississippi

Donald W. Harrison

Abstract: Criteria to Aid in the Establishment of Genetic Boundaries within a Carboniferous Basin; Mary Lee Coal Zone, Black Warrior Basin, Alabama

Terry Wayne Bryant, Robert A. Gastaldo

Abstract: Depositional Texture-Dependent and Independent Diagenetic Control of Petrophysical Properties, Norphlet Sandstone, Onshore and Offshore Alabama

Ralph L. Kugler

Abstract: Environmental Concerns and Future Oil and Gas Developments in Coastal Wetlands of Louisiana

John J. Chacko, Brian J. Harder, Charles G. Groat

Abstract: Eugene Island Block 330 Field, Offshore Louisiana: Geochemical Evidence for Active Hydrocarbon Recharging

Dietmar Schumacher

Abstract: Geological Controls and Engineered Structures Relating to Erosion and Landloss in the Barataria Quadrangle of South-Central Louisiana

Rebecca K. Markel , Christopher P. Cameron

Abstract: Heterogeneity in Mississippian Oil Reservoirs, Black Warrior Basin, Alabama: An Overview

Ralph L. Kugler, Jack C. Pashin, G. Daniel Irvin

Abstract: Hydrocarbon Traps within Passive Margin Evolution of Louisiana

Dawn Lavoie , Allen Lowrie

Abstract: Man-Made and Natural Changes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Stephen M. Oivanki, Barbara Yassin, Jack S. Moody

Abstract: NPDES Permit Requirements in Gulf Coast Exploration and Production Areas

William J. Mundt

Abstract: Origin of Dolostone Reservoir Rocks, Smackover Formation (Oxfordian), Northeastern Gulf Coast, U. S. A.

Bradford E. Prather

Abstract: Paluxy of the Central Basin - East Texas

Mark W. Presley

Abstract: Palynofacies of Lignites and Associated Sediments in the Upper Paleocene Tuscahoma Sand of Southwestern Alabama and Eastern Mississippi

Richard E. Carroll

Abstract: Past Discovery Pattern: A Key to Future Exploration Potential in the Arkla-Mafla Trend

M. Ali Khan

Abstract: Petrophysical Analysis of Sandstones Using CT Scanning and Conventional Methods

J. M. Perez

Abstract: Recognition of Channel Fill Types in Deltas and Submarine Fans

Arnold H. Bouma , Donald Goddard

Abstract: Recognizing Environmental Risks in Oil and Gas Property Acquisitions

William J. Mundt

Abstract: Reservoir Characteristics of Two Minter Oil Sands Based on Continuous Core, E-Logs and Geochemical Data: Bee Brake Field, East Central Louisiana

John B. Echols, Donald A. Goddard , Arnold Bouma

Abstract: Seismic Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Reservoir Potential of a Late Pleistocene Shelf-Edge Delta

H. H. Roberts , J. Sydow , A. H. Bouma

Abstract: Stratigraphic Framework of Inner Shelf Storm-Dominated Sand Ridges, Alabama EEZ: Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy, Global Climate Change, and Petroleum Exploration

David J. Davies, Steven J. Parker

Abstract: Structural/Stratigraphic Reconstruction of Frontal "Choctaw" Triangle Zone within Oklahoma Atoka Trend - Early Controls (Pre-Thrusting) on Deposition of Deep Water Clastic Reservoirs

Dan Cox (1), Ron Foshee

Abstract: Structural and Hydrological Parameters Modeling of Wilcox Group, Central Louisiana and Mississippi

Haiyian Zuo

Abstract: Structural Control of Adjacent Reefal and Incised Valley Complexes in the Neogene of the Southern Shelf Lagoon of Belize

Dominic Esker, Gregor Eberli, Donald McNeill, Michael Grammer

Abstract: Surface Exploration in Mature Basins: Advances of the Eighties, Applications for the Nineties

Dietmar Schumacher

Abstract: System Tract History Analysis: Key to Understanding Deposition in Cored Reservoir Analog Units on the Shelf

Richard H. Fillon

Abstract: Tectonic Boundaries of the Eastern Gulf Coast of North America

Clifford Leonard, Jr., Robert R. Phillips, Sr.

Abstract: The History, Development, and Regional Significance of Ruston Field

Joseph A. Lott

Abstract: The Relationship between Lithofacies and Contaminant Migration Pathways at a Site Contaminated with Heavy Metals

Michael S. Kline

Abstract: The Use of Non-Marine Palynomorphs as Correlation Tools in Rapidly-Deposited Late Tertiary Sediments of the Gulf of Mexico

Robert L. Ravn , Julie A. d'Ablanig

Abstract: Waterfalls and Travertine in the Tunica Hills Mississippi

Whitney J. Autin

Analysis of the Relationship Between Seismic Amplitudes and Gas Content of the Miocene Amos Sandstone, Mary Ann Field, Offshore Alabama

Linda Turnley Reif, Dr. Gary L. Kinsland

Application of Sealevel Stratigraphy to Neogene Great Plains Stratigraphy

R. F. Diffendal, Jr. , A. Lowrie

Association of Oil Seeps and Chemosynthetic Communities with Oil Discoveries, Upper Continental Slope, Gulf of Mexico

Roger Sassen, James M. Brooks, Ian R. MacDonald, Mahlon C. Kennicutt II, Norman L. Guinasso, Jr., Adolfo G. Requejo

Characteristics of Heat Flow through Diapiric Salt Structures on the Texas Continental Slope

Seiichi Nagihara , Lila M. Beckley , E. William Behrens (3,4), John G. Sclater

Correlation Efficiency as a Tool to Better Determine Depositional Subenvironments in Submarine Fans

Arnold H. Bouma , Michael B. DeVries (1,2), Timothy W. Cook

Deep-Seated Salt Sheet in Eastern Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

J. A. Spencer, C. L. Sharpe

Depositional Gradient Analysis in Transgressive Systems Tracts and Highstand Systems Tracts, Mid-Late Eocene of the Brazos River Valley, Texas

Thomas E. Yancey, Andrew J. Davidoff, Ted S. Donaho

Depositional Sequence Analysis and the Characteristics of some Confined Clastic Aquifers, Upper Cretaceous, Alabama

David T. King, Jr.

Effects of Inherited Pre-Jurassic Tectonics on the U. S. Gulf Coast

Richard L. Adams

Eustatic and Tectonic Effects within Sequence Stratigraphy of the Outcropping Paralic-Marine Section, Upper Cretaceous, Alabama

David T. King, Jr.

Fracture Zones between Overlapping En Echelon Fault Strands: Outcrop Analogs within the Balcones Fault Zone, Central Texas

Edward W. Collins

Geologic Framework of the Jurassic (Oxfordian) Smackover Formation, Alabama and Panhandle Florida Coastal Waters Area and Adjacent Federal Waters Area

Berry H. Tew, Robert M. Mink, Ernest A. Mancini, Steven D. Mann, David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Geology of Deep Water Sandstones in the Mississippian Stanley Shale at Cossatot Falls, Arkansas

James L. Coleman, Jr.

Giant Oil Fields of the Gulf Coast Area

F. R. Haeberle

Heterostegina Zone Carbonates, Southeastern Louisiana-Offshore Mississippi: Petrography, Seismic Stratigraphy, Hydrocarbon Potential

Paul R. Krutak , Philip Beron, Jr.

Hydrocarbon Systems in the East Texas Basin: A Basin Modeling Approach

William A. Wescott, William C. Hood

Hydrocarbon Transfer Pathways from Smackover Source Rocks to Younger Reservoir Traps in the Monroe Gas Field, Northeast Louisiana

R. K. Zimmerman, Roger Sassen

Identification of Organic-Rich Lower Tertiary Shales as Petroleum Source Rocks, South Louisiana

Elizabeth Chinn McDade , Roger Sassen , Lloyd Wenger , Gary A. Cole

Integrated Geological, Engineering, and Petrophysical Analysis of Bypassed, Incompletely Drained, and Untapped Thin-Bed Gas Reservoirs, North McFaddin Field, Texas

Mark J. Burn , Mark A. Sippel , Jose M. Vidal , James R. Ballard , Raymond A. Levey

Inversion of Salt Diapir and Sedimentary Bed Observations: A Gulf Coast Case History

K. Petersen, I. Lerche

Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy of Southwest Alabama

William J. Wade , Clyde H. Moore

Jurassic Stratigraphy of the Wiggins Arch, Mississippi

John A. Rhodes, Glenn B. Maxwell

Louisiana Cheniers: Settling from High Water

William F. Tanner

The Lower Tuscaloosa Formation in the Greensburg Field and Joseph Branch Field Areas, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

Maureen K. Corcoran , Christopher P. Cameron, Maurice A. Meylan

Miocene Sequence Biostratigraphy of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Mark M. Jiang

A Model for the Evolution of Salt Diapirs and the Salt Dome Canopy, East Texas Basin

James R. Turner

Observations and Inferences for Overpressure Development under Salt Sheets in the Gulf of Mexico

J. J. O'Brien , I. Lerche , Z. Yu

Paleocene-Eocene Lignite Beds of Southwest Alabama: Parasequence Beds in Highstand Systems Tracts

Ernest A. Mancini, Berry H. Tew, Richard E. Carrol

Paleoecologic and Biostraigraphic Models for Pleistocene through Miocene Foraminiferal Assemblages of the Gulf Coast Basin

Sylvester Q. Breard, Arden D. Callender, Michael J. Nault

Predicting the Permeability of Unconsolidated Sediments From Grain Size Measurements

Eve S. Sprunt, Ron E. Gilliland, Mary L. Barrett

The Proposed Cade II Landfill Site, South Louisiana: Threat to the Chicot Aquifer

Brian E. Lock

Radiostratigraphy and Heavy Mineral Content of the Weches Formation (Eocene), Nacogdoches County, Texas

Kelly Jobe, E. B. Ledger, Patricia Sharp, M. C. Crocker

Recent Horizontal Drilling in Lockhart Crossing Field, Livingstone Parish, Louisiana: Its Impact on Geological Interpretation

Randy J. Johnson

Regional Lithofacies Patterns of the Louark Group in Northeast Texas

David R. Swenson

Relating Sequence Stratigraphy to Lithostratigraphy in Siliciclastic-Dominated Shelf Settings, Paleogene, Central-East Texas.

Andrew J. Davidoff, Thomas E. Yancey

Resource Assessment and Profitability from Discovery Rate Forecasting

Konstantinos Zorbalas, Rudy E. Rogers

Role of Halite in the Evolution of Sandstone Porosity, Upper Jurassic Norphlet Formation, Mississippi Salt Basin

C. J. Schenk, J. W. Schmoker

Secondary Natural Gas Recovery in Mature Fluvial Sandstone Reservoirs, Frio Formation, Agua Dulce Field, South Texas

William A. Ambrose , Raymond A. Levey , Jose M. Vidal , Mark A. Sippel , James R. Ballard , David M. Coover, Jr. (5), Walter E. Bloxsom (6)

Seismic Evidence for Timing of Shallow Salt Emplacement on the Texas Continental Slope

Lila M. Beckley , E. William Behrens

Seismic Stratigraphy of the North Louisiana South Arkansas (NL-SA) Basin

A. Lowrie, N. M. Sullivan, M. A. Fogarty, C. J. Krotzer, J. Carter, I. Lerche

Sequence Stratigraphic and Depositional Framework of the Paleocene Lower Wilcox Strata, Northwest Gulf of Mexico Basin

Liangqing Xue, William E. Galloway

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper and Middle Frio, Orange County, Texas

Kenneth J. Thies, Bruce E. Bowen, Rashel N. Rosen, Bernard L. Shaffer, John A. Adamick

Shongaloo Field: A Recent Smackover (Jurassic) Discovery in the Arkansas-Louisiana State Line Graben

William D. DeMis, Jeffrey V. Milliken

Simple Approximations for Estimating Quickly the Motion and Timing of Salt Diapir Rise, Overhang Development, and Associated Thermal Anomalies from Present Day Observations: Case Histories from the Gulf of Mexico and Danish North Sea

I. Lerche , R. O. Thomsen

Subsurface Structure and Hydrocarbon Occurrence, Cretaceous Rocks of Maxie and Pistol Ridge Fields, Southeastern Mississippi

Songqiao Luo, Maurice A. Meylan

Tectonic and Depositional Model of the North Louisiana - South Arkansas Basin

A. Lowrie , N. M. Sullivan , C. Krotzer , J. Carter , I. Lerche (5), K. Petersen (5)

Tectonic and Paleotopographic Control of Basal Chesterian Sedimentation in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama

Jack C. Pashin, Andrew K. Rindsberg

Upper Tertiary/Quaternary Detachment Surface Gulf Coast - Texas and Louisiana

Robert O. Brooks

Upward Shoaling Cycles in Smackover Carbonates of Southwest Alabama

David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Steven D. Mann

West Delta Block 35: Rediscovery of a 23 Year Old Field

Gary W. Coburn, Kenneth E. Beeney