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222Rn Levels in Kingsville, Texas, and Vicinity near an In Situ Uranium Mine

Thomas Lee McGehee, M. Rochelle Martino, Thomas Lee Harr, Anthony Samudio

Abstract: 3-D Seismic Delineation and Geologic Explanation of Channelization in the Frio Formation of Javelina/East McCook Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

John L. Gibson

Abstract: A Current Review of Registration of Geologists and Geophysicists in California

Robert G. Lindblom , John G. Parrish

Abstract: Bioremediation as an Efficient Method to Degrade Creosote and Improve Groundwater Quality

Virginia Anne Newbern

Abstract: Biostratigraphy and Paleoecologic Tolerances of Oligocene through Paleocene Foraminiferal Assemblages of the Gulf Coast Basin

S. Q. Breard, M. J. Nault, A. D. Callender

Abstract: Comprehensive, Quantitative Micropaleontological Analysis as a Tool for Paleoenvironmental Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphy, with an Example from the Yegua Formation, Southeast Texas

Martin B. Lagoe , Thomas B. Layman

Abstract: Depositional Environment of the Downdip Queen City (Eocene) Sandstone, Mestena Grande Field Area, Jim Hogg and Duval Counties, Texas

Jeffrey McCormack

Abstract: Differences in the Stratigraphic Framework of the Frio and Anahuac Formations in the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast Basin

Bruce A. Desselle

Abstract: Effects on Groundwater of an Ash-Disposal Operation at an East Texas Lignite Mine

Keith A. Wheeler , Scott Mills , J. V. Rouse

Abstract: Financial Responsibility Requirement of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990

William E. Pritchard III

Abstract: Formation of High-Frequency Sequences and Their Bounding Surfaces in a Paleogene Supply-Dominated System, Texas Gulf Coast, USA

L. D. Meckel III, W. E. Galloway

Abstract: Genetic Variations in a Growth-Fault System: Downdip Wilcox Trend of South Texas

Fred L. Stricklin, Jr.

Abstract: Geology of the Balcones Fault Zone along the Growth Corridor of San Antonio, Boerne, Wimberley, and New Braunfels, South-Central Texas

Edward W. Collins

Abstract: Getting along with Reporters, Environmentalists, and Regulators: How to Get Your Company's Message on the Air

Anne Pearson

Abstract: Haynesville Sandstone Reservoirs in the Updip Jurassic Trend of Alabama

Ralph L. Kugler, Robert M. Mink

Abstract: Hierarchical Arranging of Geologic Processes as Related to Passive Continental Margin Evolution

Allen Lowrie, Sylvia Ann Cureau

Abstract: Holocene Reef Development on the Belize Shelf

William F. Precht

Abstract: Hydrochemistry of the Falls City Uranium Mine Tailings Remedial Action Project, Karnes County, Texas

Timothy J. Jackson , Charles W. Kreitler

Abstract: Impact of Offshore Exploratory Drilling: Is it Significant? You Be the Judge

E. A. Shinn, B. H. Lidz, C. D. Reich

Abstract: Jurassic Beach: A Depositional Facies Model for Smackover Stratigraphic Traps in the Ark-La-Tex

Tim Brown , Lawrence Bruno , Mike Green

Abstract: Kinematic and Sequence Stratigraphic Frameworks of the Gulf of Mexico and the Niger Delta: Contrasts and Analogs

David J. Hall, Bruce E. Bowen

Abstract: Mesozoic Stratigraphy of Near Shelf-Edge Deposits, Southern Mississippi, Adjacent State and Federal Waters

Andrew J. Petty , Stan Thieling , Tony Friedmann

Abstract: Middle Eocene through Basal Miocene Sequence Biostratigraphy of the Western Gulf Coast Region

Mark M. Jiang

Abstract: Missing Stratigraphic Sections in Tertiary Sandstone Reservoirs of the Gulf Coast: Faults or Unconformities and Implications for Development Strategies

R P. Major , R. Dean Johnstone

Abstract: Morphology and Stratigraphy of Middle to Late Pleistocene Shelf Submarine Canyons, Central Offshore Louisiana

Thomas M. Kirkpatrick

Abstract: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material in the Oil and Gas Industry

W. A. (Buck) Steingraber

Abstract: Near-Surface Sand Resources of The East Texas Shelf

John B. Anderson, Fernando Siringan, Kenneth Abdullah, Michael Hamilton, Sabrina Sarzalejo

Abstract: Offshore Development and the Marine Environment--Emerging Environmental Issues in the Outer Continental Shelf

Debra K. Beaubien , Robert J. Moran

Abstract: Origin of High-Sulfur Oils, Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope

Roger Sassen, A. G. Requejo, Tom McDonald, Mahlon Kennicutt II, James Brooks

Abstract: Paleoclimatological Analysis of Upper Eocene Core, Manning Formation, Brazos County, Texas

Thomas Yancey , William Elsik

Abstract: Paleoenvironments of Deposition and Salt Location from Paleotectonic Restorations, Seismic Reflection Data, and Simulations across Mississippi Embayment--Gulf of Mexico

Allen Lowrie , Karen Hoffman , Michael A. Fogarty , Christopher G. St. C. Kendall , Don Hicky

Abstract: Petrology, Stratigraphy, and Depositional History of the Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic Eagle Mills Formation, Choctaw County, Alabama

Donald E. Burch, Jr. , A. E. Weidie

Abstract: Post-Mid-Cretaceous Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional History, Deep Gulf of Mexico Basin

Jianhua Feng, Richard T. Buffer

Abstract: Recognition, Correlation, and Hierarchical Stacking Patterns of Cycles in the Ferry Lake-Upper Glen Rose, East lexas Basin: Implications for Grainstone Reservoir Distribution

W. M. Fitchen , D. G. Bebout , C. L. Hoffman

Abstract: Recognition of Hardgrounds in Terrigenous Stratigraphic Sections: The Moseley Limestone (Middle Eocene, Southeast Texas)

C. A. Thornton, R. J. Stanton, Jr.

Abstract: Scanning Electron Microscope Examination of Shale in Core from the Frio Formation, Brazoria County, Texas

P. D. Alley-McReynolds

Abstract: Sedimentology and Permeability Architecture of Atokan Valley-Fill Natural Gas Reservoirs, Boonsville Field, North-Central Texas

Mark J. Burn , David L. Carr (), John Stuede

Abstract: Seismic Polarity Reversals in Higher Impedance Gas Sandstones

W. R. Landwer, N. S. Neidell

Abstract: Statistical Characteristics of Gassy Sedimentary Rocks in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico

William R. Bryant, Aubrey L. Anderson, Thomas H. Orsi

Abstract: Stimulation of Indigenous Microbes to Bioremediate Oil-Contaminated Soils

James R. Stewart , Deborah L. Williams , Kimberly D. Kriel , Greg A. Stewart , Robert C. Hulse

Abstract: Stratigraphic Variations of Incised-Valley Fill Controlled by Rates of Sea-Level Change

Jack L. Kindinger , Peter S. Balson , James G. Flocks

Abstract: Structure, Stratigraphy, and Depositional Environment of the Heterostegina Limestone and Overlying Sandstones in the Lake Pontchartrain Area of Southeast Louisiana

Spencer B. Street IH, B. E. Lock

Abstract: Subsalt Risk Reduction Using Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis

Walter W. Wornardt, Jr.

Abstract: Surface and Subsurface Features of the Upper Pleistocene Beaumont Formation as Studied in a Proposed Super Collider Site in Liberty and Hardin Counties, Southeastern Texas

Saul Aronow

Abstract: Surface to Subsurface Correlation of the Claiborne and Jackson Groups, Colorado River to Trinity River

Thomas E. Ewing

Abstract: Targeted Infill Drilling at Stratton Field Using 3-D Seismic

John R. Suydam, Dale T. Reitz

Abstract: Tectonostratigraphic Reconstruction and Lithofacies Distribution of Tertiary Slope Sedimentary Rocks in the Western Mississippi Canyon Area

Andrew E. Hannan, David L. Risch, Abu N. Chowdhury

Abstract: The Application of Geographic Information Systems Technology to Geologic, Hydrogeologic, and Environmental Research

Berry H. Tew, G. D. Irvin

Abstract: The Carrizo Aquifer of Smith County, East Texas

Jeff Lauman

Abstract: The Tallahala Creek Complex, Smith County, Mississippi: The Crest Is Not Always the Best

Edwin E. Sticker

Abstract: The Use of Risk Analysis and Strategic Classification to Manage Exploration Portfolios

Laura Kay Ethetton

Accumulation and Trace-Metal Variability of Estuarine Sediments, Barataria Basin, Louisiana

Kenneth E. Landrum

Apartments, City Parks, and Landfills-Can They Coexist?(FOOTNOTE 1)

Michael H. Green, Michael Macicak, Michael R. Curtis

Architecture, Internal Heterogeneity, and Resulting Drainage Efficiency of Upper Oligocene Frio Formation Inner-Shelf Sandstone Reservoirs in West Fulton Beach Field, Aransas County, Texas

Paul R. Knox

Basement Motion and Sediment Loading: A Quantitative Study in Northern Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

I. Csato , S. Cao , K. Petersen , I. Lerche , N. Sullivan , A. Lowrie

Bathymetric Zonation and Relationship to Sea-Bed Environments of Modern Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Slope

Martin B. Lagoe , Anthony C. Gary , Sarah Zellers , Benjamin Sloan , Paula Noble , Ron Johns

Biogenic Mounds and Associated Trace Fossils: Wolfe City Formation (Upper Cretaceous), North-Central Texas

William C. Dawson , Donald F. Reaser

Bubble Characteristics in Gassy Sediments

Thomas H. Orsi, Aubrey L. Anderson

Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Taylor Group (Campanian) of North-Central Texas

Kathleen A. Locke, Stefan Gartner

Carbonate Cements in Shallowly Buried Pleistocene and Holocene Sandstone and Limestone, South Texas Gulf Coast

Earle F. McBride , Hiromi Honda

Claiborne-Jackson Group Contact (Eocene) in Alabama and Mississippi

Ernest A. Mancini, Berry H. Tew

Classification and Analysis of Palynomorphs of the Aguja Formation (Campanian), Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas

Nina L. Baghai

Controls on the Deposition of Bedded Halite within the Haynesville Formation, Champion-Klepac No. 1 Core, Southwestern Alabama

Rachel A. Eustice, Lynton S. Land

The Cook Mountain Problem: Stratigraphic Reality and Semantic Confusion

Thomas E. Ewing

Current and Proposed Regulations for Salt-Water Disposal Wells

Terry Moody

Cycles and Stacking Patterns in Carboniferous Rocks of the Black Warrior Foreland Basin

Jack C. Pashin

Deep-Water Sandstones of the Pennsylvanian Jackfork Group, Ouachita Mountains: A Debris-Flow- and Slump-Dominated Slope System

G. Shanmugam, R. J. Moiola

Depositional Patterns and Structural Styles--Hackberry Salt Dome, Cameron Parish, Louisiana

J. A. Spencer, C. L. Sharpe, T. H. Gillham, D. N. Wright

Determination of Natural Radioactivity in Wilcox Lignite (Eocene), Eastern Texas

Pierrepont M. Bartow, E. B. Ledger

Discordant Austin-Taylor Contact, Upper Cretaceous, Southern Ellis County, Texas

Donald F. Reaser , William C. Dawson

Dynamic Depositional and Early Diagenetic Processes in a Deep-Water Shelf Setting, Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk, North Texas

S. D. Hovorka, H. S. Nance

Effects of Man on the Earth: The View from the Space Shuttle

William R. Muehlberger

Enhancing Sandstone Reservoir Prediction by Mapping Erosion Surfaces, Lower Miocene Deltas, Southwest Louisiana, Gulf Coast Basin

Marc B. Edwards

Environmental Challenge as a Geologist

Bernold M. Hanson

Erosion and Deposition in Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuaries

Wayne C. Isphording

Fault and Joint Measurements in Austin Chalk, Superconducting Super Collider Site, Texas

H. S. Nance, S. E. Laubach, A. R. Dutton

Fossil Vertebrates from the Castor Creek Member, Fleming Formation, Western Louisiana

Judith A. Schiebout

Geological Understanding and the Changing Environment

Victor R. Baker

Geologic Controls on Elevated Salinity in the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer of Eastern Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, and Southern Chicot County, Arkansas

G. F. Huff

Glacio-Eustatic and Climatic Controls on Quaternary Alluvial Plain Deposition, Texas Coastal Plain

Michael D. Blum , David M. Price

Growth-Fault Evolution in Offshore Texas

Barry E. Bradshaw, Joel S. Watkins

Holocene Stability of the Gulf of Mexico Coast from Beach Ridges

William F. Tanner

Hydrogeological Concept of Vertical Coupling in a Freshwater Lens

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

An Integrated Geochemical and Geological Approach for Determining Hydrocarbon Generation-Migration Patterns: Central Gulf Coast Basin

J. B. Echols, R. K. Zimmerman, D. A. Goddard

Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Mature Oil Reservoirs: An Example from Oligocene Frio Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstones, Rincon Field, South Texas

Lee E. McRae, Mark H. Holtz

Jurassic and Triassic Hydrocarbon Exploration of Southern Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Late Holocene Foraminiferal Biofacies from Baffin Bay, Texas: Preliminary Analysis of a 4,000-Year Record of Paleosalinity

Laura Stewart , Martin B. Lagoe , E. William Behrens

Lithofacies Evolution from Transgressive to Highstand Systems Tracts, Holocene of the Alabama Coastal Zone

David J. Davies, Richard L. Hummell

Lithostratigraphy and Petrology of Neogene and Pleistocene Sedimentary Rocks, South-Central Mississippi

Zebao Li (), Maurice A. Meylan

Microtopography, Runoff Processes, Sediment Transport, and Their Implications for Land Use Planning in the Central Texas Hill Country

William M. Marsh , Nina L. Marsh

Mississippi's Revised Neogene Stratigraphy in Northern Gulf Context

Ervin G. Otvos

Offshore Environmental Risks, Perceptions and "Corrective" Legislation

G. Rogge Marsh

Oil and Water Do Mix

Philip E. LaMoreaux

Oncoids to Reefs: Rolling Stones Come to Rest in the Smackover Formation

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Paleoenvironments of the Tombigbee Sand Member of the Eutaw Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Eastern Mississippi and Western Alabama

Ernest A. Mancini , David D. Soens

Parasequence-Bounding Sandy Event Beds, Upper Cretaceous, Alabama

David T. King, Jr., Michael C. Skotnicki

Petrography and Geochemistry of Vein-Filling Calcites, Balcones Fault Zone, Upper Cretaceous Strata, North-Central Texas

William C. Dawson , Halina M. Szymczyk , Donald F. Reaser

Petrography and Petrology of the Wilds Sand, Wildsville Field, Concordia Parish, Louisiana

Maureen K. Corcoran , Danny W. Harrelson , Gary W. Hennington

Planktonic Foraminiferal and Ostracode Biostratigraphy of Upper Santonian through Lower Maastrichtian Strata in Central Alabama

T. Markham Puckett

Plio-Pleistocene Structural Characteristics of Central Offshore Louisiana with Emphasis on Growth-Fault Interplay with Salt Tectonics, Gulf of Mexico

Jie Zhang , Joel S. Watkins

Radon in the Gulf Coast Area: Potential Problem or Exaggerated Risk?

Timothy W. Duex

Reclamation of Saltwater-Contaminated Soil in Big Lake Field

Michael L. "Doc" Weathers , Kenneth R. Moore , Donald L. Ford , Charles K. Curlee

Regional Depositional History of the Miocene-Pleistocene Louisiana Slope, Green Canyon-Mississippi Canyon

David L. Risch, Abu N. Chowdhury, Andrew E. Hannan

A Regional Subsurface Study of the Expanded Yegua Formation in the Houston Diapir Province

Richard E. Goings , Richard Smosna

Reservoir Characterization and Preliminary Modeling of Deltaic Facies, Lower Wilcox, Concordia Parish, Louisiana

Philip Schenewerk , Donald Goddard , John Echols

Reservoir Facies Architecture of Two Upper Point Bar Ridge Deposits

Arnold H. Bouma , Lars O. Bouma

Reservoir Property Changes Caused by Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction in the Smackover Formation

John A. Rhodes

Resource Optimization through Characterization of Downdip Frio Shoreface/Shelf Sandstone Reservoirs: Red Fish Bay Field, South Texas

R. J. Barnaby , R. Ramamoorthy , M. H. Holtz

Rethinking Resources

William L. Fisher

Scope and Construction of a Gas and Oil Atlas Series of the Gulf of Mexico: Examples from Texas Offshore Lower Miocene Plays

Steven J. Seni, Bruce A. Desselle, Allan Standen

Seafloor Acoustic Backscatter on the Mississippi-Alabama Outer Continental Shelf

J. Scott Laswell , William W. Schroeder , William W. Sager

Sedimentologic and Diagenetic Controls on Aquifer Properties, Lower Cretaceous Edwards Carbonate Aquifer, Texas: Implications for Aquifer Management

S. D. Hovorka, A. R. Dutton, S. C. Ruppel, Joseph Yeh

Seismic Facies and Variations in Channel Evolution, Eastern Mississippi Fan (Pleistocene), Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico

Barrett T. Dixon, Paul Weimer

Sequence Stratigraphic Elements and Geochemical Variability within a "Condensed Section": Eagle Ford Group, East-Central Texas

Louis M. Liro, William C. Dawson, Barry J. Katz, Vaughn D. Robison

Sequence Stratigraphy of Plio-Pleistocene Sedimentary Rocks in North-Central Green Canyon and Western Ewing Bank, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Zurilma Acosta, Paul Weimer

Sequence Stratigraphy of Upper Pliocene and Pleistocene Sedimentary Rocks of Northwestern Green Canyon Area, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Rafael E. Martinez, Paul Weimer

Shallow Seismic Survey on Weeks Island, Louisiana ... an Attempt to Define "Top of Salt"

G. L. Kinsland , A. W. Rutter III

Some Considerations in the Application of Wireline Logging to Environmental Investigations

Bruce E. Gaither

Source Rock in the Lower Tertiary and Cretaceous, Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico

Bruce E. Wagner, Zvi Sofer, Brenda L. Claxton

Subsidence in the Mississippi River Delta--Important Influences of Valley Filling by Cyclic Deposition, Primary Consolidation Phenomena, and Early Diagenesis

Harry H. Roberts , Alan Bailey , Gerald J. Kuecher

Subsurface Planktonic Zonation of the Paleogene of Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast and Its Relationship to Relative Changes of Coastal Onlap

Rashel N. Rosen, Bruce E. Bowen, Kenneth J. Thies

Synergetic Catalysis in Hydrocarbon Generation

Robert W. Sabate , Claude C. Baker

Tectonic Evolution, Structural Styles, and Oil Habitat in Campeche Sound, Mexico

F. J. Angeles-Aquino, J. Reyes-Nunez, J. M. Quezada-Muneton, J. J. Meneses-Rocha

Thermal Anomalies in Sediments near Evolving Salt Structures: Importance for Modeling the Timing of Oil Generation

K. Petersen, I. Lerche

Three-Dimensional Geometry and Evolution of a Composite, Multilevel Salt System, Western Eugene Island, Offshore Louisiana

Mark G. Rowan , Paul Weimer , Peter B. Flemings

Timing of Fracturing of Sedimentary Beds around Evolving Salt Shapes: Self-Consistent Behaviors and Coulomb's Criterion

K. Petersen, I. Lerche

Tonsteins and Clay-Rich Layers in Coal-Bearing Intervals of the Eocene Manning Formation, East-Central Texas

Leslie F. Ruppert, Peter D. Warwick, Sharon S. Crowley, James Pontolillo

Upper Cretaceous (Austin Group) Volcanic Deposits as a Hydrocarbon Trap

Peter J. Hutchinson

Upper Cretaceous Marine Depositional Sequences in Alabama and Their Probable Correlation with the Western Interior Seaway

David T. King, Jr.

Use of Aquifer Stratigraphy for Building Numerical Models of Ground-Water Flow: Case Study of the Heterogeneous Gulf Coast Aquifer in Matagorda and Wharton Counties, Texas

Alan R. Dutton

Use of Sequence Stratigraphy in Hydrocarbon Prospecting: An Example from the Green Canyon Area, Offshore Louisiana

Abu N. Chowdhury, David L. Risch, Andrew E. Hannan

Water-Level Declines in the Woodbine, Paluxy, and Trinity Aquifers of North-Central Texas

Robert E. Mace, Alan R. Dutton, H. Seay Nance